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These are upcoming QuickBasic programs that are currently in production by various QB programming groups. Check out the descriptions to find out what you have to look forward to, or submit your upcoming project!

Current Projects:

Adigun Azikiwe Polack - Frantic Journey
Frantic Journey is a beautiful 2D horizontally scrolling space shooting game that is currently being produced by Adigun Azikiwe Polack of AAP Software. According to AAP, Frantic Journey "gladly introduces players to worlds never before seen and hundreds of *so* many enemies to destroy!!"

The graphics on Frantic Journey are delightfully animated, featuring great Mode7-style sprite animation. The game also features a wide array of Power-Ups, hundreds of alien enemies to shoot down, and background music composed by AAP specifically for Frantic Journey. An older demo of the game is available on the official site, and news of the current progress is posted regularly.

Homepage: http://dhost.hopto.org/aapproj/
Estimated Completion: Unknown.
Submitted by: Pete on June 28, 2004

anarky, LUNA Tic - Brainfreeze
The first Freebasic online trivia game. Played in tournaments. You can also join the project! For more info, check the updates online at the URL supplied.

Homepage: http://www.qbasicnetwork.com
Estimated Completion: Unsure, lots of data to write, so little time
Submitted by: anarky on May 25, 2006

Anima Games - Lethal Dimension: Remix
Lethal Dimension Remix will be another LD game, except it will not be an RPG. It will be a game where you run around and fight different people, very alike to Double Dragon for NES. It will most likely be finished sometime this month, but there are still many details I'm still working on.
Look for it soon at my site, or at the Arcade section in this site.

To view more info about it and screenshots, go to my homepage!
-Anima Games 2005

Homepage: http://tswain2.tripod.com
Estimated Completion: Sometime this month (September 2005)
Submitted by: Tetherswain on September 5, 2005

Barok - Rpg Map Editor Version 2.0
Rpg Map Editor is what it sounds like: a map editor made in QBasic, mostly for QBasic games.

My first major release. It has:

-multiple pages
-loads up to 4 tilesets
-mouse support
-easy to use interface

...and much more... Version 2.0 has a bunch of fixes and new additions to the program.

Download Now

Estimated Completion: 100% done (may be updated if there are any requests)
Submitted by: Barok on September 26, 2004

Graham Sclater - Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride

Graham Sclater, the author of this novel, spent much of the sixties living and working as a musician in Hamburg. Ticket to Ride is an account of some of the events that numerous English groups experienced and wished to forget. It is dedicated to the many musicians that failed to survive the trauma and return to England.

During the mid sixties, at the peak of the English group scene in Germany, dozens of groups made the short journey across the English Channel to northern Europe in search of fame and fortune.

This novel follows the exploits of a naïve under aged five-piece group from the south west of England as they made their futile search for success in Germany. Although they set out to follow in the path of the Beatles, they soon fall deep into the world that their contemporaries were fortunate enough to escape.

Based predominately on the Reeperbahn, the red light district of Hamburg, the group is soon dragged down, their lives affected forever by the everyday world of prostitution, sex, drugs and violence, resulting in a total breakdown of the values that they had once believed in.

Realising, too late, that they have no way out, the story charts their desperation and untimely failure.

“Given the opportunity I would do it all over again.”
Reg Simms - 1967

Homepage: http://www.flamebooks.com
Estimated Completion: June 2006
Submitted by: Graham Sclater on April 28, 2006

Hezoe - Doki - RPG
OK, I got frustrated with the originall project so I deleted it all! I changed the story and the only thing that is the same with my new project is the name. So in Doki, you control a small orange creature in a 8*10 map and fight other creatures. You also do quests for a bigger creature. Very simple but enjoyable.

Homepage: http://sitepalace.com/tgsite/
Estimated Completion: 11 June
Submitted by: Hezoe on June 7, 2005

Hezoe(1) - Doki
Doki is a GUI tile-based adventure game programmed in RapidQ, consisting of 20*8 tiles.
Doki is the character that you play as and the aim of the game is to escape from a camp in the middle of a forest called Kahg.
It will have a very simple look but I hope that it ends up being fun.

Homepage: http://sitepalace.com/tgsite/
Estimated Completion: 10 June (maybe)
Submitted by: Hezoe on June 3, 2005

mechman - recall
Recall has been proted to fb.

due to its memory limits in qb.
no offence to qb but times have changed.

now recall can expand to new hights.

recall is a story based fps with relistic inviroments and effects.
based on a demons from hell idea!

violent and scary
filled with secret weapons, rooms, items

dynamic lighting
bump maping
dynamic sound modeling
no loading via streaming
advanced A.I.

comment on ideas here you will be credited!

Estimated Completion: 8 months (when it's done)
Submitted by: mechman on March 9, 2005

mechman - recall
hit a heavy blow when vrwarfare programers quit the project to
goto england

so i piggy is only left
i almost have some pics ready mabey a video

Homepage: none
Estimated Completion: 10 months
Submitted by: mechman on November 24, 2004

Michael Hughes - Euro 2004 : The Road to Portugal
If you're suffering withdrawl symptoms after the end of Euro 2004 this summer, Euro 2004: The Road to Portugal could be the answer to all your problems. Due for release in a few weeks, this small game will allow you to replay the tournament as any team. As well as controlling the "near-ball" player in your team, you'll also be able to select a team from your squad and decide on tactics.

Graphics will be 320x200x256 (DirectQB) with WAV sounds and QMIDI background music.

Estimated Completion: September 2004
Submitted by: Michael Hughes on August 3, 2004

Nebula Software - Nebula Engine II
Nebula Software is in the process of revolutionizing first person shooters in QB with its second incarnation of the Nebula Engine. Based on Enhanced Creations' Project RT engine, the Nebula Engine II features many amazing features never before seen in a QB 3D engine, including mouse control, colored fog, gravity, swimming, destroyable objects and some advanced projectile firing routines.

The Nebula Engine II currently has two demos available at the Nebula Software website. Additionally, the first Nebula Engine is also available.

Homepage: http://home.hetnet.nl/~nebula/nebeng2.html
Estimated Completion:
Submitted by: Pete on June 28, 2004

Nekrophidius - Two Lords

Two Lords is a first-person shooter in the vein of classic games such as Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM, and Heretic. It is being programmed in QuickBASIC 4.5 and MASM 6.11. This program is being developed by Nekrophidius (game developer) with help from the following: Angelo Motolla (RTe core), Blitz (UGL sound engine) and Danny Gump (DashX routines).

You play the role of the younger of two brothers, sworn to watch over and protect all natural magic, a heavy responsibility passed down from your dying parents. Your older brother Asrael, the Lord Of Black Magic, has gone insane and wants complete control over all the magics. As the Lord Of White Magic, you have to destroy all of Asrael's demented demons and regain your lost powers, then put an end to his bloodlust by any means necessary. Of course, that might mean killing your own brother...

Homepage: http://twolords.lostsocksoftware.com/
Estimated Completion: Fourth Quarter 2004
Submitted by: Nekrophidius on July 25, 2004

nukeman ,redg8 ,mechman ,vector7 - RECALL
Vr-Warfare software:
is a FPS

the likes of doom or quake we have tried to make the game
as real as possible in 3d and 2d

were realy folowing the same concept id did.

mechman hears voices that drives his mouse in paint shop pro
he draws pretty sick stuff

redg8 math + strategy

vector7 levels a plenty

and me nukeman lead programer

the current:
textures , sounds 22khz 16bit A3D , maps , music 22khz 4 hours worth

so far it comes to 129 MB

30 MB compressed so far

in about a week we will have our first render pic

Estimated Completion: 6 months
Submitted by: mechman on October 28, 2004

Philquiet - PhysiPool
Yet a pool game! But I won't make it like QBall, it will be a little bit more complicated. It's a game I'll make with Freebasic. We will be able to play 8-ball and 9-ball on three standard size of table.

The trajectories of the balls will be calculate using realistic physic rules. This is the same physics rules that Laurent Buchard used to made a french billiard simulation. (see that at http://perso.wanadoo.fr/laurent.buchard/, it's a french site, so it's in french, eh eh eh)
This simulation is so realistic that it can simulate real artistic billiard shots!! We just have to set the force of the shot, the direction, the place that the cue will touch on the cue ball and the angle of the cue stick. We can do great effects. In the site you will see some exemples of great shots simulated with the Laurent's simulator.

So my game will do the same impressive stuff (but I don't have any merit in this way, the calculations are already write by Laurent. Me, I do by myself the calculations of the hits between balls (it's easy, it have a lot of tutorials about it) and of all the game nor the calculations of the speeds)

For the graphic, it will be in 16bpp direct-color. I'll try to make antialiased lines and ball for smooth animation. I'll try too to make a kind little simplified raytracing for the balls for make them to rotate smootly without using an hundred of sprites for each ball (sorry for my worried english). I have already in head a fast principle for that.
If it's enough fast, i'll also try to add a motion blur when the balls move. For the overral look of the game, it will be nice, thrust me. I'm studiing in graphic design and I wont make a game with poor graphics.

The help of the game will be in french (my beautiful native language, i'm a Quebecer (Canada, province of Quebec)) and in english (the better english I can write)). I will make an help because the controls will be precise and a little bit complicated.

That's that. I hope that you will like the game when it will be done!

Estimated Completion: Unknow
Submitted by: Philquiet on November 4, 2005

Torpor x - Shootzone v1
A very basic 2d-shooting game engine which you can make your own game for (if you wanted (ha)) with a built in game maker. I have to sort a couple of things out but when its done I would like people to let me know better ways to do things or what to add to the next version

Estimated Completion: mid july
Submitted by: Torpor x on June 3, 2005

WisdomDude - Cyber Chick
Cyber Chick is a Metroid-style adventure game, complete with dozens of weapons, enemies and vast worlds to explore. This game features an incredible game engine with smooth animation and excellent physics.

Cyber Chick has been in the works since late 1999 and recently had its final demo released. It features a conspiracy-laden plot about the President of the United States in 2015 trying to control the country's burgeoning population by releasing a plague of AIDS upon the American people. This final demo sports dozens of enemies, a huge game environment, a wide array of power-ups and silky-smooth animation. Also included are a level editor and a music editor, for creating your own Cyber Chick worlds.

Back in November 1999, the first Cyber Chick engine demo received an 85% score from Pete's QBasic Site in a glowing review. We went on to dedicate a new section to following the progress of Cyber Chick, where WisdomDude delivered updates of his engine demo every couple weeks until September of 2000 after the site disbanded. (That section is still available here, though the information is quite outdated.) Cyber Chick went on to get a great response from the QB press and QB gamers alike at the 2000 QB Expo, hosted by V Planet!.

The Cyber Chick final demo is available here. (The file weighs in at about six megabytes.)

Homepage: http://wisdomdude.neozones.com/
Estimated Completion: Later this year.
Submitted by: Pete on June 28, 2004

WisdomDude - QBall
QBall is an online 2-player Pool game in the works from WisdomDude. It clearly boasts great graphics and a very nice interface, and its online features will surely make it a joy to play.

According to WisdomDude (a.k.a. James Robert Osborne), "After I finished the TCP/IP game Connect 4 QB, I was hoping to do the same networking for QBall. I wanted to create a server-based game for QB, however, I don't have a server or anyone willing to give me 24/7 365 yr. access so it would be worthless. What makes me also not want to continue on it.. is it has the same problems as CC and has problems with the mouse in W2k. Maybe I'll finish it off with just peer to peer mode and single mode. This game was based on Yahoo! pool and the games at http://www.flyordie.com."

Here's a screenshot of the game (Click for full size):

Homepage: http://wisdomdude.neozones.com/
Estimated Completion: Eventually
Submitted by: Pete on June 28, 2004

x.t.r.GRAPHICS - SpaceWarp
This is to be a actionRPG. If I have my way with QB, this will be a nail biting space shotter with seek to destroy AI. Graphics are to be colorfull and have depth along with intresting rocket animation. Object of the game: transport your cargo without getting blasted into space dust!

Homepage: http://hometown.aol.com/rattrapmax6/index.com
Estimated Completion: Hopefully this summer of 2005
Submitted by: Kevin on January 4, 2005

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