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  1.   4D's QBasic Hut   
    Description: Pronounced "Ford's," 4D's QBasic Hut is the homepage of Adam Wenrick and Turbovex Software. This is a small site for distributing a few original programs.
    Unique Features: Games on this site include Lowfeul (spelled wrong intentionally), and an Ultima-style game called TV-2. There are a few more custom-made programs here too.
  2.   About.com: QB Questions   
    Description: Don Schullian (About.com's QBasic "expert") has been answering peoples' QB questions since 2000, and over the years he's built up a pretty nice little FAQ. Some of this infor here might be useful to somebody.
    Unique Features: Not all of these questions and answers are very helpful, and some of them aren't quite what you'd expect; a few of these questions are "Do people actually still use QBasic?". But these FAQs might be helpful to somebody, and you can even send in your own questions and (hopefully) get an answer.
  3.   Andrew Collins' QB Page   
    Description: Andrew Collins' barebones QB page that distributes his small collection of original programs. Available here are five builds of his Tiny Roguelike engine, as well as a Random dungeon generator, Line of Sight code and some Text Parsing sourcecode.
    Unique Features: This is a plain white site with Times New Roman font, short descriptions and links. It's there for functionality, not to dazzle you! But it does have a nice selection of code that you might find interesting or helpful; it's well-commented and explains how to achieve some pretty standard game engine features that you might have trouble writing on your own.
  4.   Asim Shankar's Homepage   
    Description: Asimz page, a cool QB programmer from the late '90s. Check in the Old Website -> Vault section for a list of really neat programming challenges, with a lot of emphasis on QBasic programming.
    Unique Features: The Vault is really the only QB-related section of this site, but it is quite interesting. There's a lot of other good content that has nothing to do with QBasic, though!
  5.   Aurskog City   
    Description: Site devoted to 3D programming in both QB and C . Focuses on advanced techniques like Texture Mapping, Shading and Light Maps.
    Unique Features: Aurskog City doesn't offer any programs for download except for versions of MASM. However, it does have a very helpful selection of tutorials on various 3D techniques.
  6.   Billy's QBasic Page   
    Description: Small QB site focusing mainly on helping newbies learn to code both QB and a little bit of Assembly. Has original tutorials written by Billy Miller.
    Unique Features: Several compilers and a handful of small programs that you probably wouldn't be interested in (they do tasks like find prime numbers...). The tutorials section is pretty good, though, with both both Billy's tutorials and a small selection of tutorials by others.
  7.   CircuitSoft   
    Description: An odd programming group that has three different sub-websites, each created by different members. The only one with any content is Chris Davies', which distributes an OS shell written in QB called Windos 2000. (I was actually quite impressed with Windos 2000--not a complete OS by any stretch of the imagination, but it did have a lot of options and packed-in programs, as well as a nice Windows-style GUI. I figured that it would have been a joke written by some kid...but there was actually something to it.)
    Unique Features: In addition to the Paint and screensavers included with Windos 2000, there are special add-on programs including a Y2K Checker, NET-CHAT v1.00 which lets two computers can communicate using a serial cable, and many more.
  8.   Cube-E Josh's QB Site   
    Description: Just starting QB site by a guy named Josh. Here you can find out about his Tetris game with a twist, called Ludatris or his impressive graphics demo, Ghostcube.
    Unique Features: First off, this site does not load properly in anything but Internet Explorer. It has a cool background beat (one of the few sites with background music that I've actually liked) and uses quite a bit of flash. Currently, there's not much here. If it grows, I'll certainly up the score!
  9.   Data Components   
    Description: Site by a kid named Todd Suess; he is very interested in creating operating systems and GUIs. Although his main project is a DOS-based GUI called Millenium OS, he also offers quite a few QB GUIs/OSes for download.
    Unique Features: As far as QBasic content, there's a collection of QBasic GUIs (fake operating systems and menuing systems), which you might find interesting. There are also several Data Components programs for download, though the language they are written in is not listed on the site.
  10.   Deviant Software   
    Description: Home of The Adventures of Wally Stick and Deviant Software, a group which hasn't updated since 1998.
    Unique Features: Most of the images and download links are unfortunately broken on this page, but it once offered a nice selection of games for download as well as a few original Deviant Software products.
  11.   Enigma Software   
    Description: The programming company of Dan Kennedy and Derek Fitzpatrick, which mostly focused on VB programs, but made the occasional QB 4.5 program too. These two were very good coders, but nothing really came out of their site.
    Unique Features: The most promising QB project is their unfinished RPG, Ring of Scars. This site also has a very nice layout, especially considering that it was made in 1998 when ugly layouts were all the rage. Nevertheless, has lots of broken links and not enough content to keep you interested for long.
  12.   Everything QBasic   
    Description: At first this site looks like it's got a lot of great stuff on it, but then you realize that all of its content is directly linked to other sites. Not just copied and reformatted--Everything QBasic directly links to other sites for everything it has.
    Unique Features: The Tips page is Acid Works', the Tutorials are Simply QB's, the Files page is broken, as are the FAQs, the Guestbook, the Discussion Board and the rest of the site. The only thing good here is the Tutorials section, which, as I already mentioned, doesn't even belong to this site.
  13.   G&G Productions   
    Description: By-the-books QBasic site by two guys: Greg and Gem. This site was updated about a dozen times in July 1999 (before it was abandoned). It doesn't have anything you haven't seen before.
    Unique Features: Unique? Not much. The files section is empty, the Tutorials section has only tutorials reprinted from other sites (ie: Mallard's tuts from QBasic.com), and then there's a small links section. The only thing slightly unique here is a demo for a simple game called "The Adventures of Jack".
  14.   Jack's QBasic Site   
    Description: New QB site by Jack that doesn't have much content yet. It was just started in March 2005, so that's understandable.
    Unique Features: Forum, Links, Downloads, Tutorials -- the usual stuff, but in pretty low quantity. Jack also has downloads of Jackbot (his AI chatroom simulator) and Jack's Encryption Program available. Oh, and a JavaScript applet lets you change the background color of any page.
  15.   Jeremy's QBasic Homepage   
    Description: Home of Jeremy Akers' doomed operating system, Akers OS, which never quite got off the ground. There's some other pretty standard QB site stuff here too.
    Unique Features: A banner exchange, a couple dozen program downloads and a "QB GUI cube" shockwave animation!
  16.   JustBASIC   
    Description: Kevin Coots' JustBASIC ("And a little assembly language") site, with mostly technical information and utility programs for download. His programs do things like detect the ID of your CPU, manage a collection of libraries or create a pull-down menu in QB. There's even a custom patch of QB to fix a problem with the COMMAND$.
    Unique Features: This is a very standard QB site. A collection of files, links, tutorials, news and a (dead) forum. Aside from Kevin Coots' original programs, there's nothing unique here.
  17.   Kain's Domain   
    Description: A stereotypical amateur QB site with the obligatory "Under Construction" images, "Vote for me in the QBT50!" banners, a laundry list of webrings, a guestbook and its own chatroom. This site is home to an unfinished RPG called "Fallen Legends", which has a demo available. This RPG was written in VB, but it pokes fun at famous QB games like Tsugumo's TheGame and Wandering Hamster -- by using ripped sprites and making referential dialogue.
    Unique Features: Kain's QB Site's only unique feature is the "Fallen Legends" demo. Also available is a pretty nice collection of some of the most famous and loved QB games from a few years ago -- about 100 of the best of the best.
  18.   Lukman's QB Game Programming   
    Description: A site showcasing Lukman's QB and VB games. In the QB section you can find a selection of simple but addictive Diamond Crash, Devil Mansion or Mission in the Solar System.
    Unique Features: Lukman's programs all come with nice descriptions and screenshots, and there's also a neat utility called PSET Arranger which creates DATA so that you can place fake sprites with PSET statements. Lukman has a nice collection of fun games, even if they're not very glamorous.
  19.   Mark Donovan's QBasic Homepage   
    Description: QB Homepage of a chap named Mark Donovan. Features a few simple QB games (with source code and executed versions).
    Unique Features: Programs include versions of Tick Tack Toe, Pong, Tank Wars and an Analog Clock.
  20.   Mattsson Residence: QBASIC Games   
    Description: A small Swedish QB games site (in English) offering a few games and utilities, with translations in both languages.
    Unique Features: Thunderbugs and Thunderbugs2, two aerial shooters, sound interesting. So do Gobbles and Poltergeist. Worth a look!
  21.   QBASIC HQ   
    Description: "QBASIC HQ--THE HOME OF QBASIC ON COMPUSERVE!!!" A site by a newbie programmer obsessed with writing in ALL CAPS. Several original games are here, though they're all very simple.
    Unique Features: Includes programs by others, too. All the programs by the webmaster come in both .bas and .exe formats--your choice. There are actually quite a few programs here, though the quality isn't especially high...
  22.   QBasic Elysium   
    Description: Small site specializing in newbie QB tutorials. It has a short series of its own beginners' tutorials, and hosts a small selection of other peoples' tutorials (such as Mallard's famous tutorials series).
    Unique Features: In addition to the original tutorials, there are QB compilers to download here and a few simple programs.
  23.   QBasic Game Development Resources Site   
    Description: A site specializing in distributing QB graphics libraries.
    Unique Features: Very small site with copies of the more recent and more popular QB graphics libraries, including RelLib, CosmoX and the old mainstay, DirectQB. A good resource, but there's not much here.
  24.   QBasic World   
    Description: Small site by a newbie named Recon55. Has his original programs like Jedi Guessing Game PacDude Deer Hunter.
    Unique Features: Has a contest to make a song using PLAY statements, Prank programs (fake virii), a very poor original tutorial on subroutines, and also some fun Javascript games. The Javascript games have nothing to do with QB, but they were the best part of this site by far!
  25.   Quantum's Quarter   
    Description: Small site with a few QB games in the works, including Frogger for QB and Osama Operatives (where you kill Osama bin Laden). There's also a finished game called Robot Rumble, which is a BattleBots-style robot fighting game.
    Unique Features: These three games are available for download. There's also Monkey Blast and Spit War. All of these games are pretty simple, but who knows, they might be fun.
  26.   Quick Hosting for QB Files   
    Description: Rune Moennike's "Quickhost" site offering free, limited-time hosting for QB-related files. Anyone is free to upload a program, tutorials or screenshots, and they will be stored on the server for seven days. Definitely a worthwhile service for QB programmers without their own webhosting service!
    Unique Features: If an uploaded file is particularly popular (determined by hits), it will be granted extra hosting time on the server. This site can conceivably host lots of really great content or nothing of value at all. And although this is labeled as a QB hosting service, any types of files can be uploaded. When I visited, there were several art pictures created by users but nothing QB related for download. (That could change in an instant, though.)
  27.   QuickForward: QuickBasic Compatible Compiler   
    Description: Home of QuickForward, a freeware 99% QuickBASIC 4.5 compatible compiler that has been in production for a few years. They claim that it will be: "the most full featured and easiest to use BASIC compiler ever." Licensed Under the GPL.
    Unique Features: QuickForward's page has a lot of information about this ambitious project, downloads of the most recent version (though right now it is limited to the source code), and a useful reference library that has text resources with information about compiling x86 compatible source code. I'm sure it could come in useful if you ever want to make your own QB compiler.
  28.   RiPSoft   
    Description: A small programming group run by "Skankin Bum." A while back, RiP and FlySoft were working together to make a game called Crystals of Elumni.
    Unique Features: Includes five original QB games for download (and a bothersome blue-white gradient background that makes the site hard to read).
  29.   SZ Dev   
    Description: Santiago Zapata's QB programming page. His finished products include two space shooters based on characters from the Starcraft universe: Archer Fire and NeoArcher Fire. There are also some projects in the works, including the RPG Nemesis Stars and a roguelike game called Times Before Magic.
    Unique Features: There's basically just brief descriptions, screenshots and download links for Santiago's programs that were mentioned above. Some of the programs look quite interesting.
  30.   Sam's QBasic Page   
    Description: Small site by Sam Saccone; has a small collection of QB programs to download, and that's about it.
    Unique Features: There are two main sections: Files and Links. Take your pick.
  31.   Sasha Vukelic's Site   
    Description: Personal site of Sasha Vukelic, including a few QuickBasic programs for download. Current projects: "Temper, a space strategy game that's very simple and should be very fun"; and "Fight, a space ship duel game except for the fact that there are three ships in a free for all combat."
    Unique Features: There are also some finished games here, including a Pong clone and a space shooter called Dynamic.
  32.   Scorpion City   
    Description: Site of a pretty talented programmer, who uses many different languages. Included is a QB section with seven of his "older" games ('92-'94 era) that look kind of fun.
    Unique Features: There is a Minesweeper game, a puzzle game called Sokoban and a slider puzzle game called Doiley. Plus four more. Also: this site's got a nice clean layout.
  33.   Spaghetti Productions   
    Description: QBJosh's site, which advises programmers: "Gotos are faster than subs. Use them. It makes spaghetti code, but in case you havn't noticed the name of this site..." Has information about a game called Space Struggle.
    Unique Features: The Files section claims to have more than 200 downloads, but they have unfortunately been deleted from the server. All that remains of this site is the text, which is still entertaining for a few minutes. I like Josh's Tips section, which is filled with BAD programming tips. Heh.
  34.   Spiege's QBasic Site   
    Description: An old QB site with thirty-seven programs, a few of which were written by Spiege himself. Interestingly, this site had a few programming contests that people actually entered. (I would have figured that nobody would have taken the time.)
    Unique Features: This site has some of the most raucous and annoying background colors EVER. Oh, and 37 programs.
  35.   Steven's Web Page   
    Description: Claims to have over 900 QB programs, but astute visitors will notice that over 700 of them are parts of "Packets" of several hundred tiny coding examples.
    Unique Features: This would still be a great files archive if FortuneCity hadn't removed just about ALL of the downloads on the server. Now this is just the skeleton of Steve's Web Page, without the meat to make it worth the visit.
  36.   Sublime Productions   
    Description: A three-person QB and C/C programming team that last updated all the way back in 1998.
    Unique Features: There's a small but worthwhile file archive here, and also a news archive that I particularly liked because of its ODD obsession with Tsugumo and TheGame.
  37.   Syn9's Page   
    Description: Syn9 is a great QB / FB coder, constantly turning out amazing 3D demos and polished RPGs, but his website really doesn't reflect how great his programs are. This barebones site has barely anything on it right now. Syn9 is a man of few words -- no section contains more than a sentence or two, and only his most current projects are even mentioned here.
    Unique Features: You'll find some download links for some of Syn9's more recent projects (like his action RPG Griffon Legend), a small News section, and a small forum. If he adds more of his work, this site would be much more interesting, since Syn9's projects (think Zero G, his 3D demos, etc.) never fail to amaze.
  38.   TQBT Freeware Homepage   
    Description: Fifty-seven programs for download, all made by TQBT Freeware. Most of them amount to little more than screensavers...but quantity over quality, that's the motto, right!?
    Unique Features: Aside from the 57 programs, there's a few midis and a few random graphics to download. Not much else.
  39.   Tarak's Tower   
    Description: Small site that was home to its own RPG programming tutorial series. Also has a tiny bit of information on an unfinished RPG called VADL and a tile editor called TTEdit.
    Unique Features: The three RPG programming tutorials are nice, and worth a read if you're a newbie trying to make your first RPG. Other than that, this site is pretty empty.
  40.   Tom's Programs   
    Description: Tommy McBurney's site, which is devoted to chess programs. One of them is Deep Basic, which was programmed in QuickBasic 4.5. This includes many AI concepts and a "10,500 move opening book database", though this program is still not nearly as smart as commercial Chess programs.
    Unique Features: As far as QB content, Deep Basic is it, though you'll find many other Chess programs here written in other languages as well as information about Tom's collection of electronic chessboards. Deep Basic is probably the best Chess program I've ever seen in QB, though there really haven't been very many attempts.
  41.   TopGun Software   
    Description: Developer of the platform games Space Commando. Space Commando 2 and the awesome-looking DOOM-style first person shooter starring the same Space Commando and green blob aliens as in the platformers. This FPS actually looks really great, and according to the author, has a blistering fast engine.
    Unique Features: There's not much here; just downloads of the first two Space Commando sidescroller games and information about the upcoming Space Commando first person shooter. Space Commando 2 was a pretty good game, definitely worth the download!
  42.   TriBinary Software   
    Description: Barebones site of TriBinary Software, home of the Novix GUI, a fake OS written in QuickBasic by Z!re.
    Unique Features: The only thing here is information about Novix, which does look quite impressive. Novix has many advanced features, such as its own file system, memeory management and scripting language. Certainly the most advanced fake OS ever written in QB. Worth a visit if you're interested in fake OS programming.
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