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  1.   19Day Programming Productions   
    Description: 19Day has been a regular at NeoZones forever, and was once working on an interesting game called MazeRPG starring a yellow smily face that reminds me of Pac-Man. If memory serves right, the smily from Maze RPG even made a cameo in Danny Gump's RPG, The Mystical Journey.
    Unique Features: 19Day's site doesn't have much to it. It's got a lot of art and writing, but as far as QB content, it's limited to demos of MazeRPG and a few other original utilities, such as a DirectQB Font Editor with increased capability over the one that comes standard with the library.
  2.   2000 QB Gaming Gold Awards Page   
    Description: The first iteration of V Planet's QB Gaming Gold Awards occurred in 2000 as a joint venture between Future Software and the budding QB magazine and reviews site. Since the 2000 G.G. Awards were the first, all QB games that were ever released to that point were considered for awards. As a result, the contest was dominated by QB classics like Milo Sedlacek's Monospace and Angelo Mottola's Wetspot 2.
    Unique Features: The 2000 Gaming Golds site has information and screenshots of all nominated programs and does a great job explaining why each program (or programmer) deserves the nomination. This site covers the most important QB games released since the dawn of the QB Community until 2000, and will forever be the most important of the Gaming Gold contests.
  3.   2001 QB Gaming Gold Awards page   
    Description: A mini-site hosting V Planet's 2001 QB Gaming Gold Awards, where various QB games released in 2001 competed for prizes including Best RPG, Best Gaming Babe, Best Programming Team and Game of the Year. DarkDread's famed RPG Mysterious Song took many of the top prizes, and was named game of the year in 2001.
    Unique Features: This is a nicely-organized site with lots of information about all the nominees, complete with screenshots. It also has tallies of the winners and links to the sites of all the nominees. A well-made site and a great time capsule. Someday when your kids ask "What was the QB community like in 2001?" you can say "Well, why don't you take a look at the 2001 QB Gaming Gold Awards Page?"
  4.   4D's QBasic Hut   
    Description: Pronounced "Ford's," 4D's QBasic Hut is the homepage of Adam Wenrick and Turbovex Software. This is a small site for distributing a few original programs.
    Unique Features: Games on this site include Lowfeul (spelled wrong intentionally), and an Ultima-style game called TV-2. There are a few more custom-made programs here too.
  5.   99 Bottles of Beer - One Program in Over 600 Variations   
    Description: You know that old repetitive song "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall"? Well, there's a site devoted to creating programs that will type the lyrics to it on your screen in hundreds of different programming languages!
    Unique Features: QBasic and QuickBasic are included on this site, as well as other dialects of BASIC that are compatible with QB. This is a fun diversion, and it's neat to see the similiarities and differences between all the different programming languages.
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