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  1.   Kain's Domain   
    Description: A stereotypical amateur QB site with the obligatory "Under Construction" images, "Vote for me in the QBT50!" banners, a laundry list of webrings, a guestbook and its own chatroom. This site is home to an unfinished RPG called "Fallen Legends", which has a demo available. This RPG was written in VB, but it pokes fun at famous QB games like Tsugumo's TheGame and Wandering Hamster -- by using ripped sprites and making referential dialogue.
    Unique Features: Kain's QB Site's only unique feature is the "Fallen Legends" demo. Also available is a pretty nice collection of some of the most famous and loved QB games from a few years ago -- about 100 of the best of the best.
  2.   Kaswoj Software   
    Description: Programming group who has made a wide assortment of boardgame-style QB games, like Confaive (five in a row), Connect 4 and Mastermind, as well as some old mainstays like Minesweeper and Tetris. Basically, simple games with very stark, blocky graphics but addictive gameplay. This site has an absolutely HUGE files archive of older QB programs. There's definitely a lot of great stuff here!
    Unique Features: A great resource of QB programs, tutorials and more, plus many neat original products that are fun to play (even if they are a little rough on the interior). This is a simple but well-organized site with enough content to keep you busy for days.
  3.   Kedjikeen's QBasic Page   
    Description: Keji's site has several nice little programs that he made in middle school in high school. He has a three-game series called Break'n'Out where you "save the world" (kinda vague...), Crunch, a two-person strategy game where you try to conquer your opponent's station, a nice collection of several different card games and a program called Mazer that makes random mazes on the screen.
    Unique Features: Each of these programs comes with a brief description and a screenshot. Also available are several of the subroutines, such as the Card Subroutine that allows you to "draw any card anywhere in Qbasicís screen 13." This would be very helpful to someone who wante to quickly make their own QB card game without having to re-invent the wheel. There's not much to this site, but it does have a nice collection of simple programs that you might find entertaining.
  4.   KeithOnline   
    Description: KeithKosh's personal site. It has a very clean, professional design, and some interesting original content. As far as QB stuff goes, though, there's not that much. Just one game: Robot Robbery.
    Unique Features: You can find the final version of Robot Robbery here (version .99), the sole bit of QB content on the site. Other things of interest include some original MIDI files and a sequel to Robot Robbery written in Flash.
  5.   Keith's Web Korner   
    Description: A site that shut down, but was left up to distribute Robot Robbery, "the final demo version. A simple platform game; you need QBasic to run it."
    Unique Features: One page, with a link to download Robot Robbery and another link to download an odd script/parody called The Weakest Fink--(it's not a QB game, just a text file).
  6.   Kentauri   
    Description: Site of a developer whose games have really nice graphics; they've got a very unique, very cool feel to them. Kentauri has released quite a few great QB games, including: Detective Academy, Ball Blazing Fantasy, Rocket Fuel Mayhem, Dark Quest, Another World Memory and Run 'Em Over. There are a couple of upcoming projects he is working on too.
    Unique Features: All games have their own sections with long text descriptions and screenshots. Kentauri has released neat games in all different genres with one common trait: quality.
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