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Five Star Site Award

The Five Star Site Award is presented by Pete's QBasic Site to QB Sites that are given a five-star rating in the links section of this site. If you are the webmaster of a five-star site, feel free to put this image on your site!

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Recipients of the Five Star Site Award:
  1.   Qbasic / Quickbasic News   
    Description: A constantly-updated QBASIC news site--the first place to go for the latest QB news and information, or to spread news about your own QB projects. A great resource!
    Unique Features: Often-updated QB news blog on the main page, an active message board with cool weekly/monthly challenges, and original tutorials and articles.
  2.   V Planet!   
    Description: The best QB reviews site on the Internet (and this is coming from another QB reviews site!) V Planet! has evolved over the years to the leading QB online magazine, featuring QB-community commentary and the most thorough, thoughtful and honest QB reviews available anywhere.
    Unique Features: Over 100 reviews with a unique 35-point rating system, QB-community news and editorials, and home to the QB Gaming Gold Awards.

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