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These tutorials cover Assembly programming; they will teach you how to create ASM libraries that you can use to vastly improve the speed of your QuickBasic programs.

General Assembly Tutorials
Assembly in QBasic A good tutorial for beginners in ASM. You should know HEX first. (HEX tutorial is located in the misc. section) Aaron Severn
Assembly Language Tutorial v0.3 A very good tutorial for ASM beginners. Includes some source. Only about 1/2 done, and most likely will never be finished. Milo Sedlacek & Drew Vogel
Assembly Language Tutor A very large ASM tutorial. Highly recommended! Created by a student at the University of Guadalajara. Hugo Perez
Assembly in QBasic: Code .386 A nice tutorial including lots of source. Basically shows how to do 386 ASM in QuickBASIC. Rick Elbers
Assembly in QB The start of a great ASM series that was unfortunately never finished. This tutorial covers just the basics of ASM, for the new assembler programmer. (QB Chronicles #4) Fling-master
Assembler Programming for QuickBasic Creating assembly routines specifically for QuickBasic -- dealing with common variables and such. Assumes you already know both QuickBasic and ASM. (QBNews Vol. 1 No. 3) Tom Hanlin
ASM Graphics & Mouse Using snippets of assembly in your QB program to speed up graphics and use the mouse. Charles Johnson
ASM in QB: Interrupt Handlers Discusses interrupt vectors and interrupt handlers, and explains how you can incorporate ASM code into your QBasic programs through a variety of tricks and "short longcuts". Rick Elbers
ASM Libraries A very short tutorial on making ASM libraries for QB. Spirit and Source
ASM Vectors A nice tutorial that shows how to use interrupts through ASM. Useful! Rick Elbers
Converting ASM String Functions to BASIC 7.X Using both Near Strings and Far Strings in PDS 7.X, and dealing with their memory locations. (QBNews Vol. 3 No. 1) Jay Munro
DEBUG Tutorial Explains how to use DEBUG.COM to create your own assembler programs. Covers the basics of the ASM language. Unknown
Extending the QBasic Interpreter Achieving advanced QuickBasic functions through the free QBasic interpreter, using CALL ABSOLUTE and assembly routines. This tutorial explains how to do DOS and BIOS interrupt calls, instant memory block copies and fast color single-line box drawings in QBasic. (QBNews Vol. 3 No. 1) Brent Ashley
How To: Assembly Language Routines, Fast Graphical Routines, Mouse Stuff and More. Includes mouse routines, fast graphics routines and a several custom ASM graphics routines too. Charles Johnson
Infix to ASM Convertor Plan Infix notation is the arithmetic formula notation where numbers and operations are written in a "tree format". This will show you how to convert this notation to ASM. (QBOA Issue 4) Logiclrd
The PC Assembler Tutor A giant book covering all aspects of ASM programming (more than 26 chapters). Incredibly thorough, and hits on topics that none of the other ASM tutorials don't touch. This also includes a nice BASIC tutorial. Not recommended for newbies. Species (Distributor)
QB Parameter Passing Passing parameters between ASM code and QB functions. (QBOA Issue 4) Sten Daniel Sørsdal
Secret ASM tricks for QB Some tricks you can do with ASM in QuickBasic -- retreiving DEF SEG segments, various screen info, and a bit more. (QBOA Issue 2) Sten Daniel Sørsdal
Shimmer QuickBasic ASM Tutorial A great ASM tutorial for beginners. This tutorial is tailored especially toward QuickBasic, and gives a lot of good insights. Better-written and more interesting than most. CGI Joe
Using Assembly in QuickBasic: Part I A well-written introduction to ASM covering topics like 'Assembling' in DEBUG, using CALL ABSOLUTE and exchanging variable data between QB and ASM. This tutorial is far from complete, but it covers the most important topics right of the bat. A good supplement to one of the more complete series. Raze
Writing Your Own GET & PUT Routines Using ASM to create faster and improved GET/PUT routines for your QB program. (QB Cult Magazine #2) Matthew R. Knight

Petter Holmberg's ASM Series
Part 1: Getting Started Getting Started -- History of assembler, binary and hexadecimal numbers Petter Holmberg
Part 2: The Basics Your first assembly routine. Petter Holmberg
Part 3: Data Manipulation Registers, the stack, MOV, arithmetic operations, using CALL ABSOLUTE and a whole lot more! Petter Holmberg
Part 4: Flow Control Controlling the program flow, JMP, CALL, RET, how to make a PUT routine with clipping, and much more. Petter Holmberg
Part 5: I/O Using com ports, interrupts, and making a keyboard handler. Petter Holmberg
Part 6: Closing Up Numbers in assembler, optimizing ASM code, when to use ASM code in QB, finding errors, and a list of ASM commands. Petter Holmberg
Absolute Assembly v2.1 Absolute Assembly. Petter's application which allows you to insert Assembly commands into your QB program easily. Petter Holmberg

Petter Holmberg's ASM Series: Original QB:TM Versions
Assembly Series: Part 1 "What is assembler?" and working with hexadecimal and binary numbers as well as memory addresses. (QB:TM #4) Petter Holmberg
Assembly Series: Part 2 The basics: MOV, PUSH, etc., then incorporating your new assembly program into QBasic. (QB:TM #5) Petter Holmberg
Assembly Series: Part 3 Continuation covering basic math operations, logical instructions, dealing with memory space, and then sample code on shift and rotation operations. (QB:TM #6) Petter Holmberg
Assembly Series: Part 4 Controlling program flow: using the equivalent of GOTO and subroutines in assembly. (QB:TM #7) Petter Holmberg
Assembly Series: Part 5 Hardware I/O: using the ports and getting user input. (QB:TM #8) Petter Holmberg
Assembly Series: Part 6 Some more on using numbers in assembly, how to optimize your code, and some appendices of everything you've learned in this great series. (QB:TM #9) Petter Holmberg

"Learn ASM In One Hour Flat" Series by abionnnn
ASM in QBasic (Part 1) A brief introduction to ASM programming covering the basics like MOV and ADD. (QB Times #1) abionnnn
ASM in QBasic (Part 2) Lessons 3 and 4: More ASM commands and how to make ASM procedures. (QB Times #2) abionnnn
ASM in QBasic (Part 3) Part 3 of abionnnn's ASM series, with Lesson No. 5 on a Different Approach to ASM programming. (QB Times #4) abionnnn
ASM in QBasic (Parts 4 & 5) Lesson no. 6 -- 8-bit registers; Lesson no. 7 -- Segment Registers and memory; Lesson no. 8 -- Basics of the Stack; Lesson no. 9 -- Procedures 2; abionnnn
ASM in QBasic (Part 6) Lesson No. 9: Putting it together; Lesson No. 10: Extended Mov commands. (QB Times #9) abionnnn
Logic Introduction to using logic gates, with ASM code. Covers AND, NOT and Redundanments. (QB Times #9) abionnnn

Doorknob Software ASM Tutorials
Part 1 Introduction, interrupts, registers, compiling, memory, addressing, variables and more. Doorknob Software
Part 2 Special segments, loops, line labels, graphics, graphics file loading and more. Doorknob Software
Part 3 The palette. Doorknob Software
Appendix 1 Including ASM code in your QB program: The Call Absolute Way, The LINKing way, and making a library. Doorknob Software
Appendix 2 Logical Operators Doorknob Software
Appendix 3 Non-Decimal Numbering Doorknob Software

Submitted Assembly Tutorials
ASM.zip All in 1!. This is all the ASM tutorials here as of August 16 put into 1 zip file and all in .txt format but 1 that is in HTML format because I could not convert it. (Submitted by Nathan1993 on August 16, 2005) Many
asm.txt The ULTAMITE ASM Tutorial!. This tutorial teaches everything about assembler, from numbering systems to GFX, but it does not say anything about how to put it into QB. FB for dos, anyone? (Submitted by Nathan1993 on August 17, 2005) Ralph (fu@ckz.org)

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