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  1.   Yahoo! Groups: QBasic   
    Description: A fairly active community hosted by Yahoo! Groups. Includes files to download and links, but the heart is the message board.
    Unique Features: There are often small contents on this board. Recently there was a neat contest to create the best possible text adventure in under 3KB of code. The Files section has some original programs created by the users, too.
  2.   Yahoo! Groups: QuickBasic   
    Description: This is the bastard stepbrother of the "qbasic" group. Created in 1998, this Yahoo! Group is scarcely ever used. Between 1998 and 2003 it had a total of 15 posts.
    Unique Features: There are also no downloads and no links. If you actually want content, go to the Yahoo! QBasic group.
  3.   YPI QBasic Homepage   
    Description: Yousuf Philips' QB site, where his original programs are released. YPI mainly has been creating graphics utilities for the loading of graphics files into Qbasic. Graphics utilities have been made for about a dozen different formats.
    Unique Features: This site has a large collection of useful QB applications and code snippets, but not a lot of the "entertainment" type. If you're looking for games, this is not the place. There are also some very nice tutorials here. A good place to go if you'd like to learn some new programming techniques.
  4.   Yummy Potatoes   
    Description: "Potatoes are yummy, so is this stuff" is the catchphrase of YummyPotatoes.net, the site of a computer teacher who teaches QBasic in class.
    Unique Features: The QBasic section of this site has many useful reference guides for beginning QB programmers, inlcuding charts of color codes, screen modes, an ASCII chart. There are also source code snippets to teach basic skills. In the Files section are a few simple text adventures that are used to teach logic and typing to children. It's a small site, but it could be helpful to other computer teachers looking for help with their QBasic lesson plans.
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