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Note: This is an artifact of the old Pete's QBASIC Site, and more than half of these links no longer work. This page is no longer updated, and is just here for reference...or whatever you want to call it. If you want current links with a better format and ratings...go to the new links section.

1.) The QBASIC/QuickBASIC Top 50-The Top 50 QBASIC sites! Vote for your favorite, visit all of them! You can find a lot of great sites here!

2.) Neozones Productions The Very best QBASIC website, and Tek's not paying me to say this! It's too good to explain-Go there NOW!!! Must See!

3.) M / K Official WebSite This website was one of the best QBASIC websites on the 'net, but they haven't updated in months. Too bad... Must See!

4.) Lior Zur's QBasic Page Another Awesome, un-updated web site. It's got the best graphics in the world, and an awesome interface. Must See!

5.) Alpha Omega Systems Barely any graphics (1 pic, I think), but they have tons of content. Hey, go there.

6.) Andy's QBasic Page Wow! This Page Sucks! Most of his sight is unaccesible because of broken links, not any QBASIC content to find, because of broken links. Don't go here!

7.) The BASIC ArchivesHorrible Site! All it has are about 10 FAQs, and some stuff about Commodore 64. It also has a links section. Skip it.

8.) The New Basic BBS Site Used to be mildly cool, but was ruined by "Satan", is never updated (except a couple times in '95, and has no GFX or anything really cool.

9.) Steele Software's Page Lot o' graphics, and takes a while to load. Your basic QBASIC page (Links, Files, News, Projects) Too bad, it will no longer be updated. It had potential...

10.) Mark Donovan's Page It's small and simple. Mark isn't too ambitous, but he has a few progs (that he wrote!), and 3 links. Woohoo!

11.) Rick Elbers' QBasic Page A small QBASIC Site by a decent programmer. He does not update, or have much content on his page. He has written a few good tutorials, though.

12.) Toshi's Project Page A small, one paged website, with about a million links, and a couple of his own files. Not the best site, but it has a great links section!

13.) The QBasic Site Better than average site, with worse than average update record. Home of the UPHO programming company!

14.) New Moon Productions A website with tons of downloads, and nothing else. (Well, they do have a webring.) If you want to download programs, go here.

15.) Arrow's QBASIC Page Awesomely cool QBASIC Site! Go there now! Must See!

16.) Ryan's Website A small website with a few progs to download. It has other stuff on it, too.

17.) Softshoe Programmer's World A pretty good QBASIC website. Download some of SoftShoe's progs, go through some of their links, etc., etc.

18.) The QBasic Programming Page Good Page, with tons of QBASIC FILE DOWNLOADS! Go there, it's a good page!

19.) The QBasic Outpost Yet another good looking, content full QBASIC Page.

20.) Scott's QBasic Page Good looking page! Too bad that Scott is better at HTML than at QBASIC. Two links, four files.

21.) Peter Swinkels' Home Page Your average QBASIC/VBASIC page. Message board, couple progs, etc.

22.) Zones Productions QBasic Hehehe! This page was made last year, and has no content,except for a link to Neozones, and a webring. It says "it is not up yet, so visit Neozones Productions!"

23.) Nick's QBasic Page An all around programming page, with a lot of programs for about 6 languages, and a couple QBASIC links.

24.) 4th Dimension Basic Software Skip it-it's a waste of time. It moved to a new server, deleted all of its files on Geocities, and now has no files on its new server.

25.) Chris' QBasic Page Just a couple of files.

26.) TheQBasic Research Page Abionnn's QBASIC Page. 87 Files, a chat room that's always empty, and an anti Apple Computer Page.

27.) Dominik Mazur's QBasic Page Average, boring site.

28.) http://eden-backnd.rutgers.edu/~daho Some hacker's website w/ computer game reviews and his game for download called "UDAHO".

29.) ModemMan's QBasic Page A small, intermediate programmers website dedicated only to QBASIC. He's not the best programmer, but give him credit. Visit his site.

30.) "Qbasic Programming" A perverted (you'll see what I mean) programmer's website with none of his own programs, and very few of them. Avoid at all costs...

31.) Break'emsoft Official Website Home of the Break'emsoft game programming company, specializing in QBASIC and C++ programming! Kewl!

32.) NoVa Basic Home Page A small, rarely updated website. Download one of their 6? games, or, well, that's just about it...

33.) Andreas' Home Page Some kid from Norway's webpage. He has written a couple games (about 10), and offers about 5 of other people's programs. Most of his site is about stuff other than QBASIC.

34.) Stefan's Nifty QBasic Programming Page Horrible Website. More advertisements than downloads! (one download, and three links to non-QBASIC pages...)

35.) Franzen Entertainment Your Average QBASIC Site. Home of the Tale of the Dark Wizard Trilogy, The Dragon's Lair, etc. Looks good!

36.) AiNt GoT NoT PrOdUcTiOnS Okay page, with a bunch of stuff taken from other pages. Not updated. Stupid Name.

37.) Apoky Software Company Not a good sight, but this guy is a pretty good programmer. Check it out!

38.) The QBASIC Station Awesome Website-The QBASIC Station! Must See!

39.) Ripsoft Official Website A fairly new, small website. A few of his programs are up, an some links, etc.

40.) DaMMSoft Home Page Cool Website, with it's own Programs! Cool!

41.) VirtuaSoftHome of the Dash Library, The Mystical Journey, You have to go there! Must See!

42.) The Programmer This site has a little content on about all of the programming languages. All it has for QBASIC, though is twenty-some links. If you want to learn about the other languages out there, go here!

43.) The QBASIC Zone A pretty cool QBASIC Site. A couple "Filez" and "Lynx". It's Okay.

44.) QBasic Central This page rocks, but not enough people visit it daily. Click, and help him out.

45.) QBasic 101 This guy needs to update, and work on his site. He doesn't have much yet-7 or 8 files, 2 news things, 1 link, and all of QBASIC.com's tutorials- the ones that he stole.

46.) The 'new' QBasic Programming Corner Wow! Awesome site, tons o' content! Must See!

47.) Ruler of Ronark Home Page Nothing on this page but stuff about an AWESOME GAME THEY ARE MAKING! Woohoo!

48.) Quixoft Awesomely Cool QBASIC Page! The Works! Go there! Must See!

49.) The Fantasy Page A page with a QBASIC section. This kid is making an Askii Graphics game called "Quest", and has a QBASIC game review section, and some links.

50.) The Ultimate QBasic Page Has about fifteen programs, and has one QBASIC link. This website has a great layout, and a Windows Wallpaper collection section.

51.) Chriszoo's QBasic Page Well... What can I say? "Chriszoo" decided to get a Geocities homepage in October last year, and his QBASIC page idea quickly faded in his mind. He has nothing but two links...

52.) Blowerstrike's QBasic Page Amazing Page-Great Interface-Graphics everywhere.... Too bad that it takes about half an hour (I'm exaggerating) to load. It has your basic stuff, tutorials, downloads, links, and a one of a kind interface.

53.) Epitome Software Home Page A small software company. It is working on a good looking game (I forgot the name, but it's a Metal Gear clone.) I'll go there later to check their progress. Check it out!

54.) Marc's Universe Okay looking page. None of his own stuff, but he has about 50 downloads.

55.) Eightball Software Kewl website by some people in Canada! Their Site just went through a major revamp and now is a Must See!

56.) Ultimate Software Takes a while to get to the QBASIC part, which doesn't have much. I think his page is kinda cool-don't ask me why...

57.) QuickBASIC RPGs Yes! An awesome QBASIC Website-One of my personal favorites- devoted entirely to QBASIC RPGs! Awesome! Must See!

58.) Kaddash Software Awesome Website! Home of the Wrath Of Sona, an Awesome RPG in the works!

59.) Dark Ages Homepage Not the best website, but home of my favorite QBASIC game-DarkAges! Dark Ages 2 information can be gotten here too! Must See!

60.) Marcade's Place I don't think this website is that great, but other people do...

61.) Tsugumo's Lair Tsugumo is one of the best graphical artists out there! (He is also a good programmer.) He rules at anime, and also has a few very good programs, but he rarely programs QBASIC anymore. Too Bad. Check out his discontinued RPG-"The Game" Must See!

62.) The Role Programmer's Home Another QBASIC RPGs site. Not as good as QuickBASIC RPGs, but pretty good. This would get a "Must See!" if I hadn't already gone crazy over "QuickBASIC RPGs.

63.) QBASIC: The Magazine The best source of news and current events in the QBASIC community! Home of the Visionaries Link Exchange, and the Grand Scimitar Studios webpage. One of the top three-Go there now! Must See!

64.) QBASIC To The Max! Awesome QBASIC Page! It's not advertised very much, so I ever heard of it until today, but it's a great site! Over 100 files, 15 or so links, etc. Must See!

65.) 19Day Productions 19Day's QBASIC Page. Home of MazeRPG, Awesome Site! Must See!

66.) Dark Elf Productions Awesome Website, tons of content, and lots of files! Must See!

67.) Endworld NutZboy's QBASIC Page! I like it! Home of Peanut Patrol and Niket. PP is a Kewl Platform Game, and Niket is an awesome looking Zelda type RPG!

68.) Cheng Ning's Homepage! Not much on QBASIC, but if you want ads, this is the site for you!

69.) Synnine's Vampira Page Home of Vampira, an awesome RPG!

70.) QBASIC Mania! Okay, I finally had to add their link. I hate this page, but some people like it. (It's been #1 on the Top 50 for who knows how long.) Home of Ricochet Programming.

71.) The QBASIC Link Exchange A QBASIC Banner Network. It sort of sucks right now.

72.) The QBASIC World A good looking site with a lot of stuff on it.

73.) QBASIC On Angelfire Kewl, home of Cyber Wars, good Page! Good tutorials! Cybertron's Page!

74.) Dark Eclipse Software Nice, C++, VBASIC, and of course, QBASIC Page, with more QB then other languages crap!

75.) Infinity Productions Home of Medallion, Small software company, etc.

76.) QBASIC Game and Demo Programming Small site, only his games.

77.) QBASIC At FreeServe Links, files-the regular.

78.) Blowerstrike's Q(uick)BASIC Page The Usual, Nice Interface. Updated a lot!

79.) Unholy Water Home of Elysian Fields, Pantera55's RPG, Kewl Site!

80.) Alternate Logic An awesome website for beginners to experts! Tons of tutorials! Must See!

81.) Tarak's Tower The "Newbie Friendly Website!" Tarak has tutorials, a webboard, projects-the works!

82.) Sir Taylor's Big Heap a' Junk Tons of crap!! Home of Candy From Stranger's Software, C/C++ Page, Anti MAC section, over 100 downloads, and home of the first online SCRATCH AND SNIFF! Check it out!

83.) QBMagazine QB Magazine. Not QBASIC: The Magazine, but QB Magazine.

84.) The Programming Oasis Excellent site, home of The QB Times, has many files, links, and also has an interviews with QBASIC programmers section! Very nice layout and graphics also! Must See!

85.) Cannibal Gopher Ink. An awesome QBASIC Page! Home of the Cannibal Gopher Programming Group! Join it now, annd while you're at it, download some of their great proggys! Must See!

86.) Buff's Home Page I think this page sucks, but other people think his page rocks! Who am I to decide?

87.) RavenHeart's QBASIC Page Finally, after at long last!!! DarkDread's (Now Raven Heart's) Page is back! He is the creator of Dark Crown, the Legend Of Lith series, and now, more awesome games! He dissapeared for almost a year, and, in August made RavenHeart's QBASIC Site. A month later, he made a website for his new RPG!

88.) Mark's QBASIC Site A nice looking QBASIC Site. It has a couple progs and links.

89.) AntoSoft WebsiteA small QBASIC Programming Company. Nothing About QB yet, but in December '98, they officially open.

90.) Venom Enterprises Brand new QBASIC Site. (When I went there, he had one post on his QBOARD (it was his opening post), and 30 hits!) Check it out! I think it's going to be good!

91.) MA SNART Ware A new page just starting out. I like it! It has great graphics, and is home to a 3D RPG, and A fighting game. (I forgot the names to both! :) Well... I like this page! Go visit it!

92.) Acid Works Software Home of Acid Works Software! Steve Nunnally's Page, Home of Acid Works Draw, the Mr. Smily Mini Games, and Konrad The Warrior! Must See!

93.) QBASIC Die Duetsch A great QBASIC Site! (Too bad it's in Dutch!)

94.) Robert W. Benjamin's QBASIC Site Really small site with only his projects and programs on it! Have fun, and download Turcoo!

95.) The QBASIC Retreat Nice page, sort of like mine! (Updates daily, home of an RPG, Files, links, etc.) It's really nice!

96.) JDRC Productions Good Page, lots of info, home of Shattered Hope, Death Island and JDRPaint!

97.) The QBASIC Place Great QBASIC Site! It's almost perfect! The only bad side is that it's rarely updated... Must See!

98.) Excalibur Entertainment A great QBASIC Site! Home of the RPGDK and Caelius! Must See!

99.) The QBASE (Quick BASIC Archive Search Engine) A site with a couple links and more then 500 files!!!

100.) SonicBlue Awesome site! Whole lotta stuff! Must See!

101.) QBASIC by Hur Games, tutorial, compilers... Get GWBASIC, Blah, blah, blah... (Hur wrote this)

102.) Qbasic.net I don't like this site. It's on crosswinds (not a network) and the owner of this page is a sucky programmer.

103.) Quick-Basic.com A cool QBASIC Page with a sleek layout and tons of CGI scripts that make the site really cool and interactive. Must See!

104.) Jeremy's QBASIC Page Horrible! Horrible, terrible, horrible! (Don't go here!!)

105.) Simple Si's QB Page You've probably been there. (It gets 1000 hits every two weeks!) It's almost never updated, though. Nice page! Must See!

106.) Chris' Enhanced Programming Page Nice Page! It is updated a lot, and is constantly growing! Must See!

107.) My Q BASIC Page! Small, boring site. Really crappy!

108.) The QB Demo Scene Terminator_Z's page where he shows off his and other people's programs. There are some really good programming examples and tutorials here, even though it's pretty small now.

109.) Santzo's QBASIC Page A great QBASIC Site! Nice design, and good content!

110.) Andy's QBASIC Depot Sort of nice site with A LOT OF FILES!

111.) MagnaUnum's Land of the Little QBasic people Jester XZ's QBASIC Page. Small, home of Wanderlust: The Last Battles!

112.) Killian's Site Killian's Site-the site we all know and love. Must See!

113.) Cerebral Works Software A cool site that makes QBASIC and C games. Only offers it's own games, which are pretty good!

114.) QBASIC Lair Wow! Great site! Tons of content, downloads, etc.!! Must See!

115.) Millenium Software Awesome site, home of Quelda, A Fink To The Past. (It looks good!) Must See!

116.) Silicon Ice Silicon Ice's QBASIC Page: Great page, lots of tutorials, files and links! Webboard included!

117.) Iron-Tek Productions One of the best QBASIC Sites! Go there Now! Must See!

118.) The QBASIC Source Page Huge site! Lots of crap! (Too bad he stopped updating a long time ago.)

119.) WareSoft Big, content full, popular site! Must See!

120.) The Game Review Site A site where you submit your programs, and he reviews them. Simple as that.

121.) BlackIce's QBASIC Page A small, advertisement filled site, but it's okay, I guess.

122.) Keiproductions Online A nice site, updated a lot, belongs to Gaurdian Bob!

123.) Joshua Creations Former QuickBASIC Programming site (still has QBASIC Stuff!) but now they program in VBASIC 5.0

124.) Enhanced Creations Angelo Mottola and Petter Holmberg's Page. Home of Wetspot 2 and DirectQB!!! Wow! Must See!

125.) Scyre's Hole A site that has lost it's former glory. Methinks it disapeared, but their's a little left. :)

126.) M.M. Shiatzu's Game Review Site M. M. Shiatzu's QB Game Review Site: Small site with four links and four QB game reviews.

127.) Enigma's Domain Great Site by Enigma! Updated a lot! Home of Eldim! Must See!

128.) Chris' QBASIC PageGreat site, tons of content! Must See!

129.) ELDIM The Official Unofficial Fan Page Cool site only about-you guessed it-Eldim!

130.) Tofu's Anime/programming page Also home of Relot Software, a small QBASIC Programming company!

131.) The Vault A collection of logic-based algorithmic problems. A true test of programming skills!

132.) QBASIC For Beginners Small, text based site. No bells and whistles or updates!

133.) Zephyr SoftwareHome of some good SVGA librarys.

134.) Q-Zone Aaron Severn's QBASIC Page, home of the top twnty-five games, some kick a** tutorials and much more! It's a great site, just isn't advertised excessively. The webmaster has been sent off to the university, so updates are rare. :)

135.) Patrick's QBASIC Homepage A small, unupdated site. Has a couple files, couple links, and a QBoard.

136.) Future Software FutureSoft! Hundreds and hundreds of files! Tons of Content! Everything! Too good to explain! Must See!

137.) Entropic Programming A nice site! The layout is great, and it is updated frequently!

138.) HydroXide's Site A great site by Hydroxide!

139.) Seav Softwares Good page, lots of stuff, home of "The Labyrinth"! Nice Layout. Must See!

140.) Rems' QB Really nice site. QB Voice is as good as QB:TM, but isn't updated a lot. It has this "style" that makes it special. Must See!

141.) Chris' Place A nice looking site with a lot of projects!

142.) Microhof Webquarters A QBASIC Page with so much stuff that it boggles the mind! Great Site! Must See!

143.) Ultra Raven's Website A website devoted to a couple of topics, one of which being QBASIC!

144.) Deviant Software Good site! Home of The Adventures of Wally Stick and the Deviant Software company!

145.) Usama's Page Programming page with QBASIC and VBASIC stuff on it. There's nothing really special about it.

146.) Jeff's QBASIC Site An almost brand new QBASIC Site with a few links and programs.

147.) Brian Hogan's QBASIC Page A great graphical QBASIC Page that is no longer updated. (He went on some Two year Church trip.)

148.) Gamma Flare's Game Page Home of IslandGates, one of the best looking RPGs [in the works] out there!

149.) BluePrint Software Waxerman's QBASIC Page. Almost unheard of, but it has three good looking games in the works- Torgo's Revenge (an RPG), A World Called Quixote (an RPG), and VAMP When Darkness Falls (Action)!!!

150.) Laz's Big Fat QBASIC Page A BIG FAT QBASIC PAGE!


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