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  1.   Aaron's Page of Cool Stuff   
    Description: This "Page of Cool Stuff" has a small QB section featuring a download of QB4.5 and three original programs.
    Unique Features: The most interesting program here is Linker, "a stick figure action program." Another one PLAYs a variety of traditional songs and Christmas carols.
  2.   Akarsha Kumar's QBasic Stuff   
    Description: Akarsha Kumar's three QB programs. It's a plain black and white site, with the standard font: size 12 Times New Roman.
    Unique Features: Three programs: Road Racer, Address Book and Minesweeper. That's about it.
  3.   ClearGenesis Studios   
    Description: Single-page site of a QB programmer who was making a MechWarrior clone for the Qlympics a long time ago. His site is still up, and the 3D engine demo is still downloadable.
    Unique Features: Aside from the downloadable engine demo, there are a lot of pictures of mechs from various animes and videogames here. And that's pretty much it.
  4.   Cornel's QBasic-Site   
    Description: Tiny site in a Germanic-looking language. One blank white page with a a single program to download called Galgje.bas.
    Unique Features: This site also has its own message forum. Oh, and a chat room, since I'm sure it gets lot of hits.
  5.   D-Man's QBasic Domain   
    Description: Very small site, with some broken links, that has a handful of original programs made by D-Man. The most interesting one was called Mousey: "You play as a mouse, try to get the cheese, and try not to let the cats get you."
    Unique Features: Just a small list of downloads and also a page listing every QB command and the syntax. Most of the downloads are screensaver programs.
  6.   DEEDO Basic Homepage   
    Description: A little tiny QB programming page with an odd name. It hasn't been updated since 1997.
    Unique Features: Offers just a handful of QB programs to download, mostly by other people. Luckily, though, it has a chat room. You know, so all of this site's hundreds of visitors can discuss the latest DEEDO news. (What is it with every tiny site on the Internet having its own independent chat room? Jeesh.)
  7.   Elven Forge Software   
    Description: Miniscule site; offers one program for download and lists an upcoming game called Hero's Path: "Hero's Path is a text-based (using ASCII symbols as graphics) RPG, that will feature a large, detailed world with an intruiging plot and a huge amount of creatures, objects, and spells."
    Unique Features: The program you can download is a Dice-Rolling utility. I think that in my short description here, I've alredy written more information than there is on this entire site.
  8.   Eric Brasseur's QBasic Programs   
    Description: Frenchman's site (in English), offering a large selection of random technology-related content. Included are five QB programs.
    Unique Features: Programs include four graphic demos: "These are four graphic demos based on the same principle. The first one is very simple, just a few lines. The last one is the most complicated. A "cougra" is the generic name my friend Frederic Cloth thought of for such figures." There's also a simple 2D satellite control simulator.
  9.   GoldHawk's QBasic Stuff   
    Description: Three newbie tutorials that don't get much past PRINT "Hello World!"...
    Unique Features: ...and a QB Suggestion Box labeled "Want me to write a game for you? Believe me, I have the time and energy to spare!"
  10.   Internet Plus   
    Description: Small site with a bit of QB content; includes one original program called Picture Writer 4.00 and a "QB tip sheet."
    Unique Features: Not really worth the time.
  11.   Joe's QBasic Repository   
    Description: Site updated a couple times in 1999 that never got off the ground. It has a small collection of games and utilities to download, none of them original.
    Unique Features: Everything here was taken from either QBasic.com or Acid Works. Most of the links are broken too. This site claims to have tutorials too, but they are exactly the same as his list of Utility programs.
  12.   John's Domain   
    Description: Little tiny site with a few programs to download. None of them are original. They're all pretty simple game demos.
    Unique Features: Source code for basketball, boxing, a card game, a raycasting demo and 3D pong are here, among others.
  13.   Julian and Alex's BASIC Page   
    Description: Site by two newbies with three downloadable programs: Mad Libs and two PLAY statement songs, one to play "Mary Had A Little Lamb" and the other to play "The Blue Danube".
    Unique Features: Just those three programs and that's it.
  14.   Keith's Web Korner   
    Description: A site that shut down, but was left up to distribute Robot Robbery, "the final demo version. A simple platform game; you need QBasic to run it."
    Unique Features: One page, with a link to download Robot Robbery and another link to download an odd script/parody called The Weakest Fink--(it's not a QB game, just a text file).
  15.   LockJaw Productions   
    Description: A site by a Ryan Brown and Ernie Gerber, a 13 year old and a 12 year old. Don't scoff at their ages; I was just barely thirteen when I started my QB site.. But do scoff at their site. It's not very good.
    Unique Features: There's nothing useful here. There's a one-sentence description of an upcoming game called Asteroth that was 2% complete when abandones, three RPGs to download. There's also a small top sites list here: "The LockJaw Productions Top 7 RPG Sites", but it was never successful. At least it has a nice layout for something made by such young programmers.
  16.   Mafioso Software   
    Description: A site tailoring to a half-dozen languages, including tutorials and compilers.
    Unique Features: As far as QB content goes, there's a single tutorial and a few BASIC compilers. Nothing to write home about, that's for sure.
  17.   Magic Square Software   
    Description: Home of three-person programming group with two projects: Hell and Xenius. There's not much info about these games, and I'm sure they've both been canned by now.
    Unique Features: Magic Square really has nothing to it; it never released any copies of its own games, and doesn't offer anything new as far as content.
  18.   Meech Production Software   
    Description: Meech Production Software -- the official site. Unfortunately, Meech Production Software doesn't really have anything on it. All of the QB-related sections are pretty much empty.
    Unique Features: Two weeks' worth of the "QB Tip of the Week" was the only real content I could find here. The rest was either down, or maybe never existed in the first place.
  19.   Mike's Programming HomePage   
    Description: Site by Mike with revelations on the main page, including "I like Fire!" The QBasic section has a collection of three very simple programs.
    Unique Features: Programs include a fake BIOS, a calculator and DosHell v3.12. The VBasic section has a little bit more (but not much).
  20.   MikeWare Softworks' QBASIC Programming Page   
    Description: Home of a text adventure called King Arthur's Escape. This site consists of a single page.
    Unique Features: Has five other programs to download (by other people) and a few links. The only thing really to see here is the King Arthur text adventure...
  21.   Neptune Entertainment   
    Description: A programming group with many members. Unfortunately, the site is basically a black hole, completely void of any content whatsoever.
    Unique Features: There were a total of about three sentences on this entire site. The rest was just dark, black and blank. Like the Twilight Zone or something.
  22.   Pete's QBasic Page!   
    Description: Thank your lucky stars you're at Pete's QBasic *SITE* and not Pete's QBasic *PAGE*. This site really isn't worth the time of day.
    Unique Features: Has a nice neon green background, one inane image on top, and three tutorials available. Oh, and a link to QBasic.com. Whooo.
  23.   PictoriSoft   
    Description: A site more concerned with spinning 3D logos than useful content. Offers a 1-2-3 Delete! a program that is supposed to "Delete Programs Forever!"
    Unique Features: Additionally, this site offers one original newbie tutorial. That's about it.
  24.   QBasic 101   
    Description: A beginners' QB site which, just like college intro courses, promises to give an introduction to QB. Unfortunately, this site has deprecated into little more than a collection of broken links.
    Unique Features: Advertises a game called "Super Goal Kicker 2k1," as well as a dozen other sections, but none of the links are working.
  25.   QBasic World   
    Description: A quite annoying site that amounts to a giant tutorial covering many aspects of QB programming with very little depth. It starts with the topic "What is QBasic?" and then a few pages later, it's showing you how to use the Modem...before it even teaches you the PSET command.
    Unique Features: This tutorial is not very well organized, but the real kicker is this: the page has a WHITE background, and uses WHITE text. So you can't see it without highlighting. That's a good plan. Has a lot of broken links too. Still, there is a lot of source code and a lot of useful topics are covered.
  26.   Ramon's Cybersite   
    Description: Fairly empty site, though it is home to a very impressive 3D engine. There are some screenshots available with a few trees rendered. According to Ramon, "It have shading, use Directqb and is very fast"
    Unique Features: Unfortunately, there is nothing here to download. Just a small bit of text and two screenshots.
  27.   Robert W. Benjamin's QBasic Page   
    Description: Features two programs: a "Weather Forecaster" based on user input and a puzzle game called "Turcoo."
    Unique Features: The only problem is...both programs have broken links.
  28.   Straumland   
    Description: Multi-language programming page with five QBasic graphics demos available for download. They are: Starfield, Tunnel, Dots, Globe and BallVector.
    Unique Features: Unfortunately, the programs don't come with source code: "These programs has been compiled to executables due to portability. Not everyone keeps an updated version of Qbasic around." These are simple techniques, and not including source code makes them pretty useless to QB programmers who want to learn. These graphics examples have been replicated all over the QB community, so why choose these source-less versions when there are many other better versions out there? Sure beats me.
  29.   Supercomputer.at/QBasic 101   
    Description: A QB site with a ton of different sections but with nothing in any of them! The website claims to pay people to upload QB programs, but there are only a handful of programs up: "Earn yourself $1 per upload. We keep track of it and will pay you off at over $10." I don't think that the offer ever *really* existed, or this page would be full.
    Unique Features: The menu on this page has a lot of links, but each section is basically void of content. In all there are a half-dozen programs to download here and that's IT! And these aren't even good. They include Hangman and Address Book, with a few others.
  30.   TFM's PC Programming Page   
    Description: Simple little page with information about harnessing the power of SoundBlaster in DOS. Includes tutorials, and some QB downloads.
    Unique Features: Programs to download include: QB mouse routines, a QB .voc player and a QB .pcx loader (Not really very intersting stuff). The Soundblaster tutorials are good though.
  31.   Yahoo! Groups: QuickBasic   
    Description: This is the bastard stepbrother of the "qbasic" group. Created in 1998, this Yahoo! Group is scarcely ever used. Between 1998 and 2003 it had a total of 15 posts.
    Unique Features: There are also no downloads and no links. If you actually want content, go to the Yahoo! QBasic group.
  32.   Zip's Programming Stuff   
    Description: Basically an empty site, with a few programs in a few different language. QuickBasic has the most, with four.
    Unique Features: A stark black layout, nearly void of content. At least it has an Othello game.
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