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  1.   QB45.com   
    Description: QB45.com, once one of the leading QB sites on the internet, has finally returned as of June '05! This site was previously known as Future Software, and was famous for its gargantuan collection of QB downloads -- the biggest in the world. Now it sports a fresh new interactive design.
    Unique Features: The majority of the QB45 program archive is still available for download, and it also has an active message board. A lot of the former content has disappeared over the years, but even with just the download archive and the forum, QB45 is one of the best QB sites online.
  2.   QB4All   
    Description: An absolutely MASSIVE QBasic archive run by a chap from Greece. At first glance, this site doesn't look to be that great; it has a very simple, very clean layout, with few options in the menu. But upon further inspection, you'll find that this site has nearly 1,000 programs and tutorials for download.
    Unique Features: This is a phenomenal site--a fast server with just about the largest QB files collection--only to be rivaled by Future Software when it was in its prime. The tutorials section is especially good, with lots of great resources for download. Absolutely worth the visit!
  3.   QB71.com   
    Description: A spin-off of QB45, which was started after the preeminent QB downloads site experienced a server crash and a user revolt. To make a long story short, the former QB45 webmaster who was responsible for the crash decided to make a "sequel" to the old site by upgrading to QB71.
    Unique Features: QB71 is relatively new, so its content isn't really established yet. The site is run by automated PHP scripts, and looks to be able to handle hundreds of files and tutorials, as well as a nifty message board. But as of now, the site has only a few dozen programs available and a miniscule number of users.
  4.   QBasic 101   
    Description: A beginners' QB site which, just like college intro courses, promises to give an introduction to QB. Unfortunately, this site has deprecated into little more than a collection of broken links.
    Unique Features: Advertises a game called "Super Goal Kicker 2k1," as well as a dozen other sections, but none of the links are working.
  5.   QBasic Archives   
    Description: Site by Patrick Johnson where the name says it all. It is a QBasic downloads page -- nothing more, nothing less.
    Unique Features: This site has exactly 101 files on it, and since it hasn't been updated since 2000, I doubt that number will be changing soon. Most of these files look like standard downloads that you'll find on many QB sites, but I'm sure there is a gem somewhere in this collection.
  6.   QBasic-Arts   
    Description: Small site run by Crono. Has completed games available, such as Missing in Space and Break Them All. There's also a pretty good-looking RPG in the works from this group.
    Unique Features: There's some art here too, a few downloads...but in the long run, the original games (both finished and upcoming) are the beginning and end of this site.
  7.   QBasic By Razorback   
    Description: This French QB site is adorned with kangaroos. Oh, and it also has original QB programs to download, such as a 3D modeller and a lot of "Sample Tests" of different SCREEN modes (I'm not sure what the sample tests do, though).
    Unique Features: A total of about 15 programs are here. This site also has PowerBasic and Assembler code.
  8.   QBasic Central   
    Description: Home of SonicX, the acclaimed Sonic The Hedgehog clone by JO. Also features a few other original creations, including Murder Quest and Outrun.
    Unique Features: A small assortment of quality downloads (most of them are originals), as well as a lot of information about SonicX. Additionally, features brief reviews of some games.
  9.   QBasic Central   
    Description: Home of SSP Productions and Leif Starbuck's original programs, including Duel I and II and Truckin' USA. Last updated in 1999.
    Unique Features: Half a dozen original game programs, and three upcoming projects (which are more than likely dead by now): Population: Zero, Unibrow 2: Umaar and the Aliens, and Holo^2.
  10.   QBasic.com   
    Description: QBasic.com has *the* URL, but unfortunately hasn't been updated since 1999. This site is a great resource for beginning programmers and has an assortment of programs and tutorials aimed toward teaching QB basics.
    Unique Features: Features an active message forum used mostly by newbies, beginner tutorials, dozens of older (and simpler) QB programs to download, and other useful newbie information. The content of QBasic.com is quite dated, though this sometimes has its benefits.
  11.   QBasic Contest Central   
    Description: After NeoZones Productions shut down in 2001, and along with its popular QB programming contests, Lightning founded this QB Contests site as a replacement. In 2002, Future Software absorbed this page and made a new contests section, thus ending the reign of this site over the QB Contests world.
    Unique Features: Now, there's not much left here. Just the remains of two old contests and the winning programs.
  12.   QBasic.de   
    Description: Gigantic German QB site; most definitely the center of the German equivalent of our English QB community! It's a shame it's in German...
    Unique Features: This place has hundreds of program downloads, tons of QB tutorials, the QB MonsterFAQ, hundreds of links, interviews with a tons of different German QB programmers and much, much more. Way more content than I could possibly list. It's a sight to behold, even if you don't speak the language (like me).
  13.   QBasic Elysium   
    Description: Small site specializing in newbie QB tutorials. It has a short series of its own beginners' tutorials, and hosts a small selection of other peoples' tutorials (such as Mallard's famous tutorials series).
    Unique Features: In addition to the original tutorials, there are QB compilers to download here and a few simple programs.
  14.   QBasic Forum Community   
    Description: A community of QB forums. This attracts a fair number of posters--there are a few postings a week.
    Unique Features: Includes a link to another QB Forum and a section with a small number of tutorials and downloads.
  15.   QBasic Game Development Resources Site   
    Description: A site specializing in distributing QB graphics libraries.
    Unique Features: Very small site with copies of the more recent and more popular QB graphics libraries, including RelLib, CosmoX and the old mainstay, DirectQB. A good resource, but there's not much here.
  16.   QBasic Gamerz Society   
    Description: Made by Dessysoft, this is a surprisingly rich resource of games and tutorials. It also has a unique graphics style and some original games, such as bONG!
    Unique Features: Most impressive about this site is the HUGE selection of tutorials that are available for download; it's definitely one of the biggest collections in the QB community. Additionally, there is a wide selection of games for download, many of which are relatively obscure. Then there's the QB Masterz section, featuring the Top Ten QB games. A rather obscure QB site that is surprisingly good!
  17.   QBasic Headquarters   
    Description: J.D. Hugger's QBasic Headquarters has unfortunately become a victim of free web servers.
    Unique Features: This site has been completely deleted except for its opening "entrance" page. Will it ever return? It's HIGHLY doubtful. So why do I link to it? Hey, you never know. If FreeHomepages.com ever decides to restore the account, I'll be the first one with a link to it!
  18.   QBasic Home   
    Description: Nathan's tiny QB site. It's got a few downloads of some of the most popular and easy-to-find QB resources (utitlities, libraries and tutorials), and a bunch of simple flash animations that mostly promote the site.
    Unique Features: The only thing really unique here are the flash animations, but they're not really QB-related.
  19.   QBASIC HQ   
    Description: "QBASIC HQ--THE HOME OF QBASIC ON COMPUSERVE!!!" A site by a newbie programmer obsessed with writing in ALL CAPS. Several original games are here, though they're all very simple.
    Unique Features: Includes programs by others, too. All the programs by the webmaster come in both .bas and .exe formats--your choice. There are actually quite a few programs here, though the quality isn't especially high...
  20.   QBasic Lab   
    Description: "QBasic Lab: Jace Masula's QBasic Hobby Programming" page. This site is the model of what a personal projects page should be. Simple but attractive design, and lots of information and screenshots of all of his releases. And to make it even better: this site gets regular updates.
    Unique Features: Jace Masula / momoguru is a great programmer who makes a lot of apps to help other people make their own games, such as ASCII QUEST Editor, QBSprite and RPGLab. He's also made his fair share of games, including the burger stand sim game Big Burger, the space survival game Starquest, the turn-based strategy game Kingsland, the early-'80s hacker simulation Codelink, or his ASCII adventure game Dragon Quest. Very cool programs that are worth your attention.
  21.   QBasic Land   
    Description: An old QB site offering a very good selection of games and utilities. This site has some of the best old games that were released for QB and skips over the more crappy releases that aren't so fun to play.
    Unique Features: This site is a nice window into the QB world from many years ago. Its features are pretty limited to the game downloads section and a handful of tutorials, but it is a very well-done site!
  22.   QBasicly Easy   
    Description: Once a pretty decent site, QBasicly Easy went down for a massive revamp and a switch of webmasters...and stayed that way.
  23.   QBasic My Style   
    Description: A nice little site with some helpful original tutorials.
    Unique Features: Has a pretty good file download archive which, for some reason, is rated with Stars of David. Has a nice, clean layout.
  24.   QBasic New Zealand   
    Description: "The home of QBasic down under" has become a really great QB resource, with one of the most clean and organized layouts of any QB site. Its large downloads archive is now automated by scripts and has quite a few great programs available.
    Unique Features: The popular Challenges are pretty neat, there are some full reviews of QB games, some projects, a lot of interactive content and way more!
  25.   QBasic on Angelfire   
    Description: An interesting site by Cybertron that is an entertaining visit (it kept me entertained, for a few minutes at least).
    Unique Features: The files section has a handful of short reviews (with screenshots), the QHumor section has QB and computer jokes, and Cyberton has projects including the mech game Cyborg Wars and Gates of Wrath. There are also some original tutorials available here.
  26.   QBasic On-Line Central   
    Description: Small QB site with great similarities to THE BOMB! (another terrible QB site). The designer was pretty flash-happy, and made all the menus and logos with Shockwave Flash. The only problem is that the navigation bar is on a continuous loop, so you have to uncheck the loop option on the ricght-click menu to actually navigate. Once you do, though, you'll regret it. There'e nothing here!
    Unique Features: Has a small assortment of programs that you can find on just about any other QB site. Anything more, you ask? Nope. That's it.
  27.   QBasic Paradise   
    Description: Once a decent QB site, the QBasic Paradise shut down one day and posted this message: "THIS PAGE IS UNDER A REALLY HEAVY CONSTRUCTION! plz whait until the new page is up.. Well.. NOTE .. a problem have come in the way of the progress.. all downloads are gone! do someone have all the download files.. it would be really greatfull if you could send them trough my ICQ: 37692488. Under the middle time plz use our MSG Board.
    Unique Features: There's nothing here. I don't know why I'm linking to this site. Honestly, it's a waste of my time and your time. Not even the message board works anymore (just another expired DiscApp.) Okay then. I'll stop wasting your time.
  28.   Qbasic / Quickbasic News   
    Description: A constantly-updated QBASIC news site--the first place to go for the latest QB news and information, or to spread news about your own QB projects. A great resource!
    Unique Features: Often-updated QB news blog on the main page, an active message board with cool weekly/monthly challenges, and original tutorials and articles.
  29.   QBasic / QuickBasic Programming Corner   
    Description: Cheng Ning's "New" QBasic / QuickBasic Programming Corner. Once one of the earliest largest and QBasic sites on the Internet has since deprecated into a collection of dead links and broken images. This site was one of the first in the QB Community that featured dynamic content updatable by the users through a series of forms and FTP services.
    Unique Features: There is a lot of text left on this site, but most of the downloadable content has become inaccessable in recent years. Cheng Ning's site was hosted on a variety of different free web servers, and only the base HTML documents at Fortune City are still available. The "New" Programming Corner once had a lot to offer, including a large collection of downloads, a lot of tutorials, challenges and dynamic content like mailing lists, guestbooks, polls and message boards.
  30.   Q-Basics   
    Description: A QB downloads page that unfortunately linked all of its files on other sites that have since gone down or moved.
    Unique Features: All the files here are from QBasic.com or Acid Works, and are no longer available at their old locations. The guy who made this site also thinks that the language is called QBasics with an "s". Not worth your time, unless you want to take a ride on the dead links express.
  31.   QBasic Station   
    Description: One of the longest-running QB sites on the Internet, the QBasic Station has quite a bit of great content. This site is geared especially toward helping programmers learn QB. Aside from many tutorials, original games are also available for download.
    Unique Features: The QBasic Station has a very clean and organized design, and is run all by original scripts. It includes a "Members' Area" where visitors can sign up to compete for points by doing certain tasks around the site. It also is the only QB site that I know of that posts downloadable voice messages for visitors to listen to--a sort of QB radio show, I suppose. Definitely worth a look!
  32.   QBasic.tk   
    Description: An active QB community site based heavily around providing QB news. There are quite a few visitors and contributors, and this site is definitely worth a visit!
    Unique Features: This site is based around an active community message board, with news on the front page. There are several programs to download (all uploaded by the users) throughout the message board. Also, QBasic.tk has a few game reviews. As far as community sites and information portals go, this is definitely worth a look!
  33.   Q-Basic Turkey   
    Description: (No, not the bird!) This Turkish QB programming group has produced a large amount of original games, most of which emulate successful board games or PC games to create simple, addictive fun. There are a lot of classic puzzle and strategy games here, but also some cool original titles: check out Jump-X or Attack of the Soldiers.
    Unique Features: This site has quite a bit of interesting content--it will take you quite a while to look through the comprehensive list of game Products, let alone the entire site! There are also tutorials, source code and upcoming projects to check out.
  34.   QBasic World   
    Description: Tiny site by Andrew DiMichele, with five original programs including a Pong game and a Nibbler clone. There's also a "funny" Poetry Generator program.
    Unique Features: This site is miniscule and abandoned. It has a beginners' tutorial, the aforementioned programs in the "Archive" section and a Challenge: "Your first challenge is to draw a face using nothing but the CIRCLE function and then make the face bounce around the screen and fade in-and-out of colors." Nobody ever entered.
  35.   QBasic World   
    Description: Small site by a newbie named Recon55. Has his original programs like Jedi Guessing Game PacDude Deer Hunter.
    Unique Features: Has a contest to make a song using PLAY statements, Prank programs (fake virii), a very poor original tutorial on subroutines, and also some fun Javascript games. The Javascript games have nothing to do with QB, but they were the best part of this site by far!
  36.   QBasic World   
    Description: A quite annoying site that amounts to a giant tutorial covering many aspects of QB programming with very little depth. It starts with the topic "What is QBasic?" and then a few pages later, it's showing you how to use the Modem...before it even teaches you the PSET command.
    Unique Features: This tutorial is not very well organized, but the real kicker is this: the page has a WHITE background, and uses WHITE text. So you can't see it without highlighting. That's a good plan. Has a lot of broken links too. Still, there is a lot of source code and a lot of useful topics are covered.
  37.   QBasic Zone   
    Description: Mofu's QB site that has a large a menu of different sections, but most of them are empty. Includes a small selection with two game reviews, a handful of tutorials, and a decent downloads collection--it's small, but it only has quality programs.
    Unique Features: This site is nicely organized, but you won't find anything new here. This is a very standard QB site and its content is replicated on many other similar sites. Aside from the two reviews, nothing really is unique. If the team behind the site added more content it would have been a different story...
  38.   QBasic-Zone   
    Description: A German QB site with a large collection of downloads. Most of the programs available on this site are actually English; you'll see names like "DarkDread," "Andrew Ayers" and "Terminator_Z" here, though you will find some names like "Reinald" and "Nikolas" here too.
    Unique Features: There really isn't much unique here, though it is a nice selection of downloadable programs. (Just about all of these programs can be found elsewhere on the Internet.) Unlike most sites, this focuses on game programming utilities, and doesn't have any games to download. It's a bad resource for gamers, but a good resource for programmers!
  39.   QBCC   
    Description: Homepage of QBCC, an open source BASIC to C translator by Leroy and Jason. According to the site, "It is aimed at relatively painless migration from Microsoft QuickBASIC 4.5. A heavy focus of QBCC is keeping backwards compatibility whilst also allowing for easier usage with other programming languages."
    Unique Features: An Alpha Version release of QBCC is available for download, as well as quite a bit of documentation. However, this project and this site look like they are now defunct.
  40.   QB Chronicles   
    Description: A former division of Hyper-Realistic games, Fling-master's QB Chronicles had a short, four-issue run in 2001. Reminiscent of QB:TM when it was in its prime, this was one of the best QB magazines around back when it was still being published.
    Unique Features: Now this site is still hanging around to distribute the four QB Chronicles issues that were released. Well-written and worth a read if you've never seen it before.
  41.   QB Cult Magazine   
    Description: The QB Cult Magazine, a leading QB Community web magazine since 2000. This magazine has QB news, programming tutorials, game reviews, editorials, rants and raves from throught the QB scene. Definitely something that every QB programmer should read!
    Unique Features: Though it's not updated as much anymore, it's certainly not dead! All of the Cult Magazine's past issues are still available on the site.

  42.   QBRPGs   
    Description: Fling Master's devoted QB RPGs site, with over 130 RPGs written in QBasic. They include games in the style of Final Fantasy, Diablo, Zelda, Strategy RPGs and Dungeon crawling RPGs.
    Unique Features: Over 130 RPGs, all with a brief description and a screenshot. Also includes tutorials and utilities to help the budding QB RPG designer get started.
  43.   QB World   
    Description: French QB site with quite a bit of content (though it's all in French). Includes some original game programs including the cool-looking platformers MisterKid, QBSMario, and Niki v2.
    Unique Features: There are also a nice selection of (French) tutorials and a lot of programs to download made by other people. These are mostly French programs that we English-speakers normally wouldn't come across, and some of them are quite good. Unfortunately, you might have a hard time navigating this site if you don't speak any French.
  44.   QP7 Programming Page   
    Description: Last updated in 1997, the QP7 Programming Page has a set of beginners tutorials for QBasic, Pascal, C and Visual BASIC. The QB tutorial is the most thorough, and actually covers a huge amount of different commands and concepts for one tutorial.
    Unique Features: Also available here are five QB programs including BOXBOSS.BAS, a simple vector-line Qbasic shooter and DODGER.BAS, "a game I programmed in 5 minutes. It's fun for about 2."
  45.   Quantum's Quarter   
    Description: Small site with a few QB games in the works, including Frogger for QB and Osama Operatives (where you kill Osama bin Laden). There's also a finished game called Robot Rumble, which is a BattleBots-style robot fighting game.
    Unique Features: These three games are available for download. There's also Monkey Blast and Spit War. All of these games are pretty simple, but who knows, they might be fun.
  46.   Quebe Productions   
    Description: "A small programming group (*cough*) for QuickBasic, Assembly and other languages." This site is home to Days of Conquest (Task Force RTS), a cool real time strategy game written in QB.
    Unique Features: This site also has a cool collection of programs to download, including the complete collection of programs submitted to several QB programming competitions. For example, you'll find complete archives of the submissions to the QBasic News 1-Hour Compo and the One Key Challenge. Also available is a large collection of useful programming resources that will help you make your game; these include tutorials and libraries.
  47.   QuickBasic Accelerator   
    Description: QBXL.net, home of the QB ezine, QuickBasic Acclerator. This site includes all back issues of the Accelerator, as well as all articles, organized in a nice hierarchical format to making surfing easier.
    Unique Features: The QB Acclerator focused mostly on reviewing QB games, so there are quite a few original reviews on this site. This is a nice little magazine...though unfortunately, it is not released very often. For shame.
  48.   QuickBasic Cafe   
    Description: Available in both German and English, QB Cafe is a large site full of downloadable content that also hosts a fairly active message board community. This site is quite cliche in its content, but the sheer quantity is admirable.
    Unique Features: Has well over 200 programs, compilers and tutorials to download. Additionally, there are upcoming projects and a dynamic system to automatically add content.
  49.   QuickBasic FR   
    Description: French QB site with A LOT of downloads, most of which are ones you won't find on English sites (I didn't recognize most of them). This site is also home of Le QB-Ring (webring) and a French QB chat room.
    Unique Features: Nice design and well-organized files collection. There are dozens of files here, including a lot of French QB games that you might find interesting. At least they're different from the standard collection of downloads available on every English QB site.
  50.   QuickBasic News   
    Description: A short-lived QuickBasic News site run by Ice1000. From November to December, 1998, it updated very often with news from around the QB Community. I (Pete) remember checking this site every day back in late '98 for the latest QB news. Too bad it ended so soon.
    Unique Features: Basically a two-month blog of news with a few subsections.
  51.   QuickBasic RPG Top 50 Sites   
    Description: A top sites page with the Top 50 QB sites with information about RPGs. That means that they are either developer sites, offer RPGs for download, or have tutorials and information about programming RPGs. So in short, just about every QB site on the Internet qualifies.
    Unique Features: Over the years, there have been many QB top sites lists, and over the years they've mostly disappeared. A long time ago, the QBasic Top 50, which linked directly to the NeoZones QBoard, was basically the center of the QB community. Too bad that site is long gone. As I write this, the QB RPG Top 50 is the only active top sites list in the QB community. (Oh, and by the way, by clicking this link, you WILL NOT vote for me in the Top 50.)
  52.   QuickBasic Source   
    Description: A site that at first glance looks to be filled with content--over 230 downloads, all rated, the "RPG Zone," the top QB games rating list, QB Tips and more...
    Unique Features: ...but then you find that most of this content was stolen wholesale from other sites. The Files section is the old NeoZones QCity (and all the download links go to the currently-dead NeoZones servers), the Tips section is stolen from Acid Works, and the rest of the sections have little content. If not for broken links, this site would be very complete. Unfortunately, the sites that it depended on for download links are now gone--and with it, most of the QuickBasic Source's content.
  53.   QuickForward: QuickBasic Compatible Compiler   
    Description: Home of QuickForward, a freeware 99% QuickBASIC 4.5 compatible compiler that has been in production for a few years. They claim that it will be: "the most full featured and easiest to use BASIC compiler ever." Licensed Under the GPL.
    Unique Features: QuickForward's page has a lot of information about this ambitious project, downloads of the most recent version (though right now it is limited to the source code), and a useful reference library that has text resources with information about compiling x86 compatible source code. I'm sure it could come in useful if you ever want to make your own QB compiler.
  54.   Quick Hosting for QB Files   
    Description: Rune Moennike's "Quickhost" site offering free, limited-time hosting for QB-related files. Anyone is free to upload a program, tutorials or screenshots, and they will be stored on the server for seven days. Definitely a worthwhile service for QB programmers without their own webhosting service!
    Unique Features: If an uploaded file is particularly popular (determined by hits), it will be granted extra hosting time on the server. This site can conceivably host lots of really great content or nothing of value at all. And although this is labeled as a QB hosting service, any types of files can be uploaded. When I visited, there were several art pictures created by users but nothing QB related for download. (That could change in an instant, though.)
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