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Links Section FAQs
How do I get my QB link added here?
The fastest way to get your link added is to send it in using this form. Keep in mind that your site must have something related to QBasic or QuickBasic on it to be eligible.
How does the ratings system work?
All of these links have been rated on a scale of zero to five stars, with five being the best. In this Links section, we use the ENTIRE scale, from 0 all the way to 5. Therefore, 2.5 stars is *AVERAGE*. Don't be angry if your site is listed here and it only gets, say, a 3 rating-- that means that it is ABOVE AVERAGE! (That's a good thing!)
What features help sites get higher ratings?
There are several:
  • Unique, original content is by far the most important deciding factor on ratings. Sites made exclusively from recycled or stolen content from other sites will most certainly get a lower score than sites with unique content that you won't find anywhere else.
  • Quantity of content is quite important too. Little tiny sites with just a few small pages of description, no matter how unique or interesting, aren't going to get the highest score. Sites with big downloads archives, lots of written content and a broad variety of different sections will get higher scores.
  • Style and originality. Sites with a unique flavor to them tend to be more interesting and entertaining to visit, and will get higher scores.
  • Site layout and design. This is the least important deciding factot in ratings, but it certainly does factor in. Even if your site has tons of content, if the information is hard to find, that is a problem. Readability is also important. If your site uses blue text on a blue background and I can't read it, it's going to affect your score. The "you can read it if you highlight!" excuse isn't gonna fly. Additionally, a good color scheme and graphical style will help a site in the ratings.
What's the deal with all the buttons?
A long time ago, somebody decided that the perfect size for a button to link to somebody else's site is eighty-eight pixels wide by thirty-one pixels high. I don't know how that person came up with those dimensions, or when exactly they started, but they really caught on--all over the Internet. Now it's an unwritten rule that every site in the world has to have a little button for linking purposes. Don't argue. That's just the way it is. (Besides, 88x31 images make really fun, pretty buttons to click!)

QB sites have been linking to each other with 88x31 buttons since at least 1998 when Pete's QB Site started, and I figured I'd help continue the tradition. Every link on this site is accompanied by a button image. A lot of sites have them already made for linking purposes. If one is already made, I use that for the site's link. If the site doesn't have its own button already, I make one for the link. Usually I take images that are already on the site and resize them to fit 88x31 pixels, or I might take a screenshot and use a piece of text as the link. Sometimes I just make the link from scratch. But whatever happens, I try to make the button fit with the graphical style of the site.

You may be wondering why I go through so much trouble just for some measly links. Well...it beats the hell out of me. I guess because it looks pretty!

What's the Five Star Site Award?
Pete's QB Site awards a special award to other QB sites that have achieved an extremely high level of excellency in promoting QB as a language and acting as a resource for the QB community. The only way to get this award is for a site to be rated a perfect 5/5 stars, which is quite a difficult task. For more information, check the Five Star Award section.
What about small sites that are devoted to a single project or a single programming group? Won't they get a lower rating?
These sites are graded by the same standard as giant sites with huge databases of files and tutorials. Generally, these sites tend to have more original content and are a bit more interesting because they are dedicated to a creative effort.
Why do you link to such crappy sites, like those zero-star sites?
I believe that every site has something to offer (even if it's just a laugh)! As long as a site has some unique information pertaining to QB, it has the right to be in this section.
What kinds of sites will you not link to?
I will link to any site that has any type of QB content, as long as it does not have anything illegal on it. (And no, offering QB 4.5 for download does not count, even if Microsoft says it's illegal.) I will not link to sites that have nothing that pertains to QB. General information about programming that applies to QBasic also counts.

There is one exception: I will not link to dictionary or encyclopedia articles that just define QBasic or QuickBasic and have no other QB-related content.

What is the graveyard?
QB sites seem to have an especially high mortality rate, as webmasters lose interest and abandon their sites or free web servers delete outdated sites that are no longer updated. If a QB site in this links section becomes inaccessible, the link is not deleted completely. It is purged from the main Links listing and added to the "Graveyard", which will one day be a sort of memorial to the QB sites that have disappeared over the years.
My site has changed...can you upate the description and rating?
Yes! Just fill out this "Add a Link" form and explain in the Comments box that your site has been significantly updated and you would like it to be reassessed.
How do I link to Pete's QBasic Site?
Great! Check out the Link To Us section for more information!
Is this really the largest QB Links archive on the Internet?
As far as I know, yes. The only bigger one that I have ever seen was Connor's QBasic Links, which at its peak had 570 different active QB links. Unfortunately, since then, Connor went through his massive archive and deleted the non-working links: "I went from almost 600 links to 172. I think many have gotten lost because free services like XOOM and Geocities have gone through a lot of changes or gone away, but a lot of people have stopped caring about good olí QB." - Connor (from his links page) Soon after Connor purged those links, he abandoned his site and his links archive hasn't been updated since.

Recently, I used Connor's QBasic Links to help find QB sites to link to add to this database, and I found that out of the 172 links, less than half still worked. This is just a testament to how fast QB sites are disappearing from the Internet. They're dropping like flies! But don't worry, new QB sites seem to pop up almost as fast as they disappear.

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