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  1.   Paganworks   
    Description: A QB programmer by the name of DarkPagan who was working on an RPG called Colt's Quest, and two crime games called: Busker and Fugitive: The Streets of New York. Darkpagan had some cool, original ideas for these games and they sound quite interesting, though nothing ever came of them.
    Unique Features: This site might have had quite a bit of content, but when I visited, every link on the site was broken except for the short News page. Too bad.
  2.   PARC   
    Description: Adam Cobb's website with a pretty big QB section. Has a lot of downloads, all categorized and rated. This includes some original programs.
    Unique Features: It's a personal interests homepage of a British Trekkie, but its QB section is pretty good. It basically amounts to a QB downloads page, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.
  3.   Pasco's Page   
    Description: Pasco has been around the QB community for a long time (his website's been up since '97), and back before there were lots of amazing 3rd party QB libraries that give a speed-boost to any program, he was making great games with advanced concepts. Like Groov Buggies, the 3D wireframe racer (with a great 2D mode too), France '98 Soccer, his un-titled 3D vertical scroller, or his many mind-blowing graphical demos.
    Unique Features: Pasco's page has gone through three different generations; this link goes to its second iteration, which is the most recent version that is still up. His newest page has disappeared from the Internet, but his oldest page is still available here. (In fact, the oldest page should probably be considered part of the second iteration, since there's a link to it on the opening page and it opens up within the frames.) Anyway, Pasco offers quite a few of his original programs here for download, most with a short description and some screenshots. His bigger programs like Groov Buggies and France '98 have longer descriptions. Pasco's page is a treasure trove of older QB games that rocked the community in their time--definitely worth a visit!
  4.   Paul's Homepage   
    Description: A game programming site by Paul Panks, aka Dunric. Dunric is responsible for about a million QB text adventures. His magnum opus is a gigantic game called Westfront PC. This site tailors to all programming languages, though there is a lot of QBasic stuff here.
    Unique Features: The files section has dozens of QB games from all around the QB community -- and all of them are quality games. This site also has a lot of articles and rants...and you can download copies of Dunric's original games here. This site includes screenshots and good descriptions for all programs.
  5.   PeatSoft Freeware   
    Description: GWBasic and QBasic programmer who has made a nifty program that converts GWBasic code to QB code (though as you know, it's mostly compatible already anyway). Also here are a few Peatsoft originals including a QBasic Kaleidoscope and QFonts, which are original font routines.
    Unique Features: This simple little page has a handful of downloads in both GWBasic and QB as well as some Windows programs. It's organized and text-based, with brief descriptions of all the programs. Doesn't really bring anything new to a seasoned QB programmer, though.
  6.   Pete's Game Programming Page   
    Description: Formerly known as "Pete's QBasic Page" (yeah, another one), this QB site is just an empty site with a short message telling visitors "what's to come." Well, suffice to say, it never came. I don't want to sound vain, but not all Petes are created equal. :)
    Unique Features: If you want to waste your time, go here.
  7.   Pete's QBasic Page!   
    Description: Thank your lucky stars you're at Pete's QBasic *SITE* and not Pete's QBasic *PAGE*. This site really isn't worth the time of day.
    Unique Features: Has a nice neon green background, one inane image on top, and three tutorials available. Oh, and a link to QBasic.com. Whooo.
  8.   Phat Code   
    Description: Plasma's new Phat Code site just launched recently, but it's quickly becoming one of the most useful QB sites around. It features a slick design and is entirely automated and dynamic thanks to custom PHP scripts.
    Unique Features: Already Plasma has put together a large collection of useful downloads, all with a thorough description and often several screenshots. You can also find out about Plasma's projects, or tutorials on many different aspects of programming. Phat Code also has a great section called "Scene News" which aggregates news postings from around the Qmunity into one convenient location for easy viewing. This should be your first stop if you want an overview of what's going on in the QB scene. In addition to the QB content, there's also info about other programming languages and Dreamcast emulation.
  9.   PictoriSoft   
    Description: A site more concerned with spinning 3D logos than useful content. Offers a 1-2-3 Delete! a program that is supposed to "Delete Programs Forever!"
    Unique Features: Additionally, this site offers one original newbie tutorial. That's about it.
  10.   Pietro Ferrari's QBasic Casino Games   
    Description: A QB programmer who specializes in making Casino games, such as Slots, Poker and Blackjack.
    Unique Features: This site offers several different QB Casino games for download--all original programs with a screenshot and a short description each. It's a nice little site for the sole purpose of distributing Pietro Ferrari's games of chance.
  11.   Piptol Productions   
    Description: Quickly becoming one of the greatest QB game-makers the Community has ever seen, Piptol Productions has supplied us with many classics. Ghini Run, Kingdoms, Squealer TNT and more, Piptol Productions is definitely at the top in the world of QB game making.
    Unique Features: This site has a very nice, graphical, stylistic layout and has a lot of information about all the Piptol Productions. Additionally, it has downloads for "The Best QB Programming Tools", the Piptol Star awards and more. Great site from a great developer.
  12.   PKWorld   
    Description: A German site, with lots of tutorials and programs available in several different programming languages. Home of the QB Monster-FAQ, with the 520 most frequently asked QB programming questions. It's available in both German in English. Also available are some original programs made by the PKWorld team.
    Unique Features: The Monster-FAQ is really something to behold. Everyone should download a copy! PKWorld is also useful for programmers in other languages.
  13.   Programmers Heaven   
    Description: Large multi-language site that has a Basic/QuickBasic section.
    Unique Features: There are active message boards where you can get questions answered and a bunch of programs to download. This site doesn't tailor to the fun and interesting QB games that most people find most appealing, though. Lots of ads, too.
  14.   Programmer's Tech Shop   
    Description: The Programmer's Tech Shop BBS is "a TBBS bulletin board system that was up and running in the early 1990's. As a small-time, two-line BBS based out of Toledo, Ohio, we boasted the fact that we had callers (and yes, even subscribers!) from as far away as Israel."
    Unique Features: This site's main page is a long article talking about the old Programmer's Tech Shop BBS. Also here is a large collection of rare GWBASIC, Power Basic and QuickBasic programs, utilities and libraries that were once posted on the BBS. There are also a number of tutorials here too. You can find programs that do things like create Drop-down menus in QB or make custom fonts. There are also a lot of QB 4.5 and PDS 7.1 libraries available here.
  15.   ProWriter   
    Description: ProWriter is a simple text editor coded in QB, designed to help teach beginning programmers good programming techniques.
    Unique Features: This program is well-documented, and has quite a few news updates on the development of this utility. Unfortunately, that's really all there is to this site, and the last update was in 2000.
  16.   Puckdropper's Place   
    Description: A hobbyist's homepage with two QB programs he felt were of "Sharing Quality": Going Home and M$ Clone.
    Unique Features: Other than the two QB programs, aas a bunch of random information on things like Model Trains and '80s computers.
  17.   PyroElectric Systems and Software   
    Description: Site dedicated to distributing programs like Spacewars, PyroElectric MOD Player and the unpolitically correct Little Pissed Off Mexicans With Big Guns.
    Unique Features: Includes about ten original programs that some people might find interesting. This site doesn't clutter itself with a lot of useless content; it's got a small assorment of high-caliber content.
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