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  1.   Jace Masula's QBasic Labs   
    Description: A site based out of a message board (a very interesting way to set up a site, I might add), that is home to some AMAZING looking games written in QuickBasic.
    Unique Features: Three very original, very cool-looking games are here: Starquest, (a survival game where you are in charge of a small mining ship lost in space--you must collect food and fuel to stay alive); Codelink, "a hacker simulation game, very similar to the popular game UPLINK. Locked away in a remote cyber prison, you struggle to learn the truth of your past in hopes of breaking free."; and Kingsland, a turn-based strategy game described as a combination of Warcraft, Chess and Stratego. Also here is a tile editor called QBSprite. The games come with screenshots, development documents and news updates, and you are free to comment on any one of them through the forum interface. Very nice site!
  2.   Jack's QBasic Site   
    Description: New QB site by Jack that doesn't have much content yet. It was just started in March 2005, so that's understandable.
    Unique Features: Forum, Links, Downloads, Tutorials -- the usual stuff, but in pretty low quantity. Jack also has downloads of Jackbot (his AI chatroom simulator) and Jack's Encryption Program available. Oh, and a JavaScript applet lets you change the background color of any page.
  3.   JacobPalm.dk   
    Description: Relatively new QB site started in late 2004 that focuses on QB GUI development. There are many reviews of QB GUI programs here, along with screenshots. The site is based on a CMS, so there's a lot of scalability options for the webmaster, and interactivity / feedback options for visitors.
    Unique Features: Aside from the GUI reviews, there are also QB Tips & Tricks, some beginners' tutorials and original programs by the webmaster.
  4.   Jamie's QBasic Site   
    Description: Very small site, also called "QB Online". The one thing useful I found here was an "Advanced Graphics Tutorial" explaining how to use different screen modes and multiple pages.
    Unique Features: There are a handful of VERY simple programs to download and a beginners' tutorial series. The programs include an example program to show how to use the COLOR statement and a guess the number game. Many of the links here are broken too.
  5.   J-A-R-N-O.nl   
    Description: This personal interests site has a large section devoted to the results of microwaving CDs...but it also has a section with some downloadable QB games too!
    Unique Features: This site is run by a Dutch guy, so there are some games by other people from the Netherlands here that you might not have heard of. The QB Games section has a lot of animated screenshots to accompany both original and contributed games. Some neat ones include: Mythical Quest (Prince of Persia-style game), High Noon (Cowboy shootout), Jumping Jack Flash (Where you try to climb to the top of the screen), and Naval Battle.
  6.   Jarrard Software   
    Description: Small QB programming "company" with the tagline "Psycho Graphics". A small collection of original releases can be found here, including their Paint program DosDraw Artist, an alarm clock program Psycho Alarm, Star Clock, and a few graphics demos.
    Unique Features: All the programs are available for download, and each is accompanied by a screenshot. Aside from the downloads, though, there's not much to the Jarrard Software site.
  7.   Jaws V Soft   
    Description: Home of the Mini RPG series, Cookie Deliverer and several other cute, anime-style QB games. The Jaws V site is a pixel artist's dream come true, filled to the brim with stylish art that really makes this site unique. The Jaws V Soft games are really something to behold, and it's definitely because of the awesome character graphics and animation this group is so skilled at.
    Unique Features: Downloads of all the Jaws V Soft releases, as well as a huge collection of original artwork. Additionally, has information about anime releases and information about pixel art. Definitely worth a look!
  8.   Jay Cook's Place of Webspace   
    Description: Jay Cook's site, home to a few games that rocked the QB world back in '97: Ziel, the Zelda-style RPG; Killer, where you run around and kill convicts; FirePit, where you escape from an ever-growing fire; and many more. Jay is a quite accomplished coder who really pushed QB to the limits back in the days before ASM libraries were commonplace.
    Unique Features: Includes several really great original games (like Ziel, as well as some awesome older games by others for download. Quite a bit of content, and most of the games have their own separate full-page description, along with screenshots. A very well-done site!
  9.   JdR's World (New Version)   
    Description: A newer version of Johan de Ruiter's page, with the newest information about his programs such as Day of the Pidiot and JdR Pacman. There's also a new program called Blackboard, which helps teach kids things like multiplication tables.
    Unique Features: As far as QB content goes, this site is basically the same as the older JdR's World...just with a little bit less information about his programs and a couple more programs. There are some cool mathematical puzzles here too.
  10.   Jensen's QBasic Programming   
    Description: Jensen's QBasic Programming site has a handful of small graphics programs and a 16x15 sprite editor (who uses 16x15 sprites?).
    Unique Features: A nice interface with a few programs and versions of QB to download. None of the programs are particularly complex or useful.
  11.   Jeremy's QBasic Homepage   
    Description: Home of Jeremy Akers' doomed operating system, Akers OS, which never quite got off the ground. There's some other pretty standard QB site stuff here too.
    Unique Features: A banner exchange, a couple dozen program downloads and a "QB GUI cube" shockwave animation!
  12.   Jerm's Page   
    Description: Hailing from New Zeland, Jerm has created some pretty neat programs (and has some cool ones in the works), including: Gang Wars and Battle of Destiny. He's also a big fan of Maddox from "The Greatest Page In The Universe", and even made a game starring him!
    Unique Features: This small site includes half a dozen original game programs, with screenshots. Woth a look!
  13.   Jesse   
    Description: This site, simply called "Jesse", is home to a large selection of programs focused on 3D programming in QB. You might have problems accessing this site if you don't use Internet Explorer; it uses many CSS options that are not supported by other browsers such as Mozilla FireFox (my browser of choice).
    Unique Features: In the files section is a nice selection of 3D QB applications, including some originals by Jesse such as Jacks. Also available here is an Jesse's 3D space shooter game called SpaceWar 3D.
  14.   Jim's RPG Programs   
    Description: A dozen or so RPG games made by a guy named Jim between 1992 and 1997.
    Unique Features: These are mostly text-based utilities for use in conjunction with Advanced Dungeons and Dragons games. If you're an ADD player, this might be worth a look!
  15.   Jocke the Beast   
    Description: The guy who started the Roguelike RPG craze himself, Jocke the Beast. Jocke is behind a really neat series of games called Dark Woods that are extremely fun to play. It even got quite a big fan following of people who made custom maps and one person who even made a graphical remake! Jocke has also made a series of Middle Earth Adventures based on Tolkien's famous book series.
    Unique Features: This site has a great layout and is full of content. Check out Jocke's series of articles on QB game programming, which will give you a lot of insight into Roguelike games. And of course, this site contains a ton of great information on all of Jocke's products and future projects.
  16.   Jo & Co Software   
    Description: Small one-man programming company that has released one game (Alien Terror) and two unfinished RPG games (Bloody Medieval and Dark Fantasy). Last updated in 2000.
    Unique Features: This site's purpose is just to distribute Jo & Co Soft's productions, and is quite small. Still, worth a look if you want to find some older, obscure QB projects.
  17.   Joel Kahn's QBasic Jewelry Gallery   
    Description: According to Mr. Kahn: "My day job used to be comptroller at a jewelry store. My hobby is computer graphics. These images are the result of combining the two environments."
    Unique Features: This site is a collection of small QB programs that create graphical "jewelry" like rings and bracelets on your screen. There are dozens and dozens of these little programs here; perhaps you could give one to your girlfriend--it's a heck of a lot cheaper than actually buying a ring made out of gold and diamonds! This is a very odd hobby, to say the least.
  18.   Joe's QBasic Repository   
    Description: Site updated a couple times in 1999 that never got off the ground. It has a small collection of games and utilities to download, none of them original.
    Unique Features: Everything here was taken from either QBasic.com or Acid Works. Most of the links are broken too. This site claims to have tutorials too, but they are exactly the same as his list of Utility programs.
  19.   John's Domain   
    Description: Little tiny site with a few programs to download. None of them are original. They're all pretty simple game demos.
    Unique Features: Source code for basketball, boxing, a card game, a raycasting demo and 3D pong are here, among others.
  20.   J-Software Productions   
    Description: Small programming group specializing in making media creation (sound & graphics) creation software in QB. Programs include the graphics editor PixDraw and "probably the only melody composer supporting PC-Speaker," called Sound.
    Unique Features: Pretty boring site, to tell the truth. These are original programs, yes, and I'm sure that they're very functional...but they've definitely been done before. Just not a very interesting site.
  21.   Julian and Alex's BASIC Page   
    Description: Site by two newbies with three downloadable programs: Mad Libs and two PLAY statement songs, one to play "Mary Had A Little Lamb" and the other to play "The Blue Danube".
    Unique Features: Just those three programs and that's it.
  22.   JustBASIC   
    Description: Kevin Coots' JustBASIC ("And a little assembly language") site, with mostly technical information and utility programs for download. His programs do things like detect the ID of your CPU, manage a collection of libraries or create a pull-down menu in QB. There's even a custom patch of QB to fix a problem with the COMMAND$.
    Unique Features: This is a very standard QB site. A collection of files, links, tutorials, news and a (dead) forum. Aside from Kevin Coots' original programs, there's nothing unique here.
  23.   Justin's Really Keen Page: Dopefish Division   
    Description: From the page: "The Dopefish is a burping fish from the computer game Commander Keen IV: Secret of the Oracle. He has become sort of an inside joke with id Software (makers of Keen) and Apogee (publishers of Keen) and has made cameo appearances in a whole slew of games. "
    Unique Features: Basically, Justin's page is a fansite for the Dopefish, and has quite a few downloads, including three QB Dopefish-centered programs: two text adventures where you save Dopefish from certain doom and a graphical screensaver with MIDI music.
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