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  1.   Acid Works   
    Description: Steve Nunnally's popular site--home of Konrad The Warrior, the first ever finished QB RPG, as well as a barrage of Mr. Smiley games. Quite a few advanced pure-QB programs are available on this site, from Plazma examples to raytracers.
    Unique Features: Has one of the oldest QB program archive on the Internet (and it's also pretty sizeable), some great QB Tips, and a vast collection of original software. Most definitely worth a visit!
  2.   Formalhaut Software   
    Description: A Russian QB site by a very gifted coding group. Formalhaut has released advanced 3D graphical routines, a few neat strategy/puzzle games and the breathtaking Protuberance 3D engine. This site is available in both Russian and English versions, and has an attractive layout. Unfortunately, Formalhaut Software is also hosted on one of the slowest servers known to man.
    Unique Features: The QB-Collection features well over 100 games, all with three screenshots and a short description. Over a dozen of Formalhaut's original programs are available too. The links section is also pretty impressive.
  3.   GBGames   
    Description: Gianfranco Berardi's incredible QB reviews site is now back online, with all fifty-five original game reviews and the archives of QB community news that Pigeon reported over three years. Some of the most honest and accurate QB reviews ever written are available on this site, complete with screenshots and ratings between 0% and 100%.
    Unique Features: GBGames is a site jam-packed with interesting content; the news archives alone are worth a visit, not to mention the 55 reviews, and other downloadables. Unfortunately, Pigeon no longer plans on updating this site, and as of August 2004, it is just available for archival purposes.
  4.   Kaswoj Software   
    Description: Programming group who has made a wide assortment of boardgame-style QB games, like Confaive (five in a row), Connect 4 and Mastermind, as well as some old mainstays like Minesweeper and Tetris. Basically, simple games with very stark, blocky graphics but addictive gameplay. This site has an absolutely HUGE files archive of older QB programs. There's definitely a lot of great stuff here!
    Unique Features: A great resource of QB programs, tutorials and more, plus many neat original products that are fun to play (even if they are a little rough on the interior). This is a simple but well-organized site with enough content to keep you busy for days.
  5.   NeoBasic   
    Description: NeoBasic is the choice hang-out spot for many veteran QB programmers (who mostly don't program much QB anymore), and is automated by the custom Neo-Marcade system. Its main draw is its active message board, which is made up of the old NeoZones Productions community.
    Unique Features: A very active message board (which also features a "Philosophy" board on the side); automated projects and files sections where users can add their own work (this once was a giant file archive, but since then it's been reset to only a handful of programs); and many other small sections offering dynamic content.
  6.   Phat Code   
    Description: Plasma's new Phat Code site just launched recently, but it's quickly becoming one of the most useful QB sites around. It features a slick design and is entirely automated and dynamic thanks to custom PHP scripts.
    Unique Features: Already Plasma has put together a large collection of useful downloads, all with a thorough description and often several screenshots. You can also find out about Plasma's projects, or tutorials on many different aspects of programming. Phat Code also has a great section called "Scene News" which aggregates news postings from around the Qmunity into one convenient location for easy viewing. This should be your first stop if you want an overview of what's going on in the QB scene. In addition to the QB content, there's also info about other programming languages and Dreamcast emulation.
  7.   Piptol Productions   
    Description: Quickly becoming one of the greatest QB game-makers the Community has ever seen, Piptol Productions has supplied us with many classics. Ghini Run, Kingdoms, Squealer TNT and more, Piptol Productions is definitely at the top in the world of QB game making.
    Unique Features: This site has a very nice, graphical, stylistic layout and has a lot of information about all the Piptol Productions. Additionally, it has downloads for "The Best QB Programming Tools", the Piptol Star awards and more. Great site from a great developer.
  8.   QB Cult Magazine   
    Description: The QB Cult Magazine, a leading QB Community web magazine since 2000. This magazine has QB news, programming tutorials, game reviews, editorials, rants and raves from throught the QB scene. Definitely something that every QB programmer should read!
    Unique Features: Though it's not updated as much anymore, it's certainly not dead! All of the Cult Magazine's past issues are still available on the site.

  9.   QB45.com   
    Description: QB45.com, once one of the leading QB sites on the internet, has finally returned as of June '05! This site was previously known as Future Software, and was famous for its gargantuan collection of QB downloads -- the biggest in the world. Now it sports a fresh new interactive design.
    Unique Features: The majority of the QB45 program archive is still available for download, and it also has an active message board. A lot of the former content has disappeared over the years, but even with just the download archive and the forum, QB45 is one of the best QB sites online.
  10.   QB4All   
    Description: An absolutely MASSIVE QBasic archive run by a chap from Greece. At first glance, this site doesn't look to be that great; it has a very simple, very clean layout, with few options in the menu. But upon further inspection, you'll find that this site has nearly 1,000 programs and tutorials for download.
    Unique Features: This is a phenomenal site--a fast server with just about the largest QB files collection--only to be rivaled by Future Software when it was in its prime. The tutorials section is especially good, with lots of great resources for download. Absolutely worth the visit!
  11.   QBRPGs   
    Description: Fling Master's devoted QB RPGs site, with over 130 RPGs written in QBasic. They include games in the style of Final Fantasy, Diablo, Zelda, Strategy RPGs and Dungeon crawling RPGs.
    Unique Features: Over 130 RPGs, all with a brief description and a screenshot. Also includes tutorials and utilities to help the budding QB RPG designer get started.
  12.   QBasic Station   
    Description: One of the longest-running QB sites on the Internet, the QBasic Station has quite a bit of great content. This site is geared especially toward helping programmers learn QB. Aside from many tutorials, original games are also available for download.
    Unique Features: The QBasic Station has a very clean and organized design, and is run all by original scripts. It includes a "Members' Area" where visitors can sign up to compete for points by doing certain tasks around the site. It also is the only QB site that I know of that posts downloadable voice messages for visitors to listen to--a sort of QB radio show, I suppose. Definitely worth a look!
  13.   QBasic.com   
    Description: QBasic.com has *the* URL, but unfortunately hasn't been updated since 1999. This site is a great resource for beginning programmers and has an assortment of programs and tutorials aimed toward teaching QB basics.
    Unique Features: Features an active message forum used mostly by newbies, beginner tutorials, dozens of older (and simpler) QB programs to download, and other useful newbie information. The content of QBasic.com is quite dated, though this sometimes has its benefits.
  14.   QuickBasic Cafe   
    Description: Available in both German and English, QB Cafe is a large site full of downloadable content that also hosts a fairly active message board community. This site is quite cliche in its content, but the sheer quantity is admirable.
    Unique Features: Has well over 200 programs, compilers and tutorials to download. Additionally, there are upcoming projects and a dynamic system to automatically add content.
  15.   RPG-Dev.net   
    Description: Fling-master's RPG development site, for all programming languages. This is a huge archive, with dozens of RPGs, many of which (maybe even the majority of) are in QuickBasic.
    Unique Features: This site is also rich with tutorials, example code, articles on game design and more. Additionally, this site is completely automated, and every resource keeps a nice, organized arrangement of statistics, including as user ratings. If you have any interest at all in RPG development, you HAVE to visit this page.
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