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Introduction to QBASIC Programming
Beginner's Tutorials: Chapter 1 - Beginning Commands Covers PRINT, INPUT, and PRINTing variables.(QBOA Issue 4) Nova
An Intermediate QBasic Tutorial Instead of making another beginners' QB tutorial, Ryan Lin decided to make an intermediate tutorial that covers many commands at once. However, this ammounts to just a list of different commands and how to use them, without a logical structure to teach the commands to you in the order that you'll need them. Covers some of the necessary commands, but leaves out others: one of the first commands you learn is SCREEN, but there aren't any graphics commands here. Why would you switch out of SCREEN 0 then? Ryan Lin
QBasic Programming Cheat Sheet A list and brief description of many beginner commands. Has a fairly useful wrap-up of PC speaker music. Unknown
QBasic Programming For Kids A beginner's tutorial aimed at a younger audience. Has 27 chapters and covers many simple commands that you don't often see explained. Ted Felix
QBasic Programming Tutorial A brief introduction to QBasic tutorial that has the worst color scheme I've ever seen. Bright red on neon green. Yuck. Unknown
QBasic Tutorial Covers the basics, but then gets right into arrays, graphics (including seldom-used commands like WINDOW) and then how to design applications. Easy to understand and covers a lot of commands. S. Marcus Litchfield (QP7)
QB Tutorial: Beginners & Newbies Edition A great QB tutorial that covers over 60 commands in 23 pages, many of which are lesser-known. It is a well-written Word Document that has nice formatting. Worth a look! Neo Deus Ex Machina
QuickBasic Tutorial A tutorial mostly on getting around in the QB IDE, good for beginners though. UCF Computer Services
Tek's Definitive QBasic / QuickBasic Guide Tek of NeoZones Productions presents his "definitive guide" to QB, which was unfortunately never finished. It was well-written, and has 23 (short) chapters on a lot of techniques you need to know. The beginning chapters are for absolute beginners, but the later chapters have some stuff that intermediate QBers might find helful. Tek
A Very BASIC Tutorial Standard introduction to QBasic programming. Covers PRINT, CLS, LOCATE, variables, etc. (BASIX Newsletter #2) John Casson
The Very BASICs "Hello World", line numbers, GOTO, GOSUB, math operators, and more. A good introduction that gets you started right away. (QB Cult Magazine #13) Sane
Welcome To QBasic A very brief introduction to your first few QB commands, with little explanation of what they do. (QB:TM #4) HAL_8900

Basic Techniques (Misc.)
arrows.txt A nice tutorial that shows how to use the arrow keys in both IF...THENs and CASE arguments. Necrolyte
arrays.txt A good tutorial that explains what arrays are, and the different types of arrays in QB. Anthrax
Arrays Tutorial A good introduction to making arrays. Includes a lot of source code. Dab
Basic Input and Output A beginner's look at INPUT and several different ways to use the PRINT command. John M. Spilling
CASES Explains how to use SELECT CASE to make decisions in QB instead of IF...THEN. Meech Productions
Jamie's QBasic Tutorial: For, Next, Data & Read Part four of Jamie's tutorial series. Explains FOR...NEXT loops and DATA / READ statements. Jamie
QBasic Commands A brief list of basic QB commands, with explanations of statements LOCATE and CHR$. Southern Utah University
Random in QB Explains how to generate random numbers, and the essential commands like RANDOMIZE TIMER and RND. Meech Productions

Mallard's Introduction to QBASIC Series
chapter1.txt Chapter 1: Print, CLS, the basics. Mallard
chapter2.txt Chapter 2: Variables and Input Mallard
chapter3.txt Chapter 3: DIM, FOR...NEXT, GOTO, IF...THEN, COLOR Mallard
chapter4.txt Chapter 4: RND, DO...LOOP, File Commands, SELECT CASE Mallard
chapter5.txt Chapter 5: WHILE...WEND, Structured programming, Random Access Files Mallard

"Simple & Complex" Tutorials by Kevin B. Kohler
QBasic: Simple and Complex - Chapter I An intro to QB programming that oddly introduces Subroutines before even the PRINT statement. This covers good tips for keeping your programs organized and easy to follow, such as using subs and meaningful variable names. Kevin B. Kohler
QBasic: Simple and Complex - Chapter II INPUT, IF...THEN, random numbers and more. Kevin B. Kohler

Maxim's QBasic Tutorials for Beginners
Chapter 1 Basic Commands (PRINT, Variables, INPUT and Line Numbers) Maxim Kakitsev
Chapter 2 Mathematical Calculations Maxim Kakitsev
Chapter 3 Interacting With QBasic (IF...THEN...ELSE) Maxim Kakitsev
Chapter 4 Looping with QBasic Maxim Kakitsev
Chapter 5 More About Variables (Different variable types) Maxim Kakitsev

D And D's QBasic Tutorials
Intro Introduction to MS-DOS QBasic Computer Programming Language D And D
Chapter 1 Getting Started D And D
Chapter 2 Program Looping D And D
Chapter 3 Program Looping, Part 2 D And D
Chapter 4 Loading and Processing Data D And D
Chapter 5 User Data and Nested Loops D And D
Chapter 6 Input Range Testing and Range Tolerances D And D
Chapter 7 Random Number Generation D And D
Chapter 8 Subscripted Variables (Arrays) D And D
Chapter 9 Sorting D And D
Chapter 10 Output Formatting, Part 1 D And D
Chapter 11 Output Formatting, Part 2 D And D
Chapter 12 Output Formatting, Part 3 D And D
Chapter 13 String Variables D And D
Chapter 14 String Functions D And D
Chapter 15 More String Functions D And D
Chapter 16 Putting It All Together D And D

Lord DefCo's Guide to Programming in QBASIC
Part 1 "What is QBasic?" and your first program. Lord Defco
Part 2 Systematic Vs. Spaghetti Lord Defco
Part 3 Program Control, FOR...NEXT and number inputting Lord Defco
Part 4 Variable management and IF...THEN...ELSE Lord Defco
Part 5 Sounds and Arrays Lord Defco
Part 6 File I/O and Programming the SB Lord Defco
Part 7 Multi-Dimensional Arrays and Playing WAVs Lord Defco
Part 8 GET and PUT, DATA and READ Lord Defco
Part 9 Bitmapped graphics and DATA statements for graphics Lord Defco

Doorknob Software QBasic Tutorials
Part 1 Introduction, PRINT, INPUT, loops, and how to make your own maze program. Doorknob Software
Part 2 Basic graphics, arrays, sprites, GET/PUT. Doorknob Software

ESC Programs Tutorial
Chapter 1 Before you start ESC Programs
Chapter 2 Your first program ESC Programs
Chapter 3 Variables ESC Programs
Chapter 4 Retrieving keyboard input from the user ESC Programs
Chapter 5 The IF and THEN commands ESC Programs
Chapter 6 Labels and the GOTO and GOSUB commands ESC Programs
Chapter 7 Loops ESC Programs
Chapter 8 What next? ESC Programs
Chapter 9 QBasic interface ESC Programs
Chapter 10 Adding documentation to your programs ESC Programs
Chapter 11 Reading and writing to files ESC Programs
Chapter 12 Displaying graphics ESC Programs
Chapter 13 Mathematics functions ESC Programs
Chapter 14 Getting the current date and time ESC Programs
Chapter 15 Arrays ESC Programs
Chapter 16 Variable types ESC Programs
Chapter 17 Subroutines and functions ESC Programs
Chapter 18 Numbering systems ESC Programs
Chapter 19 Memory ESC Programs

QBasic My Style Newbie Tutorials Series
Tutorial 1 Getting started, PRINT "Hello World" and math operations. QBasic My Style
Tutorial 2 Variables and input. QBasic My Style
Tutorial 3 DIM, arrays, Loops and more. QBasic My Style
Tutorial 4 More about loops, IF...THEN...ELSE and SELECT CASE. QBasic My Style
Tutorial 5 Covers INT, RND, VAL, STR$, CHR$, ASC, COLOR. QBasic My Style
Tutorial 6 DATA, READ and file reading / writing commands. QBasic My Style

Raze's "Programming in QuickBasic for Complete Beginners" Series
Lesson I Starts you off right from the beginning with PRINT, then moves on to all the fundamental commands like IF / THEN, loops, GOTO, GOSUB, SELECT CASE and more. Raze
Lesson II Formatting PRINT statements and string variables, ASCII characters, DATA, arrays, and more. Raze
Lesson III Subroutines and global variables, programming theory, algorithms, planning, PLAY, VARPTR$, and more on loops and subs. Raze
Lesson IV Random numbers, output / input mode, primitive QB graphics commands and sprites. Then how to put all that you've learned to good use. Raze

QB Cult Magazine Introduction to QBasic Series
Introduction to QBasic Series, Part 1 A standard introduction to QB programming, brought to you by QB Cult Magazine. This one covers REM, PRINT, INPUT and math operands. (QB Cult Magazine #1) Matthew R. Knight
Introduction to QBasic Series #2 COLOR, GOTO, LOOPs, simple graphics (PSET, LINE) and more. (QB Cult Magazine #2) Matthew R. Knight
Introduction To QBasic Series #3 LOCATE, LINE, DRAW, CIRCLE, internal speaker music, BEEP and more. (QB Cult Magazine #3) Matthew R. Knight

BASIX Fanzine Introduction Series
Basic Tutorial 1/5 Printing to the screen and variables. (BASIX Fanzine #2) DH
Basic Tutorial 2/5 Variables and basic user input. (BASIX Fanzine #3) DH
Basic Tutorial 3/5 More on the INPUT command, and using different text colors. (BASIX Fanzine #4) DH
Basic Tutorial 4/5 How to print variables. Wheeee! (BASIX Fanzine #5) DH
Basic Tutorial 5/5 Clearing the screen and printing the results of math equations to the screen. (BASIX Fanzine #6) DH

The Secret Guide to Computers - QBasic Tutorials
QBasic 1 Programming for Fun -- this tutorial starts at the beginning, with PRINT, and moves on over topics like making text blink, timed pauses and whole lot more. (This tutorial series covers a ton of different commands and concepts, including many that are overlooked by other tutorial series, but this is not organized very well.) Russell M. Walter
QBasic 2 Covers variables, subroutines and how to make your own "Henry The Eighth" poem. Includes many simple programming tasks to get you to apply what you've learned. Russell M. Walter
QBasic 3 Formatting text, simple graphics commands, making musics, manipulating numbers, date and time, random numbers and a whole lot more. Russell M. Walter
QBasic 4 Subroutines and functions, more input commands, sorting data, file handling commands, loops, dealing with errors, databases, PEEK / POKE, and a lot of example programs. Russell M. Walter

Sskaton's QB Tutorials
Tutorial #1 PRINT, CLS, FOR...NEXT, etc. Sskaton
Tutorial #2 String and numerical variables. Sskaton
Tutorial #3 The INPUT command and IF...THEN. Sskaton

Submitted Beginners' Tutorials
RPGToolSetTut.rtf RPG Maker ToolSet. This tutorial will give theory and code about making a tile-based RPG from scratch. Sections include Tile Editor, Map Editor, Tile Engine, and Better Graphics... (Submitted by Halifax on October 31, 2005) Halifax1440@msn.com
QBasic BootCamp.zip QBasic Bootcamp. This is a tutorial set that assumes the worst... you have no knowledge of QBasic whatsoever. It then takes you from nothing to very advanced topics such as assembly, mouse handling, libraries, etc. Very easy to use and easy to understand. Large examples and extremely detailed. Possibly some of the best tutorials you could find on the web! (Submitted by Python167 on May 14, 2006) Python167 (Max Hunt)

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