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  1.   Van Ossy-S0ftware   
    Description: Last updated in 1996, this little programming group made some odd programs like Mortal Pongbat and Spacewar. Also some information on "upcoming" games that obviously never going to get finished. This is one of the oldest QB sites that I have found, only surpassed in age by a handful like M \ K Productions.
    Unique Features: Try Mortal Pongbat for a thrill (I guess)... "You play pong while trying to kill your enemy, by throwing projectiles at him/her. Loads of finishing moves (PITS, EXPLOSIONS, SHATTERING, FLASHER, HUMILIATION) with every-thing from a finishing move where you pee on your enemy to taking the paddles clothes off !"
  2.   Venosoft   
    Description: An RPG programming group that is behind Cai's Quest 3 - The Runic War, a gigantic RPG that is said to have over 45 hours of playtime. Venosoft has also coded a wide selection of RPG-making tools, including map-making engines and the Venolib RPG Engine.
    Unique Features: A nicely-organized site with some good tutorials and articles on RPG making. Also available are several original programs to download, including RPG engines and production tools.
  3.   VGameSoft   
    Description: A pretty large programming group that was working on an impressive Zelda-style RPG called Acalypha. Other products include Apple Eater and Freedy's Library.
    Unique Features: There's info about a few VGameSoft releases here and downloads available of everything. Not much other than that, though. This site is also not updated regularly anymore.
  4.   VirtuaSoft   
    Description: Danny Gump of VirtuaSoft was once one of the leaders in QB innovation, making one of the first and fastest QB libraries, Dash. He also worked on a bunch of other projects, including the cool RPG The Mystical Journey which unfortunately never got past demo stages.
    Unique Features: VirtuaSoft has information on several original products, with a lot of information for each. All of the programs on this site are made by Danny Gump...and there are quite a few here! Absolutely worth a visit!
  5.   V Planet!   
    Description: The best QB reviews site on the Internet (and this is coming from another QB reviews site!) V Planet! has evolved over the years to the leading QB online magazine, featuring QB-community commentary and the most thorough, thoughtful and honest QB reviews available anywhere.
    Unique Features: Over 100 reviews with a unique 35-point rating system, QB-community news and editorials, and home to the QB Gaming Gold Awards.
  6.   VR Chocha   
    Description: Site of 3D graphics enthusiasts who use QBasic to make calculations for 3D drawings they make in VRML: "As you will have noticed by yourself, our Basic programs do not use any graphical instruction, such as SCREEN, LINE or PSET. All the graphics are managed by your VRML browser or modeling software. They're much better for that, why should we deny it? But the Basic listings are much quicker to calculate the coordinates, we do not pretend more."
    Unique Features: There is quite a bit of information on how to calculate 3D figures with QB, and then to convert them to VRML for the actual rendering. It's an interesting way to generate graphics, and back in 1997 this technique was probably a time saver. These days, though, 3D modelling software has progressed to the point where calculation features are built in.
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