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  1.   19Day Programming Productions   
    Description: 19Day has been a regular at NeoZones forever, and was once working on an interesting game called MazeRPG starring a yellow smily face that reminds me of Pac-Man. If memory serves right, the smily from Maze RPG even made a cameo in Danny Gump's RPG, The Mystical Journey.
    Unique Features: 19Day's site doesn't have much to it. It's got a lot of art and writing, but as far as QB content, it's limited to demos of MazeRPG and a few other original utilities, such as a DirectQB Font Editor with increased capability over the one that comes standard with the library.
  2.   2000 QB Gaming Gold Awards Page   
    Description: The first iteration of V Planet's QB Gaming Gold Awards occurred in 2000 as a joint venture between Future Software and the budding QB magazine and reviews site. Since the 2000 G.G. Awards were the first, all QB games that were ever released to that point were considered for awards. As a result, the contest was dominated by QB classics like Milo Sedlacek's Monospace and Angelo Mottola's Wetspot 2.
    Unique Features: The 2000 Gaming Golds site has information and screenshots of all nominated programs and does a great job explaining why each program (or programmer) deserves the nomination. This site covers the most important QB games released since the dawn of the QB Community until 2000, and will forever be the most important of the Gaming Gold contests.
  3.   2001 QB Gaming Gold Awards page   
    Description: A mini-site hosting V Planet's 2001 QB Gaming Gold Awards, where various QB games released in 2001 competed for prizes including Best RPG, Best Gaming Babe, Best Programming Team and Game of the Year. DarkDread's famed RPG Mysterious Song took many of the top prizes, and was named game of the year in 2001.
    Unique Features: This is a nicely-organized site with lots of information about all the nominees, complete with screenshots. It also has tallies of the winners and links to the sites of all the nominees. A well-made site and a great time capsule. Someday when your kids ask "What was the QB community like in 2001?" you can say "Well, why don't you take a look at the 2001 QB Gaming Gold Awards Page?"
  4.   4D's QBasic Hut   
    Description: Pronounced "Ford's," 4D's QBasic Hut is the homepage of Adam Wenrick and Turbovex Software. This is a small site for distributing a few original programs.
    Unique Features: Games on this site include Lowfeul (spelled wrong intentionally), and an Ultima-style game called TV-2. There are a few more custom-made programs here too.
  5.   99 Bottles of Beer - One Program in Over 600 Variations   
    Description: You know that old repetitive song "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall"? Well, there's a site devoted to creating programs that will type the lyrics to it on your screen in hundreds of different programming languages!
    Unique Features: QBasic and QuickBasic are included on this site, as well as other dialects of BASIC that are compatible with QB. This is a fun diversion, and it's neat to see the similiarities and differences between all the different programming languages.
  6.   AAP Official Projects Squad   
    Description: Adigun Azikiwe Polack's QB projects site. This is the guy behind Frantic Journey and Star Angelic Slugger, as well as the QuickBASIC Caliber Programming Competition. He is also a member of the QB coding group Aura Flow.
    Unique Features: AAP has a very enthusiastic writing style, but from what I've seen of his programs, they are very good. Frantic Journey looks to have great graphics and great gameplay. This site has a nice design that showcases the graphics from the various AAP / Aura Flow games. Still, there's only a limited amount of content on this site.
  7.   Aaron's Page of Cool Stuff   
    Description: This "Page of Cool Stuff" has a small QB section featuring a download of QB4.5 and three original programs.
    Unique Features: The most interesting program here is Linker, "a stick figure action program." Another one PLAYs a variety of traditional songs and Christmas carols.
  8.   About.com: QB Questions   
    Description: Don Schullian (About.com's QBasic "expert") has been answering peoples' QB questions since 2000, and over the years he's built up a pretty nice little FAQ. Some of this infor here might be useful to somebody.
    Unique Features: Not all of these questions and answers are very helpful, and some of them aren't quite what you'd expect; a few of these questions are "Do people actually still use QBasic?". But these FAQs might be helpful to somebody, and you can even send in your own questions and (hopefully) get an answer.
  9.   Abstract Productions   
    Description: Mark Hall's site, and home to his one-man programming company Abstract Productions. Mark is behind the incredible ARC RPG series, which has been accoladed for its depth and storytelling. The ARC Legacy looks great!
    Unique Features: On this site, you'll find screenshots, information and downloads of the ARC RPGs, as well as a few side projects like Circuitz and Blorp Zingwag: Elf Detective.
  10.   Acid Works   
    Description: Steve Nunnally's popular site--home of Konrad The Warrior, the first ever finished QB RPG, as well as a barrage of Mr. Smiley games. Quite a few advanced pure-QB programs are available on this site, from Plazma examples to raytracers.
    Unique Features: Has one of the oldest QB program archive on the Internet (and it's also pretty sizeable), some great QB Tips, and a vast collection of original software. Most definitely worth a visit!
  11.   AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
    Description: The "THE MOST UNOFFICIAL QBASIC PAGE IN THE WORLD" created by Jason Straw, who was ten years old at the time.
    Unique Features: This site offers a few programs via email: OOPSS!, SOLAR SYSTEM, A GUESSING GAME WHERE YOU BET MONEY (ADDICTIVE). Via email, meaning that you'll never actually get them.
  12.   Akarsha Kumar's QBasic Stuff   
    Description: Akarsha Kumar's three QB programs. It's a plain black and white site, with the standard font: size 12 Times New Roman.
    Unique Features: Three programs: Road Racer, Address Book and Minesweeper. That's about it.
  13.   Alan King's Homepage   
    Description: A small section of Alan King's website which distributes a few of his QB graphics demos.
    Unique Features: These graphics demos do effects including Plasma, Fractals, Mandelbrot fractals, orbits and and a flaming logo. There's not much here, but it's all original.
  14.   Alipha's Homepage   
    Description: Alipha's site is dedicated to helping newbies learn to program. It features a simple, organized layout.
    Unique Features: At this site's center is a well-written series of beginners' tutorials written by Alipha, as well as a very thorough tutorial on using graphics in QB. Also available are several "Example Programs" that Alipha wrote to be easy-to-follow for even the most inexperienced programmers.
  15.   Alpha Omega Systems   
    Description: Seth Hopkinson's Alpha Omega Systems has been around since 1996, and is still updated occasionally. Includes several QB games from the past, as well as Sceptre of Shalimar, once a QB RPG, now a DOS C game, that has been in the works for over a decade.
    Unique Features: Interesting original games include Dungeon, Space Duel and Sceptre of Shalimar. This site has quite a bit of random content that, ranging from the H-Files (H stands for "Humor") to a "Computers of Yesteryear" section with information about arcade machines and old Amiga computers.
  16.   Andrew Collins' QB Page   
    Description: Andrew Collins' barebones QB page that distributes his small collection of original programs. Available here are five builds of his Tiny Roguelike engine, as well as a Random dungeon generator, Line of Sight code and some Text Parsing sourcecode.
    Unique Features: This is a plain white site with Times New Roman font, short descriptions and links. It's there for functionality, not to dazzle you! But it does have a nice selection of code that you might find interesting or helpful; it's well-commented and explains how to achieve some pretty standard game engine features that you might have trouble writing on your own.
  17.   Andrew Morison's QBasic Homepage   
    Description: Site made in 1997 by an Australian chap. Has original games by such dubious names as Ernie the Canary and Rise of the Penguin. Even if they are simple newbie games, they get extra points for originality!
    Unique Features: This site has a collection of some of the oldest popular QB programs as well as some originals. 1997's greatest QB hits like Eric Carr's Spinball are here for the taking.
  18.   Antoni Gual Quick Basic Page   
    Description: Site of a QB coder from Spain, available in both Spanish and English. Antoni writes original QB programs with an anti-ASM QB philosophy: "None of the files use a line of assembler. Pure Qbasic. Everything with its source."
    Unique Features: Antoni's site offers many neat programs to download, including a Screen 13 animated GIF displayer, many graphics demos, an Othello game, some 3D modelling programs and some interesting library utilities. There are also some tutorials here (including a nice original one on using the mouse in QB) and also some programming utilities, useful for converting QB code to other BASIC languages.
  19.   Antz Entertainment   
    Description: Nice site from a cool developer, lovingly adorned with graphics from Antz Entertainment games like their flagship title, Tank Wars. Other projects include Home Star and Tank Wars Gold Edition.
    Unique Features: A site devoted to promoting Antz Entertainment's quite stylistic games. There are also "War Comics" based on the characters from Tank Wars. Nice design.
  20.   Apoky! Sotware   
    Description: Three brothers who work together under the name Apoky! to create games. They created the QB game Skate.
    Unique Features: The Apoky! site is kind of empty. There are links on the side to download their programs and thumbnail pictures of the programmers. And that's about it.
  21.   ASCII-World   
    Description: "A website totally dedicated to the art of text and ASCII programming" by Stéphane Richard (Mystikshadows) and Kristian Virtanen (Lurah) in February 2005. This website's got a nice DOS/ASCII-inspired layout, and already it's starting to become a great resource for aspiring ASCII programmers.
    Unique Features: There are quite a few articles, code snippets, tutorials, libraries and more already, and this site is growing everyday. Once this site has a chance to grow a bit, I'll update the description and the rating. It's definitely worth a visit.
  22.   Asim Shankar's Homepage   
    Description: Asimz page, a cool QB programmer from the late '90s. Check in the Old Website -> Vault section for a list of really neat programming challenges, with a lot of emphasis on QBasic programming.
    Unique Features: The Vault is really the only QB-related section of this site, but it is quite interesting. There's a lot of other good content that has nothing to do with QBasic, though!
  23.   Aurskog City   
    Description: Site devoted to 3D programming in both QB and C . Focuses on advanced techniques like Texture Mapping, Shading and Light Maps.
    Unique Features: Aurskog City doesn't offer any programs for download except for versions of MASM. However, it does have a very helpful selection of tutorials on various 3D techniques.
  24.   Austin's All QBasic Page   
    Description: Site catering to newbies by Austin, which has its own series of beginners' tutorials that are actually really well-done. They are quite in-depth and explain a lot of concepts in very plain language. There is a small files section too with a few games by Austin, such as Catch, "My Pride and Joy, a pretty cool game where you try to catch falling drips."
    Unique Features: I must confess that Austin's tutorials are really very good--well written and very helpful to beginners. The files section is also nice, with a small selection of games you won't find anywhere else.
  25.   Bad-Logic Forum   
    Description: A few years ago, the forum at Bad-Logic.com was an active haven for advanced QuickBasic programmers looking to push the language to its maximum potential. V1ctor and Blitz headed this forum, which was an extension of their main site where you could find programs like the UGL library and DSOCK. Unfortunately at some point, Bad-Logic went down and the forum disappeared. In 2005, Bad-Logic member Marzec relaunched the Bad-Logic forum from a database backup on his own server.
    Unique Features: This forum is no longer active (it gets four or five posts a week, on average), but it is still a valuable resource. Not only does it contain the history of the Bad-Logic site and the months leading up to FreeBasic, but it also has answers to many difficult programming questions in all sorts of languages.
  26.   BASIC Archives   
    Description: Seemingly a HUGE QBasic downloads collection, with no frills and no fluff--just short descriptions.
    Unique Features: Too bad all of the programs are no longer on the server...removed by Fortune City, probably due to inactivity. At least this site still has a large collection of QB links.
  27.   Basic Archives   
    Description: A plain-text Basic resource with information about the history of various Basic compilers as well as resources to help programmers.
    Unique Features: Frequently asked questions, a brief history of BASIC, listings of many different BASIC compilers and interpreters and other relatively boring (but potentially useful) information.
  28.   Basic Central   
    Description: A site with info about a few different versions of BASIC and Pascal, but most of the info here is about QB. The webmaster is working to make his own BASIC compiler called BestBasic.
    Unique Features: Has many useful tutorials on QB, and a decent-sized downloads library with some pretty good games. Its forum also is specifically about QB.
  29.   BASIC File Index   
    Description: An older site with a nice collection of simple games that you might find interesting. It was created by Mark Reed who first featured the BFI on his Doddle Software site, way back in 1997. This site was meant to tailor to all versions of BASIC, but only QBasic and QuickBasic programs are available.
    Unique Features: An interesting collection of programs ("Snot Shooter", "Magazine -- "where you control the publishing of your own magazine", etc.)...but most of them are no longer available. Only the programs at the bottom of the list are still online.
  30.   BASIX Newsletter   
    Description: A short-lived QBasic email magazine, which had two issues in mid-1999. Unfortunately, it didn't last.
    Unique Features: Both issues as well as a few news bulletins are available in the archive. Other than that, this site's pretty bare.
  31.   BattleCraft99   
    Description: Home of BattleCraft99, the creator of Sir Chomps-A-Lot. I like this site; it reminds me of Pete's QBasic Site during its first couple months of existence!
    Unique Features: This site includes original programs, as well as a few full reviews of QB programs.
  32.   Baxter Productions   
    Description: Home of Baxter Productions and Gamma-Flare Games. This entire site is basically dedicated to information about their martial-arts RPG Legends Of Dynasty: Dragon Fist which was never finished. This site was last updated in 1998, and the last information about Legends of Dynasty dates back to 1997.
    Unique Features: There are many screenshots and text descriptions of various parts of the martial arts RPG. I was quite amazed by Legends of Dynasty, considering how old this program is. Very nice graphics! This game was quite an accomplishment for the time--it's a pity it will never be finished.
  33.   Belly Laugh Software   
    Description: Jonadab's Belly Laugh Software is a one-man QB enterprise that basically makes screensavers and simple text file utilities. Included are Loopy Anarchy and QKalied, a kaliedoscope program.
    Unique Features: A small selection of simple programs are here. At least the company has a unique and funny name!
  34.   Billy's QBasic Page   
    Description: Small QB site focusing mainly on helping newbies learn to code both QB and a little bit of Assembly. Has original tutorials written by Billy Miller.
    Unique Features: Several compilers and a handful of small programs that you probably wouldn't be interested in (they do tasks like find prime numbers...). The tutorials section is pretty good, though, with both both Billy's tutorials and a small selection of tutorials by others.
  35.   Blowerstrike's Q(uick)Basic Page   
    Description: This huge archive of QBasic games and programs hasn't been updated since 1998, but it's still a valuable resource to the QB community because of the sheer number of programs here - and how old they are. This site is hosted on GeoCities, so it goes down every once in a while -- whenever anyone downloads a lot of files and exceeds the bandwidth. But when it's up, it's good.
    Unique Features: There are easily over 100 programs here, all from 1998 or earlier. This also has a healthy collection of tutorials, a large list of links to old QB sites (mostly broken, but this site was abandoned in 1998)... and... that's really about it.
  36.   BlueBlaze Dungeon   
    Description: BlueSckR's QB RPGs site, and home to the upcoming RPG ScreenTrap. According to BlueSckR: "ScreenTrap is a cyber punk, science fiction RPG. It'll have a cool story about control, power and a big plot. Gangs of different kinds of men and women rule the world in the future. The state lost his power and people lost their own control. Fanatic groups destroyed huge citys and began to make their own world and own planet...But there is a small group of rebels, in the center of the war, which like to see the earth in peace...
    Unique Features: This site also has a neat little QB RPGs "magazine" of sorts, along with its own pixel art tutorial. Also available is the ToForce Engine V. 0.2, which uses an original library with ASM routines made by BlueSckR.
  37.   Blupoo's QBasic Page   
    Description: Last updated in 2001, Bluepoo's QBasic Page never really got off the ground. It's got one original game for download, and a bit of information on the now-defunct game "Bit World".
    Unique Features: In the My Programs page there's a game called HorsePlay available. The description is: "Puzzle game. Use a horse to get around a chess board. Quite hard." Also in the Projects section, there's a prerendered 3D screenshot from the adventure game Bluepoo was once working on called "Bit World". It looks promising, but there's a snowball's chance in hell that it will ever get finished. So don't hold your breath.
  38.   Bomberpunk's Entertainment Center   
    Description: The QBasic section of Bomberpunk's site exists merely to distribute his own games, which all sound pretty interesting. I haven't tried any of them yet, but I'm definitely going to stop back and check them out for real when I get a chance.
    Unique Features: The games include 2 Drunk Guys, ASCIIvania, Gemini Blast and Katamari Damacy QB, all of which have their own page-long description. There's also a section with brief "reviews" (aka feedback) people have given Bomberpunk on his games. It's a pretty bare site, but who knows, the games might be awesome.
  39.   BREAKEMSoft   
    Description: A programming group named after a QB Super Breakout clone called BREAK'EM, BREAKEMSoft now programs in both C and QBasic.
    Unique Features: This site offers many programs to download, which appear to be mostly originals. Unfortunately, the download links are broken.
  40.   Buff's QuickBasic and PowerBasic Homepage   
    Description: Fred Buffington's site, which is devoted to teaching advanced programming techniques and optimizing code.
    Unique Features: Buff's great "Tips" section is guaranteed to teach any programmer new tricks, and a wide selection of short programs to help programmers learn new techniques.
  41.   Bulma HQ   
    Description: Bulma Productions, a one-of-a-kind QB programming group that makes mature, X-rated sex games, complete with nudity. On the entrance page of the site is this message: "This site is for adults. If you are under 18 or don't like sex, please leave right now.
    Unique Features: Bulma has made quite a few QB games that are surprisingly well-made. Johnny's Sex Adventures Parts 1 & 2 and Suds Skin Parts 1 & 2 are available on this site, along with a few other original programs. As the warning page said, "If you are under 18 or don't like sex," please don't try these programs!
  42.   Casmaster's Domain   
    Description: Site about many things like console gaming, art, etc. Also has original QBasic downloads and information / screenshots about the upcoming RPG Ogrex and a QB chess game called Crazychess.
    Unique Features: There's a total of about ten different QB downloads here, most of which are simple games.
  43.   Charn's QBasic Page   
    Description: A small QB site offering two original QB screen savers and an introductory tutorial on sprite handling.
    Unique Features: A pukalicious spiderweb background that makes this site nearly impossible to read. It also Has some info on Mandelbrot Sets.
  44.   Chooo!!!!!   
    Description: "The (2nd) most unofficial QBasic page IN THE WORLD" brought to you by mennonite. (The title of this page seems to be a parody of "AHHHH!!!! - THE MOST UNOFFICIAL QBASIC PAGE IN THE WORLD!") A disorganized but interesting and useful site.
    Unique Features: Mennonite's site has all kinds of random QB-related content on it, including a "QBasic to FreeBasic tutorial", an interesting project to end broken QBasic Links, a list of a lot of upcoming projects (ranging from vaporware projects to ones that have actually been completed), a lot of quotes and useful links, and more. There is also a lot of information here pertaining to "The QBasic Forum", the popular Network54 QB board linked to by QBasic.com.
  45.   Chris Davies' Homepage   
    Description: General programming site by Chris Davies. (Chris used to run "Richard and Chris' QBasic Site".) This site has Chris' programming samples in several languages, but mostly C and QB.
    Unique Features: This has a nice layout, and a dedicated QB section. There are few tutorials, and a handful of original QB programs (which you can find in the "Programs" section). It's just a personal programming site, so there's not much here.
  46.   CircuitSoft   
    Description: An odd programming group that has three different sub-websites, each created by different members. The only one with any content is Chris Davies', which distributes an OS shell written in QB called Windos 2000. (I was actually quite impressed with Windos 2000--not a complete OS by any stretch of the imagination, but it did have a lot of options and packed-in programs, as well as a nice Windows-style GUI. I figured that it would have been a joke written by some kid...but there was actually something to it.)
    Unique Features: In addition to the Paint and screensavers included with Windos 2000, there are special add-on programs including a Y2K Checker, NET-CHAT v1.00 which lets two computers can communicate using a serial cable, and many more.
  47.   ClearGenesis Studios   
    Description: Single-page site of a QB programmer who was making a MechWarrior clone for the Qlympics a long time ago. His site is still up, and the 3D engine demo is still downloadable.
    Unique Features: Aside from the downloadable engine demo, there are a lot of pictures of mechs from various animes and videogames here. And that's pretty much it.
  48.   Cleber de Mattos Casali Games Page   
    Description: Home of a CMC Productions, a Portugese programmer who created one of the most popular QB RPGs ever, DarkPhear. He has since left QB, but all of his excellent QB releases are still available on this site.
    Unique Features: Aside from the phenomenal DarkPhear, CMC Productions has released QBmIRC, an mIRC script which allows for networked QB games over the Internet, and some Quicklibraries that you might find useful.
  49.   CLS: QBasic Ezine For New Programmers   
    Description: "In case you are wondering, CLS is one of the most basic commands in BASIC programming. It tells the computer to clear the screen. I don't have any metaphorical reasons for naming this e-zine CLS. It just sonded like a hell of an idea. Metaphorically speaking, it could be a call to clear all the old ideas you have about programming out and put the new ideas in, but I'm not that metaphorical."
    Unique Features: This "Ezine" amounts to a few small beginners' tutorials and two VERY simple programs for download. There's also a Call for Columnists, asking people to contribute to this ill-fated Ezine. Too bad nobody ever did.
  50.   Code002's QBasic Programming   
    Description: Code002's page looks like it's there just to distribute a handful of homebrew games including Checkers and some card games.
    Unique Features: Features two programs sections: Source Code (original games--QB source in .txt format) and Zips (QB games made by others, such as QBlocks).
  51.   Coderz Domain   
    Description: A site by Richard M. Colletta offering two programs for download and describing two projects: The Adventures of Spaceman Bob and The Omega Project.
    Unique Features: The Omega Project has some preliminary documentation, Spaceman Bob has a screenshot, and ZGUI and Slap'Em (a shooting game) are available to download.
  52.   Code Source   
    Description: A pretty typical QB downloads page (though there are also many GWBasic programs here too). Evingham, the site's designer, has contributed many of these programs such as his simple Western RPG SixGun.
    Unique Features: Has a nice selection of simple older programs; most of them were made in 1995 or earlier. You'll see some familiar names on this site, though, like Fred Buffington and Tim Truman (two veterans of the QB scene, dating back to the very beginning).
  53.   ComputerGhost's Website   
    Description: ComputerGhost's website looks pretty run-of-the-mill, but he has written several very good tutorials on how to program with QB. You've got to respect that.
    Unique Features: Also available are some original games, such as Fly, where you're a fly avoiding flyswatters and cars, and Smalltops "A Space Game Where you Stop the Supply Ships From Getting to the Aliens." I especially like that ComputerGhost wrote his series of tutorials--which definitely took a nice time investment.
  54.   Connor's House   
    Description: Famous for its QBasic Links collection, which was once the largest and most complete QB Links archive on the Internet (with over 600 links). Connor's QB Links now consists of about 180 sites--and many of them are broken. This really is a testament to the shrinking size of the QB community.
    Unique Features: In addition to the links, also features the "QBasic Guidebook" which includes QB Tips, QB Benchmarks (comparing different routines that do the same thing to see which is faster), and a QB syntax guide.
  55.   CoreSoft Development   
    Description: CoreSoft is a one-man operation that has a neat dark style to its webpage and games. It took up reviewing QB games a long time ago because of the influence of Pete's QBasic Site.
    Unique Features: Includes reviews of several QB games with a unique "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" format. Also, information about the QB-RPG that (was) in the works, Omens of the Night.
  56.   Cornel's QBasic-Site   
    Description: Tiny site in a Germanic-looking language. One blank white page with a a single program to download called Galgje.bas.
    Unique Features: This site also has its own message forum. Oh, and a chat room, since I'm sure it gets lot of hits.
  57.   Cube-E Josh's QB Site   
    Description: Just starting QB site by a guy named Josh. Here you can find out about his Tetris game with a twist, called Ludatris or his impressive graphics demo, Ghostcube.
    Unique Features: First off, this site does not load properly in anything but Internet Explorer. It has a cool background beat (one of the few sites with background music that I've actually liked) and uses quite a bit of flash. Currently, there's not much here. If it grows, I'll certainly up the score!
  58.   Curly's Mega Web   
    Description: A QB and VB programmer who uses the languages to mutually help each other; he has created a nice Win9x app that will automatically run .bas files from Windows Explorer (with libraries too, if necessary), as well as a QB graphics converter program made in VB. Additionally, there's a Dr. Mario-like game called, simply, Game, and also a cool twist on Pac-Man here called Mom here where players have to run around the level and light up light bulbs instead of eating dots.
    Unique Features: All of the programs come with screenshots and nice little descriptions, and some of the programs have separate pages that go into even more detail. Of course, this is just to distribute Curly's programs, so there's not much to it.
  59.   DAG'soft Online Throne   
    Description: Daniel Aaron Gordon's site, featuring a game called Cosmos.
    Unique Features: This site is relatively empty, and as far as QB content goes, Cosmos is it.
  60.   DaMMSoft Online   
    Description: A QB programming group based in the Phillipines that hasn't been updated since 1998. Its members were students of the Don Bosco Makati Technical Institute.
    Unique Features: Includes a nice collection of program downloads and a handful of original DaMMSoft programs.
  61.   Daniel Davies' BASIC Programming Page   
    Description: QB programming page with a large selection of very impressive graphical demos. All of the old mainstays of the graphics demo genre are here, and they're all original programs! Very nice effects!
    Unique Features: Water, Curves, Bump Mapping, Fractals, Fire, Raytracing, Lens Flare and Plasma. They're all here, complete with descriptions and screenshots. All of the programs come with source code and a compiled version too! A very impressive site if you're into graphical effects.
  62.   DarkDreams Software   
    Description: DarkDread's DarkDreams Software has been at the forefront of the QB RPG movement since 1995, and was really at the top of its game in the early 2000's when the RPG company Darkness Ethereal reigned supreme (at least for QB RPGs). Since then, DE has folded and now all that remains of DarkDread's former empire is this tiny site, offering a handful of articles and DarkDreams games, such as ...in the Nocturne.
    Unique Features: This site still has DarkDread's signature gothic style, though the site is a little short on content. It's nothing compared to the old Darkness Ethereal site, unfortunately.
  63.   Dark Knight Software   
    Description: Home of Michael Hoopman's QB RPG series, Dark Ages. Dark Ages I: The Continents is widely-acclaimed in the QB community for being one of the first finished Qb RPGs. And Dark Ages II: Engel, which has been in production since 1998, looks like it will certainly be a worthy successor.

    Unique Features: Includes information about both Dark Ages titles, including screenshots, lots of news, and download links. Additionally, there are links to DA FANPAGES (I told you this game was "acclaimed"), some walkthroughs, etc. Definitely a game series every QBer should be familiar with.
  64.   Das QBasic Portal   
    Description: A German QB site that has a (fairly shoddy) English translation. This site doesn't seek to add any content of its own, but is instead a Portal to other QB sites.
    Unique Features: Most of the sites linked here are German, but this site does some interesting things with its links: there is a "Visitor Card" for each one that sums up all of the features of the site, and for most of the pages, there is an interview with the webmaster. Most of the interviews are pretty long and comprehensive, though they are in German. A nice site, but not of much use if you don't speak German.
  65.   Data Components   
    Description: Site by a kid named Todd Suess; he is very interested in creating operating systems and GUIs. Although his main project is a DOS-based GUI called Millenium OS, he also offers quite a few QB GUIs/OSes for download.
    Unique Features: As far as QBasic content, there's a collection of QBasic GUIs (fake operating systems and menuing systems), which you might find interesting. There are also several Data Components programs for download, though the language they are written in is not listed on the site.
  66.   Data Components GUI Reviews   
    Description: Todd Seuss's phenomenal QBasic/QuickBasic GUI reviews website. If you're looking for a QB GUI, this is the place to go. I had no idea that there so many QB GUIs in existence, but somehow Todd has managed to find 135 of them so far!
    Unique Features: This site has screenshots, reviews and detailed information for more than 135 GUIs as of June '05. It is also host to regular updates, and has a nice, simple layout that makes navigation easy. If you are interested in QB GUIs, this is the place to go.
  67.   Dav's QBasic Site   
    Description: Dav's site, with a nice collection of original programs (mostly utilities to save/load images, or manipulate graphics or sound in QB). Also home to the QuickBasic Knowledge Base.
    Unique Features: Dav's QuickBasic Knowledge Base contains over 1600 public-domain technical documents about QB, and is fully searchable. This is a really helpful collection. This site also has a very nice, clean layout. Worth a visit!
  68.   DEEDO Basic Homepage   
    Description: A little tiny QB programming page with an odd name. It hasn't been updated since 1997.
    Unique Features: Offers just a handful of QB programs to download, mostly by other people. Luckily, though, it has a chat room. You know, so all of this site's hundreds of visitors can discuss the latest DEEDO news. (What is it with every tiny site on the Internet having its own independent chat room? Jeesh.)
  69.   Delta Code   
    Description: Joe King's Delta Code, a site with a lot of great information on Raycasting engines in QB. There are three tutorials (with source code) and the JNK Raycasting Engine.
    Unique Features: A lot of this site is dedicated to Delta Code games. There are several, including the best: Larry the Dinosaur II, Torched Earth and Unofficial Tournament, complete with screenshots and a bit of information. Additionally, there are several full reviews of QB games by other programmers.
  70.   Deviant Software   
    Description: Home of The Adventures of Wally Stick and Deviant Software, a group which hasn't updated since 1998.
    Unique Features: Most of the images and download links are unfortunately broken on this page, but it once offered a nice selection of games for download as well as a few original Deviant Software products.
  71.   Digital Oasis   
    Description: ShiftLynx's nicely-designed site, featuring programs he has written in QB, FreeBasic, Java, C, Perl and more. Many of them are cool graphics demos or helpful utilities. Has a lot of interesting programming content, but it isn't necessary QB/FB related.
    Unique Features: You'll find lots of graphics demos (mostly FB and C), useful apps such as a BMP to BSAVE converter, and a whole lot of useful tutorials on topics ranging from Bubble Sorting to XOR Encryption. The majority of these are written for C programmers, but the concepts can be applied to QB too. Also, there are two extremely useful FreeBasic sound tutorials: "Using OpenAL for 3D Sound" and "In-Game Music with FMOD".
  72.   Dimension Interactive   
    Description: Home of Dimension Interactive, which was last working on a futuristic RPG called Danub 12. This site includes about thirty original programs, including many interesting games. Check out Maze Master or Fly Catch!
    Unique Features: The Dabub 12 section has some neat features (it's a shame this game will never be finished), and the Files section has games by Dimension Interactive as well as "Tutorial Programs" which are meant to help programmers learn new techniques through programming examples.
  73.   Diroga's QBasic Corner   
    Description: Small personal site of Diroga that has a little bit abot QBasic, a little bit about Spanish, a few downloadable pictures, and some other random stuff. QBasic seems to be the focus of this site, though.
    Unique Features: Aside from a small game called "Block Game", a beginners' tutorials and some code samples, there's not much here. It's a small site, just started in January 2005, though, so there's lots of room for improvement.
  74.   D-Man's QBasic Domain   
    Description: Very small site, with some broken links, that has a handful of original programs made by D-Man. The most interesting one was called Mousey: "You play as a mouse, try to get the cheese, and try not to let the cats get you."
    Unique Features: Just a small list of downloads and also a page listing every QB command and the syntax. Most of the downloads are screensaver programs.
  75.   Doorknob Soft   
    Description: An odd site from some QB programmers with a sense of humor. Has some neat pixel art stuff and a TON of quirky homebrew game programs.
    Unique Features: There are about a million original games here, but pretty much none of them were finished...and most of them are very crappy and newbie-ish. Nevertheless, they're creative ideas. Here's a sampling of programs: the RTS Battle for Dinosaur Isle; How To Speak American, a "game about burning foreign flags"; Seek and Destroy / The Napster Game, "A shooter where you play as either Lars Ulrich or James Hetfield from metallica, and try to stop all the napster users."; Jack's Fun Fun Silly Willy Adventure; or The Nightpath, an unfinished RPG which actually looks pretty cool. Nice collection of original work here, all with screenshots and descriptions!
  76.   DPH1701 Computer Software   
    Description: Website with a lot of biology and chemistry programs; one helps you find solubility of simple ionic compounds, another displays the Periodic Table. However, there are a few games, including a pong clone, roulette and Asteroid Attacker!
    Unique Features: Basically a collection of some science reference programs and a handful of games that have been cloned hundreds of times before. At least these are original versions!
  77.   DssT Software (Danish Software & System Technology)   
    Description: A small Danish group that's made a few QB programs. There are five available for download.
    Unique Features: The site's "Featured Program" is Client Organizer 1.5, described as "A fast, organized way to keep track of clients". Not much else, though.
  78.   Dunric's Homepage   
    Description: Home of Dunric, a long-time QB programmer who specializes in text adventures. Check out Westfront PC, his gargantuan magnum opus, quite possibly the largest text adventure ever conceived!
    Unique Features: Westfront PC: The Trials of Guilder, Dunric's signature program is available here. Additionally, there are over 25 more text adventures on this site to download, many of them written in QB.
  79.   Elven Forge Software   
    Description: Miniscule site; offers one program for download and lists an upcoming game called Hero's Path: "Hero's Path is a text-based (using ASCII symbols as graphics) RPG, that will feature a large, detailed world with an intruiging plot and a huge amount of creatures, objects, and spells."
    Unique Features: The program you can download is a Dice-Rolling utility. I think that in my short description here, I've alredy written more information than there is on this entire site.
  80.   Enhanced Creations++   
    Description: Angelo Mottola's legacy on the QB community will never be forgotten, but it has been quite some time since he's done any QuickBasic programming. After quitting QB in 2000, Angelo moved on to C/C . The old Enhanced Creations site is still available, which houses EC's farewell message as well as all of their QB programs...(and it mentions me, Pete, in its special thanks section--sweet!). But on this new site, all of that old QB content is still available, plus Angelo's new works in C/C .
    Unique Features: All of the Enhanced Creations QB programs are still available, including DirectQB, Wetspot 1 and 2, Project RTE and the Wetspot 2 level editors. Nostalgic QBers can also check out the new C/C version of Wetspot 3, which will never be as magical as the QB version, but it's still pretty neat! Oh--one more thing: EC has a great design.
  81.   Enhanced Creations: The (New) QB EC Programming Page   
    Description: Angelo Mottola and Petter Holmberg's Enhanced Creations is no longer part of the QB scene, and they've closed up shop at their last QB homepage. Angelo Mottola now has a new C dedicated page that still offers all of the old QB releases. But one day, I happened to stumble upon a very old version of the Enhanced Creations site (1998 era), that I'm sure you'll find interesting.
    Unique Features: Lots of information about Wetspot II including fan-made add-on levels which are no longer available anywhere else. In the Projects section you can read about Angelo's upcoming "set of routines," DirectQB: "Current status: [01/06/98] I'm still thinking how to organize the entire library, to make it easy to use. Nearly all the routines will be probably written in assembly, to ensure a fast execution; this project looks really hard, but I feel it can be done!" Also here is a great little section called the "Best of QB" with the best QB games from 1998 and before. Games in the top ten come with their own little reviews, complete with screenshots and an analysis of the code by Angelo. This site is a treasure trove of old QB goodness that is definitely worth a visit!
  82.   Enigma Software   
    Description: The programming company of Dan Kennedy and Derek Fitzpatrick, which mostly focused on VB programs, but made the occasional QB 4.5 program too. These two were very good coders, but nothing really came out of their site.
    Unique Features: The most promising QB project is their unfinished RPG, Ring of Scars. This site also has a very nice layout, especially considering that it was made in 1998 when ugly layouts were all the rage. Nevertheless, has lots of broken links and not enough content to keep you interested for long.
  83.   Eric Brasseur's QBasic Programs   
    Description: Frenchman's site (in English), offering a large selection of random technology-related content. Included are five QB programs.
    Unique Features: Programs include four graphic demos: "These are four graphic demos based on the same principle. The first one is very simple, just a few lines. The last one is the most complicated. A "cougra" is the generic name my friend Frederic Cloth thought of for such figures." There's also a simple 2D satellite control simulator.
  84.   Eric Phelps' Windows 95 / DOS 7 Batch Programming   
    Description: Large collection of tutorials and sample programs concerned with creating batch files for DOS. Any programmer knows that these are quite often essential for running more complex programs split into separate modules.
    Unique Features: The "Sample Win9x Batch Files" section has a ton of QB programs that will help you create, modify and manipulate batch files. This site is good even if you're using the tutorials just to create a DOS .bat file and are not even interested in the QB apps here.
  85.   Eric Rhodes' QBasic Page   
    Description: Tiny site offering two large zip files with over 50 QB programs each. I don't know if they were originals or just redistributions of other people's freeware programs.
    Unique Features: This site is worthless, because the links to both zip files are now broken.
  86.   Ethan Winer and Full Moon Software   
    Description: Homepage of Ethan Winer, a QB guru who wrote an entire book on advanced QB programming techniques that you may have seen serialized in QB Cult Magazine. This is an excellent read-- well-written and very informative, and it covers some of the most difficult aspects of QB programming that you can't learn anywhere else!
    Unique Features: Winer's book, entitled PC Magazine's BASIC Techniques and Utilities, is available for download in its entirety, in TXT and PDF format. Also available is QuickPack, some custom QB libraries, and a lot of example programs that come with the book.
  87.   Everything QBasic   
    Description: At first this site looks like it's got a lot of great stuff on it, but then you realize that all of its content is directly linked to other sites. Not just copied and reformatted--Everything QBasic directly links to other sites for everything it has.
    Unique Features: The Tips page is Acid Works', the Tutorials are Simply QB's, the Files page is broken, as are the FAQs, the Guestbook, the Discussion Board and the rest of the site. The only thing good here is the Tutorials section, which, as I already mentioned, doesn't even belong to this site.
  88.   Farmer Software   
    Description: Farmer Software is a one-man operation last updated in 1997. Uses cow wallpaper for the background!
    Unique Features: Farmer Software has a nice supply of programs from around the QB community and also a good tutorials selection. There are a few original programs here, such as the sprite editor SpriteIt.
  89.   Flyingsoft   
    Description: Site of a six-man QB programming group, headed by Agamemnus. It had many releases in 2003, but has been inactive since.
    Unique Features: Some neat-sounding programs are available here...though I'm not sure how good they are. There's Bike: "Human spies have found out that the aliens have rebuilt their forces and are planning to attack again. The Incredible Bikester must go to the alien world and stop them."; a puzzle game called JiG; a humorous game called Lost 2 by The_Specialist; and a few more.
  90.   Folker Fritz's QuickBasic Site   
    Description: A German QB programmer named Folker Fritz's site, where he distributes his original programs. Fritz has made a huge collection of QB puzzle / strategy games, many of which are clones (Tentris and Minefield come to mind), but others are cool original ideas, such as the strategy games Bix and Willyboy. Some programs are in German, some are in English. The site itself is in English.
    Unique Features: This site features a nice layout, with each major release getting its own page with several different versions available. Screenshots are also provided. Additionally, there is a collection of image viewers for a whole bunch of different formats, such as .PCX, .IMG and .RAW. Nice layout and a lot of cool programs!
  91.   ForgedQB   
    Description: A brand spankin' news site that looks like it has great potential. Home of a small programming group made up of HQSneaker and Crono. Forged QB does reviews and offers original programs, such as Crono's Missing in Space.
    Unique Features: Currently, there's not much here. This site is just getting off the ground. If it continues to update regularly, it will become a great site!
  92.   Formalhaut Software   
    Description: A Russian QB site by a very gifted coding group. Formalhaut has released advanced 3D graphical routines, a few neat strategy/puzzle games and the breathtaking Protuberance 3D engine. This site is available in both Russian and English versions, and has an attractive layout. Unfortunately, Formalhaut Software is also hosted on one of the slowest servers known to man.
    Unique Features: The QB-Collection features well over 100 games, all with three screenshots and a short description. Over a dozen of Formalhaut's original programs are available too. The links section is also pretty impressive.
  93.   Frost Productions   
    Description: Elvis]['s Frost Productions is the two-man group behind vFont, the RPG Aradina and a library with the code-name Viper.
    Unique Features: There's not much to this site, but it serves its purpose: to distribute productions by Frost. Aradina looked like a promising game (with its own custom library called AraLib), but unfortunately, this site hasn't been updated in years.
  94.   GameDev.net   
    Description: General-purpose site about game development for all languages. This has very little information specifically about QB and tailors almost specifically to "professional" languages--kind of a resource for amateur programmers who wish to one day make a living in the game industry.
    Unique Features: Still, this site has HUNDREDS of tutorials and articles that discuss game design concepts that apply to all languages, discussing everything from choice of colors in game graphics to writing a game's story to character design. This also has a very active message board that is frequented by many skilled programmers. This site will have you reading for hours, even if you won't find much QB content here.
  95.   GBGames   
    Description: Gianfranco Berardi's incredible QB reviews site is now back online, with all fifty-five original game reviews and the archives of QB community news that Pigeon reported over three years. Some of the most honest and accurate QB reviews ever written are available on this site, complete with screenshots and ratings between 0% and 100%.
    Unique Features: GBGames is a site jam-packed with interesting content; the news archives alone are worth a visit, not to mention the 55 reviews, and other downloadables. Unfortunately, Pigeon no longer plans on updating this site, and as of August 2004, it is just available for archival purposes.
  96.   Genso's Junkyard II   
    Description: Home of RelSoft, the genius behind the super speedy graphics library RelLib, as well as some mindblowing QB graphical programs like Mono & Disco.
    Unique Features: This site has a lot of information and programs demonstrating 3D graphics, animation and manipulation in QB. It also has a very nice anime-style layout. A little short on actual content, but what is here is good!
  97.   G&G Productions   
    Description: By-the-books QBasic site by two guys: Greg and Gem. This site was updated about a dozen times in July 1999 (before it was abandoned). It doesn't have anything you haven't seen before.
    Unique Features: Unique? Not much. The files section is empty, the Tutorials section has only tutorials reprinted from other sites (ie: Mallard's tuts from QBasic.com), and then there's a small links section. The only thing slightly unique here is a demo for a simple game called "The Adventures of Jack".
  98.   Glenn's Website   
    Description: Glenn has been around the QB community for years, usually answering programming questions on the various community message boards. This page has a collection of original QB utilities and tutorials that discuss more advanced programming techniques like accessing the COM ports, using XMS memory and various graphics techniques.
    Unique Features: More than thirty QB utilities, instructional programs and tutorials are here for download. Also includes links to many other useful programming sites. A small but very functional and worthwhile site.
  99.   GoldHawk's QBasic Stuff   
    Description: Three newbie tutorials that don't get much past PRINT "Hello World!"...
    Unique Features: ...and a QB Suggestion Box labeled "Want me to write a game for you? Believe me, I have the time and energy to spare!"
  100.   GO-Soft   
    Description: German QB coding group with a nice site (they program in other languages too). GO-Soft created some nice programs that are worth a look. Keep in mind, though: all of the text on this site is in German.
    Unique Features: The best part of this site is its extremely active QB message board. Sure, all the posts are in German, but this is definitely one of the most active QB communities on the internet.
  101.   GWBasic/QuickBasic/QBasic/Visual Basic Repository   
    Description: Na_th_an's BASIC Compiler repository. This includes nearly every different release of Microsoft BASIC compilers and interpreters from GWBasic until Visual Basic 4.0. This is a very complete and admirable collection, though its legality certainly is questionable. Clearly Microsoft makes no money on any of these compilers anymore, and they've been off the market for years. However, Pete's QB Site was SHUT DOWN in 1999 for distributing versions of QuickBasic. I provide you this link at your own risk, and do not condone downloading of copyrighted software. (Though I could download any version of BASIC on this site wihout feeling an ounce of guilt.)
    Unique Features: Downloads of every significant version of QB are here, including rarer finds like versions 2.0 and 3.0. Old favorites like QuickBasic 4.5 and PDS 7.1 are also available.
  102.   Gypsy Bill's Pad   
    Description: A humorous personal site with an odd QB section. Odd I say because the programs include An Alien which "walks around and pees on stuff", and games by such dubious names as Death by Salt and Ballz of Hell.
    Unique Features: There are a total of seven programs here.
  103.   Hackwrench Industries   
    Description: An older site with a very plain and disorganized design. Heavily focused on creating QB RPGs, with many small utitlities to help in the process, such as pixel by pixel scrolling engines and tile editors.
    Unique Features: Includes a fair amount of original QB programs that have been bested in recent years by newer releases. Hackwrench RPGs include Dark Warrior and Cruel World.
  104.   Hampfi's QBasic Page   
    Description: Small site with some unique programs including Regatta 2, a ship racing game, Traders, where you play the role of a manager in a ship company, Tetris, Defender, Hangman and others. Hampfi's big project, though, is The Capture, "a great Star Trek game" where Captain Kirk and his crew ware captured by Klingons.
    Unique Features: There are a dozen original programs for download here. Most of them look quite simple, but have interesting concepts. Keep in mind that many of the programs are written in German.
  105.   Hamster Republic   
    Description: A truly insane site, adorned with frenetic animations of hampsters, with sections including "Elvis Sightings" and conspiracy theories about Vlad the Impaler. One of the sections is a collection of original programs. Just about all of them are starring hamsters, specifically a guy known as "Bob the Hamster."
    Unique Features: Many of the games here were written in QB (though several were written in C or Pascal). The QB RPG Wandering Hamster is considered one of the best, and BobQuest is pretty neat too. This group released some pretty amazing games (for the time) and was unheard of in the QB community until a few years ago. But now they're here, along with their insane sense of humor.
  106.   HAR-SoftWare   
    Description: A nice layout, though the content at HAR-SoftWare is a bit lacking. This site has a very clear alliance with QBasic: New Zealand, where they share a lot of content.
    Unique Features: It includes a collection of quality downloads (albeit small), and small number of full reviews...but a lot of sections are pretty empty. To its credit, the content that does appear hear is very good. It just needs a lot of updates!
  107.   Hexenmaster Hall   
    Description: A French site (in French) with a useful QB section. The webmaster is working on a Pac-Man clone.
    Unique Features: Includes French versions of QB as well as a neat tutorial for the French QB GUI. Additionally, this site has a decent sized program downloads section with quite a few English programs, but also some more obscure French QB games.
  108.   H.Y.B.R.I.D.   
    Description: Homepage of a QB programming group consisting of Sane, Wildcard, Elf and Freedy. Sane released two impressive graphics demos under the H.Y.B.R.I.D. label back in 2000 and 2001, but this group never released anything else.
    Unique Features: This site has a nice design, but there's not much to it. There are pages about both of Sane's demos -- "I'm the Superhero" and "Avenging 2D" -- and on the front page there's a rudimentary message board. That's about it.
  109.   Insight Your Site   
    Description: A very disorganized QB site that does have a lot of content. There are original game programs, many screenshots and some newbie tutorials. (In case you're wondering, the navigation links are the little tiny buttons at the bottom center.)
    Unique Features: Includes a comprehensive beginners' tutorials and many simple original programs such as the RPG Talbot's Vision, Mystery in New York, and about twenty more original programs! This site also distributes other submitted programs in another section. I only wish that it were organized beter...
  110.   Internet Plus   
    Description: Small site with a bit of QB content; includes one original program called Picture Writer 4.00 and a "QB tip sheet."
    Unique Features: Not really worth the time.
  111.   Jace Masula's QBasic Labs   
    Description: A site based out of a message board (a very interesting way to set up a site, I might add), that is home to some AMAZING looking games written in QuickBasic.
    Unique Features: Three very original, very cool-looking games are here: Starquest, (a survival game where you are in charge of a small mining ship lost in space--you must collect food and fuel to stay alive); Codelink, "a hacker simulation game, very similar to the popular game UPLINK. Locked away in a remote cyber prison, you struggle to learn the truth of your past in hopes of breaking free."; and Kingsland, a turn-based strategy game described as a combination of Warcraft, Chess and Stratego. Also here is a tile editor called QBSprite. The games come with screenshots, development documents and news updates, and you are free to comment on any one of them through the forum interface. Very nice site!
  112.   Jack's QBasic Site   
    Description: New QB site by Jack that doesn't have much content yet. It was just started in March 2005, so that's understandable.
    Unique Features: Forum, Links, Downloads, Tutorials -- the usual stuff, but in pretty low quantity. Jack also has downloads of Jackbot (his AI chatroom simulator) and Jack's Encryption Program available. Oh, and a JavaScript applet lets you change the background color of any page.
  113.   JacobPalm.dk   
    Description: Relatively new QB site started in late 2004 that focuses on QB GUI development. There are many reviews of QB GUI programs here, along with screenshots. The site is based on a CMS, so there's a lot of scalability options for the webmaster, and interactivity / feedback options for visitors.
    Unique Features: Aside from the GUI reviews, there are also QB Tips & Tricks, some beginners' tutorials and original programs by the webmaster.
  114.   Jamie's QBasic Site   
    Description: Very small site, also called "QB Online". The one thing useful I found here was an "Advanced Graphics Tutorial" explaining how to use different screen modes and multiple pages.
    Unique Features: There are a handful of VERY simple programs to download and a beginners' tutorial series. The programs include an example program to show how to use the COLOR statement and a guess the number game. Many of the links here are broken too.
  115.   J-A-R-N-O.nl   
    Description: This personal interests site has a large section devoted to the results of microwaving CDs...but it also has a section with some downloadable QB games too!
    Unique Features: This site is run by a Dutch guy, so there are some games by other people from the Netherlands here that you might not have heard of. The QB Games section has a lot of animated screenshots to accompany both original and contributed games. Some neat ones include: Mythical Quest (Prince of Persia-style game), High Noon (Cowboy shootout), Jumping Jack Flash (Where you try to climb to the top of the screen), and Naval Battle.
  116.   Jarrard Software   
    Description: Small QB programming "company" with the tagline "Psycho Graphics". A small collection of original releases can be found here, including their Paint program DosDraw Artist, an alarm clock program Psycho Alarm, Star Clock, and a few graphics demos.
    Unique Features: All the programs are available for download, and each is accompanied by a screenshot. Aside from the downloads, though, there's not much to the Jarrard Software site.
  117.   Jaws V Soft   
    Description: Home of the Mini RPG series, Cookie Deliverer and several other cute, anime-style QB games. The Jaws V site is a pixel artist's dream come true, filled to the brim with stylish art that really makes this site unique. The Jaws V Soft games are really something to behold, and it's definitely because of the awesome character graphics and animation this group is so skilled at.
    Unique Features: Downloads of all the Jaws V Soft releases, as well as a huge collection of original artwork. Additionally, has information about anime releases and information about pixel art. Definitely worth a look!
  118.   Jay Cook's Place of Webspace   
    Description: Jay Cook's site, home to a few games that rocked the QB world back in '97: Ziel, the Zelda-style RPG; Killer, where you run around and kill convicts; FirePit, where you escape from an ever-growing fire; and many more. Jay is a quite accomplished coder who really pushed QB to the limits back in the days before ASM libraries were commonplace.
    Unique Features: Includes several really great original games (like Ziel, as well as some awesome older games by others for download. Quite a bit of content, and most of the games have their own separate full-page description, along with screenshots. A very well-done site!
  119.   JdR's World (New Version)   
    Description: A newer version of Johan de Ruiter's page, with the newest information about his programs such as Day of the Pidiot and JdR Pacman. There's also a new program called Blackboard, which helps teach kids things like multiplication tables.
    Unique Features: As far as QB content goes, this site is basically the same as the older JdR's World...just with a little bit less information about his programs and a couple more programs. There are some cool mathematical puzzles here too.
  120.   Jensen's QBasic Programming   
    Description: Jensen's QBasic Programming site has a handful of small graphics programs and a 16x15 sprite editor (who uses 16x15 sprites?).
    Unique Features: A nice interface with a few programs and versions of QB to download. None of the programs are particularly complex or useful.
  121.   Jeremy's QBasic Homepage   
    Description: Home of Jeremy Akers' doomed operating system, Akers OS, which never quite got off the ground. There's some other pretty standard QB site stuff here too.
    Unique Features: A banner exchange, a couple dozen program downloads and a "QB GUI cube" shockwave animation!
  122.   Jerm's Page   
    Description: Hailing from New Zeland, Jerm has created some pretty neat programs (and has some cool ones in the works), including: Gang Wars and Battle of Destiny. He's also a big fan of Maddox from "The Greatest Page In The Universe", and even made a game starring him!
    Unique Features: This small site includes half a dozen original game programs, with screenshots. Woth a look!
  123.   Jesse   
    Description: This site, simply called "Jesse", is home to a large selection of programs focused on 3D programming in QB. You might have problems accessing this site if you don't use Internet Explorer; it uses many CSS options that are not supported by other browsers such as Mozilla FireFox (my browser of choice).
    Unique Features: In the files section is a nice selection of 3D QB applications, including some originals by Jesse such as Jacks. Also available here is an Jesse's 3D space shooter game called SpaceWar 3D.
  124.   Jim's RPG Programs   
    Description: A dozen or so RPG games made by a guy named Jim between 1992 and 1997.
    Unique Features: These are mostly text-based utilities for use in conjunction with Advanced Dungeons and Dragons games. If you're an ADD player, this might be worth a look!
  125.   Jocke the Beast   
    Description: The guy who started the Roguelike RPG craze himself, Jocke the Beast. Jocke is behind a really neat series of games called Dark Woods that are extremely fun to play. It even got quite a big fan following of people who made custom maps and one person who even made a graphical remake! Jocke has also made a series of Middle Earth Adventures based on Tolkien's famous book series.
    Unique Features: This site has a great layout and is full of content. Check out Jocke's series of articles on QB game programming, which will give you a lot of insight into Roguelike games. And of course, this site contains a ton of great information on all of Jocke's products and future projects.
  126.   Jo & Co Software   
    Description: Small one-man programming company that has released one game (Alien Terror) and two unfinished RPG games (Bloody Medieval and Dark Fantasy). Last updated in 2000.
    Unique Features: This site's purpose is just to distribute Jo & Co Soft's productions, and is quite small. Still, worth a look if you want to find some older, obscure QB projects.
  127.   Joel Kahn's QBasic Jewelry Gallery   
    Description: According to Mr. Kahn: "My day job used to be comptroller at a jewelry store. My hobby is computer graphics. These images are the result of combining the two environments."
    Unique Features: This site is a collection of small QB programs that create graphical "jewelry" like rings and bracelets on your screen. There are dozens and dozens of these little programs here; perhaps you could give one to your girlfriend--it's a heck of a lot cheaper than actually buying a ring made out of gold and diamonds! This is a very odd hobby, to say the least.
  128.   Joe's QBasic Repository   
    Description: Site updated a couple times in 1999 that never got off the ground. It has a small collection of games and utilities to download, none of them original.
    Unique Features: Everything here was taken from either QBasic.com or Acid Works. Most of the links are broken too. This site claims to have tutorials too, but they are exactly the same as his list of Utility programs.
  129.   John's Domain   
    Description: Little tiny site with a few programs to download. None of them are original. They're all pretty simple game demos.
    Unique Features: Source code for basketball, boxing, a card game, a raycasting demo and 3D pong are here, among others.
  130.   J-Software Productions   
    Description: Small programming group specializing in making media creation (sound & graphics) creation software in QB. Programs include the graphics editor PixDraw and "probably the only melody composer supporting PC-Speaker," called Sound.
    Unique Features: Pretty boring site, to tell the truth. These are original programs, yes, and I'm sure that they're very functional...but they've definitely been done before. Just not a very interesting site.
  131.   Julian and Alex's BASIC Page   
    Description: Site by two newbies with three downloadable programs: Mad Libs and two PLAY statement songs, one to play "Mary Had A Little Lamb" and the other to play "The Blue Danube".
    Unique Features: Just those three programs and that's it.
  132.   JustBASIC   
    Description: Kevin Coots' JustBASIC ("And a little assembly language") site, with mostly technical information and utility programs for download. His programs do things like detect the ID of your CPU, manage a collection of libraries or create a pull-down menu in QB. There's even a custom patch of QB to fix a problem with the COMMAND$.
    Unique Features: This is a very standard QB site. A collection of files, links, tutorials, news and a (dead) forum. Aside from Kevin Coots' original programs, there's nothing unique here.
  133.   Justin's Really Keen Page: Dopefish Division   
    Description: From the page: "The Dopefish is a burping fish from the computer game Commander Keen IV: Secret of the Oracle. He has become sort of an inside joke with id Software (makers of Keen) and Apogee (publishers of Keen) and has made cameo appearances in a whole slew of games. "
    Unique Features: Basically, Justin's page is a fansite for the Dopefish, and has quite a few downloads, including three QB Dopefish-centered programs: two text adventures where you save Dopefish from certain doom and a graphical screensaver with MIDI music.
  134.   Kain's Domain   
    Description: A stereotypical amateur QB site with the obligatory "Under Construction" images, "Vote for me in the QBT50!" banners, a laundry list of webrings, a guestbook and its own chatroom. This site is home to an unfinished RPG called "Fallen Legends", which has a demo available. This RPG was written in VB, but it pokes fun at famous QB games like Tsugumo's TheGame and Wandering Hamster -- by using ripped sprites and making referential dialogue.
    Unique Features: Kain's QB Site's only unique feature is the "Fallen Legends" demo. Also available is a pretty nice collection of some of the most famous and loved QB games from a few years ago -- about 100 of the best of the best.
  135.   Kaswoj Software   
    Description: Programming group who has made a wide assortment of boardgame-style QB games, like Confaive (five in a row), Connect 4 and Mastermind, as well as some old mainstays like Minesweeper and Tetris. Basically, simple games with very stark, blocky graphics but addictive gameplay. This site has an absolutely HUGE files archive of older QB programs. There's definitely a lot of great stuff here!
    Unique Features: A great resource of QB programs, tutorials and more, plus many neat original products that are fun to play (even if they are a little rough on the interior). This is a simple but well-organized site with enough content to keep you busy for days.
  136.   Kedjikeen's QBasic Page   
    Description: Keji's site has several nice little programs that he made in middle school in high school. He has a three-game series called Break'n'Out where you "save the world" (kinda vague...), Crunch, a two-person strategy game where you try to conquer your opponent's station, a nice collection of several different card games and a program called Mazer that makes random mazes on the screen.
    Unique Features: Each of these programs comes with a brief description and a screenshot. Also available are several of the subroutines, such as the Card Subroutine that allows you to "draw any card anywhere in Qbasic’s screen 13." This would be very helpful to someone who wante to quickly make their own QB card game without having to re-invent the wheel. There's not much to this site, but it does have a nice collection of simple programs that you might find entertaining.
  137.   KeithOnline   
    Description: KeithKosh's personal site. It has a very clean, professional design, and some interesting original content. As far as QB stuff goes, though, there's not that much. Just one game: Robot Robbery.
    Unique Features: You can find the final version of Robot Robbery here (version .99), the sole bit of QB content on the site. Other things of interest include some original MIDI files and a sequel to Robot Robbery written in Flash.
  138.   Keith's Web Korner   
    Description: A site that shut down, but was left up to distribute Robot Robbery, "the final demo version. A simple platform game; you need QBasic to run it."
    Unique Features: One page, with a link to download Robot Robbery and another link to download an odd script/parody called The Weakest Fink--(it's not a QB game, just a text file).
  139.   Kentauri   
    Description: Site of a developer whose games have really nice graphics; they've got a very unique, very cool feel to them. Kentauri has released quite a few great QB games, including: Detective Academy, Ball Blazing Fantasy, Rocket Fuel Mayhem, Dark Quest, Another World Memory and Run 'Em Over. There are a couple of upcoming projects he is working on too.
    Unique Features: All games have their own sections with long text descriptions and screenshots. Kentauri has released neat games in all different genres with one common trait: quality.
  140.   Laz's Big Fat QBasic Page   
    Description: A humorous British QB site and home of Insanity Dreams software. Home of many creative and offbeat original programs and the famous QBasic Swimming Pool.
    Unique Features: The Insanity Dreams section has a ton of fun and unique games as well as a quite useful font utility; the Swimming Pool has programs to download; but best of all, there are constant jokes and offbeat humor in every section of this site -- it's bursting through the seams in weird funnieness!
  141.   LockJaw Productions   
    Description: A site by a Ryan Brown and Ernie Gerber, a 13 year old and a 12 year old. Don't scoff at their ages; I was just barely thirteen when I started my QB site.. But do scoff at their site. It's not very good.
    Unique Features: There's nothing useful here. There's a one-sentence description of an upcoming game called Asteroth that was 2% complete when abandones, three RPGs to download. There's also a small top sites list here: "The LockJaw Productions Top 7 RPG Sites", but it was never successful. At least it has a nice layout for something made by such young programmers.
  142.   LoKing's FreeBasic Projects   
    Description: Small one-page site with LoKing's FB releases. Basically it amounts to a few screenshots, short descriptions and download links for FB programs.
    Unique Features: As of right now (June '05), there are two releases available: a fun minigame called "MazeRun" and a LightBright simulator.
  143.   Lost socK Software   
    Description: A programming group dating back to 1998, which has produced some phenomenal QB games, such as the RPG Wrath of Sona. You should also check out the amazing upcoming first person shooter Two Lords. Though they are not a QB-specific group, they are still active in the QB community; in fact, lead programmer Nekrophidius has recently signed on as editor of V Planet! and is a regular at many QB message boards.
    Unique Features: The layout of this site is very creative; you are given the inside peak of Lost socK's dresser, where they store all of their socks and sock accessories. You navigate the site by opening up the various dresser drawers, and all content shows up on the dresser's mirror. As far as the content goes, the "Hemming Room" has information about many upcoming projects from Lost socK, and the "Sock Drawer" has downloadable content. Keep in mind that most of the projects and products, however, are W32-based, and not written in QB. This is a charming site, even if its actual QuickBasic content is a bit lacking.
  144.   Luke's QBasic Page   
    Description: Luke Myers' small QB site. Pretty standard stuff, and there's not much of it. Includes an original File Encryption program and something called Old-School Basketball.
    Unique Features: A few original downloads, all of them quite simple, and information about many upcoming projects Luke has in the works.
  145.   Lukman's QB Game Programming   
    Description: A site showcasing Lukman's QB and VB games. In the QB section you can find a selection of simple but addictive Diamond Crash, Devil Mansion or Mission in the Solar System.
    Unique Features: Lukman's programs all come with nice descriptions and screenshots, and there's also a neat utility called PSET Arranger which creates DATA so that you can place fake sprites with PSET statements. Lukman has a nice collection of fun games, even if they're not very glamorous.
  146.   MadMonkey Independent Game Network   
    Description: A site featuring homebrew games written in all different languages (even Mac OS X games are featured here). Included in the bunch are several QB games. Also available here are a nice collection of tutorials.
    Unique Features: This site is pretty disorganized, with very little information about the games included on the site. It does have a lot of content, though. If you want to find the QB resources, you're gonna have to do a bit of searching.
  147.   Mafioso Software   
    Description: A site tailoring to a half-dozen languages, including tutorials and compilers.
    Unique Features: As far as QB content goes, there's a single tutorial and a few BASIC compilers. Nothing to write home about, that's for sure.
  148.   Magic Magicion's QBasic Page   
    Description: A site consisting almost completely of stolen content; the Tutorial section was actually copied directly from Pete's QBasic Site, and the entire Files section was also stolen. Magic Magicion also has an annoying tendency to spEll EvErythIng In lOwErcAsE ExcEpt fOr vOwEls, mAkIng thIs sIte quItE dIffIcUlt tO rEAd.
    Unique Features: Even though the content is stolen, it does have a rather large downloads collection. Worth a look.
  149.   Magic Square Software   
    Description: Home of three-person programming group with two projects: Hell and Xenius. There's not much info about these games, and I'm sure they've both been canned by now.
    Unique Features: Magic Square really has nothing to it; it never released any copies of its own games, and doesn't offer anything new as far as content.
  150.   Mamoru's QB Page   
    Description: Adorned with Sailor Moon graphics, this odd little QB site has almost no text and no explanation.
    Unique Features: There's just a screenshot and the title of an upcoming foreign-language game called War 7 Expansion 3, and download links for something called Text-Based Trade Game. I'll let you interpret this as you may.
  151.   Mandelbrot Dazibao   
    Description: A very interesting site dedicated to *VERY* advanced graphical techniques, ranging from Fractals to Mandelbrot Fractions to Bresenham formulas. All of these techniques are accomplished in QuickBasic, and they are all extremely impressive.
    Unique Features: This site is rich in screenshots and custom-generated graphics, which are accompanied by a bounty source code. There are several custom tutorials here, all well-written, with lots of theory that is backed up by math and source code. Included is a plethora of information on high-resolution and high-color mode programming in QB. What the guys at the Dazibao have done with graphics in QB blows my mind, and is certainly worth a look! Download one of their many graphics demos, and be sure to read the tutorials if you want to be enlightened.
  152.   Marc's Homepage   
    Description: Marc's Homepage: a little bit of this and a little bit of that, with a friendly helping of QB on the side. I think he's Canadian.
    Unique Features: In the QB section, you can download a few of Marc's simple text-based games, such as Guns, a gun-trading simulation, Cops and Robbers or Race, a horseracing game.
  153.   Mark Donovan's QBasic Homepage   
    Description: QB Homepage of a chap named Mark Donovan. Features a few simple QB games (with source code and executed versions).
    Unique Features: Programs include versions of Tick Tack Toe, Pong, Tank Wars and an Analog Clock.
  154.   Markrosoft   
    Description: There's nothing here. In the "Programming" section, you'll see a very nicely-designed mock up of the QBASIC GUI in your browser that says "The purpose of this site will be to provide help to anyone with questions, problems, or issues regarding the BASIC language and the many branches it encapsulates."
    Unique Features: Unfortunately, that's all there is to it. I searched for links or subsections...but there weren't any!
  155.   Mark's QB4You Site   
    Description: A little site by a guy named Mark, with a sickly yellow background. This is also called the "QB4You" site and there's not really much to it. There are a bunch of forms you can fill out to email information to Mark, and a couple downloads. Also, Mark wrote three very small tutorials on how to make text adventures, though after reading them, I don't know how much they would help.
    Unique Features: All of Mark's programs are text-based, such as his text adventure The Island or his upcoming game Imagine Reality: Operation E.T. (Don't expect much from E.T., though--on the main page is a feedback form asking people if it should be an RPG or an Adventure game. I doubt he's made much progress on it.) Oh, and all of the downloads are already compiled as .EXEs. It would have been nice to at least give people a bit of source code...
  156.   MasterMinds Software   
    Description: The group behind a few games including Snow Brawl, Lights Out and Rocketeer. Another interesting product is the program Braille for DOS.
    Unique Features: Has information about the finished programs, many of which are platform games. Also, a decent-sized downloads section with programs by the MasterMinds team and others. Should you check it out? I dunno, it's your choice. There's some good stuff here.
  157.   Mattsson Residence: QBASIC Games   
    Description: A small Swedish QB games site (in English) offering a few games and utilities, with translations in both languages.
    Unique Features: Thunderbugs and Thunderbugs2, two aerial shooters, sound interesting. So do Gobbles and Poltergeist. Worth a look!
  158.   MediQB   
    Description: French QB site with many original game products, most of which are starring a yellow smiley face named (appropriately enough) "Smiley".
    Unique Features: This site has a nice collection of downloads. Several of the programs were made by the webmaster, but many more were contributed by other programmers. They do have one common theme, though: they're all French. We English-speakers haven't seen most of these programs before, so that's definitely a plus.
  159.   Meech Production Software   
    Description: Meech Production Software -- the official site. Unfortunately, Meech Production Software doesn't really have anything on it. All of the QB-related sections are pretty much empty.
    Unique Features: Two weeks' worth of the "QB Tip of the Week" was the only real content I could find here. The rest was either down, or maybe never existed in the first place.
  160.   MGD's FFB Games   
    Description: Mitth'Raw'Nuruodo's QB and FB games page. It's just one page with barely anything there -- download links and a giant smiley face JavaScript animation.
    Unique Features: The downloads include demos of the space shooter SpaceMerc, a Rubik's Cube Solver, a screen saver and "A Mind Trick". That's about all that's on this page.
  161.   Mike's Programming HomePage   
    Description: Site by Mike with revelations on the main page, including "I like Fire!" The QBasic section has a collection of three very simple programs.
    Unique Features: Programs include a fake BIOS, a calculator and DosHell v3.12. The VBasic section has a little bit more (but not much).
  162.   MikeWare Softworks' QBASIC Programming Page   
    Description: Home of a text adventure called King Arthur's Escape. This site consists of a single page.
    Unique Features: Has five other programs to download (by other people) and a few links. The only thing really to see here is the King Arthur text adventure...
  163.   M \ K Productions   
    Description: The famous Molnar \ Kucalaba Productions website, which has been involved in the QB scene since 1995. M \ K pioneered QB mouse routines, SoundBlaster music and many interesting graphics routines, and is currently working on "Binary Space Partitioning" (3D) engine in QB as well as a Windows-based NES emulator.
    Unique Features: M \ K features about two dozen original QB programs for downloads including many useful utilities; information about the group's latest projects; a news archive going back to 1997; and the M \ K DC Branch subsite which features Microsoft Virtual C creations. Conspicuously absent is the famous M \ K creation Bob Saget Killer 2000, which has been removed from the site in recent years. M \ K Productions is a long-standing and interesting QB resource, with a strong nostalgia factor for those who have been in the QB community since the mid-nineties.
  164.   Mohammed's QBasic Research Page   
    Description: abionnnn's page, created way back in 1997. A great window into the QB community back when it was just building steam.
    Unique Features: Includes a pretty big list of downloads, though about half of them have broken links. Also has a QB "Source Exam" and is a supporter a lot of Anti-Mac stuff.
  165.   MRS' QBasic Site   
    Description: Michael Rye Srensen's small QB site, which mainly distributes his own little programs. He has over thirty MRS productions available, but there's nothing significant--mostly graphics demos and short single-function hardware programs.
    Unique Features: Also features a collection of submitted programs and a useful "Tips" section.
  166.   My QBasic Page   
    Description: A site called "My QBasic Page" with absolutely no content whatsoever. Clearly generated with an automated web-based form, and completely lacking of anything useful in the slightest.
    Unique Features: Mentions something about a "Family Reunion", and "if you'd like help call 123.123.1234." Also features a link to QBasic.com that won't load because it lacks the http:// prefix. Bah.
  167.   Nebula Software   
    Description: Home of Nebula Software, one of the QB community's leaders in first person shooters and 3D graphics. The Nebula Engine II and the FPS Resistance are a true testament of what QB can really do when pushed to its limits. Also make sure you check out Nebula-Engine: Capture the Flag, a fun clone of Unreal Tournament's Capture The Flag mode.
    Unique Features: This site not only features information and screenshots of Nebula Software releases, but also reviews of other peoples' QB programs. There are some neat articles on first person shooters and raytracers here, too!
  168.   Necromason's Domain   
    Description: Necromason's site with information and downloads of his original games. They include: Cynet, a "sidescrolling action game", The Gates of Hell 2 and 3D, shooters (3D is a raycasted FPS), Darkness, an RPG and Z Warriors, a 2D fighter.
    Unique Features: This site once had a lot of interactivity, with a chat room, a Yahoo! group, a top sites list, a mailing list, and more. Now, though, the only content that is still accessible is the "Hall of Fame" with the Necromason's list of the 25 best QB games ever (and download links), and the large section with information about all of Necromason's projects. In 1999, these games were really quite good. These days, though, they're not quite so mindblowing.
  169.   NeoBasic   
    Description: NeoBasic is the choice hang-out spot for many veteran QB programmers (who mostly don't program much QB anymore), and is automated by the custom Neo-Marcade system. Its main draw is its active message board, which is made up of the old NeoZones Productions community.
    Unique Features: A very active message board (which also features a "Philosophy" board on the side); automated projects and files sections where users can add their own work (this once was a giant file archive, but since then it's been reset to only a handful of programs); and many other small sections offering dynamic content.
  170.   Neptune Entertainment   
    Description: A programming group with many members. Unfortunately, the site is basically a black hole, completely void of any content whatsoever.
    Unique Features: There were a total of about three sentences on this entire site. The rest was just dark, black and blank. Like the Twilight Zone or something.
  171.   Nick's Website   
    Description: "Everything that Nick decides is cool can be found here!" This site by Nick (aka NEWKid) has sections about Star Wars, QBasic and a few other topics. The QBasic section itself is very small.
    Unique Features: The QB section has two hardcoded "Millionaire Games" which ask you the same trivia questions in the same order each time you play, plus a beginners' tutorial by Nick. Bonus feature: Nick always refers to himself in the third person.
  172.   Nocturnal Creations   
    Description: Tim Truman's QB programming company, with programs dating back to 1994! This is a very old website, that's for sure. Tim has made several QB games that aren't the most original (mostly ports of old arcade games), but they're still fun to play!
    Unique Features: Since Truman was coding for QB mostly in 1995, he was the first to release some crucial programs, such as Sprite his sprite editor and the FX Sound Editor. Truman's games include QBDefend, QBInvade, QBMatrix, QBMissile, and QBRoids. They may not be creative, but they're worthy clones of time-tested game formulas. There are also a dozen or so more programs available for download here. An interesting site because it is so old.
  173.   Nogo Interactive   
    Description: Small site with a collection of files and a nice links list. Home of The Journeys, a text-based QB RPG. This site also has a section about Visual Basic.
    Unique Features: These programs all appear to be made for a class by a variety of people. (That's why there is a section called "Final Exam Projects".) Too bad all of the programs only come as compiled .exe files rather than with the source code.
  174.   Nova Software   
    Description: Home of Nova Software, a tiny QB site with a tiny selection of programs available for download.
    Unique Features: Has about twenty programs in three categories available for download; two of the games look to be originals of Nova Software, though they're unlabeled.
  175.   Nukem Enterprises   
    Description: Once Eriksen Inc, then Sublime Inc, and finally, Nukem Enterprises. This site is home to the Wry text RPG series and a few other original programs, including a cheesy looking survival horror game called Terror: Fear of the Unknown.
    Unique Features: Programs written in C , QB and Javascript are available. There are about a dozen original QB games and programs available for download here. This site is also a member of an odd DiscApp message board network, which I found kind of interesting since all the people on the boards were once posters on the old Pete's QB Site DiscApp!
  176.   Nuke Software Inc.   
    Description: Home of Nuclear Software Inc., which apparently changed its name to "Orbital Software". This site was last updated in 1997 and has versions of old favorites including Tetris, Bomberman and Russian Roulette. There are also slightly more unique games like Heaven Vs. Hell, a space shooter, and some music renditions from Phantom of the Opera.
    Unique Features: There isn't much here, but the downloads section is a nice blast from the past; most of these games were released in about 1996 before the widespread availability of ASM libraries and such. Unfortunately, that also makes them pretty unimpressive...
  177.   Oscar123.tk   
    Description: Personal site of someone named Jan Azzopardi, with a small QB section. Most of the programs here are little utilities.
    Unique Features: Programs include FakeDos, Moosic Maker and Cheque Checker.
  178.   Outer Court   
    Description: A German programming and technology site that features a QBasic section (as well as sections for BlitzBasic and VB). Has an interesting pink layout.
    Unique Features: Philipp Lenssen offers about twenty original QBasic games for download, including the Pearl puzzle game series and Kamikaze Aliens. Certainly these games are worth a try. Additionally, this site offers an extensive Echo files archive of QBasic Newsgroup postings.
  179.   Paganworks   
    Description: A QB programmer by the name of DarkPagan who was working on an RPG called Colt's Quest, and two crime games called: Busker and Fugitive: The Streets of New York. Darkpagan had some cool, original ideas for these games and they sound quite interesting, though nothing ever came of them.
    Unique Features: This site might have had quite a bit of content, but when I visited, every link on the site was broken except for the short News page. Too bad.
  180.   PARC   
    Description: Adam Cobb's website with a pretty big QB section. Has a lot of downloads, all categorized and rated. This includes some original programs.
    Unique Features: It's a personal interests homepage of a British Trekkie, but its QB section is pretty good. It basically amounts to a QB downloads page, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.
  181.   Pasco's Page   
    Description: Pasco has been around the QB community for a long time (his website's been up since '97), and back before there were lots of amazing 3rd party QB libraries that give a speed-boost to any program, he was making great games with advanced concepts. Like Groov Buggies, the 3D wireframe racer (with a great 2D mode too), France '98 Soccer, his un-titled 3D vertical scroller, or his many mind-blowing graphical demos.
    Unique Features: Pasco's page has gone through three different generations; this link goes to its second iteration, which is the most recent version that is still up. His newest page has disappeared from the Internet, but his oldest page is still available here. (In fact, the oldest page should probably be considered part of the second iteration, since there's a link to it on the opening page and it opens up within the frames.) Anyway, Pasco offers quite a few of his original programs here for download, most with a short description and some screenshots. His bigger programs like Groov Buggies and France '98 have longer descriptions. Pasco's page is a treasure trove of older QB games that rocked the community in their time--definitely worth a visit!
  182.   Paul's Homepage   
    Description: A game programming site by Paul Panks, aka Dunric. Dunric is responsible for about a million QB text adventures. His magnum opus is a gigantic game called Westfront PC. This site tailors to all programming languages, though there is a lot of QBasic stuff here.
    Unique Features: The files section has dozens of QB games from all around the QB community -- and all of them are quality games. This site also has a lot of articles and rants...and you can download copies of Dunric's original games here. This site includes screenshots and good descriptions for all programs.
  183.   PeatSoft Freeware   
    Description: GWBasic and QBasic programmer who has made a nifty program that converts GWBasic code to QB code (though as you know, it's mostly compatible already anyway). Also here are a few Peatsoft originals including a QBasic Kaleidoscope and QFonts, which are original font routines.
    Unique Features: This simple little page has a handful of downloads in both GWBasic and QB as well as some Windows programs. It's organized and text-based, with brief descriptions of all the programs. Doesn't really bring anything new to a seasoned QB programmer, though.
  184.   Pete's Game Programming Page   
    Description: Formerly known as "Pete's QBasic Page" (yeah, another one), this QB site is just an empty site with a short message telling visitors "what's to come." Well, suffice to say, it never came. I don't want to sound vain, but not all Petes are created equal. :)
    Unique Features: If you want to waste your time, go here.
  185.   Pete's QBasic Page!   
    Description: Thank your lucky stars you're at Pete's QBasic *SITE* and not Pete's QBasic *PAGE*. This site really isn't worth the time of day.
    Unique Features: Has a nice neon green background, one inane image on top, and three tutorials available. Oh, and a link to QBasic.com. Whooo.
  186.   Phat Code   
    Description: Plasma's new Phat Code site just launched recently, but it's quickly becoming one of the most useful QB sites around. It features a slick design and is entirely automated and dynamic thanks to custom PHP scripts.
    Unique Features: Already Plasma has put together a large collection of useful downloads, all with a thorough description and often several screenshots. You can also find out about Plasma's projects, or tutorials on many different aspects of programming. Phat Code also has a great section called "Scene News" which aggregates news postings from around the Qmunity into one convenient location for easy viewing. This should be your first stop if you want an overview of what's going on in the QB scene. In addition to the QB content, there's also info about other programming languages and Dreamcast emulation.
  187.   PictoriSoft   
    Description: A site more concerned with spinning 3D logos than useful content. Offers a 1-2-3 Delete! a program that is supposed to "Delete Programs Forever!"
    Unique Features: Additionally, this site offers one original newbie tutorial. That's about it.
  188.   Pietro Ferrari's QBasic Casino Games   
    Description: A QB programmer who specializes in making Casino games, such as Slots, Poker and Blackjack.
    Unique Features: This site offers several different QB Casino games for download--all original programs with a screenshot and a short description each. It's a nice little site for the sole purpose of distributing Pietro Ferrari's games of chance.
  189.   Piptol Productions   
    Description: Quickly becoming one of the greatest QB game-makers the Community has ever seen, Piptol Productions has supplied us with many classics. Ghini Run, Kingdoms, Squealer TNT and more, Piptol Productions is definitely at the top in the world of QB game making.
    Unique Features: This site has a very nice, graphical, stylistic layout and has a lot of information about all the Piptol Productions. Additionally, it has downloads for "The Best QB Programming Tools", the Piptol Star awards and more. Great site from a great developer.
  190.   PKWorld   
    Description: A German site, with lots of tutorials and programs available in several different programming languages. Home of the QB Monster-FAQ, with the 520 most frequently asked QB programming questions. It's available in both German in English. Also available are some original programs made by the PKWorld team.
    Unique Features: The Monster-FAQ is really something to behold. Everyone should download a copy! PKWorld is also useful for programmers in other languages.
  191.   Programmers Heaven   
    Description: Large multi-language site that has a Basic/QuickBasic section.
    Unique Features: There are active message boards where you can get questions answered and a bunch of programs to download. This site doesn't tailor to the fun and interesting QB games that most people find most appealing, though. Lots of ads, too.
  192.   Programmer's Tech Shop   
    Description: The Programmer's Tech Shop BBS is "a TBBS bulletin board system that was up and running in the early 1990's. As a small-time, two-line BBS based out of Toledo, Ohio, we boasted the fact that we had callers (and yes, even subscribers!) from as far away as Israel."
    Unique Features: This site's main page is a long article talking about the old Programmer's Tech Shop BBS. Also here is a large collection of rare GWBASIC, Power Basic and QuickBasic programs, utilities and libraries that were once posted on the BBS. There are also a number of tutorials here too. You can find programs that do things like create Drop-down menus in QB or make custom fonts. There are also a lot of QB 4.5 and PDS 7.1 libraries available here.
  193.   ProWriter   
    Description: ProWriter is a simple text editor coded in QB, designed to help teach beginning programmers good programming techniques.
    Unique Features: This program is well-documented, and has quite a few news updates on the development of this utility. Unfortunately, that's really all there is to this site, and the last update was in 2000.
  194.   Puckdropper's Place   
    Description: A hobbyist's homepage with two QB programs he felt were of "Sharing Quality": Going Home and M$ Clone.
    Unique Features: Other than the two QB programs, aas a bunch of random information on things like Model Trains and '80s computers.
  195.   PyroElectric Systems and Software   
    Description: Site dedicated to distributing programs like Spacewars, PyroElectric MOD Player and the unpolitically correct Little Pissed Off Mexicans With Big Guns.
    Unique Features: Includes about ten original programs that some people might find interesting. This site doesn't clutter itself with a lot of useless content; it's got a small assorment of high-caliber content.
  196.   QB45.com   
    Description: QB45.com, once one of the leading QB sites on the internet, has finally returned as of June '05! This site was previously known as Future Software, and was famous for its gargantuan collection of QB downloads -- the biggest in the world. Now it sports a fresh new interactive design.
    Unique Features: The majority of the QB45 program archive is still available for download, and it also has an active message board. A lot of the former content has disappeared over the years, but even with just the download archive and the forum, QB45 is one of the best QB sites online.
  197.   QB4All   
    Description: An absolutely MASSIVE QBasic archive run by a chap from Greece. At first glance, this site doesn't look to be that great; it has a very simple, very clean layout, with few options in the menu. But upon further inspection, you'll find that this site has nearly 1,000 programs and tutorials for download.
    Unique Features: This is a phenomenal site--a fast server with just about the largest QB files collection--only to be rivaled by Future Software when it was in its prime. The tutorials section is especially good, with lots of great resources for download. Absolutely worth the visit!
  198.   QB71.com   
    Description: A spin-off of QB45, which was started after the preeminent QB downloads site experienced a server crash and a user revolt. To make a long story short, the former QB45 webmaster who was responsible for the crash decided to make a "sequel" to the old site by upgrading to QB71.
    Unique Features: QB71 is relatively new, so its content isn't really established yet. The site is run by automated PHP scripts, and looks to be able to handle hundreds of files and tutorials, as well as a nifty message board. But as of now, the site has only a few dozen programs available and a miniscule number of users.
  199.   QBasic 101   
    Description: A beginners' QB site which, just like college intro courses, promises to give an introduction to QB. Unfortunately, this site has deprecated into little more than a collection of broken links.
    Unique Features: Advertises a game called "Super Goal Kicker 2k1," as well as a dozen other sections, but none of the links are working.
  200.   QBasic Archives   
    Description: Site by Patrick Johnson where the name says it all. It is a QBasic downloads page -- nothing more, nothing less.
    Unique Features: This site has exactly 101 files on it, and since it hasn't been updated since 2000, I doubt that number will be changing soon. Most of these files look like standard downloads that you'll find on many QB sites, but I'm sure there is a gem somewhere in this collection.
  201.   QBasic-Arts   
    Description: Small site run by Crono. Has completed games available, such as Missing in Space and Break Them All. There's also a pretty good-looking RPG in the works from this group.
    Unique Features: There's some art here too, a few downloads...but in the long run, the original games (both finished and upcoming) are the beginning and end of this site.
  202.   QBasic By Razorback   
    Description: This French QB site is adorned with kangaroos. Oh, and it also has original QB programs to download, such as a 3D modeller and a lot of "Sample Tests" of different SCREEN modes (I'm not sure what the sample tests do, though).
    Unique Features: A total of about 15 programs are here. This site also has PowerBasic and Assembler code.
  203.   QBasic Central   
    Description: Home of SonicX, the acclaimed Sonic The Hedgehog clone by JO. Also features a few other original creations, including Murder Quest and Outrun.
    Unique Features: A small assortment of quality downloads (most of them are originals), as well as a lot of information about SonicX. Additionally, features brief reviews of some games.
  204.   QBasic Central   
    Description: Home of SSP Productions and Leif Starbuck's original programs, including Duel I and II and Truckin' USA. Last updated in 1999.
    Unique Features: Half a dozen original game programs, and three upcoming projects (which are more than likely dead by now): Population: Zero, Unibrow 2: Umaar and the Aliens, and Holo^2.
  205.   QBasic.com   
    Description: QBasic.com has *the* URL, but unfortunately hasn't been updated since 1999. This site is a great resource for beginning programmers and has an assortment of programs and tutorials aimed toward teaching QB basics.
    Unique Features: Features an active message forum used mostly by newbies, beginner tutorials, dozens of older (and simpler) QB programs to download, and other useful newbie information. The content of QBasic.com is quite dated, though this sometimes has its benefits.
  206.   QBasic Contest Central   
    Description: After NeoZones Productions shut down in 2001, and along with its popular QB programming contests, Lightning founded this QB Contests site as a replacement. In 2002, Future Software absorbed this page and made a new contests section, thus ending the reign of this site over the QB Contests world.
    Unique Features: Now, there's not much left here. Just the remains of two old contests and the winning programs.
  207.   QBasic.de   
    Description: Gigantic German QB site; most definitely the center of the German equivalent of our English QB community! It's a shame it's in German...
    Unique Features: This place has hundreds of program downloads, tons of QB tutorials, the QB MonsterFAQ, hundreds of links, interviews with a tons of different German QB programmers and much, much more. Way more content than I could possibly list. It's a sight to behold, even if you don't speak the language (like me).
  208.   QBasic Elysium   
    Description: Small site specializing in newbie QB tutorials. It has a short series of its own beginners' tutorials, and hosts a small selection of other peoples' tutorials (such as Mallard's famous tutorials series).
    Unique Features: In addition to the original tutorials, there are QB compilers to download here and a few simple programs.
  209.   QBasic Forum Community   
    Description: A community of QB forums. This attracts a fair number of posters--there are a few postings a week.
    Unique Features: Includes a link to another QB Forum and a section with a small number of tutorials and downloads.
  210.   QBasic Game Development Resources Site   
    Description: A site specializing in distributing QB graphics libraries.
    Unique Features: Very small site with copies of the more recent and more popular QB graphics libraries, including RelLib, CosmoX and the old mainstay, DirectQB. A good resource, but there's not much here.
  211.   QBasic Gamerz Society   
    Description: Made by Dessysoft, this is a surprisingly rich resource of games and tutorials. It also has a unique graphics style and some original games, such as bONG!
    Unique Features: Most impressive about this site is the HUGE selection of tutorials that are available for download; it's definitely one of the biggest collections in the QB community. Additionally, there is a wide selection of games for download, many of which are relatively obscure. Then there's the QB Masterz section, featuring the Top Ten QB games. A rather obscure QB site that is surprisingly good!
  212.   QBasic Headquarters   
    Description: J.D. Hugger's QBasic Headquarters has unfortunately become a victim of free web servers.
    Unique Features: This site has been completely deleted except for its opening "entrance" page. Will it ever return? It's HIGHLY doubtful. So why do I link to it? Hey, you never know. If FreeHomepages.com ever decides to restore the account, I'll be the first one with a link to it!
  213.   QBasic Home   
    Description: Nathan's tiny QB site. It's got a few downloads of some of the most popular and easy-to-find QB resources (utitlities, libraries and tutorials), and a bunch of simple flash animations that mostly promote the site.
    Unique Features: The only thing really unique here are the flash animations, but they're not really QB-related.
  214.   QBASIC HQ   
    Description: "QBASIC HQ--THE HOME OF QBASIC ON COMPUSERVE!!!" A site by a newbie programmer obsessed with writing in ALL CAPS. Several original games are here, though they're all very simple.
    Unique Features: Includes programs by others, too. All the programs by the webmaster come in both .bas and .exe formats--your choice. There are actually quite a few programs here, though the quality isn't especially high...
  215.   QBasic Lab   
    Description: "QBasic Lab: Jace Masula's QBasic Hobby Programming" page. This site is the model of what a personal projects page should be. Simple but attractive design, and lots of information and screenshots of all of his releases. And to make it even better: this site gets regular updates.
    Unique Features: Jace Masula / momoguru is a great programmer who makes a lot of apps to help other people make their own games, such as ASCII QUEST Editor, QBSprite and RPGLab. He's also made his fair share of games, including the burger stand sim game Big Burger, the space survival game Starquest, the turn-based strategy game Kingsland, the early-'80s hacker simulation Codelink, or his ASCII adventure game Dragon Quest. Very cool programs that are worth your attention.
  216.   QBasic Land   
    Description: An old QB site offering a very good selection of games and utilities. This site has some of the best old games that were released for QB and skips over the more crappy releases that aren't so fun to play.
    Unique Features: This site is a nice window into the QB world from many years ago. Its features are pretty limited to the game downloads section and a handful of tutorials, but it is a very well-done site!
  217.   QBasicly Easy   
    Description: Once a pretty decent site, QBasicly Easy went down for a massive revamp and a switch of webmasters...and stayed that way.
  218.   QBasic My Style   
    Description: A nice little site with some helpful original tutorials.
    Unique Features: Has a pretty good file download archive which, for some reason, is rated with Stars of David. Has a nice, clean layout.
  219.   QBasic New Zealand   
    Description: "The home of QBasic down under" has become a really great QB resource, with one of the most clean and organized layouts of any QB site. Its large downloads archive is now automated by scripts and has quite a few great programs available.
    Unique Features: The popular Challenges are pretty neat, there are some full reviews of QB games, some projects, a lot of interactive content and way more!
  220.   QBasic on Angelfire   
    Description: An interesting site by Cybertron that is an entertaining visit (it kept me entertained, for a few minutes at least).
    Unique Features: The files section has a handful of short reviews (with screenshots), the QHumor section has QB and computer jokes, and Cyberton has projects including the mech game Cyborg Wars and Gates of Wrath. There are also some original tutorials available here.
  221.   QBasic On-Line Central   
    Description: Small QB site with great similarities to THE BOMB! (another terrible QB site). The designer was pretty flash-happy, and made all the menus and logos with Shockwave Flash. The only problem is that the navigation bar is on a continuous loop, so you have to uncheck the loop option on the ricght-click menu to actually navigate. Once you do, though, you'll regret it. There'e nothing here!
    Unique Features: Has a small assortment of programs that you can find on just about any other QB site. Anything more, you ask? Nope. That's it.
  222.   QBasic Paradise   
    Description: Once a decent QB site, the QBasic Paradise shut down one day and posted this message: "THIS PAGE IS UNDER A REALLY HEAVY CONSTRUCTION! plz whait until the new page is up.. Well.. NOTE .. a problem have come in the way of the progress.. all downloads are gone! do someone have all the download files.. it would be really greatfull if you could send them trough my ICQ: 37692488. Under the middle time plz use our MSG Board.
    Unique Features: There's nothing here. I don't know why I'm linking to this site. Honestly, it's a waste of my time and your time. Not even the message board works anymore (just another expired DiscApp.) Okay then. I'll stop wasting your time.
  223.   Qbasic / Quickbasic News   
    Description: A constantly-updated QBASIC news site--the first place to go for the latest QB news and information, or to spread news about your own QB projects. A great resource!
    Unique Features: Often-updated QB news blog on the main page, an active message board with cool weekly/monthly challenges, and original tutorials and articles.
  224.   QBasic / QuickBasic Programming Corner   
    Description: Cheng Ning's "New" QBasic / QuickBasic Programming Corner. Once one of the earliest largest and QBasic sites on the Internet has since deprecated into a collection of dead links and broken images. This site was one of the first in the QB Community that featured dynamic content updatable by the users through a series of forms and FTP services.
    Unique Features: There is a lot of text left on this site, but most of the downloadable content has become inaccessable in recent years. Cheng Ning's site was hosted on a variety of different free web servers, and only the base HTML documents at Fortune City are still available. The "New" Programming Corner once had a lot to offer, including a large collection of downloads, a lot of tutorials, challenges and dynamic content like mailing lists, guestbooks, polls and message boards.
  225.   Q-Basics   
    Description: A QB downloads page that unfortunately linked all of its files on other sites that have since gone down or moved.
    Unique Features: All the files here are from QBasic.com or Acid Works, and are no longer available at their old locations. The guy who made this site also thinks that the language is called QBasics with an "s". Not worth your time, unless you want to take a ride on the dead links express.
  226.   QBasic Station   
    Description: One of the longest-running QB sites on the Internet, the QBasic Station has quite a bit of great content. This site is geared especially toward helping programmers learn QB. Aside from many tutorials, original games are also available for download.
    Unique Features: The QBasic Station has a very clean and organized design, and is run all by original scripts. It includes a "Members' Area" where visitors can sign up to compete for points by doing certain tasks around the site. It also is the only QB site that I know of that posts downloadable voice messages for visitors to listen to--a sort of QB radio show, I suppose. Definitely worth a look!
  227.   QBasic.tk   
    Description: An active QB community site based heavily around providing QB news. There are quite a few visitors and contributors, and this site is definitely worth a visit!
    Unique Features: This site is based around an active community message board, with news on the front page. There are several programs to download (all uploaded by the users) throughout the message board. Also, QBasic.tk has a few game reviews. As far as community sites and information portals go, this is definitely worth a look!
  228.   Q-Basic Turkey   
    Description: (No, not the bird!) This Turkish QB programming group has produced a large amount of original games, most of which emulate successful board games or PC games to create simple, addictive fun. There are a lot of classic puzzle and strategy games here, but also some cool original titles: check out Jump-X or Attack of the Soldiers.
    Unique Features: This site has quite a bit of interesting content--it will take you quite a while to look through the comprehensive list of game Products, let alone the entire site! There are also tutorials, source code and upcoming projects to check out.
  229.   QBasic World   
    Description: Tiny site by Andrew DiMichele, with five original programs including a Pong game and a Nibbler clone. There's also a "funny" Poetry Generator program.
    Unique Features: This site is miniscule and abandoned. It has a beginners' tutorial, the aforementioned programs in the "Archive" section and a Challenge: "Your first challenge is to draw a face using nothing but the CIRCLE function and then make the face bounce around the screen and fade in-and-out of colors." Nobody ever entered.
  230.   QBasic World   
    Description: Small site by a newbie named Recon55. Has his original programs like Jedi Guessing Game PacDude Deer Hunter.
    Unique Features: Has a contest to make a song using PLAY statements, Prank programs (fake virii), a very poor original tutorial on subroutines, and also some fun Javascript games. The Javascript games have nothing to do with QB, but they were the best part of this site by far!
  231.   QBasic World   
    Description: A quite annoying site that amounts to a giant tutorial covering many aspects of QB programming with very little depth. It starts with the topic "What is QBasic?" and then a few pages later, it's showing you how to use the Modem...before it even teaches you the PSET command.
    Unique Features: This tutorial is not very well organized, but the real kicker is this: the page has a WHITE background, and uses WHITE text. So you can't see it without highlighting. That's a good plan. Has a lot of broken links too. Still, there is a lot of source code and a lot of useful topics are covered.
  232.   QBasic Zone   
    Description: Mofu's QB site that has a large a menu of different sections, but most of them are empty. Includes a small selection with two game reviews, a handful of tutorials, and a decent downloads collection--it's small, but it only has quality programs.
    Unique Features: This site is nicely organized, but you won't find anything new here. This is a very standard QB site and its content is replicated on many other similar sites. Aside from the two reviews, nothing really is unique. If the team behind the site added more content it would have been a different story...
  233.   QBasic-Zone   
    Description: A German QB site with a large collection of downloads. Most of the programs available on this site are actually English; you'll see names like "DarkDread," "Andrew Ayers" and "Terminator_Z" here, though you will find some names like "Reinald" and "Nikolas" here too.
    Unique Features: There really isn't much unique here, though it is a nice selection of downloadable programs. (Just about all of these programs can be found elsewhere on the Internet.) Unlike most sites, this focuses on game programming utilities, and doesn't have any games to download. It's a bad resource for gamers, but a good resource for programmers!
  234.   QBCC   
    Description: Homepage of QBCC, an open source BASIC to C translator by Leroy and Jason. According to the site, "It is aimed at relatively painless migration from Microsoft QuickBASIC 4.5. A heavy focus of QBCC is keeping backwards compatibility whilst also allowing for easier usage with other programming languages."
    Unique Features: An Alpha Version release of QBCC is available for download, as well as quite a bit of documentation. However, this project and this site look like they are now defunct.
  235.   QB Chronicles   
    Description: A former division of Hyper-Realistic games, Fling-master's QB Chronicles had a short, four-issue run in 2001. Reminiscent of QB:TM when it was in its prime, this was one of the best QB magazines around back when it was still being published.
    Unique Features: Now this site is still hanging around to distribute the four QB Chronicles issues that were released. Well-written and worth a read if you've never seen it before.
  236.   QB Cult Magazine   
    Description: The QB Cult Magazine, a leading QB Community web magazine since 2000. This magazine has QB news, programming tutorials, game reviews, editorials, rants and raves from throught the QB scene. Definitely something that every QB programmer should read!
    Unique Features: Though it's not updated as much anymore, it's certainly not dead! All of the Cult Magazine's past issues are still available on the site.

  237.   QBRPGs   
    Description: Fling Master's devoted QB RPGs site, with over 130 RPGs written in QBasic. They include games in the style of Final Fantasy, Diablo, Zelda, Strategy RPGs and Dungeon crawling RPGs.
    Unique Features: Over 130 RPGs, all with a brief description and a screenshot. Also includes tutorials and utilities to help the budding QB RPG designer get started.
  238.   QB World   
    Description: French QB site with quite a bit of content (though it's all in French). Includes some original game programs including the cool-looking platformers MisterKid, QBSMario, and Niki v2.
    Unique Features: There are also a nice selection of (French) tutorials and a lot of programs to download made by other people. These are mostly French programs that we English-speakers normally wouldn't come across, and some of them are quite good. Unfortunately, you might have a hard time navigating this site if you don't speak any French.
  239.   QP7 Programming Page   
    Description: Last updated in 1997, the QP7 Programming Page has a set of beginners tutorials for QBasic, Pascal, C and Visual BASIC. The QB tutorial is the most thorough, and actually covers a huge amount of different commands and concepts for one tutorial.
    Unique Features: Also available here are five QB programs including BOXBOSS.BAS, a simple vector-line Qbasic shooter and DODGER.BAS, "a game I programmed in 5 minutes. It's fun for about 2."
  240.   Quantum's Quarter   
    Description: Small site with a few QB games in the works, including Frogger for QB and Osama Operatives (where you kill Osama bin Laden). There's also a finished game called Robot Rumble, which is a BattleBots-style robot fighting game.
    Unique Features: These three games are available for download. There's also Monkey Blast and Spit War. All of these games are pretty simple, but who knows, they might be fun.
  241.   Quebe Productions   
    Description: "A small programming group (*cough*) for QuickBasic, Assembly and other languages." This site is home to Days of Conquest (Task Force RTS), a cool real time strategy game written in QB.
    Unique Features: This site also has a cool collection of programs to download, including the complete collection of programs submitted to several QB programming competitions. For example, you'll find complete archives of the submissions to the QBasic News 1-Hour Compo and the One Key Challenge. Also available is a large collection of useful programming resources that will help you make your game; these include tutorials and libraries.
  242.   QuickBasic Accelerator   
    Description: QBXL.net, home of the QB ezine, QuickBasic Acclerator. This site includes all back issues of the Accelerator, as well as all articles, organized in a nice hierarchical format to making surfing easier.
    Unique Features: The QB Acclerator focused mostly on reviewing QB games, so there are quite a few original reviews on this site. This is a nice little magazine...though unfortunately, it is not released very often. For shame.
  243.   QuickBasic Cafe   
    Description: Available in both German and English, QB Cafe is a large site full of downloadable content that also hosts a fairly active message board community. This site is quite cliche in its content, but the sheer quantity is admirable.
    Unique Features: Has well over 200 programs, compilers and tutorials to download. Additionally, there are upcoming projects and a dynamic system to automatically add content.
  244.   QuickBasic FR   
    Description: French QB site with A LOT of downloads, most of which are ones you won't find on English sites (I didn't recognize most of them). This site is also home of Le QB-Ring (webring) and a French QB chat room.
    Unique Features: Nice design and well-organized files collection. There are dozens of files here, including a lot of French QB games that you might find interesting. At least they're different from the standard collection of downloads available on every English QB site.
  245.   QuickBasic News   
    Description: A short-lived QuickBasic News site run by Ice1000. From November to December, 1998, it updated very often with news from around the QB Community. I (Pete) remember checking this site every day back in late '98 for the latest QB news. Too bad it ended so soon.
    Unique Features: Basically a two-month blog of news with a few subsections.
  246.   QuickBasic RPG Top 50 Sites   
    Description: A top sites page with the Top 50 QB sites with information about RPGs. That means that they are either developer sites, offer RPGs for download, or have tutorials and information about programming RPGs. So in short, just about every QB site on the Internet qualifies.
    Unique Features: Over the years, there have been many QB top sites lists, and over the years they've mostly disappeared. A long time ago, the QBasic Top 50, which linked directly to the NeoZones QBoard, was basically the center of the QB community. Too bad that site is long gone. As I write this, the QB RPG Top 50 is the only active top sites list in the QB community. (Oh, and by the way, by clicking this link, you WILL NOT vote for me in the Top 50.)
  247.   QuickBasic Source   
    Description: A site that at first glance looks to be filled with content--over 230 downloads, all rated, the "RPG Zone," the top QB games rating list, QB Tips and more...
    Unique Features: ...but then you find that most of this content was stolen wholesale from other sites. The Files section is the old NeoZones QCity (and all the download links go to the currently-dead NeoZones servers), the Tips section is stolen from Acid Works, and the rest of the sections have little content. If not for broken links, this site would be very complete. Unfortunately, the sites that it depended on for download links are now gone--and with it, most of the QuickBasic Source's content.
  248.   QuickForward: QuickBasic Compatible Compiler   
    Description: Home of QuickForward, a freeware 99% QuickBASIC 4.5 compatible compiler that has been in production for a few years. They claim that it will be: "the most full featured and easiest to use BASIC compiler ever." Licensed Under the GPL.
    Unique Features: QuickForward's page has a lot of information about this ambitious project, downloads of the most recent version (though right now it is limited to the source code), and a useful reference library that has text resources with information about compiling x86 compatible source code. I'm sure it could come in useful if you ever want to make your own QB compiler.
  249.   Quick Hosting for QB Files   
    Description: Rune Moennike's "Quickhost" site offering free, limited-time hosting for QB-related files. Anyone is free to upload a program, tutorials or screenshots, and they will be stored on the server for seven days. Definitely a worthwhile service for QB programmers without their own webhosting service!
    Unique Features: If an uploaded file is particularly popular (determined by hits), it will be granted extra hosting time on the server. This site can conceivably host lots of really great content or nothing of value at all. And although this is labeled as a QB hosting service, any types of files can be uploaded. When I visited, there were several art pictures created by users but nothing QB related for download. (That could change in an instant, though.)
  250.   Ramon's Cybersite   
    Description: Fairly empty site, though it is home to a very impressive 3D engine. There are some screenshots available with a few trees rendered. According to Ramon, "It have shading, use Directqb and is very fast"
    Unique Features: Unfortunately, there is nothing here to download. Just a small bit of text and two screenshots.
  251.   Ray's Homepage   
    Description: A personal interests site with a large QBasic section. Includes many tutorials with a lot of source code on various simple QB techniques, which are then used in more advanced programs that demonstrate their usefulness.
    Unique Features: There are about 15 long, well-written in-depth tutorials here, as well as several dozen programs for download. Not the most interesting programs, mind you, but they can be useful to learn from.
  252.   Richard and Chris' QBasic Site   
    Description: Plauged by broken images, missing files and broken links, Richard and Chris' QBasic Site was a QB site with a modest file library that is no longer of much use.
    Unique Features: This site had a large selection of quality programs for download, but various server mishaps have unfortunately made that archive just about empty.
  253.   Rick Elbers' _BASICS   
    Description: An advanced programming page with a simple layout. Its QB section focuses on using ASM libraries in QuickBasic, and also has a section explaining how to use DEBUG to create 286 Assembler code. This is a valuable resource to QB programmers looking to learn Assembly to create their own libraries. Last updated in 1996.
    Unique Features: Includes a bunch of older ASM libraries to download as well as some good 286 Assembler tutorials. All in all, though, that's all there is to the site.
  254.   RiPSoft   
    Description: A small programming group run by "Skankin Bum." A while back, RiP and FlySoft were working together to make a game called Crystals of Elumni.
    Unique Features: Includes five original QB games for download (and a bothersome blue-white gradient background that makes the site hard to read).
  255.   Robert W. Benjamin's QBasic Page   
    Description: Features two programs: a "Weather Forecaster" based on user input and a puzzle game called "Turcoo."
    Unique Features: The only problem is...both programs have broken links.
  256.   Robin Ohm's QBasic Software Pages   
    Description: From Holland, it's the QBasic Software Pages. These are mostly beginners' programs, and mostly written by Robert Ohm to help teach basic programming skills. (There's even a section entitled "Easy to Understand Programs.")
    Unique Features: Fairly run-of-the-mill programs like Hangman and various Clock programs, but they're good for beginners (as was their purpose).
  257.   Rodrigo Personal Home Page   
    Description: A programming site with a rather large QB section. I believe this is in Portugese--it's not Spanish and it's definitely not English!
    Unique Features: Includes a fair share of Portugese QB programs that English speakers probably have never seen before. Also has several QB tutorials that you might find helpful if you speak Portugese.
  258.   Roland: The DOS Chat Program   
    Description: Site for a fake chat program written in QB. This is the most elaborate QB chat program I've ever seen, with over 4,300 phrases (according to the creator). I recall that there are several contests worldwide to make a text chat program that can convince users that it is as smart as a real person. This, according to the famous mathematician Alan Turing, was the true measure of Artificial Intelligence in computers. Roland, I guess, is QB's best effort so far to pass the Turing Test.
    Unique Features: There's a lot of info on this site about the Roland chat program, but you have to keep in mind that it's just a text chat program...nothing I would call phenomenal. There is a lot of documentation, though. This site was last updated in 2000.
  259.   ROTA Systems   
    Description: This relatively new QB site (its banner says "ROTA Systems 2005") has a collection of simple, original games that span over many different genres from puzzle to RPG to economics simulator. The site design leaves a something to be desired, but the downloadable content is good.
    Unique Features: The games on this site include Burtgorm: Quest For The Mirror Mask, Dungeon, the two-player dice game Fangs, the fighting game MiniBattlers, the lemon-stand simulator Lemon and more. All of the games have screenshots and short descriptions on the site.
  260.   RothSoft   
    Description: A six-person programming group that unfortunately has never released any programs. Oh, for shame!
    Unique Features: Has a downloads section, where one original QB program is available for download: Indycar -- An nifty little sound program. It uses your PC speaker and it plays the sound of an indy car cruising down the straight. And you can hear it shift gears too! Kinda cool, if you have a use for it. That's the extend of the RothSoft site.
  261.   RPG-Dev.net   
    Description: Fling-master's RPG development site, for all programming languages. This is a huge archive, with dozens of RPGs, many of which (maybe even the majority of) are in QuickBasic.
    Unique Features: This site is also rich with tutorials, example code, articles on game design and more. Additionally, this site is completely automated, and every resource keeps a nice, organized arrangement of statistics, including as user ratings. If you have any interest at all in RPG development, you HAVE to visit this page.
  262.   RPGDX   
    Description: A great RPGs site by a former QB programmer, Mandrake. Although this includes RPGs written in all languages, it features a huge number of QB RPGs.
    Unique Features: This site is very organized, with several different sub-genres of RPGs available. RPGDX is also the host of the famous 48-hour RPG coding contests that resulted in several great RPGs from the QB RPG master himself, DarkDread. There are many very informative tutorials and articles on this site that are definitely worth your time to check out. As far as QB content goes, there's a lot, though this site caters to several different languages equally.
  263.   Running Cheetah Software   
    Description: Spotted Cheetah's website, with all sorts of interesting content and a lot of original game programs. The site is also "heavily-Cheetahfied", with dozens of pictures of the giant savanna cats.
    Unique Features: RCS's original programs include "Kicsi Kocsi", QB FM Midiplayer, a QB Sprite Editor, "Island of Cheetahs" and many more. All of them come with descriptions and screenshots. RCS also has other sections including Tutorials, Art, a Link Exchange, and a Graveyard of the old Running Cheetah website (which also has a lot of interesting content).
  264.   Ryan Heller's Homepage   
    Description: A simple, one-page site; home to a cool-sounding QB game called SlugWars.
    Unique Features: When I went, the link to download SlugWars was broken. It's a shame, because this sounded really cool. Unfortunately, without that game available for download, this site has NO CONTENT whatsoever. I have to give it 0 stars.
  265.   Ryan Lin's QBasic Website   
    Description: Ryan Lin's QBasic section has four original tutorials that tailor to beginners, as well as three "Interactive" tutorials where "you will learn through a more interactive (duh!) and non-robotic teaching ways (as in the tutorials)." Additionally, many of Ryan's original game programs and engines are here, though no truly complete games are available.
    Unique Features: Downloads of all the tutorials and programs, including an RPG fight engine, an animated game engine called Rain where you "make a character walk around" and a pong clone. The tutorials are well-written, even if the programs are not!
  266.   Ryan's Site   
    Description: A site "Dedicated to programming in QB and VB" created by Ryan.
    Unique Features: A fairly empty site with information about two projects (Glide Fighters and Dreamspace) and a small RPG (blackfurl.zip). There are some other sections (Articles, Poetry and Short Stories), and a tiny Files section, but that's just about all there is to this site.
  267.   RyoSoft   
    Description: RyoSoft is a QB programmer interested especially in anime and pixel art. He's working on an RPG called TerraBattles as well as a checkers game called QCheckers and a sprite editor, SpritEditor. Also has a healthy archive of only quality QB programs, many of which are original creations.
    Unique Features: This is a site heavily-dependent on art and graphics, but unfortunately when I visited, none of the graphics or program files were working. (That's too bad, this site would be really great if its content were still available...) Fortunately, Ryosoft's older site is available here, with much of the material intact.
  268.   Sam's QBasic Page   
    Description: Small site by Sam Saccone; has a small collection of QB programs to download, and that's about it.
    Unique Features: There are two main sections: Files and Links. Take your pick.
  269.   Sasha Vukelic's Site   
    Description: Personal site of Sasha Vukelic, including a few QuickBasic programs for download. Current projects: "Temper, a space strategy game that's very simple and should be very fun"; and "Fight, a space ship duel game except for the fact that there are three ships in a free for all combat."
    Unique Features: There are also some finished games here, including a Pong clone and a space shooter called Dynamic.
  270.   Science, Physics and Relativity FAQs   
    Description: A massive FAQ site with a lot of information about space physics and theories of the universe.
    Unique Features: Included are twenty QBasic programs to help illustrate concepts like: Light bending around the Sun using Newton's Law and Mass of a Galaxy calculation based on rotation curve.
  271.   Scorpion City   
    Description: Site of a pretty talented programmer, who uses many different languages. Included is a QB section with seven of his "older" games ('92-'94 era) that look kind of fun.
    Unique Features: There is a Minesweeper game, a puzzle game called Sokoban and a slider puzzle game called Doiley. Plus four more. Also: this site's got a nice clean layout.
  272.   Scotiasoft HQ   
    Description: Three games are available at this small site: 3D Bobble, Tana Tuva Stock Exchange and Rowliner.
    Unique Features: There's not much here, though there is a FAQ/hints page for 3D Bobble. Otherwise, just downloads of games (and this weird quote: "Scary dog, Evil dog, Mad dog").
  273.   SEAV Softwares   
    Description: The Phillipines-based site of SEAV Softwares, offering a huge amount of interesting content on a very well-designed page. Check out SEAV's The Labyrinth, as well as the Humor section!
    Unique Features: A wide assortment of well-programmed graphical examples and utilities--SEAV truly is an artist. Includes a lot of interesting written content, including great tutorials, QHumor articles, commentary on the QB community and more!
  274.   Secret Guide to Computers   
    Description: The Secret Guide to Computers is a gigantic book that seeks to explain EVERYTHING you'd ever need to know about computers. Part of this book is a large tutorial on QBASIC programming.
    Unique Features: The QB programming section is the largest of all the Secret Guide's programming tutorials, with four very long, very thorough parts. These are some of the most in-depth QB tutorials I've seen, taking the user from very basic PRINT statements to much more advanced programming techniques like memory cells. A great tutorial series!
  275.   Secret Weapon Software   
    Description: Secret Weapon Soft was once a very active QB group, with several projects in the works (Annihilation, Qnopoly, Moon Lander, Axewarrior, etc.), its own ezine called "The QFiles" and a whole lot more. Unfortunately, this group (headed by Timothy D. Mowrer) dissolved some time in 2000.
    Unique Features: The site includes the back issues of the QFiles zine, a collection of a several QB game reviews, information about SW Soft's projects at the time (check out Annihilation), and a nice collection of QB game downloads. Definitely worth a look.
  276.   Sepent Basic   
    Description: Home of the Codename Surena QB GUI competition, where QB programmers are challenged to create the best GUI they can. This site also has in-depth reviews of a large selection of QB GUIs and mock Operating Systems, which is really quite original and quite interesting!
    Unique Features: In addition to the incredible QB OS section, there is the Sepent QB Knowledge Base with a nice selection of advanced FAQs, and the Professor Answers section where users ask QB questions to the answer and are treated to a helpful and thorough response. Also has a nice selection of QB downloads and a message forum.
  277.   Shared QB Forum   
    Description: A forum shared between three QB sites: GB Games, Spaghetti Software and "MooFace." Unfortunately, two of those sites have ceased to be, and one of them is currently on its knees.
    Unique Features: Had many posts in 2002-2003, but since its host sites have disappeared, so have its visitors.
  278.   Shattered Realms Productions   
    Description: Shattered Realms is a gifted programmer whose projects include Twigz, a point and click adventure game, The Great Escape and a library called T*Lib. This site is rich with information about these three programs.
    Unique Features: Featuring a ton of news, screenshots and information about all Shattered Realms productions. This site also has a very nice design.
  279.   SimTel's QBasic and QuickBasic Programming   
    Description: QuickBasic section of a large multi-purpose programming site. This contains quite a few older QB utilities and snippets of source code from back when QB was actually used professionally.
    Unique Features: A collection of about 60 pretty boring utility programs and a few boring old QB newsletters...boring that is until you need to use one of these techniques in your own awesome new game.
  280.   Spaghetti Productions   
    Description: QBJosh's site, which advises programmers: "Gotos are faster than subs. Use them. It makes spaghetti code, but in case you havn't noticed the name of this site..." Has information about a game called Space Struggle.
    Unique Features: The Files section claims to have more than 200 downloads, but they have unfortunately been deleted from the server. All that remains of this site is the text, which is still entertaining for a few minutes. I like Josh's Tips section, which is filled with BAD programming tips. Heh.
  281.   Spiege's QBasic Site   
    Description: An old QB site with thirty-seven programs, a few of which were written by Spiege himself. Interestingly, this site had a few programming contests that people actually entered. (I would have figured that nobody would have taken the time.)
    Unique Features: This site has some of the most raucous and annoying background colors EVER. Oh, and 37 programs.
  282.   Stars Development Company   
    Description: Hard Rock's company, through which he has released games like the space shooter, The Terror, Pong Ultra and a cool Metal Gear style mini-game called Metal QB.
    Unique Features: The Stars site displays its original products pretty nicely, with screenshots and in-depth descriptions. There's also a big sub-site devoted to Pong Ultra that's worth a look. A nice all-around site!
  283.   Steven Sivek's QBasic Page   
    Description: Simple site with a bunch of downloads and a few links (ie: the same as just about any other QB site, heheh).
    Unique Features: The program downloads here, which number at several dozen, are mostly the ones you see at every other site. Maybe there's something special, but judging by my quick scan over the page, I didn't catch anything that couldn't also be found at QB45.com. But hey, at least the downloads actually work. :)
  284.   Steven's Web Page   
    Description: Claims to have over 900 QB programs, but astute visitors will notice that over 700 of them are parts of "Packets" of several hundred tiny coding examples.
    Unique Features: This would still be a great files archive if FortuneCity hadn't removed just about ALL of the downloads on the server. Now this is just the skeleton of Steve's Web Page, without the meat to make it worth the visit.
  285.   Straumland   
    Description: Multi-language programming page with five QBasic graphics demos available for download. They are: Starfield, Tunnel, Dots, Globe and BallVector.
    Unique Features: Unfortunately, the programs don't come with source code: "These programs has been compiled to executables due to portability. Not everyone keeps an updated version of Qbasic around." These are simple techniques, and not including source code makes them pretty useless to QB programmers who want to learn. These graphics examples have been replicated all over the QB community, so why choose these source-less versions when there are many other better versions out there? Sure beats me.
  286.   Sublime Productions   
    Description: A three-person QB and C/C programming team that last updated all the way back in 1998.
    Unique Features: There's a small but worthwhile file archive here, and also a news archive that I particularly liked because of its ODD obsession with Tsugumo and TheGame.
  287.   Supercomputer.at/QBasic 101   
    Description: A QB site with a ton of different sections but with nothing in any of them! The website claims to pay people to upload QB programs, but there are only a handful of programs up: "Earn yourself $1 per upload. We keep track of it and will pay you off at over $10." I don't think that the offer ever *really* existed, or this page would be full.
    Unique Features: The menu on this page has a lot of links, but each section is basically void of content. In all there are a half-dozen programs to download here and that's IT! And these aren't even good. They include Hangman and Address Book, with a few others.
  288.   Syn9's Page   
    Description: Syn9 is a great QB / FB coder, constantly turning out amazing 3D demos and polished RPGs, but his website really doesn't reflect how great his programs are. This barebones site has barely anything on it right now. Syn9 is a man of few words -- no section contains more than a sentence or two, and only his most current projects are even mentioned here.
    Unique Features: You'll find some download links for some of Syn9's more recent projects (like his action RPG Griffon Legend), a small News section, and a small forum. If he adds more of his work, this site would be much more interesting, since Syn9's projects (think Zero G, his 3D demos, etc.) never fail to amaze.
  289.   SZ Dev   
    Description: Santiago Zapata's QB programming page. His finished products include two space shooters based on characters from the Starcraft universe: Archer Fire and NeoArcher Fire. There are also some projects in the works, including the RPG Nemesis Stars and a roguelike game called Times Before Magic.
    Unique Features: There's basically just brief descriptions, screenshots and download links for Santiago's programs that were mentioned above. Some of the programs look quite interesting.
  290.   Tarak's Tower   
    Description: Small site that was home to its own RPG programming tutorial series. Also has a tiny bit of information on an unfinished RPG called VADL and a tile editor called TTEdit.
    Unique Features: The three RPG programming tutorials are nice, and worth a read if you're a newbie trying to make your first RPG. Other than that, this site is pretty empty.
  291.   Technicall   
    Description: A programming tutorial megasite, with tutorials spanning many different languages. There is a nice beginners QB tutorial series, as well as an interesting series on creating a simple GUI in QB.
    Unique Features: All of the tutorials on this site are written by a single guy named Nick. And they're all pretty good. Since if you're reading this link you probably already know QB, I reccomend this site if you want to learn a different language like PHP or VBscript or ActiveX. Helpful site, though!
  292.   Tek-Tips   
    Description: An absolutely HUGE megasite of programming and computer technical help. It has forums for just about every language and topic you could ever dream of, including a very active and helpful QB forum. The people who frequent this site are not only excellent programmers, but also very willing to help!
    Unique Features: The QB section of this site is dedicated purely to QB programming discussion; you won't find any spam or flamewars here, just good honest programming help. The members here can help you with anything from code optimization to bug searching to programming theory. Very helpful!
  293.   TFM's PC Programming Page   
    Description: Simple little page with information about harnessing the power of SoundBlaster in DOS. Includes tutorials, and some QB downloads.
    Unique Features: Programs to download include: QB mouse routines, a QB .voc player and a QB .pcx loader (Not really very intersting stuff). The Soundblaster tutorials are good though.
  294.   TGSite   
    Description: Hezoe's site, with information about his favorite video games and info about his programming projects. Hezoe programs in both QB and RapidQ, and is working on a new RPG called Doki.
    Unique Features: The Basic Programming section of this site is very small right now, with an "About Me", "News" and "Links" all combined into one page. Here you can find the latest news on Hezoe's programs, and links to download some of them.
  295.   TheBigBasicQ's HomePage   
    Description: Home of TheBigBasicQ, who offers downloads of a lot of QB-OS related stuff. You'll also find information about his OS, DAM-OS DX. Another of the main features of this site is an absolutely GIGANTIC tutorial on the Future Library.
    Unique Features: This site's several downloads (many of which deal with creating QB operating syetems) and the Future Library tutorial are very nice, but there's little else. It does have a nice animated navigation system, though!
  296.   THE BOMB!   
    Description: I think the name of this site is a suggestion as to its quality...THE BOMB! is quite a bomb. At least it has some programs and tutorials to download.
    Unique Features: About 20 game programs to download, as well as QB compilers. All of these are widely available at other sites. THE BOMB! also hosts Mallard's famous QB tutorials. Hmmmm, those aren't available anywhere else, are they?
  297.   Thinkquest '98 Microsoft QBasic Reference   
    Description: This is a site created by two guys named Louis and Travis for the Thinkquest 1998 web design competition. It includes an excellent of original beginners tutorials that address many important topics in QB program design. This includes several easy-to-use QB commands that most beginners tutorials overlook, like DRAW or MKDIR.
    Unique Features: The heart of this site are the QB Lessons, in three modules with 9 chapters. They are well-written and great for newbies. Also here, there is a nice list of the best QB programs available back in 1998. Unfortunately, all the download links are currently broken, so they won't be of much use. The tutorials make this worth a look!
  298.   Timis Software   
    Description: Small site by a beginning QB programmer. Includes original textbased games like the guess the number game, Guessarama, Mathmaster to help kids learn math and Timis Software C.O.S., which is a collection of screensavers.
    Unique Features: A very small and basic site, with original but clearly newbie-made game programs. The main purpose is to distribute Timis Software creations, however, if you submit something, Timis will gladly post it on his site.
  299.   Tom's Programs   
    Description: Tommy McBurney's site, which is devoted to chess programs. One of them is Deep Basic, which was programmed in QuickBasic 4.5. This includes many AI concepts and a "10,500 move opening book database", though this program is still not nearly as smart as commercial Chess programs.
    Unique Features: As far as QB content, Deep Basic is it, though you'll find many other Chess programs here written in other languages as well as information about Tom's collection of electronic chessboards. Deep Basic is probably the best Chess program I've ever seen in QB, though there really haven't been very many attempts.
  300.   TopGun Software   
    Description: Developer of the platform games Space Commando. Space Commando 2 and the awesome-looking DOOM-style first person shooter starring the same Space Commando and green blob aliens as in the platformers. This FPS actually looks really great, and according to the author, has a blistering fast engine.
    Unique Features: There's not much here; just downloads of the first two Space Commando sidescroller games and information about the upcoming Space Commando first person shooter. Space Commando 2 was a pretty good game, definitely worth the download!
  301.   Toshi's Project Page   
    Description: Toshi's Project Page is one of the most disorganized sites I've ever seen, but it is also one of the most content-rich. It is basically a huge list of links to QB and programming resources, including nearly fifty programs and tutorials written by Toshi himself.
    Unique Features: About fifty original programs (mostly advanced math or graphical routines), a few tutorials on various QB programming techniques, and links to many advanced programming information sites. Certainly worth a visit!
  302.   TQBT Freeware Homepage   
    Description: Fifty-seven programs for download, all made by TQBT Freeware. Most of them amount to little more than screensavers...but quantity over quality, that's the motto, right!?
    Unique Features: Aside from the 57 programs, there's a few midis and a few random graphics to download. Not much else.
  303.   Treebeard's BASIC Vault   
    Description: A vault of simple QB programs made for a Middle School programming class. These are excellent programs to learn from, though they're so simple and plain that they aren't very entertaining.
    Unique Features: Treebeard's Vault contains dozens of programs, made from 1996 to present. They do such diverse tasks as draw eggs, simulate a spirograph, and solve a variety of tough "Stumper" problems, also available on the site. An interesting page.
  304.   Trevor's Game Page   
    Description: Small site featuring games by Trevor Goodwin. Includes two RPGs: The Lands of Hulash I and II and a 3D maze / raycasting program.
    Unique Features: A bright yellow, one-page site that doesn't have much content on it. I say go and download the games, then get out of there (maybe by clicking one of Trevor's QB links)...
  305.   TriBinary Software   
    Description: Barebones site of TriBinary Software, home of the Novix GUI, a fake OS written in QuickBasic by Z!re.
    Unique Features: The only thing here is information about Novix, which does look quite impressive. Novix has many advanced features, such as its own file system, memeory management and scripting language. Certainly the most advanced fake OS ever written in QB. Worth a visit if you're interested in fake OS programming.
  306.   Tsugumo's Site O' Junk   
    Description: Tsugumo is an amazing artist with a passion for anime and pixel art. He was once all the rage in the QB world for his amazing RPG demos The Game and Untitled. Though they were never finished, their amazing graphics and writing inspired many other QB programmers to take up RPG projects. Additionally, Tsugumo's famous "So You Wanna Be A Pixel Artist, Huh?" tutorial series is the Bible for QB artists of all skill levels. This guy's influence on the QB community is simply amazing.
    Unique Features: As far as QB content goes on this site, there's not much. Just the two above mentioned RPG demos are for download (in the old and more "stylish" version of the site). You can also see tons of Tsugumo's original art work here, but the heart of the site is the Pixel Art tutorial, which I have visited about a million times and I can't stop raving about. There is also a link to Pixelation, a message forum community of talented pixel artists that was founded by Tsugumo and Frozen Emu. Since this is not much of a QB site, I'm going to hold back on the rating (links are rated based on QB content after all), but this site is definitely a MUST SEE for anyone with eyes.
  307.   Typosoft   
    Description: Barebones distribution website for Typosoft programs including Ped Xing's Quest and Super Sumo Wrestling. Also houses Typosoft's RPG tutorials. Typosoft is one of the best game companies in the QB community at present, and Ped Xing's Quest is considered by many to be the best QBRPG ever created.
    Unique Features: This site has been stripped down to the bare necessities; its only purpose is to distribute Typosoft's games and tutorials. It is one text-only page that links to a few images and .zip files.
  308.   Ultimate QB   
    Description: This site has a very clean and attractive layout, and offers a pretty big selection of QUALITY downloads. (It's not filled to the brim with hundreds of screensavers like a lot of sites are.)
    Unique Features: Aside from the download collection, though, this site really doesn't offer much. Nevertheless, it's a very well-made site, and definitely worth a look!
  309.   UltraBasic Compiler   
    Description: Ultrabasic is a BASIC compiler originally written in QB71 by Gabriel Fernandez. Gabriel gave up in development, so Angelo Rosina tried to continue his work. The UltraBasic language is very similar to QB, and the compiler was written in PDS 7.1.
    Unique Features: There's not much to this site; you'll find a download of UltraBasic and some documentation on its features. This barebones site achieves its purpose, but it certainly won't entertain you for long.
  310.   UnderWARE Labs   
    Description: Since 1994, UnderWARE Labs has been creating neat QB programs and helping beginning programmers. Les of UnderWARE Labs was also a regular contributor to Pete's QB Site back in '99-'00.
    Unique Features: Features LOTS of original programs to download, as well as a respectable collection of tutorials. Also has a nice clean layout. Definitely worth a look!
  311.   uNESsential   
    Description: Johannes Holmberg's NES emulator, written entirely in QuickBasic with no ASM routines, and not even using PEEK and POKE for speed. According to Johannes: "I don't want to use it in uNESsential. uNESsential is not programmed to be fast (!), it is meant to be something that other people can study, and hopefully learn something from."
    Unique Features: This page was last updated in 1999 and doesn't have very much on it at all. This is home to the first NES emulator in QB that was actually able to play games (though not very well). The program and source code are still available for download.
  312.   Upho Games ("The QBasic Site")   
    Description: A Swedish QB site, home of the programming group Upho Games. It features a handful of original programs, including Upho's UFO II. This site was last updated in 1998.
    Unique Features: Includes two original Upho creations as well as two programs by the site's webmaster, Daniel Hedsén (Quant). Additionally, there are also a couple dozen other programs to download that were made by others.
  313.   Van Ossy-S0ftware   
    Description: Last updated in 1996, this little programming group made some odd programs like Mortal Pongbat and Spacewar. Also some information on "upcoming" games that obviously never going to get finished. This is one of the oldest QB sites that I have found, only surpassed in age by a handful like M \ K Productions.
    Unique Features: Try Mortal Pongbat for a thrill (I guess)... "You play pong while trying to kill your enemy, by throwing projectiles at him/her. Loads of finishing moves (PITS, EXPLOSIONS, SHATTERING, FLASHER, HUMILIATION) with every-thing from a finishing move where you pee on your enemy to taking the paddles clothes off !"
  314.   Venosoft   
    Description: An RPG programming group that is behind Cai's Quest 3 - The Runic War, a gigantic RPG that is said to have over 45 hours of playtime. Venosoft has also coded a wide selection of RPG-making tools, including map-making engines and the Venolib RPG Engine.
    Unique Features: A nicely-organized site with some good tutorials and articles on RPG making. Also available are several original programs to download, including RPG engines and production tools.
  315.   VGameSoft   
    Description: A pretty large programming group that was working on an impressive Zelda-style RPG called Acalypha. Other products include Apple Eater and Freedy's Library.
    Unique Features: There's info about a few VGameSoft releases here and downloads available of everything. Not much other than that, though. This site is also not updated regularly anymore.
  316.   VirtuaSoft   
    Description: Danny Gump of VirtuaSoft was once one of the leaders in QB innovation, making one of the first and fastest QB libraries, Dash. He also worked on a bunch of other projects, including the cool RPG The Mystical Journey which unfortunately never got past demo stages.
    Unique Features: VirtuaSoft has information on several original products, with a lot of information for each. All of the programs on this site are made by Danny Gump...and there are quite a few here! Absolutely worth a visit!
  317.   V Planet!   
    Description: The best QB reviews site on the Internet (and this is coming from another QB reviews site!) V Planet! has evolved over the years to the leading QB online magazine, featuring QB-community commentary and the most thorough, thoughtful and honest QB reviews available anywhere.
    Unique Features: Over 100 reviews with a unique 35-point rating system, QB-community news and editorials, and home to the QB Gaming Gold Awards.
  318.   VR Chocha   
    Description: Site of 3D graphics enthusiasts who use QBasic to make calculations for 3D drawings they make in VRML: "As you will have noticed by yourself, our Basic programs do not use any graphical instruction, such as SCREEN, LINE or PSET. All the graphics are managed by your VRML browser or modeling software. They're much better for that, why should we deny it? But the Basic listings are much quicker to calculate the coordinates, we do not pretend more."
    Unique Features: There is quite a bit of information on how to calculate 3D figures with QB, and then to convert them to VRML for the actual rendering. It's an interesting way to generate graphics, and back in 1997 this technique was probably a time saver. These days, though, 3D modelling software has progressed to the point where calculation features are built in.
  319.   Wallace Software   
    Description: Home of several awesome looking first person shooters. Contact is a simple but finished pure QB FPS, and Inspiration is an impressive FPS in the works. Also here, you'll find information about Cardinal GUI, a GUI with a nice interface and many of the features of a basic operating system.
    Unique Features: This is a well-designed site with a lot of information about all of Wallace Software's projects and releases. Includes screenshots and quite a bit of documentation, as well as news on all the latest developments. Very interesting site if you're interested in QB raycasting engines!
  320.   Weazel's QB Page   
    Description: Weazel's working on a few projects in QB including Elite Forces and World War II. Basically Weazel's site exists just to promote and distribute his own game programs.
    Unique Features: Demo versions of all Weazel's game projects are available, along with a ton of written information on each one telling the story and about the progress.
  321.   WizGui   
    Description: Home of a QB OS/GUI called WizGui. WizGui has a similar look to Windows XP, and has a nice window-box layout. This program is being developed in PDS 7.1 using Future Library 3.5 by VonGodric.
    Unique Features: There are screenshots and downloads of several different versions of WizGui, as well as a bit of documentation. (This site has nothing except for WizGui information.)
  322.   WizGUI.tk   
    Description: A more recent site by VonGodric; this one is not completely devoted to WizGUI, but covers other topics too. Take VisualQB for instance. VisualQB is an upcoming QB library that "will have a GUI engine and a Virtual Machine that runs script files."
    Unique Features: In addition to information about VisualQB, you can find downloads of VonGodric's own programs as well as a nice collection of useful QB libraries.
  323.   Wotsit Programmer's File Format Collection   
    Description: Not exactly a QB site, but this is a great resource for programmers in any language. It has a gigantic archive of information explaining how to read and decode just about any file format. So if you want write your own QB .PCX loader or something, this is your ticket.
    Unique Features: From .3D2 to .ZOO, this has got information on EVERYTHING!
  324.   x.t.r. GRAPHICS QBasic Site   
    Description: Small QBasic homepage of Rattrapmax6 (Kevin), featuring original QB and FB applications such as "Robo Raider", "BA-SIC MU-SIC" and "Space Warp".
    Unique Features: Includes a few tutorials and programs by Rattrapmax6, and the "links town" -- a links section where every website is represented by a different building image.
  325.   Yahoo! Groups: QBasic   
    Description: A fairly active community hosted by Yahoo! Groups. Includes files to download and links, but the heart is the message board.
    Unique Features: There are often small contents on this board. Recently there was a neat contest to create the best possible text adventure in under 3KB of code. The Files section has some original programs created by the users, too.
  326.   Yahoo! Groups: QuickBasic   
    Description: This is the bastard stepbrother of the "qbasic" group. Created in 1998, this Yahoo! Group is scarcely ever used. Between 1998 and 2003 it had a total of 15 posts.
    Unique Features: There are also no downloads and no links. If you actually want content, go to the Yahoo! QBasic group.
  327.   YPI QBasic Homepage   
    Description: Yousuf Philips' QB site, where his original programs are released. YPI mainly has been creating graphics utilities for the loading of graphics files into Qbasic. Graphics utilities have been made for about a dozen different formats.
    Unique Features: This site has a large collection of useful QB applications and code snippets, but not a lot of the "entertainment" type. If you're looking for games, this is not the place. There are also some very nice tutorials here. A good place to go if you'd like to learn some new programming techniques.
  328.   Yummy Potatoes   
    Description: "Potatoes are yummy, so is this stuff" is the catchphrase of YummyPotatoes.net, the site of a computer teacher who teaches QBasic in class.
    Unique Features: The QBasic section of this site has many useful reference guides for beginning QB programmers, inlcuding charts of color codes, screen modes, an ASCII chart. There are also source code snippets to teach basic skills. In the Files section are a few simple text adventures that are used to teach logic and typing to children. It's a small site, but it could be helpful to other computer teachers looking for help with their QBasic lesson plans.
  329.   Zephyr Software   
    Description: This group released the SVGAQB graphics library in June 1993, which was the first SVGA library available for QB. These libraries (which were last updated in 2000) are available for free from their site.
    Unique Features: Zephyr Software is kind of a one-trick pony, and exists almost exclusively to distribute the SVGAQB libraries. It also includes a few game downloads (that use SVGAQB) and some QB programming tutorials.
  330.   Zip's Programming Stuff   
    Description: Basically an empty site, with a few programs in a few different language. QuickBasic has the most, with four.
    Unique Features: A stark black layout, nearly void of content. At least it has an Othello game.
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