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  1.   19Day Programming Productions   
    Description: 19Day has been a regular at NeoZones forever, and was once working on an interesting game called MazeRPG starring a yellow smily face that reminds me of Pac-Man. If memory serves right, the smily from Maze RPG even made a cameo in Danny Gump's RPG, The Mystical Journey.
    Unique Features: 19Day's site doesn't have much to it. It's got a lot of art and writing, but as far as QB content, it's limited to demos of MazeRPG and a few other original utilities, such as a DirectQB Font Editor with increased capability over the one that comes standard with the library.
  2.   Andrew Morison's QBasic Homepage   
    Description: Site made in 1997 by an Australian chap. Has original games by such dubious names as Ernie the Canary and Rise of the Penguin. Even if they are simple newbie games, they get extra points for originality!
    Unique Features: This site has a collection of some of the oldest popular QB programs as well as some originals. 1997's greatest QB hits like Eric Carr's Spinball are here for the taking.
  3.   BASIX Newsletter   
    Description: A short-lived QBasic email magazine, which had two issues in mid-1999. Unfortunately, it didn't last.
    Unique Features: Both issues as well as a few news bulletins are available in the archive. Other than that, this site's pretty bare.
  4.   BREAKEMSoft   
    Description: A programming group named after a QB Super Breakout clone called BREAK'EM, BREAKEMSoft now programs in both C and QBasic.
    Unique Features: This site offers many programs to download, which appear to be mostly originals. Unfortunately, the download links are broken.
  5.   Basic Archives   
    Description: A plain-text Basic resource with information about the history of various Basic compilers as well as resources to help programmers.
    Unique Features: Frequently asked questions, a brief history of BASIC, listings of many different BASIC compilers and interpreters and other relatively boring (but potentially useful) information.
  6.   Bomberpunk's Entertainment Center   
    Description: The QBasic section of Bomberpunk's site exists merely to distribute his own games, which all sound pretty interesting. I haven't tried any of them yet, but I'm definitely going to stop back and check them out for real when I get a chance.
    Unique Features: The games include 2 Drunk Guys, ASCIIvania, Gemini Blast and Katamari Damacy QB, all of which have their own page-long description. There's also a section with brief "reviews" (aka feedback) people have given Bomberpunk on his games. It's a pretty bare site, but who knows, the games might be awesome.
  7.   Casmaster's Domain   
    Description: Site about many things like console gaming, art, etc. Also has original QBasic downloads and information / screenshots about the upcoming RPG Ogrex and a QB chess game called Crazychess.
    Unique Features: There's a total of about ten different QB downloads here, most of which are simple games.
  8.   Chris Davies' Homepage   
    Description: General programming site by Chris Davies. (Chris used to run "Richard and Chris' QBasic Site".) This site has Chris' programming samples in several languages, but mostly C and QB.
    Unique Features: This has a nice layout, and a dedicated QB section. There are few tutorials, and a handful of original QB programs (which you can find in the "Programs" section). It's just a personal programming site, so there's not much here.
  9.   Curly's Mega Web   
    Description: A QB and VB programmer who uses the languages to mutually help each other; he has created a nice Win9x app that will automatically run .bas files from Windows Explorer (with libraries too, if necessary), as well as a QB graphics converter program made in VB. Additionally, there's a Dr. Mario-like game called, simply, Game, and also a cool twist on Pac-Man here called Mom here where players have to run around the level and light up light bulbs instead of eating dots.
    Unique Features: All of the programs come with screenshots and nice little descriptions, and some of the programs have separate pages that go into even more detail. Of course, this is just to distribute Curly's programs, so there's not much to it.
  10.   Das QBasic Portal   
    Description: A German QB site that has a (fairly shoddy) English translation. This site doesn't seek to add any content of its own, but is instead a Portal to other QB sites.
    Unique Features: Most of the sites linked here are German, but this site does some interesting things with its links: there is a "Visitor Card" for each one that sums up all of the features of the site, and for most of the pages, there is an interview with the webmaster. Most of the interviews are pretty long and comprehensive, though they are in German. A nice site, but not of much use if you don't speak German.
  11.   Eric Phelps' Windows 95 / DOS 7 Batch Programming   
    Description: Large collection of tutorials and sample programs concerned with creating batch files for DOS. Any programmer knows that these are quite often essential for running more complex programs split into separate modules.
    Unique Features: The "Sample Win9x Batch Files" section has a ton of QB programs that will help you create, modify and manipulate batch files. This site is good even if you're using the tutorials just to create a DOS .bat file and are not even interested in the QB apps here.
  12.   Flyingsoft   
    Description: Site of a six-man QB programming group, headed by Agamemnus. It had many releases in 2003, but has been inactive since.
    Unique Features: Some neat-sounding programs are available here...though I'm not sure how good they are. There's Bike: "Human spies have found out that the aliens have rebuilt their forces and are planning to attack again. The Incredible Bikester must go to the alien world and stop them."; a puzzle game called JiG; a humorous game called Lost 2 by The_Specialist; and a few more.
  13.   ForgedQB   
    Description: A brand spankin' news site that looks like it has great potential. Home of a small programming group made up of HQSneaker and Crono. Forged QB does reviews and offers original programs, such as Crono's Missing in Space.
    Unique Features: Currently, there's not much here. This site is just getting off the ground. If it continues to update regularly, it will become a great site!
  14.   H.Y.B.R.I.D.   
    Description: Homepage of a QB programming group consisting of Sane, Wildcard, Elf and Freedy. Sane released two impressive graphics demos under the H.Y.B.R.I.D. label back in 2000 and 2001, but this group never released anything else.
    Unique Features: This site has a nice design, but there's not much to it. There are pages about both of Sane's demos -- "I'm the Superhero" and "Avenging 2D" -- and on the front page there's a rudimentary message board. That's about it.
  15.   Hampfi's QBasic Page   
    Description: Small site with some unique programs including Regatta 2, a ship racing game, Traders, where you play the role of a manager in a ship company, Tetris, Defender, Hangman and others. Hampfi's big project, though, is The Capture, "a great Star Trek game" where Captain Kirk and his crew ware captured by Klingons.
    Unique Features: There are a dozen original programs for download here. Most of them look quite simple, but have interesting concepts. Keep in mind that many of the programs are written in German.
  16.   Hexenmaster Hall   
    Description: A French site (in French) with a useful QB section. The webmaster is working on a Pac-Man clone.
    Unique Features: Includes French versions of QB as well as a neat tutorial for the French QB GUI. Additionally, this site has a decent sized program downloads section with quite a few English programs, but also some more obscure French QB games.
  17.   J-A-R-N-O.nl   
    Description: This personal interests site has a large section devoted to the results of microwaving CDs...but it also has a section with some downloadable QB games too!
    Unique Features: This site is run by a Dutch guy, so there are some games by other people from the Netherlands here that you might not have heard of. The QB Games section has a lot of animated screenshots to accompany both original and contributed games. Some neat ones include: Mythical Quest (Prince of Persia-style game), High Noon (Cowboy shootout), Jumping Jack Flash (Where you try to climb to the top of the screen), and Naval Battle.
  18.   Jarrard Software   
    Description: Small QB programming "company" with the tagline "Psycho Graphics". A small collection of original releases can be found here, including their Paint program DosDraw Artist, an alarm clock program Psycho Alarm, Star Clock, and a few graphics demos.
    Unique Features: All the programs are available for download, and each is accompanied by a screenshot. Aside from the downloads, though, there's not much to the Jarrard Software site.
  19.   Jo & Co Software   
    Description: Small one-man programming company that has released one game (Alien Terror) and two unfinished RPG games (Bloody Medieval and Dark Fantasy). Last updated in 2000.
    Unique Features: This site's purpose is just to distribute Jo & Co Soft's productions, and is quite small. Still, worth a look if you want to find some older, obscure QB projects.
  20.   Joel Kahn's QBasic Jewelry Gallery   
    Description: According to Mr. Kahn: "My day job used to be comptroller at a jewelry store. My hobby is computer graphics. These images are the result of combining the two environments."
    Unique Features: This site is a collection of small QB programs that create graphical "jewelry" like rings and bracelets on your screen. There are dozens and dozens of these little programs here; perhaps you could give one to your girlfriend--it's a heck of a lot cheaper than actually buying a ring made out of gold and diamonds! This is a very odd hobby, to say the least.
  21.   Kedjikeen's QBasic Page   
    Description: Keji's site has several nice little programs that he made in middle school in high school. He has a three-game series called Break'n'Out where you "save the world" (kinda vague...), Crunch, a two-person strategy game where you try to conquer your opponent's station, a nice collection of several different card games and a program called Mazer that makes random mazes on the screen.
    Unique Features: Each of these programs comes with a brief description and a screenshot. Also available are several of the subroutines, such as the Card Subroutine that allows you to "draw any card anywhere in Qbasicís screen 13." This would be very helpful to someone who wante to quickly make their own QB card game without having to re-invent the wheel. There's not much to this site, but it does have a nice collection of simple programs that you might find entertaining.
  22.   Magic Magicion's QBasic Page   
    Description: A site consisting almost completely of stolen content; the Tutorial section was actually copied directly from Pete's QBasic Site, and the entire Files section was also stolen. Magic Magicion also has an annoying tendency to spEll EvErythIng In lOwErcAsE ExcEpt fOr vOwEls, mAkIng thIs sIte quItE dIffIcUlt tO rEAd.
    Unique Features: Even though the content is stolen, it does have a rather large downloads collection. Worth a look.
  23.   Mohammed's QBasic Research Page   
    Description: abionnnn's page, created way back in 1997. A great window into the QB community back when it was just building steam.
    Unique Features: Includes a pretty big list of downloads, though about half of them have broken links. Also has a QB "Source Exam" and is a supporter a lot of Anti-Mac stuff.
  24.   Necromason's Domain   
    Description: Necromason's site with information and downloads of his original games. They include: Cynet, a "sidescrolling action game", The Gates of Hell 2 and 3D, shooters (3D is a raycasted FPS), Darkness, an RPG and Z Warriors, a 2D fighter.
    Unique Features: This site once had a lot of interactivity, with a chat room, a Yahoo! group, a top sites list, a mailing list, and more. Now, though, the only content that is still accessible is the "Hall of Fame" with the Necromason's list of the 25 best QB games ever (and download links), and the large section with information about all of Necromason's projects. In 1999, these games were really quite good. These days, though, they're not quite so mindblowing.
  25.   Nogo Interactive   
    Description: Small site with a collection of files and a nice links list. Home of The Journeys, a text-based QB RPG. This site also has a section about Visual Basic.
    Unique Features: These programs all appear to be made for a class by a variety of people. (That's why there is a section called "Final Exam Projects".) Too bad all of the programs only come as compiled .exe files rather than with the source code.
  26.   Nova Software   
    Description: Home of Nova Software, a tiny QB site with a tiny selection of programs available for download.
    Unique Features: Has about twenty programs in three categories available for download; two of the games look to be originals of Nova Software, though they're unlabeled.
  27.   Nuke Software Inc.   
    Description: Home of Nuclear Software Inc., which apparently changed its name to "Orbital Software". This site was last updated in 1997 and has versions of old favorites including Tetris, Bomberman and Russian Roulette. There are also slightly more unique games like Heaven Vs. Hell, a space shooter, and some music renditions from Phantom of the Opera.
    Unique Features: There isn't much here, but the downloads section is a nice blast from the past; most of these games were released in about 1996 before the widespread availability of ASM libraries and such. Unfortunately, that also makes them pretty unimpressive...
  28.   Pietro Ferrari's QBasic Casino Games   
    Description: A QB programmer who specializes in making Casino games, such as Slots, Poker and Blackjack.
    Unique Features: This site offers several different QB Casino games for download--all original programs with a screenshot and a short description each. It's a nice little site for the sole purpose of distributing Pietro Ferrari's games of chance.
  29.   PyroElectric Systems and Software   
    Description: Site dedicated to distributing programs like Spacewars, PyroElectric MOD Player and the unpolitically correct Little Pissed Off Mexicans With Big Guns.
    Unique Features: Includes about ten original programs that some people might find interesting. This site doesn't clutter itself with a lot of useless content; it's got a small assorment of high-caliber content.
  30.   QBasic / QuickBasic Programming Corner   
    Description: Cheng Ning's "New" QBasic / QuickBasic Programming Corner. Once one of the earliest largest and QBasic sites on the Internet has since deprecated into a collection of dead links and broken images. This site was one of the first in the QB Community that featured dynamic content updatable by the users through a series of forms and FTP services.
    Unique Features: There is a lot of text left on this site, but most of the downloadable content has become inaccessable in recent years. Cheng Ning's site was hosted on a variety of different free web servers, and only the base HTML documents at Fortune City are still available. The "New" Programming Corner once had a lot to offer, including a large collection of downloads, a lot of tutorials, challenges and dynamic content like mailing lists, guestbooks, polls and message boards.
  31.   QBasic Archives   
    Description: Site by Patrick Johnson where the name says it all. It is a QBasic downloads page -- nothing more, nothing less.
    Unique Features: This site has exactly 101 files on it, and since it hasn't been updated since 2000, I doubt that number will be changing soon. Most of these files look like standard downloads that you'll find on many QB sites, but I'm sure there is a gem somewhere in this collection.
  32.   QBasic Forum Community   
    Description: A community of QB forums. This attracts a fair number of posters--there are a few postings a week.
    Unique Features: Includes a link to another QB Forum and a section with a small number of tutorials and downloads.
  33.   QBasic Zone   
    Description: Mofu's QB site that has a large a menu of different sections, but most of them are empty. Includes a small selection with two game reviews, a handful of tutorials, and a decent downloads collection--it's small, but it only has quality programs.
    Unique Features: This site is nicely organized, but you won't find anything new here. This is a very standard QB site and its content is replicated on many other similar sites. Aside from the two reviews, nothing really is unique. If the team behind the site added more content it would have been a different story...
  34.   QuickBasic Source   
    Description: A site that at first glance looks to be filled with content--over 230 downloads, all rated, the "RPG Zone," the top QB games rating list, QB Tips and more...
    Unique Features: ...but then you find that most of this content was stolen wholesale from other sites. The Files section is the old NeoZones QCity (and all the download links go to the currently-dead NeoZones servers), the Tips section is stolen from Acid Works, and the rest of the sections have little content. If not for broken links, this site would be very complete. Unfortunately, the sites that it depended on for download links are now gone--and with it, most of the QuickBasic Source's content.
  35.   ROTA Systems   
    Description: This relatively new QB site (its banner says "ROTA Systems 2005") has a collection of simple, original games that span over many different genres from puzzle to RPG to economics simulator. The site design leaves a something to be desired, but the downloadable content is good.
    Unique Features: The games on this site include Burtgorm: Quest For The Mirror Mask, Dungeon, the two-player dice game Fangs, the fighting game MiniBattlers, the lemon-stand simulator Lemon and more. All of the games have screenshots and short descriptions on the site.
  36.   Ray's Homepage   
    Description: A personal interests site with a large QBasic section. Includes many tutorials with a lot of source code on various simple QB techniques, which are then used in more advanced programs that demonstrate their usefulness.
    Unique Features: There are about 15 long, well-written in-depth tutorials here, as well as several dozen programs for download. Not the most interesting programs, mind you, but they can be useful to learn from.
  37.   Robin Ohm's QBasic Software Pages   
    Description: From Holland, it's the QBasic Software Pages. These are mostly beginners' programs, and mostly written by Robert Ohm to help teach basic programming skills. (There's even a section entitled "Easy to Understand Programs.")
    Unique Features: Fairly run-of-the-mill programs like Hangman and various Clock programs, but they're good for beginners (as was their purpose).
  38.   Ryan Lin's QBasic Website   
    Description: Ryan Lin's QBasic section has four original tutorials that tailor to beginners, as well as three "Interactive" tutorials where "you will learn through a more interactive (duh!) and non-robotic teaching ways (as in the tutorials)." Additionally, many of Ryan's original game programs and engines are here, though no truly complete games are available.
    Unique Features: Downloads of all the tutorials and programs, including an RPG fight engine, an animated game engine called Rain where you "make a character walk around" and a pong clone. The tutorials are well-written, even if the programs are not!
  39.   Ryan's Site   
    Description: A site "Dedicated to programming in QB and VB" created by Ryan.
    Unique Features: A fairly empty site with information about two projects (Glide Fighters and Dreamspace) and a small RPG (blackfurl.zip). There are some other sections (Articles, Poetry and Short Stories), and a tiny Files section, but that's just about all there is to this site.
  40.   Science, Physics and Relativity FAQs   
    Description: A massive FAQ site with a lot of information about space physics and theories of the universe.
    Unique Features: Included are twenty QBasic programs to help illustrate concepts like: Light bending around the Sun using Newton's Law and Mass of a Galaxy calculation based on rotation curve.
  41.   Steven Sivek's QBasic Page   
    Description: Simple site with a bunch of downloads and a few links (ie: the same as just about any other QB site, heheh).
    Unique Features: The program downloads here, which number at several dozen, are mostly the ones you see at every other site. Maybe there's something special, but judging by my quick scan over the page, I didn't catch anything that couldn't also be found at QB45.com. But hey, at least the downloads actually work. :)
  42.   TheBigBasicQ's HomePage   
    Description: Home of TheBigBasicQ, who offers downloads of a lot of QB-OS related stuff. You'll also find information about his OS, DAM-OS DX. Another of the main features of this site is an absolutely GIGANTIC tutorial on the Future Library.
    Unique Features: This site's several downloads (many of which deal with creating QB operating syetems) and the Future Library tutorial are very nice, but there's little else. It does have a nice animated navigation system, though!
  43.   VR Chocha   
    Description: Site of 3D graphics enthusiasts who use QBasic to make calculations for 3D drawings they make in VRML: "As you will have noticed by yourself, our Basic programs do not use any graphical instruction, such as SCREEN, LINE or PSET. All the graphics are managed by your VRML browser or modeling software. They're much better for that, why should we deny it? But the Basic listings are much quicker to calculate the coordinates, we do not pretend more."
    Unique Features: There is quite a bit of information on how to calculate 3D figures with QB, and then to convert them to VRML for the actual rendering. It's an interesting way to generate graphics, and back in 1997 this technique was probably a time saver. These days, though, 3D modelling software has progressed to the point where calculation features are built in.
  44.   Van Ossy-S0ftware   
    Description: Last updated in 1996, this little programming group made some odd programs like Mortal Pongbat and Spacewar. Also some information on "upcoming" games that obviously never going to get finished. This is one of the oldest QB sites that I have found, only surpassed in age by a handful like M \ K Productions.
    Unique Features: Try Mortal Pongbat for a thrill (I guess)... "You play pong while trying to kill your enemy, by throwing projectiles at him/her. Loads of finishing moves (PITS, EXPLOSIONS, SHATTERING, FLASHER, HUMILIATION) with every-thing from a finishing move where you pee on your enemy to taking the paddles clothes off !"
  45.   WizGUI.tk   
    Description: A more recent site by VonGodric; this one is not completely devoted to WizGUI, but covers other topics too. Take VisualQB for instance. VisualQB is an upcoming QB library that "will have a GUI engine and a Virtual Machine that runs script files."
    Unique Features: In addition to information about VisualQB, you can find downloads of VonGodric's own programs as well as a nice collection of useful QB libraries.
  46.   WizGui   
    Description: Home of a QB OS/GUI called WizGui. WizGui has a similar look to Windows XP, and has a nice window-box layout. This program is being developed in PDS 7.1 using Future Library 3.5 by VonGodric.
    Unique Features: There are screenshots and downloads of several different versions of WizGui, as well as a bit of documentation. (This site has nothing except for WizGui information.)
  47.   Yummy Potatoes   
    Description: "Potatoes are yummy, so is this stuff" is the catchphrase of YummyPotatoes.net, the site of a computer teacher who teaches QBasic in class.
    Unique Features: The QBasic section of this site has many useful reference guides for beginning QB programmers, inlcuding charts of color codes, screen modes, an ASCII chart. There are also source code snippets to teach basic skills. In the Files section are a few simple text adventures that are used to teach logic and typing to children. It's a small site, but it could be helpful to other computer teachers looking for help with their QBasic lesson plans.
  48.   x.t.r. GRAPHICS QBasic Site   
    Description: Small QBasic homepage of Rattrapmax6 (Kevin), featuring original QB and FB applications such as "Robo Raider", "BA-SIC MU-SIC" and "Space Warp".
    Unique Features: Includes a few tutorials and programs by Rattrapmax6, and the "links town" -- a links section where every website is represented by a different building image.
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