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  1.   Elven Forge Software   
    Description: Miniscule site; offers one program for download and lists an upcoming game called Hero's Path: "Hero's Path is a text-based (using ASCII symbols as graphics) RPG, that will feature a large, detailed world with an intruiging plot and a huge amount of creatures, objects, and spells."
    Unique Features: The program you can download is a Dice-Rolling utility. I think that in my short description here, I've alredy written more information than there is on this entire site.
  2.   Enhanced Creations++   
    Description: Angelo Mottola's legacy on the QB community will never be forgotten, but it has been quite some time since he's done any QuickBasic programming. After quitting QB in 2000, Angelo moved on to C/C . The old Enhanced Creations site is still available, which houses EC's farewell message as well as all of their QB programs...(and it mentions me, Pete, in its special thanks section--sweet!). But on this new site, all of that old QB content is still available, plus Angelo's new works in C/C .
    Unique Features: All of the Enhanced Creations QB programs are still available, including DirectQB, Wetspot 1 and 2, Project RTE and the Wetspot 2 level editors. Nostalgic QBers can also check out the new C/C version of Wetspot 3, which will never be as magical as the QB version, but it's still pretty neat! Oh--one more thing: EC has a great design.
  3.   Enhanced Creations: The (New) QB EC Programming Page   
    Description: Angelo Mottola and Petter Holmberg's Enhanced Creations is no longer part of the QB scene, and they've closed up shop at their last QB homepage. Angelo Mottola now has a new C dedicated page that still offers all of the old QB releases. But one day, I happened to stumble upon a very old version of the Enhanced Creations site (1998 era), that I'm sure you'll find interesting.
    Unique Features: Lots of information about Wetspot II including fan-made add-on levels which are no longer available anywhere else. In the Projects section you can read about Angelo's upcoming "set of routines," DirectQB: "Current status: [01/06/98] I'm still thinking how to organize the entire library, to make it easy to use. Nearly all the routines will be probably written in assembly, to ensure a fast execution; this project looks really hard, but I feel it can be done!" Also here is a great little section called the "Best of QB" with the best QB games from 1998 and before. Games in the top ten come with their own little reviews, complete with screenshots and an analysis of the code by Angelo. This site is a treasure trove of old QB goodness that is definitely worth a visit!
  4.   Enigma Software   
    Description: The programming company of Dan Kennedy and Derek Fitzpatrick, which mostly focused on VB programs, but made the occasional QB 4.5 program too. These two were very good coders, but nothing really came out of their site.
    Unique Features: The most promising QB project is their unfinished RPG, Ring of Scars. This site also has a very nice layout, especially considering that it was made in 1998 when ugly layouts were all the rage. Nevertheless, has lots of broken links and not enough content to keep you interested for long.
  5.   Eric Brasseur's QBasic Programs   
    Description: Frenchman's site (in English), offering a large selection of random technology-related content. Included are five QB programs.
    Unique Features: Programs include four graphic demos: "These are four graphic demos based on the same principle. The first one is very simple, just a few lines. The last one is the most complicated. A "cougra" is the generic name my friend Frederic Cloth thought of for such figures." There's also a simple 2D satellite control simulator.
  6.   Eric Phelps' Windows 95 / DOS 7 Batch Programming   
    Description: Large collection of tutorials and sample programs concerned with creating batch files for DOS. Any programmer knows that these are quite often essential for running more complex programs split into separate modules.
    Unique Features: The "Sample Win9x Batch Files" section has a ton of QB programs that will help you create, modify and manipulate batch files. This site is good even if you're using the tutorials just to create a DOS .bat file and are not even interested in the QB apps here.
  7.   Eric Rhodes' QBasic Page   
    Description: Tiny site offering two large zip files with over 50 QB programs each. I don't know if they were originals or just redistributions of other people's freeware programs.
    Unique Features: This site is worthless, because the links to both zip files are now broken.
  8.   Ethan Winer and Full Moon Software   
    Description: Homepage of Ethan Winer, a QB guru who wrote an entire book on advanced QB programming techniques that you may have seen serialized in QB Cult Magazine. This is an excellent read-- well-written and very informative, and it covers some of the most difficult aspects of QB programming that you can't learn anywhere else!
    Unique Features: Winer's book, entitled PC Magazine's BASIC Techniques and Utilities, is available for download in its entirety, in TXT and PDF format. Also available is QuickPack, some custom QB libraries, and a lot of example programs that come with the book.
  9.   Everything QBasic   
    Description: At first this site looks like it's got a lot of great stuff on it, but then you realize that all of its content is directly linked to other sites. Not just copied and reformatted--Everything QBasic directly links to other sites for everything it has.
    Unique Features: The Tips page is Acid Works', the Tutorials are Simply QB's, the Files page is broken, as are the FAQs, the Guestbook, the Discussion Board and the rest of the site. The only thing good here is the Tutorials section, which, as I already mentioned, doesn't even belong to this site.
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