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  1.   ASCII-World   
    Description: "A website totally dedicated to the art of text and ASCII programming" by Stéphane Richard (Mystikshadows) and Kristian Virtanen (Lurah) in February 2005. This website's got a nice DOS/ASCII-inspired layout, and already it's starting to become a great resource for aspiring ASCII programmers.
    Unique Features: There are quite a few articles, code snippets, tutorials, libraries and more already, and this site is growing everyday. Once this site has a chance to grow a bit, I'll update the description and the rating. It's definitely worth a visit.
  2.   Abstract Productions   
    Description: Mark Hall's site, and home to his one-man programming company Abstract Productions. Mark is behind the incredible ARC RPG series, which has been accoladed for its depth and storytelling. The ARC Legacy looks great!
    Unique Features: On this site, you'll find screenshots, information and downloads of the ARC RPGs, as well as a few side projects like Circuitz and Blorp Zingwag: Elf Detective.
  3.   Antz Entertainment   
    Description: Nice site from a cool developer, lovingly adorned with graphics from Antz Entertainment games like their flagship title, Tank Wars. Other projects include Home Star and Tank Wars Gold Edition.
    Unique Features: A site devoted to promoting Antz Entertainment's quite stylistic games. There are also "War Comics" based on the characters from Tank Wars. Nice design.
  4.   Buff's QuickBasic and PowerBasic Homepage   
    Description: Fred Buffington's site, which is devoted to teaching advanced programming techniques and optimizing code.
    Unique Features: Buff's great "Tips" section is guaranteed to teach any programmer new tricks, and a wide selection of short programs to help programmers learn new techniques.
  5.   CoreSoft Development   
    Description: CoreSoft is a one-man operation that has a neat dark style to its webpage and games. It took up reviewing QB games a long time ago because of the influence of Pete's QBasic Site.
    Unique Features: Includes reviews of several QB games with a unique "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" format. Also, information about the QB-RPG that (was) in the works, Omens of the Night.
  6.   Dark Knight Software   
    Description: Home of Michael Hoopman's QB RPG series, Dark Ages. Dark Ages I: The Continents is widely-acclaimed in the QB community for being one of the first finished Qb RPGs. And Dark Ages II: Engel, which has been in production since 1998, looks like it will certainly be a worthy successor.

    Unique Features: Includes information about both Dark Ages titles, including screenshots, lots of news, and download links. Additionally, there are links to DA FANPAGES (I told you this game was "acclaimed"), some walkthroughs, etc. Definitely a game series every QBer should be familiar with.
  7.   Dav's QBasic Site   
    Description: Dav's site, with a nice collection of original programs (mostly utilities to save/load images, or manipulate graphics or sound in QB). Also home to the QuickBasic Knowledge Base.
    Unique Features: Dav's QuickBasic Knowledge Base contains over 1600 public-domain technical documents about QB, and is fully searchable. This is a really helpful collection. This site also has a very nice, clean layout. Worth a visit!
  8.   Delta Code   
    Description: Joe King's Delta Code, a site with a lot of great information on Raycasting engines in QB. There are three tutorials (with source code) and the JNK Raycasting Engine.
    Unique Features: A lot of this site is dedicated to Delta Code games. There are several, including the best: Larry the Dinosaur II, Torched Earth and Unofficial Tournament, complete with screenshots and a bit of information. Additionally, there are several full reviews of QB games by other programmers.
  9.   Doorknob Soft   
    Description: An odd site from some QB programmers with a sense of humor. Has some neat pixel art stuff and a TON of quirky homebrew game programs.
    Unique Features: There are about a million original games here, but pretty much none of them were finished...and most of them are very crappy and newbie-ish. Nevertheless, they're creative ideas. Here's a sampling of programs: the RTS Battle for Dinosaur Isle; How To Speak American, a "game about burning foreign flags"; Seek and Destroy / The Napster Game, "A shooter where you play as either Lars Ulrich or James Hetfield from metallica, and try to stop all the napster users."; Jack's Fun Fun Silly Willy Adventure; or The Nightpath, an unfinished RPG which actually looks pretty cool. Nice collection of original work here, all with screenshots and descriptions!
  10.   Enhanced Creations++   
    Description: Angelo Mottola's legacy on the QB community will never be forgotten, but it has been quite some time since he's done any QuickBasic programming. After quitting QB in 2000, Angelo moved on to C/C . The old Enhanced Creations site is still available, which houses EC's farewell message as well as all of their QB programs...(and it mentions me, Pete, in its special thanks section--sweet!). But on this new site, all of that old QB content is still available, plus Angelo's new works in C/C .
    Unique Features: All of the Enhanced Creations QB programs are still available, including DirectQB, Wetspot 1 and 2, Project RTE and the Wetspot 2 level editors. Nostalgic QBers can also check out the new C/C version of Wetspot 3, which will never be as magical as the QB version, but it's still pretty neat! Oh--one more thing: EC has a great design.
  11.   Hamster Republic   
    Description: A truly insane site, adorned with frenetic animations of hampsters, with sections including "Elvis Sightings" and conspiracy theories about Vlad the Impaler. One of the sections is a collection of original programs. Just about all of them are starring hamsters, specifically a guy known as "Bob the Hamster."
    Unique Features: Many of the games here were written in QB (though several were written in C or Pascal). The QB RPG Wandering Hamster is considered one of the best, and BobQuest is pretty neat too. This group released some pretty amazing games (for the time) and was unheard of in the QB community until a few years ago. But now they're here, along with their insane sense of humor.
  12.   M \ K Productions   
    Description: The famous Molnar \ Kucalaba Productions website, which has been involved in the QB scene since 1995. M \ K pioneered QB mouse routines, SoundBlaster music and many interesting graphics routines, and is currently working on "Binary Space Partitioning" (3D) engine in QB as well as a Windows-based NES emulator.
    Unique Features: M \ K features about two dozen original QB programs for downloads including many useful utilities; information about the group's latest projects; a news archive going back to 1997; and the M \ K DC Branch subsite which features Microsoft Virtual C creations. Conspicuously absent is the famous M \ K creation Bob Saget Killer 2000, which has been removed from the site in recent years. M \ K Productions is a long-standing and interesting QB resource, with a strong nostalgia factor for those who have been in the QB community since the mid-nineties.
  13.   MadMonkey Independent Game Network   
    Description: A site featuring homebrew games written in all different languages (even Mac OS X games are featured here). Included in the bunch are several QB games. Also available here are a nice collection of tutorials.
    Unique Features: This site is pretty disorganized, with very little information about the games included on the site. It does have a lot of content, though. If you want to find the QB resources, you're gonna have to do a bit of searching.
  14.   Nocturnal Creations   
    Description: Tim Truman's QB programming company, with programs dating back to 1994! This is a very old website, that's for sure. Tim has made several QB games that aren't the most original (mostly ports of old arcade games), but they're still fun to play!
    Unique Features: Since Truman was coding for QB mostly in 1995, he was the first to release some crucial programs, such as Sprite his sprite editor and the FX Sound Editor. Truman's games include QBDefend, QBInvade, QBMatrix, QBMissile, and QBRoids. They may not be creative, but they're worthy clones of time-tested game formulas. There are also a dozen or so more programs available for download here. An interesting site because it is so old.
  15.   Pasco's Page   
    Description: Pasco has been around the QB community for a long time (his website's been up since '97), and back before there were lots of amazing 3rd party QB libraries that give a speed-boost to any program, he was making great games with advanced concepts. Like Groov Buggies, the 3D wireframe racer (with a great 2D mode too), France '98 Soccer, his un-titled 3D vertical scroller, or his many mind-blowing graphical demos.
    Unique Features: Pasco's page has gone through three different generations; this link goes to its second iteration, which is the most recent version that is still up. His newest page has disappeared from the Internet, but his oldest page is still available here. (In fact, the oldest page should probably be considered part of the second iteration, since there's a link to it on the opening page and it opens up within the frames.) Anyway, Pasco offers quite a few of his original programs here for download, most with a short description and some screenshots. His bigger programs like Groov Buggies and France '98 have longer descriptions. Pasco's page is a treasure trove of older QB games that rocked the community in their time--definitely worth a visit!
  16.   Paul's Homepage   
    Description: A game programming site by Paul Panks, aka Dunric. Dunric is responsible for about a million QB text adventures. His magnum opus is a gigantic game called Westfront PC. This site tailors to all programming languages, though there is a lot of QBasic stuff here.
    Unique Features: The files section has dozens of QB games from all around the QB community -- and all of them are quality games. This site also has a lot of articles and rants...and you can download copies of Dunric's original games here. This site includes screenshots and good descriptions for all programs.
  17.   QB Chronicles   
    Description: A former division of Hyper-Realistic games, Fling-master's QB Chronicles had a short, four-issue run in 2001. Reminiscent of QB:TM when it was in its prime, this was one of the best QB magazines around back when it was still being published.
    Unique Features: Now this site is still hanging around to distribute the four QB Chronicles issues that were released. Well-written and worth a read if you've never seen it before.
  18.   QB World   
    Description: French QB site with quite a bit of content (though it's all in French). Includes some original game programs including the cool-looking platformers MisterKid, QBSMario, and Niki v2.
    Unique Features: There are also a nice selection of (French) tutorials and a lot of programs to download made by other people. These are mostly French programs that we English-speakers normally wouldn't come across, and some of them are quite good. Unfortunately, you might have a hard time navigating this site if you don't speak any French.
  19.   QBasic Lab   
    Description: "QBasic Lab: Jace Masula's QBasic Hobby Programming" page. This site is the model of what a personal projects page should be. Simple but attractive design, and lots of information and screenshots of all of his releases. And to make it even better: this site gets regular updates.
    Unique Features: Jace Masula / momoguru is a great programmer who makes a lot of apps to help other people make their own games, such as ASCII QUEST Editor, QBSprite and RPGLab. He's also made his fair share of games, including the burger stand sim game Big Burger, the space survival game Starquest, the turn-based strategy game Kingsland, the early-'80s hacker simulation Codelink, or his ASCII adventure game Dragon Quest. Very cool programs that are worth your attention.
  20.   Quebe Productions   
    Description: "A small programming group (*cough*) for QuickBasic, Assembly and other languages." This site is home to Days of Conquest (Task Force RTS), a cool real time strategy game written in QB.
    Unique Features: This site also has a cool collection of programs to download, including the complete collection of programs submitted to several QB programming competitions. For example, you'll find complete archives of the submissions to the QBasic News 1-Hour Compo and the One Key Challenge. Also available is a large collection of useful programming resources that will help you make your game; these include tutorials and libraries.
  21.   QuickBasic Accelerator   
    Description: QBXL.net, home of the QB ezine, QuickBasic Acclerator. This site includes all back issues of the Accelerator, as well as all articles, organized in a nice hierarchical format to making surfing easier.
    Unique Features: The QB Acclerator focused mostly on reviewing QB games, so there are quite a few original reviews on this site. This is a nice little magazine...though unfortunately, it is not released very often. For shame.
  22.   Running Cheetah Software   
    Description: Spotted Cheetah's website, with all sorts of interesting content and a lot of original game programs. The site is also "heavily-Cheetahfied", with dozens of pictures of the giant savanna cats.
    Unique Features: RCS's original programs include "Kicsi Kocsi", QB FM Midiplayer, a QB Sprite Editor, "Island of Cheetahs" and many more. All of them come with descriptions and screenshots. RCS also has other sections including Tutorials, Art, a Link Exchange, and a Graveyard of the old Running Cheetah website (which also has a lot of interesting content).
  23.   Secret Weapon Software   
    Description: Secret Weapon Soft was once a very active QB group, with several projects in the works (Annihilation, Qnopoly, Moon Lander, Axewarrior, etc.), its own ezine called "The QFiles" and a whole lot more. Unfortunately, this group (headed by Timothy D. Mowrer) dissolved some time in 2000.
    Unique Features: The site includes the back issues of the QFiles zine, a collection of a several QB game reviews, information about SW Soft's projects at the time (check out Annihilation), and a nice collection of QB game downloads. Definitely worth a look.
  24.   Stars Development Company   
    Description: Hard Rock's company, through which he has released games like the space shooter, The Terror, Pong Ultra and a cool Metal Gear style mini-game called Metal QB.
    Unique Features: The Stars site displays its original products pretty nicely, with screenshots and in-depth descriptions. There's also a big sub-site devoted to Pong Ultra that's worth a look. A nice all-around site!
  25.   Tek-Tips   
    Description: An absolutely HUGE megasite of programming and computer technical help. It has forums for just about every language and topic you could ever dream of, including a very active and helpful QB forum. The people who frequent this site are not only excellent programmers, but also very willing to help!
    Unique Features: The QB section of this site is dedicated purely to QB programming discussion; you won't find any spam or flamewars here, just good honest programming help. The members here can help you with anything from code optimization to bug searching to programming theory. Very helpful!
  26.   Toshi's Project Page   
    Description: Toshi's Project Page is one of the most disorganized sites I've ever seen, but it is also one of the most content-rich. It is basically a huge list of links to QB and programming resources, including nearly fifty programs and tutorials written by Toshi himself.
    Unique Features: About fifty original programs (mostly advanced math or graphical routines), a few tutorials on various QB programming techniques, and links to many advanced programming information sites. Certainly worth a visit!
  27.   Tsugumo's Site O' Junk   
    Description: Tsugumo is an amazing artist with a passion for anime and pixel art. He was once all the rage in the QB world for his amazing RPG demos The Game and Untitled. Though they were never finished, their amazing graphics and writing inspired many other QB programmers to take up RPG projects. Additionally, Tsugumo's famous "So You Wanna Be A Pixel Artist, Huh?" tutorial series is the Bible for QB artists of all skill levels. This guy's influence on the QB community is simply amazing.
    Unique Features: As far as QB content goes on this site, there's not much. Just the two above mentioned RPG demos are for download (in the old and more "stylish" version of the site). You can also see tons of Tsugumo's original art work here, but the heart of the site is the Pixel Art tutorial, which I have visited about a million times and I can't stop raving about. There is also a link to Pixelation, a message forum community of talented pixel artists that was founded by Tsugumo and Frozen Emu. Since this is not much of a QB site, I'm going to hold back on the rating (links are rated based on QB content after all), but this site is definitely a MUST SEE for anyone with eyes.
  28.   Ultimate QB   
    Description: This site has a very clean and attractive layout, and offers a pretty big selection of QUALITY downloads. (It's not filled to the brim with hundreds of screensavers like a lot of sites are.)
    Unique Features: Aside from the download collection, though, this site really doesn't offer much. Nevertheless, it's a very well-made site, and definitely worth a look!
  29.   UnderWARE Labs   
    Description: Since 1994, UnderWARE Labs has been creating neat QB programs and helping beginning programmers. Les of UnderWARE Labs was also a regular contributor to Pete's QB Site back in '99-'00.
    Unique Features: Features LOTS of original programs to download, as well as a respectable collection of tutorials. Also has a nice clean layout. Definitely worth a look!
  30.   VirtuaSoft   
    Description: Danny Gump of VirtuaSoft was once one of the leaders in QB innovation, making one of the first and fastest QB libraries, Dash. He also worked on a bunch of other projects, including the cool RPG The Mystical Journey which unfortunately never got past demo stages.
    Unique Features: VirtuaSoft has information on several original products, with a lot of information for each. All of the programs on this site are made by Danny Gump...and there are quite a few here! Absolutely worth a visit!
  31.   Wotsit Programmer's File Format Collection   
    Description: Not exactly a QB site, but this is a great resource for programmers in any language. It has a gigantic archive of information explaining how to read and decode just about any file format. So if you want write your own QB .PCX loader or something, this is your ticket.
    Unique Features: From .3D2 to .ZOO, this has got information on EVERYTHING!
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