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  1.   Casmaster's Domain   
    Description: Site about many things like console gaming, art, etc. Also has original QBasic downloads and information / screenshots about the upcoming RPG Ogrex and a QB chess game called Crazychess.
    Unique Features: There's a total of about ten different QB downloads here, most of which are simple games.
  2.   Charn's QBasic Page   
    Description: A small QB site offering two original QB screen savers and an introductory tutorial on sprite handling.
    Unique Features: A pukalicious spiderweb background that makes this site nearly impossible to read. It also Has some info on Mandelbrot Sets.
  3.   Chooo!!!!!   
    Description: "The (2nd) most unofficial QBasic page IN THE WORLD" brought to you by mennonite. (The title of this page seems to be a parody of "AHHHH!!!! - THE MOST UNOFFICIAL QBASIC PAGE IN THE WORLD!") A disorganized but interesting and useful site.
    Unique Features: Mennonite's site has all kinds of random QB-related content on it, including a "QBasic to FreeBasic tutorial", an interesting project to end broken QBasic Links, a list of a lot of upcoming projects (ranging from vaporware projects to ones that have actually been completed), a lot of quotes and useful links, and more. There is also a lot of information here pertaining to "The QBasic Forum", the popular Network54 QB board linked to by QBasic.com.
  4.   Chris Davies' Homepage   
    Description: General programming site by Chris Davies. (Chris used to run "Richard and Chris' QBasic Site".) This site has Chris' programming samples in several languages, but mostly C and QB.
    Unique Features: This has a nice layout, and a dedicated QB section. There are few tutorials, and a handful of original QB programs (which you can find in the "Programs" section). It's just a personal programming site, so there's not much here.
  5.   CircuitSoft   
    Description: An odd programming group that has three different sub-websites, each created by different members. The only one with any content is Chris Davies', which distributes an OS shell written in QB called Windos 2000. (I was actually quite impressed with Windos 2000--not a complete OS by any stretch of the imagination, but it did have a lot of options and packed-in programs, as well as a nice Windows-style GUI. I figured that it would have been a joke written by some kid...but there was actually something to it.)
    Unique Features: In addition to the Paint and screensavers included with Windos 2000, there are special add-on programs including a Y2K Checker, NET-CHAT v1.00 which lets two computers can communicate using a serial cable, and many more.
  6.   ClearGenesis Studios   
    Description: Single-page site of a QB programmer who was making a MechWarrior clone for the Qlympics a long time ago. His site is still up, and the 3D engine demo is still downloadable.
    Unique Features: Aside from the downloadable engine demo, there are a lot of pictures of mechs from various animes and videogames here. And that's pretty much it.
  7.   Cleber de Mattos Casali Games Page   
    Description: Home of a CMC Productions, a Portugese programmer who created one of the most popular QB RPGs ever, DarkPhear. He has since left QB, but all of his excellent QB releases are still available on this site.
    Unique Features: Aside from the phenomenal DarkPhear, CMC Productions has released QBmIRC, an mIRC script which allows for networked QB games over the Internet, and some Quicklibraries that you might find useful.
  8.   CLS: QBasic Ezine For New Programmers   
    Description: "In case you are wondering, CLS is one of the most basic commands in BASIC programming. It tells the computer to clear the screen. I don't have any metaphorical reasons for naming this e-zine CLS. It just sonded like a hell of an idea. Metaphorically speaking, it could be a call to clear all the old ideas you have about programming out and put the new ideas in, but I'm not that metaphorical."
    Unique Features: This "Ezine" amounts to a few small beginners' tutorials and two VERY simple programs for download. There's also a Call for Columnists, asking people to contribute to this ill-fated Ezine. Too bad nobody ever did.
  9.   Code002's QBasic Programming   
    Description: Code002's page looks like it's there just to distribute a handful of homebrew games including Checkers and some card games.
    Unique Features: Features two programs sections: Source Code (original games--QB source in .txt format) and Zips (QB games made by others, such as QBlocks).
  10.   Coderz Domain   
    Description: A site by Richard M. Colletta offering two programs for download and describing two projects: The Adventures of Spaceman Bob and The Omega Project.
    Unique Features: The Omega Project has some preliminary documentation, Spaceman Bob has a screenshot, and ZGUI and Slap'Em (a shooting game) are available to download.
  11.   Code Source   
    Description: A pretty typical QB downloads page (though there are also many GWBasic programs here too). Evingham, the site's designer, has contributed many of these programs such as his simple Western RPG SixGun.
    Unique Features: Has a nice selection of simple older programs; most of them were made in 1995 or earlier. You'll see some familiar names on this site, though, like Fred Buffington and Tim Truman (two veterans of the QB scene, dating back to the very beginning).
  12.   ComputerGhost's Website   
    Description: ComputerGhost's website looks pretty run-of-the-mill, but he has written several very good tutorials on how to program with QB. You've got to respect that.
    Unique Features: Also available are some original games, such as Fly, where you're a fly avoiding flyswatters and cars, and Smalltops "A Space Game Where you Stop the Supply Ships From Getting to the Aliens." I especially like that ComputerGhost wrote his series of tutorials--which definitely took a nice time investment.
  13.   Connor's House   
    Description: Famous for its QBasic Links collection, which was once the largest and most complete QB Links archive on the Internet (with over 600 links). Connor's QB Links now consists of about 180 sites--and many of them are broken. This really is a testament to the shrinking size of the QB community.
    Unique Features: In addition to the links, also features the "QBasic Guidebook" which includes QB Tips, QB Benchmarks (comparing different routines that do the same thing to see which is faster), and a QB syntax guide.
  14.   CoreSoft Development   
    Description: CoreSoft is a one-man operation that has a neat dark style to its webpage and games. It took up reviewing QB games a long time ago because of the influence of Pete's QBasic Site.
    Unique Features: Includes reviews of several QB games with a unique "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" format. Also, information about the QB-RPG that (was) in the works, Omens of the Night.
  15.   Cornel's QBasic-Site   
    Description: Tiny site in a Germanic-looking language. One blank white page with a a single program to download called Galgje.bas.
    Unique Features: This site also has its own message forum. Oh, and a chat room, since I'm sure it gets lot of hits.
  16.   Cube-E Josh's QB Site   
    Description: Just starting QB site by a guy named Josh. Here you can find out about his Tetris game with a twist, called Ludatris or his impressive graphics demo, Ghostcube.
    Unique Features: First off, this site does not load properly in anything but Internet Explorer. It has a cool background beat (one of the few sites with background music that I've actually liked) and uses quite a bit of flash. Currently, there's not much here. If it grows, I'll certainly up the score!
  17.   Curly's Mega Web   
    Description: A QB and VB programmer who uses the languages to mutually help each other; he has created a nice Win9x app that will automatically run .bas files from Windows Explorer (with libraries too, if necessary), as well as a QB graphics converter program made in VB. Additionally, there's a Dr. Mario-like game called, simply, Game, and also a cool twist on Pac-Man here called Mom here where players have to run around the level and light up light bulbs instead of eating dots.
    Unique Features: All of the programs come with screenshots and nice little descriptions, and some of the programs have separate pages that go into even more detail. Of course, this is just to distribute Curly's programs, so there's not much to it.
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