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  1.   Bad-Logic Forum   
    Description: A few years ago, the forum at Bad-Logic.com was an active haven for advanced QuickBasic programmers looking to push the language to its maximum potential. V1ctor and Blitz headed this forum, which was an extension of their main site where you could find programs like the UGL library and DSOCK. Unfortunately at some point, Bad-Logic went down and the forum disappeared. In 2005, Bad-Logic member Marzec relaunched the Bad-Logic forum from a database backup on his own server.
    Unique Features: This forum is no longer active (it gets four or five posts a week, on average), but it is still a valuable resource. Not only does it contain the history of the Bad-Logic site and the months leading up to FreeBasic, but it also has answers to many difficult programming questions in all sorts of languages.
  2.   BASIC Archives   
    Description: Seemingly a HUGE QBasic downloads collection, with no frills and no fluff--just short descriptions.
    Unique Features: Too bad all of the programs are no longer on the server...removed by Fortune City, probably due to inactivity. At least this site still has a large collection of QB links.
  3.   Basic Archives   
    Description: A plain-text Basic resource with information about the history of various Basic compilers as well as resources to help programmers.
    Unique Features: Frequently asked questions, a brief history of BASIC, listings of many different BASIC compilers and interpreters and other relatively boring (but potentially useful) information.
  4.   Basic Central   
    Description: A site with info about a few different versions of BASIC and Pascal, but most of the info here is about QB. The webmaster is working to make his own BASIC compiler called BestBasic.
    Unique Features: Has many useful tutorials on QB, and a decent-sized downloads library with some pretty good games. Its forum also is specifically about QB.
  5.   BASIC File Index   
    Description: An older site with a nice collection of simple games that you might find interesting. It was created by Mark Reed who first featured the BFI on his Doddle Software site, way back in 1997. This site was meant to tailor to all versions of BASIC, but only QBasic and QuickBasic programs are available.
    Unique Features: An interesting collection of programs ("Snot Shooter", "Magazine -- "where you control the publishing of your own magazine", etc.)...but most of them are no longer available. Only the programs at the bottom of the list are still online.
  6.   BASIX Newsletter   
    Description: A short-lived QBasic email magazine, which had two issues in mid-1999. Unfortunately, it didn't last.
    Unique Features: Both issues as well as a few news bulletins are available in the archive. Other than that, this site's pretty bare.
  7.   BattleCraft99   
    Description: Home of BattleCraft99, the creator of Sir Chomps-A-Lot. I like this site; it reminds me of Pete's QBasic Site during its first couple months of existence!
    Unique Features: This site includes original programs, as well as a few full reviews of QB programs.
  8.   Baxter Productions   
    Description: Home of Baxter Productions and Gamma-Flare Games. This entire site is basically dedicated to information about their martial-arts RPG Legends Of Dynasty: Dragon Fist which was never finished. This site was last updated in 1998, and the last information about Legends of Dynasty dates back to 1997.
    Unique Features: There are many screenshots and text descriptions of various parts of the martial arts RPG. I was quite amazed by Legends of Dynasty, considering how old this program is. Very nice graphics! This game was quite an accomplishment for the time--it's a pity it will never be finished.
  9.   Belly Laugh Software   
    Description: Jonadab's Belly Laugh Software is a one-man QB enterprise that basically makes screensavers and simple text file utilities. Included are Loopy Anarchy and QKalied, a kaliedoscope program.
    Unique Features: A small selection of simple programs are here. At least the company has a unique and funny name!
  10.   Billy's QBasic Page   
    Description: Small QB site focusing mainly on helping newbies learn to code both QB and a little bit of Assembly. Has original tutorials written by Billy Miller.
    Unique Features: Several compilers and a handful of small programs that you probably wouldn't be interested in (they do tasks like find prime numbers...). The tutorials section is pretty good, though, with both both Billy's tutorials and a small selection of tutorials by others.
  11.   Blowerstrike's Q(uick)Basic Page   
    Description: This huge archive of QBasic games and programs hasn't been updated since 1998, but it's still a valuable resource to the QB community because of the sheer number of programs here - and how old they are. This site is hosted on GeoCities, so it goes down every once in a while -- whenever anyone downloads a lot of files and exceeds the bandwidth. But when it's up, it's good.
    Unique Features: There are easily over 100 programs here, all from 1998 or earlier. This also has a healthy collection of tutorials, a large list of links to old QB sites (mostly broken, but this site was abandoned in 1998)... and... that's really about it.
  12.   BlueBlaze Dungeon   
    Description: BlueSckR's QB RPGs site, and home to the upcoming RPG ScreenTrap. According to BlueSckR: "ScreenTrap is a cyber punk, science fiction RPG. It'll have a cool story about control, power and a big plot. Gangs of different kinds of men and women rule the world in the future. The state lost his power and people lost their own control. Fanatic groups destroyed huge citys and began to make their own world and own planet...But there is a small group of rebels, in the center of the war, which like to see the earth in peace...
    Unique Features: This site also has a neat little QB RPGs "magazine" of sorts, along with its own pixel art tutorial. Also available is the ToForce Engine V. 0.2, which uses an original library with ASM routines made by BlueSckR.
  13.   Blupoo's QBasic Page   
    Description: Last updated in 2001, Bluepoo's QBasic Page never really got off the ground. It's got one original game for download, and a bit of information on the now-defunct game "Bit World".
    Unique Features: In the My Programs page there's a game called HorsePlay available. The description is: "Puzzle game. Use a horse to get around a chess board. Quite hard." Also in the Projects section, there's a prerendered 3D screenshot from the adventure game Bluepoo was once working on called "Bit World". It looks promising, but there's a snowball's chance in hell that it will ever get finished. So don't hold your breath.
  14.   Bomberpunk's Entertainment Center   
    Description: The QBasic section of Bomberpunk's site exists merely to distribute his own games, which all sound pretty interesting. I haven't tried any of them yet, but I'm definitely going to stop back and check them out for real when I get a chance.
    Unique Features: The games include 2 Drunk Guys, ASCIIvania, Gemini Blast and Katamari Damacy QB, all of which have their own page-long description. There's also a section with brief "reviews" (aka feedback) people have given Bomberpunk on his games. It's a pretty bare site, but who knows, the games might be awesome.
  15.   BREAKEMSoft   
    Description: A programming group named after a QB Super Breakout clone called BREAK'EM, BREAKEMSoft now programs in both C and QBasic.
    Unique Features: This site offers many programs to download, which appear to be mostly originals. Unfortunately, the download links are broken.
  16.   Buff's QuickBasic and PowerBasic Homepage   
    Description: Fred Buffington's site, which is devoted to teaching advanced programming techniques and optimizing code.
    Unique Features: Buff's great "Tips" section is guaranteed to teach any programmer new tricks, and a wide selection of short programs to help programmers learn new techniques.
  17.   Bulma HQ   
    Description: Bulma Productions, a one-of-a-kind QB programming group that makes mature, X-rated sex games, complete with nudity. On the entrance page of the site is this message: "This site is for adults. If you are under 18 or don't like sex, please leave right now.
    Unique Features: Bulma has made quite a few QB games that are surprisingly well-made. Johnny's Sex Adventures Parts 1 & 2 and Suds Skin Parts 1 & 2 are available on this site, along with a few other original programs. As the warning page said, "If you are under 18 or don't like sex," please don't try these programs!
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