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  1.   Ultimate QB   
    Description: This site has a very clean and attractive layout, and offers a pretty big selection of QUALITY downloads. (It's not filled to the brim with hundreds of screensavers like a lot of sites are.)
    Unique Features: Aside from the download collection, though, this site really doesn't offer much. Nevertheless, it's a very well-made site, and definitely worth a look!
  2.   UltraBasic Compiler   
    Description: Ultrabasic is a BASIC compiler originally written in QB71 by Gabriel Fernandez. Gabriel gave up in development, so Angelo Rosina tried to continue his work. The UltraBasic language is very similar to QB, and the compiler was written in PDS 7.1.
    Unique Features: There's not much to this site; you'll find a download of UltraBasic and some documentation on its features. This barebones site achieves its purpose, but it certainly won't entertain you for long.
  3.   UnderWARE Labs   
    Description: Since 1994, UnderWARE Labs has been creating neat QB programs and helping beginning programmers. Les of UnderWARE Labs was also a regular contributor to Pete's QB Site back in '99-'00.
    Unique Features: Features LOTS of original programs to download, as well as a respectable collection of tutorials. Also has a nice clean layout. Definitely worth a look!
  4.   uNESsential   
    Description: Johannes Holmberg's NES emulator, written entirely in QuickBasic with no ASM routines, and not even using PEEK and POKE for speed. According to Johannes: "I don't want to use it in uNESsential. uNESsential is not programmed to be fast (!), it is meant to be something that other people can study, and hopefully learn something from."
    Unique Features: This page was last updated in 1999 and doesn't have very much on it at all. This is home to the first NES emulator in QB that was actually able to play games (though not very well). The program and source code are still available for download.
  5.   Upho Games ("The QBasic Site")   
    Description: A Swedish QB site, home of the programming group Upho Games. It features a handful of original programs, including Upho's UFO II. This site was last updated in 1998.
    Unique Features: Includes two original Upho creations as well as two programs by the site's webmaster, Daniel HedsÚn (Quant). Additionally, there are also a couple dozen other programs to download that were made by others.
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