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Pete's QBasic Site is now very much automated by scripts that can instantly add QB content to many of the sections! If you have something to contribute to this site, please fill out the forms below to add it!

QB News
Pete's QBasic Site has long been a news and information resource for the QB Community. Now, we accept news articles submitted by our visitors--you! We'll take articles of any kind, as long as they're QB-related. This includes news of your program releases, site updates, QB editorials, P.O.V. articles, and any other interesting QB topics that you would like to tell our readers about.

Program Downloads
Upload QBasic and QuickBasic programs (either your own or someone else's) to our Program Downloads database. You also are able to write a short review of the program!

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Help out other QB programmers by sharing your knowledge. If you know the answer to a frequently asked QB question, or have QB tips or tricks, fill out this form and share the wealth!

Announce your upcoming QBasic project here--this form will help your project gain publicity and direct visitors to your project's homepage.

Write an in-depth review of a QBasic or QuickBasic program, like the other reviews available on this site. (Keep in mind that writing a review will take a significant amount of time!)

Programs For Review
Submit your original QBasic game or utility program to be reviewed on this site!

Submit a QBasic or QuickBasic programming tutorial to the ever-growing tutorials page!

Submit a QB link to be assessed, reviewed and rated for the Links section!

Explain in our QB Philosophy section why you choose to program in QBasic over other programming languages.

QBasic and QuickBasic humor articles (such as jokes, satire, parodies, etc.) can be added to the QHumor Page using this form.

QB Hall of Fame
Nominate someone for the QB Hall of Fame using this form!

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