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Old Sections

Pete's QBASIC Site has a lot of little sections from years past that don't warrant a link on the main menu anymore, for one reason or another. Check 'em out!

Cyber Chick
A mini-site dedicated to James Robert Osbornes' Cyber Chick game. Since this site was created, many newer versions of Cyber Chick have been released.
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Site Ads
One day I made a bunch of parody ads for this site. They're not very good, but you might as well take a look.

Review FAQ
An old FAQ that answered a whole bunch of questions about the reviews on this site and how they are created.

Banner / Title Images
This is a collection of all of the big title images that have graced the front of Pete's QB Site over the years.

This section dates back to November of 1998, when I (like all other QB programmers) was working on an RPG. I never got very far, but I did spend quite a bit of time planning it. This is presented in the original format from 1998. That project has long been cancelled.

About Me
The obligatory "About Me" section of Pete's QB Site, which I made in October of '98, right at the dawn of the site. Eventually, this section of the site was taken down and never replaced...because I thought that having an "About Me" section was cheesy back then. Now, I don't mind so much.

Decoration Images
This is a collection of images I used to decorate the site with for special occasions.

Board FAQ
The FAQ from this site's old DiscServer Discussion Board, which was a staple on QB sites for years and years. Unfortunately, if three months goes by without a new posting, the board gets shut down. The board once got a half dozen new topics posted a day. Pete's Qboard got shut down after the link was removed when Indigo Fox remade the site in September of 2000.

Contact Information
Contact information for this site from back after Indigo Fox's remake. This if from when Indigo Fox and WisdomDude were in charge. It's worthless information now. I have no idea why I put it up.

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