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There have been thousands of QB sites on the Internet over the past decade, and there have also been thousands of QB sites that have disappeared, moved, died or become inaccessible. QuickBasic sites go down for many reasons; sometimes the owners get fed up and take them down, sometimes servers crash or free web service providers delete outdated sites, sometimes sites move to a new home and disappear...but whatever the reason, QB sites seem to drop like flies. This is a collection of QB links that have been purged from the main Links section because the sites have gone down or disappeared. (Eventually, I may change this site to an ode to dead QB sites and their memories...but until then, this will just house links that have died since they were added to the links section...and NeoZones, since I needed a placeholder for this section until there are actually dead links to purge.)

QBasic Graveyard:

  1.   QB Complete   
    Description: A database-driven QB site that was active back in 2001 or so that never lived up to its potential. This site has the ability for users to upload and rate all types of QB content -- news, programs, games, tutorials, etc. But unfortunately, it never really caught on.
    Unique Features: QB Complete still has a small collection of programs, tutorials, and "code snippets", as well as some interesting article the webmaster wrote in the News Archive section. But that's really about it. I tried to download some of the programs there, but they didn't seem to work. If for any reason, you should check it out for the QB articles in the News Archive section.
  2.   Sia-Tech   
    Description: Chaoticmass's automated site, run completely on original scripts, and featuring several QB downloads on the main section of the site. Sia-Tech also hosts the majority of the old QB45.com downloads library -- hundreds and hundreds of QB downloads are available through the database, if you enter through this backdoor link.
    Unique Features: The main Sia-Tech site is pretty unimpressive; just a few QB downloads with screenshots and brief descriptions. The QB45 backup archive is a good resource, though.
  3.   QueerBasic 4.5   
    Description: Home of a QB comic series by Na_th_an and aetherfox called QueerBasic 4.5. Well-drawn and interesting, but there's not much to the site.
    Unique Features: This comic is just beginning, so there are very few comic strips available. In fact, when I visited, there was only one comic available...with no signs of new comics any time soon.
  4.   QB-RPG Scene   
    Description: A backdoor entrance to the now-defunct QB-RPG Scene. Although this site was closed, it was never taken down... and now you can access most of the original content through this link. Back when it was actually open, this site was pretty cool.
    Unique Features: The QB-RPG Scene has a lot of content that QB RPG programmers will find useful, including several great tutorials, downloads of QB RPGs, walkthroughs, the Top 5 RPGs page, and information on an upcoming RPG from the webmaster, Berzniz. (Berzniz's game was called MyRPG.) Unfortunately, this site's a bit difficult to navigate using this "back door" entrance, and it's missing some content. Still worth a look, though!
  5.   2002 QB Gaming Gold Awards   
    Description: The mini site for the third year of V Planet's Gaming Gold Awards competition. According to the site: "2002 marks the first year of a new tradition for the QB Gaming Gold Awards-- the birth of the Mini-Game Competition! In this contest, QB programmers around the world are given an opportunity to participate in a one-week long, mini-game making competition. In this competition there are four main rules: the program must be coded from scratch, only twenty hours total can be spent making the contest entry, and that the contest entry must be based on one of three categories chosen by the V Planet staff: Solo Sports Games, Platform/Puzzlers, and Top/Down Shooters."
    Unique Features: This site contains all of the entries to the 2002 Gaming Golds, including Albuk's Quest, Black Rhino, MetalQB, Lala and several more. All come with a short review and screenshots. This site is nowhere near as large or complex as the 2000 and 2001 Gaming Gold sites, but it is still a well-done production. Nice layout and good writing, like only the V Planet staff can deliver!
  6.   BASIC Network   
    Description: Site dedicated to all versions ("dialects") of BASIC code, though there's a huge QB following here. This site has a fairly active message board community, and most of them know their way around QB pretty well.
    Unique Features: The BASIC Network is automated to allow members to upload files and tutorials, write about their projects and such, though its layout could use a little work. The heart of this site is the message forum, where you can get help on your programming project, enter contests, download tutorials...or engage in flame wars. It's your choice!
  7.   Semerkoala QB   
    Description: New QB site based on an Invision Message Forum. All of the normal sections are here, including tutorials, downloads, challenges and links. Also here is information about an RPG called Killer Koala, "about a young man named Steve (a.k.a The Koala) living in 2035 in the wasteland known as New York City. When his family was killed by a gang known as the Army of the Abyss he sets out on a manhunt to avenge his family's murder."
    Unique Features: A small site that's still growing. Has some downloadable programs and tutorials, all entered in as individual posts on the message board. It's an interesting way to run a site, and actually works quite well. Semerkoala QB hopes to one day become a community-based site, but right now it's still looking for members.
  8.   Blind Coding   
    Description: A defunct four-person coding group that formed in 2002. Members include aetherFox, Mofu, BlueKeyboard and Neo. They were working on a Futuristic Action Role-Playing Game called Kyro and created their own simplisitic library called PQBLib 0.1 - "a pure qb lib with fast put routines, pset, point and lots of more."
    Unique Features: This group really didn't end up producing much, and their site is pretty empty. The only original program here is PQBLib 0.1. At least the Blind Coding site has a nice layout.
  9.   WisdomDude's Site   
    Description: James Robert Osborne, aka WisdomDude has made quite a few great QB games including Hackman 1-3, Connect4 QB featuring online play, QBall (a pool game) and the amazing Metroid-style shooter, Cyber Chick. This personal site is part-online journal, part-QB downloads page.
    Unique Features: As far as QB content goes, there are just screenshots and downloads of all of WisdomDude's programs, as well as occasional news updates on their progress.
  10.   QuickBasic And More   
    Description: Raze's site, last updated in 2000. Has some original tutorials (a beginners' series and an basic ASM tutorial). Also has information about an unfinished and untitled action RPG project.
    Unique Features: QuickBasic And More has a small collection of programs by Raze. They include SuitOrder, a Solitaire game, a Minesweeper game and some ASM PUT routines. Also houses a nice collection of ASM tutorials.
  11.   Atosoft QB   
    Description: Home of Atosoft, a programming group made up of Oz, Znshz, and HQSneaker. Currently the site is very young and doesn't have much to offer (though there is a neat animated flash navigation strip, complete with sound).
    Unique Features: Currently there is one product available for download: Hobbit 3D. The Lord of the Rings-inspired game "will change the QBasic World." This is mainly because of "a 3D QB Programming Suite, called AtosoftQB 3D Suite" which is being developed for Hobbit 3D. It definitely sounds interesting! This site also has an Upload and Download system for distributing QB files, though it hasn't been used much yet.
  12.   JQB45.com   
    Description: JQB45's projects page, which specializes in compiler and compiler related utility development. His original compiler is called JBasic, and he's making an DOS IDE called JIDE. Also, according to JQB45, "the entire site was developed in ASP.NET complete with thread based discussion board with syntax highlighting."
    Unique Features: I'm not sure how closely related JBasic is to QB, but I do know that JQB45 is pretty active in the QB community (even his name has "QB45" in it). His site's forum has attracted posts from some pretty predominant QB coders. But right now, there's not much to this site. At least it has a nice layout!
  13.   Bad Logic   
    Description: Blitz and v1ctor's programming site, and home to the Bad Logic coding team. This highly-skilled programming duo has mastered the art of ASM, creating the phenomenal UGL QB graphics library.
    Unique Features: The Bad Logic site doesn't have much on it; just downloads of the various releases of UGL, a collection of eBooks on 3D programming, Math/Physics and ASM and a nice message board. The UGL library is certainly worth the trip, though!
  14.   NeoZones Productions   
    Description: Tek's famous QB site, once the center of the QB community, sadly is no more. The home of QCity, the astonishingly-active QBoard, the incredible Ask Tek FAQ section, the Code-X challeges and original productions like Tile Engine 3, n!Media and Indigo Moon, has been shut down since 2001. NeoZones is one of the few QB sites (along with Future Software) to ever get universally praised by all other QB sites on the Internet. In fact, NeoZones won the one-of-a-kind Pete's QBasic Site "Site of the Millenium" award in 1999 for its achievance in excellency. As far as classic QB sites went, NeoZones was king.
    Unique Features: When you click this link, you will be directed to tekscode.com, which basically hosts Tek's resume.
  15.   QBasic Files   
    Description: Just getting off the ground, this site hopes to one day be a huge archive of downloadable QBasic programs.
    Unique Features: This site started two weeks ago (today is July 17, 2004), and really hasn't had a chance to get started yet. As of right now, there's one file in the database. Hopefully that will change soon...but until then, this site is empty.
  16.   Into The Fight, a Pure QBasic Demo   
    Description: Site by two experienced coders: Michael Kargas (aka Optimus) and Javier (TeXeL). These two make some of the neatest graphical demos QB has ever seen. In 2000, they released Into The Fight, a collection of advanced graphical demos that got 3rd place in Toshi's Intro Competition. Optimus also made the graphics demo Deedline Sax.
    Unique Features: This site has a lot of screenshots of the beautiful art these graphics demos create. Also, all of the programs featured on this site are available for download. A nice single-purpose site, though there's very little there.
  17.   QBasic Page CZ   
    Description: Czech QB page that I had a very hard time understanding (normally in French or German QB sites, I can fudge my way through and understand enough to tell you what's there--here, it's much harder). Includes a big selection of original programs and some beginners tutorials.
    Unique Features: Features a list of many programs whose titles are mostly in English. They are all made by two fellows, Zdrojový kód and Knihovna. The programs are mostly utilities; one converts .GIFs to BSAVE format and another lets you load Windows fonts in QB, for example.
  18.   QuickBasic France   
    Description: A good French site, in French, tailoring to beginners and more advanced programmers. Has a lot of information on how to use the Future Library, as well as tutorials on doing interesting things with color and graphics in QB.
    Unique Features: Has some good French tutorials and a nice selection of downloads (most of which are in French). For example, there's a good tutorial on how to make Plasma effects in QB, but keep in mind that if you don't know any French, it won't be of much help.
  19.   JdR's World   
    Description: QB software developer that has some off-beat titles including the Rubik's-Cube-Solver, JdR Pac-Man or Day of the Pidiot: "On March 14th, (=pi-day), four math-professors have been kidnapped! Try to get them back and save pi-day."
    Unique Features: This is a half-personal homepage / half-QB site with some pretty random content. JdR does a good job of showing off his original QB programs in the "Software" and "Games" sections. The rest is not really QB-related, though.
  20.   TIKITAC   
    Description: Four-person programming group with a lot of interesting content on their website, including humorous articles and a lot of original (but simple) games. They include such QB classics as VIRTUAL TORTURE CHAMBER! and Tyler's Battle where You are stuck in a dream where you fight Donut People with Potato Chips, Muffin Mines, and Choco-missiles.
    Unique Features: I really like this site because of its originality. Although the programs are not very complex, they are original and interesting...not just checkers and pong simulators. There are also many good QB downloads here, tutorials, articles and more. Check out the upcoming RPG TroubleMakers. Here's the description: This is an RPG where you're trying to change your grades to A's. You have to sneak into the school and fight teachers and bullies.
  21.   Q-Tech   
    Description: An automated QB community site, where members can join and add programs, tutorials and post news and post on the message board. If it had more users, it would be a much more useful site.
    Unique Features: Has some good resources and games to download, but they're mostly available elsewhere. This site is well-organized, but the number of users and visitors is directly related to how much content and new information is added--that is to say, updates are few and far between. Still worth a look, though!
  22.   ZenQB   
    Description: Site by a dude named syn9 who doesn't capitalize much. The site can be summed up in this one line: "i am still a firm believer that a complete 3d rpg can be accomplished in qb, and i still walk the path to complete one."
    Unique Features: In production are the ZenQB Modeller and a mapmaker for 3D QB games. syn9 also has an RPG in the works, though there's not much information about it. In fact, there's not much information on this site at all. At least it's got a nice layout!
  23.   Matt2Jones' QBasic Site   
    Description: Site of a QB RPG programmer with attitude named Matt2Jones. He's made several games, including gOODbyE and The Mount Cloudtip Prophecy. His current big RPG project is called Ellinda and looks pretty interesting.
    Unique Features: Matt2Jones has a lot of interesting ideas for RPGs. His site has a lot of info about QB RPGs, such as a Top Five RPGs section and some rant articles on random RPG topics. His downloads section has a nice selection of original work too.
  24.   KDS Software: The Computer Shack   
    Description: KDS Software is basically a one-man programming group working on an RPG called The Fate of the Sword. This game uses the DirectQB library, and that's basically all the site says about it.
    Unique Features: This is a very annoying site, full of bright colors that hurt the eyes and scrolling marquees. It also has a flawed navigation system that makes a lot of the sections unaccessible. Has a lot of information about commercial videogames.
  25.   QB45 Programming Network   
    Description: Not to be confused with QB45.com or Future Software, the QB45 Programming Network clearly looks like it is out to gain from people who mistake QB45.com's url. Two URLs point to this site: QB45.net and QB45.org, both registered by the QB Philanthropist Marcade. (Yeah, the same guy who registered Neozones.com a few years ago, much to the chagrin of NeoZones Productions.) Marcade's intentions, I'm sure, are good--these are up in case the real QB45.com goes down--but basically, it's a distraction from the real thing. Why not a QB45.com mirror with a forwarding link instead?
    Unique Features: Currently, both sites are "temporarily unavailable" and have been replaced by a message board with few visitors and rare postings. Not really worth the time.
  26.   CosmoSoft Development Studios   
    Description: CosmoSoft is the group behind the impressive CosmoX QB library, which sports an impressive 250 routines. Another project is OpenQB, which is a 3D API.
    Unique Features: Information about CosmoSoft releases (mostly about CosmoX), and downloads of these programs. That's about it. At least it has a nice layout.
  27.   MAXcode   
    Description: A HUGE multi-language site that offers thousands of programs for download.
    Unique Features: In the QB section, there are nearly 1000 programs available, as well as quite a few tutorials. Most of the programs are simple and amount to little more than screensavers or tiny utilities that perform functions like find prime numbers...but there's still a lot of stuff here!
  28.   Goblinboy's QBasic Page   
    Description: "Hi! This is Goblinboy. I created this QBasic site out of renewed interest in the language (namely, Java wouldn't work on my computer). Anyway, I've got a good (I think) set of tutorials for the new or, uh... not-quite-expert programmers."
    Unique Features: Several simple programs by GoblinBoy, including a tournament manager (his "baby"), and a game starring a caterpillar. Also, some original tutorials for beginners.
  29.   Code Post   
    Description: The Code Post, a shared QB message board that once had a lot of visitors. It's still a good resource, and has a lot of sites pointing to it.
    Unique Features: I'm sure if you post a question here, you'll eventually get a response. It just might take a whie...
  30.   Aura Flow   
    Description: A five-person group of gifted QB programmers, the guys behind the super speedy RelLib as well as the amazing space shooter, Frantic Journey. The website is kind of dark, ambiguous and bare, though.
    Unique Features: Basically a distribution site for the team's quality programs. Can't argue with that!
  31.   Froe Moe Software   
    Description: A multi-language programming group. They use C/C , JavaScript and QB. There's some interesting content here. Take the game Saunders for instance: "ou are saunders and you walk around the level trying to eat twinkies. You are quickly losing energy, and if the purple blob gets you, you will lose much more."
    Unique Features: Half a dozen original QB products, plus some games in other languages. It also has an overly bright and cheery layout, with bright orange and blue trim.
  32.   CVR - CodeVirusRecords   
    Description: Creactive's programming site with a ton of original QB programs, and even more significantly, a lot of original advanced QB programming tutorials.
    Unique Features: Too bad all of the programs and tutorials have broken links. There is a message on the main page that says that after a server change, a lot of the links were broken. Too bad; this site clearly had a lot of useful content. Without that downloadable content, this is just another candidate for the QB Internet Graveyard.
  33.   TIS's Webpage   
    Description: Australian homepage with an itty-bitty Programming section.
    Unique Features: There are three QB games available for download. Also, the Humor section has some programming jokes in it that you might enjoy.
  34.   RuFF StuFF Game Programming Page   
    Description: QB and C/C programming group RuFF StuFF is no longer updating, but their site is still available. This site has information about a few QB and C projects. On the QB side of things, there's a bit of info about a game called Planetery Defense.
    Unique Features: Has a pretty unhealthy supply of QB downloads. Most of the links no longer work because they direct you to sites that have since folded. Mixed among these, though, are a few original programs, still available for download. Check out the fighting game Morto in QB, then take a look at the C upgrade, Morto 2!
  35.   Brian Emmer's QBASIC Programs   
    Description: Brian Emmer's QB games distribution site. Includes several simple, original games.
    Unique Features: Games including NFL Quarterback, Craps and Hangman are here for the taking.
  36.   Generation-X QBasic Page   
    Description: A well-organized site that has a few projects of its own: Frogger Lives, the BASIC-X library, and a utility that converts .GIF files to BSAVE format.
    Unique Features: Includes a lot of reference files, such as FAQ pages, a "Documents" section with other people's tutorials, and original tutorials in the Tutorials section. Additionally, there is a collection of nearly 100 programs to download.
  37.   QBasic Argentina   
    Description: A very nice Argentinan QBasic site. Beware though--all of its content is in Spanish!
    Unique Features: This is a well-organized, attractive site, with well over 300 programs, many of which you've probably never seen before because they were created by the Spanish QB community. QBasic.com.ar also has some very complete QB tutorials in Spanish that would be valuable resources to any Spanish-speaking programmer. Even if you don't speak a word of Spanish, this site is worth a look.
  38.   BASIC Programs Homepage   
    Description: A one-page site offering a grand total of seven QB programs for download. And that's it. And no, the programs weren't even made by the webmaster.
    Unique Features: At least two of the programs were submitted by visitors.
  39.   Xlat's House of Code   
    Description: A British coder named Xlat created this site to distribute programs and information for a variety of different languages. In the works back in 1999 was an Assembly compiler for QB code called LindX that was most likely never finished.
    Unique Features: In the BASIC section, there are two programs: LindX and QB13h, a Screen 13 management program. There's not much other QB content.
  40.   Lightning Entertainment   
    Description: The site of Matt Borkowski, a contributor to Pete's QB Site several years ago. Lightning Entertainment is very small, and features two of Matt's original programs.
    Unique Features: Includes a total of three programs to download, Matt Borkowski's "Game Ideas," two original tutorials meant for newbies and some information on some upcoming projects.
  41.   QNN   
    Description: The QBasic version of CNN-- one of the original QBasic News sites on the Internet, brought to you by Ahmed. QNN also reviewed other QB sites.
    Unique Features: The site reviews section is great, as is the Projects section, which is a listing of upcoming QB games coming from development groups all over the QB community. This was a nice little site back when it was updated, but once a news site is no longer updated, it is more of an "olds" site, I guess. (Boy, that was a lame joke, Pete.)
  42.   All BASIC Code (ABC) Archives   
    Description: An absolutely HUGE archive of "code snippets" -- small utitlities or tutorial programs (for all versions of BASIC) that are released in giant "packets" every year. (Packets have been released since the early 1980's.) The only problem is it's quite difficult to find exactly what you're looking for, since there's no search feature or index. Also, some areas of the site require registration.
    Unique Features: There's more code than you could ever dream of available on this site, though it's a bit hard to search through. If this had a better design, it would be much more useful.
  43.   QBot's QB Page   
    Description: An entertaining little site from a programmer with a sense of humor. Check out Hampster Wars, or the simple, yet fun Tank Wars!
    Unique Features: The Conspiracies and Literature sections are pretty entertaining. QBot also offers several finished programs and demos of projects for download. AND...The layout reminds me of Pete's QB Site from back in the day.
  44.   Chris's QBasic Page   
    Description: A small QB site made by Chris Ogut that looks as if it's never been updated.
    Unique Features: Includes nine programs to download and QBASIC 1.1, but the links were broken when I visited.
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