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  1.   99 Bottles of Beer - One Program in Over 600 Variations   
    Description: You know that old repetitive song "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall"? Well, there's a site devoted to creating programs that will type the lyrics to it on your screen in hundreds of different programming languages!
    Unique Features: QBasic and QuickBasic are included on this site, as well as other dialects of BASIC that are compatible with QB. This is a fun diversion, and it's neat to see the similiarities and differences between all the different programming languages.
  2.   Antoni Gual Quick Basic Page   
    Description: Site of a QB coder from Spain, available in both Spanish and English. Antoni writes original QB programs with an anti-ASM QB philosophy: "None of the files use a line of assembler. Pure Qbasic. Everything with its source."
    Unique Features: Antoni's site offers many neat programs to download, including a Screen 13 animated GIF displayer, many graphics demos, an Othello game, some 3D modelling programs and some interesting library utilities. There are also some tutorials here (including a nice original one on using the mouse in QB) and also some programming utilities, useful for converting QB code to other BASIC languages.
  3.   Bad-Logic Forum   
    Description: A few years ago, the forum at Bad-Logic.com was an active haven for advanced QuickBasic programmers looking to push the language to its maximum potential. V1ctor and Blitz headed this forum, which was an extension of their main site where you could find programs like the UGL library and DSOCK. Unfortunately at some point, Bad-Logic went down and the forum disappeared. In 2005, Bad-Logic member Marzec relaunched the Bad-Logic forum from a database backup on his own server.
    Unique Features: This forum is no longer active (it gets four or five posts a week, on average), but it is still a valuable resource. Not only does it contain the history of the Bad-Logic site and the months leading up to FreeBasic, but it also has answers to many difficult programming questions in all sorts of languages.
  4.   Baxter Productions   
    Description: Home of Baxter Productions and Gamma-Flare Games. This entire site is basically dedicated to information about their martial-arts RPG Legends Of Dynasty: Dragon Fist which was never finished. This site was last updated in 1998, and the last information about Legends of Dynasty dates back to 1997.
    Unique Features: There are many screenshots and text descriptions of various parts of the martial arts RPG. I was quite amazed by Legends of Dynasty, considering how old this program is. Very nice graphics! This game was quite an accomplishment for the time--it's a pity it will never be finished.
  5.   BlueBlaze Dungeon   
    Description: BlueSckR's QB RPGs site, and home to the upcoming RPG ScreenTrap. According to BlueSckR: "ScreenTrap is a cyber punk, science fiction RPG. It'll have a cool story about control, power and a big plot. Gangs of different kinds of men and women rule the world in the future. The state lost his power and people lost their own control. Fanatic groups destroyed huge citys and began to make their own world and own planet...But there is a small group of rebels, in the center of the war, which like to see the earth in peace...
    Unique Features: This site also has a neat little QB RPGs "magazine" of sorts, along with its own pixel art tutorial. Also available is the ToForce Engine V. 0.2, which uses an original library with ASM routines made by BlueSckR.
  6.   Bulma HQ   
    Description: Bulma Productions, a one-of-a-kind QB programming group that makes mature, X-rated sex games, complete with nudity. On the entrance page of the site is this message: "This site is for adults. If you are under 18 or don't like sex, please leave right now.
    Unique Features: Bulma has made quite a few QB games that are surprisingly well-made. Johnny's Sex Adventures Parts 1 & 2 and Suds Skin Parts 1 & 2 are available on this site, along with a few other original programs. As the warning page said, "If you are under 18 or don't like sex," please don't try these programs!
  7.   Chooo!!!!!   
    Description: "The (2nd) most unofficial QBasic page IN THE WORLD" brought to you by mennonite. (The title of this page seems to be a parody of "AHHHH!!!! - THE MOST UNOFFICIAL QBASIC PAGE IN THE WORLD!") A disorganized but interesting and useful site.
    Unique Features: Mennonite's site has all kinds of random QB-related content on it, including a "QBasic to FreeBasic tutorial", an interesting project to end broken QBasic Links, a list of a lot of upcoming projects (ranging from vaporware projects to ones that have actually been completed), a lot of quotes and useful links, and more. There is also a lot of information here pertaining to "The QBasic Forum", the popular Network54 QB board linked to by QBasic.com.
  8.   Cleber de Mattos Casali Games Page   
    Description: Home of a CMC Productions, a Portugese programmer who created one of the most popular QB RPGs ever, DarkPhear. He has since left QB, but all of his excellent QB releases are still available on this site.
    Unique Features: Aside from the phenomenal DarkPhear, CMC Productions has released QBmIRC, an mIRC script which allows for networked QB games over the Internet, and some Quicklibraries that you might find useful.
  9.   Code Source   
    Description: A pretty typical QB downloads page (though there are also many GWBasic programs here too). Evingham, the site's designer, has contributed many of these programs such as his simple Western RPG SixGun.
    Unique Features: Has a nice selection of simple older programs; most of them were made in 1995 or earlier. You'll see some familiar names on this site, though, like Fred Buffington and Tim Truman (two veterans of the QB scene, dating back to the very beginning).
  10.   Connor's House   
    Description: Famous for its QBasic Links collection, which was once the largest and most complete QB Links archive on the Internet (with over 600 links). Connor's QB Links now consists of about 180 sites--and many of them are broken. This really is a testament to the shrinking size of the QB community.
    Unique Features: In addition to the links, also features the "QBasic Guidebook" which includes QB Tips, QB Benchmarks (comparing different routines that do the same thing to see which is faster), and a QB syntax guide.
  11.   DaMMSoft Online   
    Description: A QB programming group based in the Phillipines that hasn't been updated since 1998. Its members were students of the Don Bosco Makati Technical Institute.
    Unique Features: Includes a nice collection of program downloads and a handful of original DaMMSoft programs.
  12.   DarkDreams Software   
    Description: DarkDread's DarkDreams Software has been at the forefront of the QB RPG movement since 1995, and was really at the top of its game in the early 2000's when the RPG company Darkness Ethereal reigned supreme (at least for QB RPGs). Since then, DE has folded and now all that remains of DarkDread's former empire is this tiny site, offering a handful of articles and DarkDreams games, such as ...in the Nocturne.
    Unique Features: This site still has DarkDread's signature gothic style, though the site is a little short on content. It's nothing compared to the old Darkness Ethereal site, unfortunately.
  13.   Digital Oasis   
    Description: ShiftLynx's nicely-designed site, featuring programs he has written in QB, FreeBasic, Java, C, Perl and more. Many of them are cool graphics demos or helpful utilities. Has a lot of interesting programming content, but it isn't necessary QB/FB related.
    Unique Features: You'll find lots of graphics demos (mostly FB and C), useful apps such as a BMP to BSAVE converter, and a whole lot of useful tutorials on topics ranging from Bubble Sorting to XOR Encryption. The majority of these are written for C programmers, but the concepts can be applied to QB too. Also, there are two extremely useful FreeBasic sound tutorials: "Using OpenAL for 3D Sound" and "In-Game Music with FMOD".
  14.   Ethan Winer and Full Moon Software   
    Description: Homepage of Ethan Winer, a QB guru who wrote an entire book on advanced QB programming techniques that you may have seen serialized in QB Cult Magazine. This is an excellent read-- well-written and very informative, and it covers some of the most difficult aspects of QB programming that you can't learn anywhere else!
    Unique Features: Winer's book, entitled PC Magazine's BASIC Techniques and Utilities, is available for download in its entirety, in TXT and PDF format. Also available is QuickPack, some custom QB libraries, and a lot of example programs that come with the book.
  15.   Farmer Software   
    Description: Farmer Software is a one-man operation last updated in 1997. Uses cow wallpaper for the background!
    Unique Features: Farmer Software has a nice supply of programs from around the QB community and also a good tutorials selection. There are a few original programs here, such as the sprite editor SpriteIt.
  16.   GWBasic/QuickBasic/QBasic/Visual Basic Repository   
    Description: Na_th_an's BASIC Compiler repository. This includes nearly every different release of Microsoft BASIC compilers and interpreters from GWBasic until Visual Basic 4.0. This is a very complete and admirable collection, though its legality certainly is questionable. Clearly Microsoft makes no money on any of these compilers anymore, and they've been off the market for years. However, Pete's QB Site was SHUT DOWN in 1999 for distributing versions of QuickBasic. I provide you this link at your own risk, and do not condone downloading of copyrighted software. (Though I could download any version of BASIC on this site wihout feeling an ounce of guilt.)
    Unique Features: Downloads of every significant version of QB are here, including rarer finds like versions 2.0 and 3.0. Old favorites like QuickBasic 4.5 and PDS 7.1 are also available.
  17.   Glenn's Website   
    Description: Glenn has been around the QB community for years, usually answering programming questions on the various community message boards. This page has a collection of original QB utilities and tutorials that discuss more advanced programming techniques like accessing the COM ports, using XMS memory and various graphics techniques.
    Unique Features: More than thirty QB utilities, instructional programs and tutorials are here for download. Also includes links to many other useful programming sites. A small but very functional and worthwhile site.
  18.   HAR-SoftWare   
    Description: A nice layout, though the content at HAR-SoftWare is a bit lacking. This site has a very clear alliance with QBasic: New Zealand, where they share a lot of content.
    Unique Features: It includes a collection of quality downloads (albeit small), and small number of full reviews...but a lot of sections are pretty empty. To its credit, the content that does appear hear is very good. It just needs a lot of updates!
  19.   Insight Your Site   
    Description: A very disorganized QB site that does have a lot of content. There are original game programs, many screenshots and some newbie tutorials. (In case you're wondering, the navigation links are the little tiny buttons at the bottom center.)
    Unique Features: Includes a comprehensive beginners' tutorials and many simple original programs such as the RPG Talbot's Vision, Mystery in New York, and about twenty more original programs! This site also distributes other submitted programs in another section. I only wish that it were organized beter...
  20.   JdR's World (New Version)   
    Description: A newer version of Johan de Ruiter's page, with the newest information about his programs such as Day of the Pidiot and JdR Pacman. There's also a new program called Blackboard, which helps teach kids things like multiplication tables.
    Unique Features: As far as QB content goes, this site is basically the same as the older JdR's World...just with a little bit less information about his programs and a couple more programs. There are some cool mathematical puzzles here too.
  21.   Jerm's Page   
    Description: Hailing from New Zeland, Jerm has created some pretty neat programs (and has some cool ones in the works), including: Gang Wars and Battle of Destiny. He's also a big fan of Maddox from "The Greatest Page In The Universe", and even made a game starring him!
    Unique Features: This small site includes half a dozen original game programs, with screenshots. Woth a look!
  22.   Lost socK Software   
    Description: A programming group dating back to 1998, which has produced some phenomenal QB games, such as the RPG Wrath of Sona. You should also check out the amazing upcoming first person shooter Two Lords. Though they are not a QB-specific group, they are still active in the QB community; in fact, lead programmer Nekrophidius has recently signed on as editor of V Planet! and is a regular at many QB message boards.
    Unique Features: The layout of this site is very creative; you are given the inside peak of Lost socK's dresser, where they store all of their socks and sock accessories. You navigate the site by opening up the various dresser drawers, and all content shows up on the dresser's mirror. As far as the content goes, the "Hemming Room" has information about many upcoming projects from Lost socK, and the "Sock Drawer" has downloadable content. Keep in mind that most of the projects and products, however, are W32-based, and not written in QB. This is a charming site, even if its actual QuickBasic content is a bit lacking.
  23.   MRS' QBasic Site   
    Description: Michael Rye Srensen's small QB site, which mainly distributes his own little programs. He has over thirty MRS productions available, but there's nothing significant--mostly graphics demos and short single-function hardware programs.
    Unique Features: Also features a collection of submitted programs and a useful "Tips" section.
  24.   MediQB   
    Description: French QB site with many original game products, most of which are starring a yellow smiley face named (appropriately enough) "Smiley".
    Unique Features: This site has a nice collection of downloads. Several of the programs were made by the webmaster, but many more were contributed by other programmers. They do have one common theme, though: they're all French. We English-speakers haven't seen most of these programs before, so that's definitely a plus.
  25.   PARC   
    Description: Adam Cobb's website with a pretty big QB section. Has a lot of downloads, all categorized and rated. This includes some original programs.
    Unique Features: It's a personal interests homepage of a British Trekkie, but its QB section is pretty good. It basically amounts to a QB downloads page, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.
  26.   Programmer's Tech Shop   
    Description: The Programmer's Tech Shop BBS is "a TBBS bulletin board system that was up and running in the early 1990's. As a small-time, two-line BBS based out of Toledo, Ohio, we boasted the fact that we had callers (and yes, even subscribers!) from as far away as Israel."
    Unique Features: This site's main page is a long article talking about the old Programmer's Tech Shop BBS. Also here is a large collection of rare GWBASIC, Power Basic and QuickBasic programs, utilities and libraries that were once posted on the BBS. There are also a number of tutorials here too. You can find programs that do things like create Drop-down menus in QB or make custom fonts. There are also a lot of QB 4.5 and PDS 7.1 libraries available here.
  27.   QB71.com   
    Description: A spin-off of QB45, which was started after the preeminent QB downloads site experienced a server crash and a user revolt. To make a long story short, the former QB45 webmaster who was responsible for the crash decided to make a "sequel" to the old site by upgrading to QB71.
    Unique Features: QB71 is relatively new, so its content isn't really established yet. The site is run by automated PHP scripts, and looks to be able to handle hundreds of files and tutorials, as well as a nifty message board. But as of now, the site has only a few dozen programs available and a miniscule number of users.
  28.   QBasic Land   
    Description: An old QB site offering a very good selection of games and utilities. This site has some of the best old games that were released for QB and skips over the more crappy releases that aren't so fun to play.
    Unique Features: This site is a nice window into the QB world from many years ago. Its features are pretty limited to the game downloads section and a handful of tutorials, but it is a very well-done site!
  29.   QBasic My Style   
    Description: A nice little site with some helpful original tutorials.
    Unique Features: Has a pretty good file download archive which, for some reason, is rated with Stars of David. Has a nice, clean layout.
  30.   QBasic-Arts   
    Description: Small site run by Crono. Has completed games available, such as Missing in Space and Break Them All. There's also a pretty good-looking RPG in the works from this group.
    Unique Features: There's some art here too, a few downloads...but in the long run, the original games (both finished and upcoming) are the beginning and end of this site.
  31.   QBasic-Zone   
    Description: A German QB site with a large collection of downloads. Most of the programs available on this site are actually English; you'll see names like "DarkDread," "Andrew Ayers" and "Terminator_Z" here, though you will find some names like "Reinald" and "Nikolas" here too.
    Unique Features: There really isn't much unique here, though it is a nice selection of downloadable programs. (Just about all of these programs can be found elsewhere on the Internet.) Unlike most sites, this focuses on game programming utilities, and doesn't have any games to download. It's a bad resource for gamers, but a good resource for programmers!
  32.   QuickBasic FR   
    Description: French QB site with A LOT of downloads, most of which are ones you won't find on English sites (I didn't recognize most of them). This site is also home of Le QB-Ring (webring) and a French QB chat room.
    Unique Features: Nice design and well-organized files collection. There are dozens of files here, including a lot of French QB games that you might find interesting. At least they're different from the standard collection of downloads available on every English QB site.
  33.   QuickBasic News   
    Description: A short-lived QuickBasic News site run by Ice1000. From November to December, 1998, it updated very often with news from around the QB Community. I (Pete) remember checking this site every day back in late '98 for the latest QB news. Too bad it ended so soon.
    Unique Features: Basically a two-month blog of news with a few subsections.
  34.   QuickBasic RPG Top 50 Sites   
    Description: A top sites page with the Top 50 QB sites with information about RPGs. That means that they are either developer sites, offer RPGs for download, or have tutorials and information about programming RPGs. So in short, just about every QB site on the Internet qualifies.
    Unique Features: Over the years, there have been many QB top sites lists, and over the years they've mostly disappeared. A long time ago, the QBasic Top 50, which linked directly to the NeoZones QBoard, was basically the center of the QB community. Too bad that site is long gone. As I write this, the QB RPG Top 50 is the only active top sites list in the QB community. (Oh, and by the way, by clicking this link, you WILL NOT vote for me in the Top 50.)
  35.   Rick Elbers' _BASICS   
    Description: An advanced programming page with a simple layout. Its QB section focuses on using ASM libraries in QuickBasic, and also has a section explaining how to use DEBUG to create 286 Assembler code. This is a valuable resource to QB programmers looking to learn Assembly to create their own libraries. Last updated in 1996.
    Unique Features: Includes a bunch of older ASM libraries to download as well as some good 286 Assembler tutorials. All in all, though, that's all there is to the site.
  36.   Rodrigo Personal Home Page   
    Description: A programming site with a rather large QB section. I believe this is in Portugese--it's not Spanish and it's definitely not English!
    Unique Features: Includes a fair share of Portugese QB programs that English speakers probably have never seen before. Also has several QB tutorials that you might find helpful if you speak Portugese.
  37.   Roland: The DOS Chat Program   
    Description: Site for a fake chat program written in QB. This is the most elaborate QB chat program I've ever seen, with over 4,300 phrases (according to the creator). I recall that there are several contests worldwide to make a text chat program that can convince users that it is as smart as a real person. This, according to the famous mathematician Alan Turing, was the true measure of Artificial Intelligence in computers. Roland, I guess, is QB's best effort so far to pass the Turing Test.
    Unique Features: There's a lot of info on this site about the Roland chat program, but you have to keep in mind that it's just a text chat program...nothing I would call phenomenal. There is a lot of documentation, though. This site was last updated in 2000.
  38.   Secret Guide to Computers   
    Description: The Secret Guide to Computers is a gigantic book that seeks to explain EVERYTHING you'd ever need to know about computers. Part of this book is a large tutorial on QBASIC programming.
    Unique Features: The QB programming section is the largest of all the Secret Guide's programming tutorials, with four very long, very thorough parts. These are some of the most in-depth QB tutorials I've seen, taking the user from very basic PRINT statements to much more advanced programming techniques like memory cells. A great tutorial series!
  39.   SimTel's QBasic and QuickBasic Programming   
    Description: QuickBasic section of a large multi-purpose programming site. This contains quite a few older QB utilities and snippets of source code from back when QB was actually used professionally.
    Unique Features: A collection of about 60 pretty boring utility programs and a few boring old QB newsletters...boring that is until you need to use one of these techniques in your own awesome new game.
  40.   Treebeard's BASIC Vault   
    Description: A vault of simple QB programs made for a Middle School programming class. These are excellent programs to learn from, though they're so simple and plain that they aren't very entertaining.
    Unique Features: Treebeard's Vault contains dozens of programs, made from 1996 to present. They do such diverse tasks as draw eggs, simulate a spirograph, and solve a variety of tough "Stumper" problems, also available on the site. An interesting page.
  41.   Typosoft   
    Description: Barebones distribution website for Typosoft programs including Ped Xing's Quest and Super Sumo Wrestling. Also houses Typosoft's RPG tutorials. Typosoft is one of the best game companies in the QB community at present, and Ped Xing's Quest is considered by many to be the best QBRPG ever created.
    Unique Features: This site has been stripped down to the bare necessities; its only purpose is to distribute Typosoft's games and tutorials. It is one text-only page that links to a few images and .zip files.
  42.   Upho Games ("The QBasic Site")   
    Description: A Swedish QB site, home of the programming group Upho Games. It features a handful of original programs, including Upho's UFO II. This site was last updated in 1998.
    Unique Features: Includes two original Upho creations as well as two programs by the site's webmaster, Daniel HedsÚn (Quant). Additionally, there are also a couple dozen other programs to download that were made by others.
  43.   VGameSoft   
    Description: A pretty large programming group that was working on an impressive Zelda-style RPG called Acalypha. Other products include Apple Eater and Freedy's Library.
    Unique Features: There's info about a few VGameSoft releases here and downloads available of everything. Not much other than that, though. This site is also not updated regularly anymore.
  44.   Wallace Software   
    Description: Home of several awesome looking first person shooters. Contact is a simple but finished pure QB FPS, and Inspiration is an impressive FPS in the works. Also here, you'll find information about Cardinal GUI, a GUI with a nice interface and many of the features of a basic operating system.
    Unique Features: This is a well-designed site with a lot of information about all of Wallace Software's projects and releases. Includes screenshots and quite a bit of documentation, as well as news on all the latest developments. Very interesting site if you're interested in QB raycasting engines!
  45.   Weazel's QB Page   
    Description: Weazel's working on a few projects in QB including Elite Forces and World War II. Basically Weazel's site exists just to promote and distribute his own game programs.
    Unique Features: Demo versions of all Weazel's game projects are available, along with a ton of written information on each one telling the story and about the progress.
  46.   Yahoo! Groups: QBasic   
    Description: A fairly active community hosted by Yahoo! Groups. Includes files to download and links, but the heart is the message board.
    Unique Features: There are often small contents on this board. Recently there was a neat contest to create the best possible text adventure in under 3KB of code. The Files section has some original programs created by the users, too.
  47.   Zephyr Software   
    Description: This group released the SVGAQB graphics library in June 1993, which was the first SVGA library available for QB. These libraries (which were last updated in 2000) are available for free from their site.
    Unique Features: Zephyr Software is kind of a one-trick pony, and exists almost exclusively to distribute the SVGAQB libraries. It also includes a few game downloads (that use SVGAQB) and some QB programming tutorials.
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