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Pete's QB Site is proud to present the Internet's largest QBasic and QuickBasic links collection! For more information about the links here, check out the Links FAQ!

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Dead QB Sites Links for sites that have closed or otherwise become unavailable can be found in The Graveyard..
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Old Links Section The old Links list from Pete's QB Site, which was one of the largest QB links archives on the Internet in 2000. Since then, the majority of these links no longer work.

Five most recent links:
  1.   Running Cheetah Software   
    Description: Spotted Cheetah's website, with all sorts of interesting content and a lot of original game programs. The site is also "heavily-Cheetahfied", with dozens of pictures of the giant savanna cats.
    Unique Features: RCS's original programs include "Kicsi Kocsi", QB FM Midiplayer, a QB Sprite Editor, "Island of Cheetahs" and many more. All of them come with descriptions and screenshots. RCS also has other sections including Tutorials, Art, a Link Exchange, and a Graveyard of the old Running Cheetah website (which also has a lot of interesting content).
  2.   Digital Oasis   
    Description: ShiftLynx's nicely-designed site, featuring programs he has written in QB, FreeBasic, Java, C, Perl and more. Many of them are cool graphics demos or helpful utilities. Has a lot of interesting programming content, but it isn't necessary QB/FB related.
    Unique Features: You'll find lots of graphics demos (mostly FB and C), useful apps such as a BMP to BSAVE converter, and a whole lot of useful tutorials on topics ranging from Bubble Sorting to XOR Encryption. The majority of these are written for C programmers, but the concepts can be applied to QB too. Also, there are two extremely useful FreeBasic sound tutorials: "Using OpenAL for 3D Sound" and "In-Game Music with FMOD".
  3.   Data Components GUI Reviews   
    Description: Todd Seuss's phenomenal QBasic/QuickBasic GUI reviews website. If you're looking for a QB GUI, this is the place to go. I had no idea that there so many QB GUIs in existence, but somehow Todd has managed to find 135 of them so far!
    Unique Features: This site has screenshots, reviews and detailed information for more than 135 GUIs as of June '05. It is also host to regular updates, and has a nice, simple layout that makes navigation easy. If you are interested in QB GUIs, this is the place to go.
  4.   Phat Code   
    Description: Plasma's new Phat Code site just launched recently, but it's quickly becoming one of the most useful QB sites around. It features a slick design and is entirely automated and dynamic thanks to custom PHP scripts.
    Unique Features: Already Plasma has put together a large collection of useful downloads, all with a thorough description and often several screenshots. You can also find out about Plasma's projects, or tutorials on many different aspects of programming. Phat Code also has a great section called "Scene News" which aggregates news postings from around the Qmunity into one convenient location for easy viewing. This should be your first stop if you want an overview of what's going on in the QB scene. In addition to the QB content, there's also info about other programming languages and Dreamcast emulation.
  5.   QBasic Lab   
    Description: "QBasic Lab: Jace Masula's QBasic Hobby Programming" page. This site is the model of what a personal projects page should be. Simple but attractive design, and lots of information and screenshots of all of his releases. And to make it even better: this site gets regular updates.
    Unique Features: Jace Masula / momoguru is a great programmer who makes a lot of apps to help other people make their own games, such as ASCII QUEST Editor, QBSprite and RPGLab. He's also made his fair share of games, including the burger stand sim game Big Burger, the space survival game Starquest, the turn-based strategy game Kingsland, the early-'80s hacker simulation Codelink, or his ASCII adventure game Dragon Quest. Very cool programs that are worth your attention.
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