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Hall of Fame

This section is meant to give recognition to the QB programmers that have made the biggest contributions to the QB Community. All of the programmers listed below have done something, whether it was creating incredible programs, running a superb QB website, or going above and beyond to help teach QB to new programmers. This section is still under heavy construction! Soon there will be an award image and more information here. Until then, keep checking back!

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Angelo Mottola
Angelo Mottola has done nothing short of revolutionize QBasic as a game programming language. Under the label Enhanced Creations, he brought us Wetspot 1 and 2, two games which were absolutely groundbreaking when they were released. Wetspot 2 is still considered to be one of the best games ever programmed in QB, and was given a perfect 100% rating when reviewed by Pete's QBasic Site in 1999.

But Angelo Mottola's legacy on the QB community extends far beyond Wetspot. Along with Petter Holmberg, he created the QB game programming library Direct QB, which provides such a complete set of routines that making advanced QB game programs became accessible to just about anyone. In fact, the library is sometimes criticized for "taking the fun out of QB programming." The reason? This library is so incredibly powerful, versatile and easy to use that creating impressive QB games is a snap! Whatever the case, DirectQB opened up new doors for QB programmers everywhere!

Enhanced Creations threw in the towel on QuickBasic programming in 2000, in the midst of their biggest project yet: ProjectRT, a fast and customizable 3D engine that promised to once again revolutionize QB programming. Unfortunately, ProjectRT was never finished.

During Enhanced Creations' heyday, the EC website was also home to its own message board community and a great collection of QuickBasic resources that would be helpful to even the most advanced programmers. (You can still see a very old version of the website here.

It seems that everything Angelo Mottola touched with QB was gold. For his revolutionary work with QuickBasic programming, Pete's QBasic Site is pleased to accept him into the QB Hall of Fame!

Significant Contributions: Enhanced Creations, Wetspot 1 and 2 and DirectQB.

Homepage: http://www.ecplusplus.com/

Nominated by: Pete

Posted on: July 22, 2004
DarkDread (Matt Zuchowski)
DarkDread is without a doubt one of the most productive QB programmers ever, with more than a dozen original RPG games to his name, including widely-loved hits like Mysterious Song and The Secret of Cooey series.

But it is more than just his game releases that makes him worthy of his position in the QB Hall of Fame; DarkDread basically ushered in the RPG-programming craze that has ruled the QB Community for years. DarkDread's games and series of well-written RPG tutorials have inspired countless QB programmers to create their own role playing games. That is his true legacy.

DarkDread has been creating RPG programs in QuickBasic since 1995, when he formed the DarkDreams Software label. His first major release, 1997's Lianne in...The Dark Crown inspired many programmers, with its amazing graphics and gameplay (for the time) and easy-to-follow coding. Over the following years, dozens of finished and unfinished RPG programs followed, including the likes of his epic, Mysterious Song.

DarkDread also founded and headed Darkness Ethereal, an RPG programming group that specialized in QB RPGs. Darkness Ethereal not only was a programming group, but also a programming community, with an active message board and many active projects. During his DE days, DarkDread started programming RPGs under extreme time restraints (for example, making an entire "mini" RPG within a 24 to 72 hour period), which inspired many popular limited-time programming contests. "Time-crunch programming" competitions became quite popular and resulted in a large number of new games to be made in a very short amount of time.

For now, DarkDread has left QB programming, (but he is still very interested in game programming and may return at any time.)

Significant Contributions: DarkDreams Software, Darkness Ethereal, Lianne in... The Dark Crown, Legend of Lith II, Secret of Cooey 1-3, Mysterious Song, Mattress Warrior, ...in the Nocturne and more!

Homepage: http://darkdreams.rpgdx.net/

Nominated by: Pete

Posted on: July 22, 2004

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