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  1.   GameDev.net   
    Description: General-purpose site about game development for all languages. This has very little information specifically about QB and tailors almost specifically to "professional" languages--kind of a resource for amateur programmers who wish to one day make a living in the game industry.
    Unique Features: Still, this site has HUNDREDS of tutorials and articles that discuss game design concepts that apply to all languages, discussing everything from choice of colors in game graphics to writing a game's story to character design. This also has a very active message board that is frequented by many skilled programmers. This site will have you reading for hours, even if you won't find much QB content here.
  2.   GBGames   
    Description: Gianfranco Berardi's incredible QB reviews site is now back online, with all fifty-five original game reviews and the archives of QB community news that Pigeon reported over three years. Some of the most honest and accurate QB reviews ever written are available on this site, complete with screenshots and ratings between 0% and 100%.
    Unique Features: GBGames is a site jam-packed with interesting content; the news archives alone are worth a visit, not to mention the 55 reviews, and other downloadables. Unfortunately, Pigeon no longer plans on updating this site, and as of August 2004, it is just available for archival purposes.
  3.   Genso's Junkyard II   
    Description: Home of RelSoft, the genius behind the super speedy graphics library RelLib, as well as some mindblowing QB graphical programs like Mono & Disco.
    Unique Features: This site has a lot of information and programs demonstrating 3D graphics, animation and manipulation in QB. It also has a very nice anime-style layout. A little short on actual content, but what is here is good!
  4.   G&G Productions   
    Description: By-the-books QBasic site by two guys: Greg and Gem. This site was updated about a dozen times in July 1999 (before it was abandoned). It doesn't have anything you haven't seen before.
    Unique Features: Unique? Not much. The files section is empty, the Tutorials section has only tutorials reprinted from other sites (ie: Mallard's tuts from QBasic.com), and then there's a small links section. The only thing slightly unique here is a demo for a simple game called "The Adventures of Jack".
  5.   Glenn's Website   
    Description: Glenn has been around the QB community for years, usually answering programming questions on the various community message boards. This page has a collection of original QB utilities and tutorials that discuss more advanced programming techniques like accessing the COM ports, using XMS memory and various graphics techniques.
    Unique Features: More than thirty QB utilities, instructional programs and tutorials are here for download. Also includes links to many other useful programming sites. A small but very functional and worthwhile site.
  6.   GoldHawk's QBasic Stuff   
    Description: Three newbie tutorials that don't get much past PRINT "Hello World!"...
    Unique Features: ...and a QB Suggestion Box labeled "Want me to write a game for you? Believe me, I have the time and energy to spare!"
  7.   GO-Soft   
    Description: German QB coding group with a nice site (they program in other languages too). GO-Soft created some nice programs that are worth a look. Keep in mind, though: all of the text on this site is in German.
    Unique Features: The best part of this site is its extremely active QB message board. Sure, all the posts are in German, but this is definitely one of the most active QB communities on the internet.
  8.   GWBasic/QuickBasic/QBasic/Visual Basic Repository   
    Description: Na_th_an's BASIC Compiler repository. This includes nearly every different release of Microsoft BASIC compilers and interpreters from GWBasic until Visual Basic 4.0. This is a very complete and admirable collection, though its legality certainly is questionable. Clearly Microsoft makes no money on any of these compilers anymore, and they've been off the market for years. However, Pete's QB Site was SHUT DOWN in 1999 for distributing versions of QuickBasic. I provide you this link at your own risk, and do not condone downloading of copyrighted software. (Though I could download any version of BASIC on this site wihout feeling an ounce of guilt.)
    Unique Features: Downloads of every significant version of QB are here, including rarer finds like versions 2.0 and 3.0. Old favorites like QuickBasic 4.5 and PDS 7.1 are also available.
  9.   Gypsy Bill's Pad   
    Description: A humorous personal site with an odd QB section. Odd I say because the programs include An Alien which "walks around and pees on stuff", and games by such dubious names as Death by Salt and Ballz of Hell.
    Unique Features: There are a total of seven programs here.
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