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  1.   Wallace Software   
    Description: Home of several awesome looking first person shooters. Contact is a simple but finished pure QB FPS, and Inspiration is an impressive FPS in the works. Also here, you'll find information about Cardinal GUI, a GUI with a nice interface and many of the features of a basic operating system.
    Unique Features: This is a well-designed site with a lot of information about all of Wallace Software's projects and releases. Includes screenshots and quite a bit of documentation, as well as news on all the latest developments. Very interesting site if you're interested in QB raycasting engines!
  2.   Weazel's QB Page   
    Description: Weazel's working on a few projects in QB including Elite Forces and World War II. Basically Weazel's site exists just to promote and distribute his own game programs.
    Unique Features: Demo versions of all Weazel's game projects are available, along with a ton of written information on each one telling the story and about the progress.
  3.   WizGui   
    Description: Home of a QB OS/GUI called WizGui. WizGui has a similar look to Windows XP, and has a nice window-box layout. This program is being developed in PDS 7.1 using Future Library 3.5 by VonGodric.
    Unique Features: There are screenshots and downloads of several different versions of WizGui, as well as a bit of documentation. (This site has nothing except for WizGui information.)
  4.   WizGUI.tk   
    Description: A more recent site by VonGodric; this one is not completely devoted to WizGUI, but covers other topics too. Take VisualQB for instance. VisualQB is an upcoming QB library that "will have a GUI engine and a Virtual Machine that runs script files."
    Unique Features: In addition to information about VisualQB, you can find downloads of VonGodric's own programs as well as a nice collection of useful QB libraries.
  5.   Wotsit Programmer's File Format Collection   
    Description: Not exactly a QB site, but this is a great resource for programmers in any language. It has a gigantic archive of information explaining how to read and decode just about any file format. So if you want write your own QB .PCX loader or something, this is your ticket.
    Unique Features: From .3D2 to .ZOO, this has got information on EVERYTHING!
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