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  1.   2000 QB Gaming Gold Awards Page   
    Description: The first iteration of V Planet's QB Gaming Gold Awards occurred in 2000 as a joint venture between Future Software and the budding QB magazine and reviews site. Since the 2000 G.G. Awards were the first, all QB games that were ever released to that point were considered for awards. As a result, the contest was dominated by QB classics like Milo Sedlacek's Monospace and Angelo Mottola's Wetspot 2.
    Unique Features: The 2000 Gaming Golds site has information and screenshots of all nominated programs and does a great job explaining why each program (or programmer) deserves the nomination. This site covers the most important QB games released since the dawn of the QB Community until 2000, and will forever be the most important of the Gaming Gold contests.
  2.   2001 QB Gaming Gold Awards page   
    Description: A mini-site hosting V Planet's 2001 QB Gaming Gold Awards, where various QB games released in 2001 competed for prizes including Best RPG, Best Gaming Babe, Best Programming Team and Game of the Year. DarkDread's famed RPG Mysterious Song took many of the top prizes, and was named game of the year in 2001.
    Unique Features: This is a nicely-organized site with lots of information about all the nominees, complete with screenshots. It also has tallies of the winners and links to the sites of all the nominees. A well-made site and a great time capsule. Someday when your kids ask "What was the QB community like in 2001?" you can say "Well, why don't you take a look at the 2001 QB Gaming Gold Awards Page?"
  3.   AAP Official Projects Squad   
    Description: Adigun Azikiwe Polack's QB projects site. This is the guy behind Frantic Journey and Star Angelic Slugger, as well as the QuickBASIC Caliber Programming Competition. He is also a member of the QB coding group Aura Flow.
    Unique Features: AAP has a very enthusiastic writing style, but from what I've seen of his programs, they are very good. Frantic Journey looks to have great graphics and great gameplay. This site has a nice design that showcases the graphics from the various AAP / Aura Flow games. Still, there's only a limited amount of content on this site.
  4.   Alipha's Homepage   
    Description: Alipha's site is dedicated to helping newbies learn to program. It features a simple, organized layout.
    Unique Features: At this site's center is a well-written series of beginners' tutorials written by Alipha, as well as a very thorough tutorial on using graphics in QB. Also available are several "Example Programs" that Alipha wrote to be easy-to-follow for even the most inexperienced programmers.
  5.   Alpha Omega Systems   
    Description: Seth Hopkinson's Alpha Omega Systems has been around since 1996, and is still updated occasionally. Includes several QB games from the past, as well as Sceptre of Shalimar, once a QB RPG, now a DOS C game, that has been in the works for over a decade.
    Unique Features: Interesting original games include Dungeon, Space Duel and Sceptre of Shalimar. This site has quite a bit of random content that, ranging from the H-Files (H stands for "Humor") to a "Computers of Yesteryear" section with information about arcade machines and old Amiga computers.
  6.   Austin's All QBasic Page   
    Description: Site catering to newbies by Austin, which has its own series of beginners' tutorials that are actually really well-done. They are quite in-depth and explain a lot of concepts in very plain language. There is a small files section too with a few games by Austin, such as Catch, "My Pride and Joy, a pretty cool game where you try to catch falling drips."
    Unique Features: I must confess that Austin's tutorials are really very good--well written and very helpful to beginners. The files section is also nice, with a small selection of games you won't find anywhere else.
  7.   Basic Central   
    Description: A site with info about a few different versions of BASIC and Pascal, but most of the info here is about QB. The webmaster is working to make his own BASIC compiler called BestBasic.
    Unique Features: Has many useful tutorials on QB, and a decent-sized downloads library with some pretty good games. Its forum also is specifically about QB.
  8.   BattleCraft99   
    Description: Home of BattleCraft99, the creator of Sir Chomps-A-Lot. I like this site; it reminds me of Pete's QBasic Site during its first couple months of existence!
    Unique Features: This site includes original programs, as well as a few full reviews of QB programs.
  9.   Blowerstrike's Q(uick)Basic Page   
    Description: This huge archive of QBasic games and programs hasn't been updated since 1998, but it's still a valuable resource to the QB community because of the sheer number of programs here - and how old they are. This site is hosted on GeoCities, so it goes down every once in a while -- whenever anyone downloads a lot of files and exceeds the bandwidth. But when it's up, it's good.
    Unique Features: There are easily over 100 programs here, all from 1998 or earlier. This also has a healthy collection of tutorials, a large list of links to old QB sites (mostly broken, but this site was abandoned in 1998)... and... that's really about it.
  10.   ComputerGhost's Website   
    Description: ComputerGhost's website looks pretty run-of-the-mill, but he has written several very good tutorials on how to program with QB. You've got to respect that.
    Unique Features: Also available are some original games, such as Fly, where you're a fly avoiding flyswatters and cars, and Smalltops "A Space Game Where you Stop the Supply Ships From Getting to the Aliens." I especially like that ComputerGhost wrote his series of tutorials--which definitely took a nice time investment.
  11.   Daniel Davies' BASIC Programming Page   
    Description: QB programming page with a large selection of very impressive graphical demos. All of the old mainstays of the graphics demo genre are here, and they're all original programs! Very nice effects!
    Unique Features: Water, Curves, Bump Mapping, Fractals, Fire, Raytracing, Lens Flare and Plasma. They're all here, complete with descriptions and screenshots. All of the programs come with source code and a compiled version too! A very impressive site if you're into graphical effects.
  12.   Dimension Interactive   
    Description: Home of Dimension Interactive, which was last working on a futuristic RPG called Danub 12. This site includes about thirty original programs, including many interesting games. Check out Maze Master or Fly Catch!
    Unique Features: The Dabub 12 section has some neat features (it's a shame this game will never be finished), and the Files section has games by Dimension Interactive as well as "Tutorial Programs" which are meant to help programmers learn new techniques through programming examples.
  13.   Dunric's Homepage   
    Description: Home of Dunric, a long-time QB programmer who specializes in text adventures. Check out Westfront PC, his gargantuan magnum opus, quite possibly the largest text adventure ever conceived!
    Unique Features: Westfront PC: The Trials of Guilder, Dunric's signature program is available here. Additionally, there are over 25 more text adventures on this site to download, many of them written in QB.
  14.   Folker Fritz's QuickBasic Site   
    Description: A German QB programmer named Folker Fritz's site, where he distributes his original programs. Fritz has made a huge collection of QB puzzle / strategy games, many of which are clones (Tentris and Minefield come to mind), but others are cool original ideas, such as the strategy games Bix and Willyboy. Some programs are in German, some are in English. The site itself is in English.
    Unique Features: This site features a nice layout, with each major release getting its own page with several different versions available. Screenshots are also provided. Additionally, there is a collection of image viewers for a whole bunch of different formats, such as .PCX, .IMG and .RAW. Nice layout and a lot of cool programs!
  15.   GO-Soft   
    Description: German QB coding group with a nice site (they program in other languages too). GO-Soft created some nice programs that are worth a look. Keep in mind, though: all of the text on this site is in German.
    Unique Features: The best part of this site is its extremely active QB message board. Sure, all the posts are in German, but this is definitely one of the most active QB communities on the internet.
  16.   Genso's Junkyard II   
    Description: Home of RelSoft, the genius behind the super speedy graphics library RelLib, as well as some mindblowing QB graphical programs like Mono & Disco.
    Unique Features: This site has a lot of information and programs demonstrating 3D graphics, animation and manipulation in QB. It also has a very nice anime-style layout. A little short on actual content, but what is here is good!
  17.   Jace Masula's QBasic Labs   
    Description: A site based out of a message board (a very interesting way to set up a site, I might add), that is home to some AMAZING looking games written in QuickBasic.
    Unique Features: Three very original, very cool-looking games are here: Starquest, (a survival game where you are in charge of a small mining ship lost in space--you must collect food and fuel to stay alive); Codelink, "a hacker simulation game, very similar to the popular game UPLINK. Locked away in a remote cyber prison, you struggle to learn the truth of your past in hopes of breaking free."; and Kingsland, a turn-based strategy game described as a combination of Warcraft, Chess and Stratego. Also here is a tile editor called QBSprite. The games come with screenshots, development documents and news updates, and you are free to comment on any one of them through the forum interface. Very nice site!
  18.   JacobPalm.dk   
    Description: Relatively new QB site started in late 2004 that focuses on QB GUI development. There are many reviews of QB GUI programs here, along with screenshots. The site is based on a CMS, so there's a lot of scalability options for the webmaster, and interactivity / feedback options for visitors.
    Unique Features: Aside from the GUI reviews, there are also QB Tips & Tricks, some beginners' tutorials and original programs by the webmaster.
  19.   Jesse   
    Description: This site, simply called "Jesse", is home to a large selection of programs focused on 3D programming in QB. You might have problems accessing this site if you don't use Internet Explorer; it uses many CSS options that are not supported by other browsers such as Mozilla FireFox (my browser of choice).
    Unique Features: In the files section is a nice selection of 3D QB applications, including some originals by Jesse such as Jacks. Also available here is an Jesse's 3D space shooter game called SpaceWar 3D.
  20.   Mandelbrot Dazibao   
    Description: A very interesting site dedicated to *VERY* advanced graphical techniques, ranging from Fractals to Mandelbrot Fractions to Bresenham formulas. All of these techniques are accomplished in QuickBasic, and they are all extremely impressive.
    Unique Features: This site is rich in screenshots and custom-generated graphics, which are accompanied by a bounty source code. There are several custom tutorials here, all well-written, with lots of theory that is backed up by math and source code. Included is a plethora of information on high-resolution and high-color mode programming in QB. What the guys at the Dazibao have done with graphics in QB blows my mind, and is certainly worth a look! Download one of their many graphics demos, and be sure to read the tutorials if you want to be enlightened.
  21.   MasterMinds Software   
    Description: The group behind a few games including Snow Brawl, Lights Out and Rocketeer. Another interesting product is the program Braille for DOS.
    Unique Features: Has information about the finished programs, many of which are platform games. Also, a decent-sized downloads section with programs by the MasterMinds team and others. Should you check it out? I dunno, it's your choice. There's some good stuff here.
  22.   Nukem Enterprises   
    Description: Once Eriksen Inc, then Sublime Inc, and finally, Nukem Enterprises. This site is home to the Wry text RPG series and a few other original programs, including a cheesy looking survival horror game called Terror: Fear of the Unknown.
    Unique Features: Programs written in C , QB and Javascript are available. There are about a dozen original QB games and programs available for download here. This site is also a member of an odd DiscApp message board network, which I found kind of interesting since all the people on the boards were once posters on the old Pete's QB Site DiscApp!
  23.   Outer Court   
    Description: A German programming and technology site that features a QBasic section (as well as sections for BlitzBasic and VB). Has an interesting pink layout.
    Unique Features: Philipp Lenssen offers about twenty original QBasic games for download, including the Pearl puzzle game series and Kamikaze Aliens. Certainly these games are worth a try. Additionally, this site offers an extensive Echo files archive of QBasic Newsgroup postings.
  24.   PKWorld   
    Description: A German site, with lots of tutorials and programs available in several different programming languages. Home of the QB Monster-FAQ, with the 520 most frequently asked QB programming questions. It's available in both German in English. Also available are some original programs made by the PKWorld team.
    Unique Features: The Monster-FAQ is really something to behold. Everyone should download a copy! PKWorld is also useful for programmers in other languages.
  25.   Programmers Heaven   
    Description: Large multi-language site that has a Basic/QuickBasic section.
    Unique Features: There are active message boards where you can get questions answered and a bunch of programs to download. This site doesn't tailor to the fun and interesting QB games that most people find most appealing, though. Lots of ads, too.
  26.   QBasic Central   
    Description: Home of SonicX, the acclaimed Sonic The Hedgehog clone by JO. Also features a few other original creations, including Murder Quest and Outrun.
    Unique Features: A small assortment of quality downloads (most of them are originals), as well as a lot of information about SonicX. Additionally, features brief reviews of some games.
  27.   QBasic Central   
    Description: Home of SSP Productions and Leif Starbuck's original programs, including Duel I and II and Truckin' USA. Last updated in 1999.
    Unique Features: Half a dozen original game programs, and three upcoming projects (which are more than likely dead by now): Population: Zero, Unibrow 2: Umaar and the Aliens, and Holo^2.
  28.   RyoSoft   
    Description: RyoSoft is a QB programmer interested especially in anime and pixel art. He's working on an RPG called TerraBattles as well as a checkers game called QCheckers and a sprite editor, SpritEditor. Also has a healthy archive of only quality QB programs, many of which are original creations.
    Unique Features: This is a site heavily-dependent on art and graphics, but unfortunately when I visited, none of the graphics or program files were working. (That's too bad, this site would be really great if its content were still available...) Fortunately, Ryosoft's older site is available here, with much of the material intact.
  29.   Technicall   
    Description: A programming tutorial megasite, with tutorials spanning many different languages. There is a nice beginners QB tutorial series, as well as an interesting series on creating a simple GUI in QB.
    Unique Features: All of the tutorials on this site are written by a single guy named Nick. And they're all pretty good. Since if you're reading this link you probably already know QB, I reccomend this site if you want to learn a different language like PHP or VBscript or ActiveX. Helpful site, though!
  30.   Thinkquest '98 Microsoft QBasic Reference   
    Description: This is a site created by two guys named Louis and Travis for the Thinkquest 1998 web design competition. It includes an excellent of original beginners tutorials that address many important topics in QB program design. This includes several easy-to-use QB commands that most beginners tutorials overlook, like DRAW or MKDIR.
    Unique Features: The heart of this site are the QB Lessons, in three modules with 9 chapters. They are well-written and great for newbies. Also here, there is a nice list of the best QB programs available back in 1998. Unfortunately, all the download links are currently broken, so they won't be of much use. The tutorials make this worth a look!
  31.   Venosoft   
    Description: An RPG programming group that is behind Cai's Quest 3 - The Runic War, a gigantic RPG that is said to have over 45 hours of playtime. Venosoft has also coded a wide selection of RPG-making tools, including map-making engines and the Venolib RPG Engine.
    Unique Features: A nicely-organized site with some good tutorials and articles on RPG making. Also available are several original programs to download, including RPG engines and production tools.
  32.   YPI QBasic Homepage   
    Description: Yousuf Philips' QB site, where his original programs are released. YPI mainly has been creating graphics utilities for the loading of graphics files into Qbasic. Graphics utilities have been made for about a dozen different formats.
    Unique Features: This site has a large collection of useful QB applications and code snippets, but not a lot of the "entertainment" type. If you're looking for games, this is not the place. There are also some very nice tutorials here. A good place to go if you'd like to learn some new programming techniques.
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