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  1.   Nebula Software   
    Description: Home of Nebula Software, one of the QB community's leaders in first person shooters and 3D graphics. The Nebula Engine II and the FPS Resistance are a true testament of what QB can really do when pushed to its limits. Also make sure you check out Nebula-Engine: Capture the Flag, a fun clone of Unreal Tournament's Capture The Flag mode.
    Unique Features: This site not only features information and screenshots of Nebula Software releases, but also reviews of other peoples' QB programs. There are some neat articles on first person shooters and raytracers here, too!
  2.   Necromason's Domain   
    Description: Necromason's site with information and downloads of his original games. They include: Cynet, a "sidescrolling action game", The Gates of Hell 2 and 3D, shooters (3D is a raycasted FPS), Darkness, an RPG and Z Warriors, a 2D fighter.
    Unique Features: This site once had a lot of interactivity, with a chat room, a Yahoo! group, a top sites list, a mailing list, and more. Now, though, the only content that is still accessible is the "Hall of Fame" with the Necromason's list of the 25 best QB games ever (and download links), and the large section with information about all of Necromason's projects. In 1999, these games were really quite good. These days, though, they're not quite so mindblowing.
  3.   NeoBasic   
    Description: NeoBasic is the choice hang-out spot for many veteran QB programmers (who mostly don't program much QB anymore), and is automated by the custom Neo-Marcade system. Its main draw is its active message board, which is made up of the old NeoZones Productions community.
    Unique Features: A very active message board (which also features a "Philosophy" board on the side); automated projects and files sections where users can add their own work (this once was a giant file archive, but since then it's been reset to only a handful of programs); and many other small sections offering dynamic content.
  4.   Neptune Entertainment   
    Description: A programming group with many members. Unfortunately, the site is basically a black hole, completely void of any content whatsoever.
    Unique Features: There were a total of about three sentences on this entire site. The rest was just dark, black and blank. Like the Twilight Zone or something.
  5.   Nick's Website   
    Description: "Everything that Nick decides is cool can be found here!" This site by Nick (aka NEWKid) has sections about Star Wars, QBasic and a few other topics. The QBasic section itself is very small.
    Unique Features: The QB section has two hardcoded "Millionaire Games" which ask you the same trivia questions in the same order each time you play, plus a beginners' tutorial by Nick. Bonus feature: Nick always refers to himself in the third person.
  6.   Nocturnal Creations   
    Description: Tim Truman's QB programming company, with programs dating back to 1994! This is a very old website, that's for sure. Tim has made several QB games that aren't the most original (mostly ports of old arcade games), but they're still fun to play!
    Unique Features: Since Truman was coding for QB mostly in 1995, he was the first to release some crucial programs, such as Sprite his sprite editor and the FX Sound Editor. Truman's games include QBDefend, QBInvade, QBMatrix, QBMissile, and QBRoids. They may not be creative, but they're worthy clones of time-tested game formulas. There are also a dozen or so more programs available for download here. An interesting site because it is so old.
  7.   Nogo Interactive   
    Description: Small site with a collection of files and a nice links list. Home of The Journeys, a text-based QB RPG. This site also has a section about Visual Basic.
    Unique Features: These programs all appear to be made for a class by a variety of people. (That's why there is a section called "Final Exam Projects".) Too bad all of the programs only come as compiled .exe files rather than with the source code.
  8.   Nova Software   
    Description: Home of Nova Software, a tiny QB site with a tiny selection of programs available for download.
    Unique Features: Has about twenty programs in three categories available for download; two of the games look to be originals of Nova Software, though they're unlabeled.
  9.   Nukem Enterprises   
    Description: Once Eriksen Inc, then Sublime Inc, and finally, Nukem Enterprises. This site is home to the Wry text RPG series and a few other original programs, including a cheesy looking survival horror game called Terror: Fear of the Unknown.
    Unique Features: Programs written in C , QB and Javascript are available. There are about a dozen original QB games and programs available for download here. This site is also a member of an odd DiscApp message board network, which I found kind of interesting since all the people on the boards were once posters on the old Pete's QB Site DiscApp!
  10.   Nuke Software Inc.   
    Description: Home of Nuclear Software Inc., which apparently changed its name to "Orbital Software". This site was last updated in 1997 and has versions of old favorites including Tetris, Bomberman and Russian Roulette. There are also slightly more unique games like Heaven Vs. Hell, a space shooter, and some music renditions from Phantom of the Opera.
    Unique Features: There isn't much here, but the downloads section is a nice blast from the past; most of these games were released in about 1996 before the widespread availability of ASM libraries and such. Unfortunately, that also makes them pretty unimpressive...
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