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  1. MOVE.bas - mxmm
    Description: Read in-game instructions for controls/ item description. E-mail comments @ faqcomments@yahoo.com. Do not hesitate to e-mail questions or comments, good or bad. You may change this program, but please do not take credit for it. Thank you for downloading my program, I hope you enjoy it! This is based off a challenge but I only included 2 items instead of the specified 5. (Added: August 6, 2006 by mxmm)
    Rating: ( 5.69/10 | Votes: 368 )          Comments (2677)          Download: move.bas ( 0 KB )

  2. qbasic - abishek
    Description: (Added: February 17, 2006 by balaji)
    Rating: ( 3.90/10 | Votes: 170 )          Comments (4)          Download: ( 0 KB )

  3. ASTRAL WORLDS - Kevin D.A.G.
    Description: ASTRAL WORLDS... A fun fast paced game where the player gathers items and weapons to help kill low A.I. monsters. Game comes with one demo (Chief Dojoepa) and three empty worlds for the user to program into any adventure they wish! (Demo) Help Chief Dojoepa kill the evil Volgare and save the ancient Hiktite Tribe fron destruction. This is the updated version! (Added: August 21, 2004 by Kevin D.A.G.)
    Rating: ( 3.81/10 | Votes: 158 )          Comments (2)          Download: AWS1.zip ( 0 KB )

  4. DirectQB v1.61 - Angelo Mottola
    Description: The EVER-CLASSIC QuickBASIC 4.5 gaming library that we have all grown to love since 1998!! ;) It features such fine Mode 13h support for sprites, drawing primitives, and other stuff, plus .WAV 8-bit sound support, joystick, EMS, fonts, disk, keyboard handling, and a *ton* more! A must have! (Added: July 24, 2004 by Adigun A. Polack)
    Rating: ( 3.41/10 | Votes: 154 )          Comments (1)          Download: directqb.zip ( 0 KB )

  5. Future.Library v3.5 - Michael Rye Sørensen and Jorden Chamid
    Description: Now this, folks, is a TRUE classic freeware SVGA-based game library for both QuickBASIC 4.5 and 7.1. You know why? Because it was the very first of its kind to deliver you such resolutions as 320x200, 400x300, 640x400, 800x600, and even MORE ones, *even* up to over a whopping 16 million colors at once!! Not even a half-bad pick at all for your game-making in QB! (Added: July 24, 2004 by Adigun A. Polack)
    Rating: ( 3.40/10 | Votes: 152 )          Comments (5)          Download: fl35.zip ( 0 KB )

    Rating: ( 3.33/10 | Votes: 142 )          Comments (0)          Download: ADVEQCAL.exe ( 0 KB )

  7. PixelPlus 256 (PP256) - Chris Chadwick
    Description: Two words for ‘ya: FIERY AWESOME!!! ;*) !! It is simply because, this endless ever-shining gem has such *absolutely* excellent filters as Soft, Bright, Dark, Fur, Swap, and others, plus an ability to check several sprites at once, tools such as Eraser/Color Eraser, Circle/Filled Circle/Gradient Circle, Box/Filled Box/Gradient Box, Spraypaint, and a whole LOT more features than you can shake your paintbrush at!! If you have QB, this is an ABSOLUTELY PERFECT MUST-DOWNLOAD for you!!! ^_- !! (Added: July 27, 2004 by Adigun A. Polack)
    Rating: ( 3.26/10 | Votes: 130 )          Comments (1)          Download: pp256.zip ( 0 KB )

  8. -
    Description: (Added: January 25, 2006 by Tiido )
    Rating: ( 3.10/10 | Votes: 229 )          Comments (3)          Download: ( 0 KB )

  9. Space Battles - Christopher Ettis
    Description: 2 Player Space War Game. 2 ships fly around on screen with backdrop of space. Shoot eachother. 10 hits and you die. It's really fun. (Added: June 12, 2006 by Chris Ettis)
    Rating: ( 3.04/10 | Votes: 120 )          Comments (2647)          Download: Space1.bas ( 0 KB )

  10. Wry: A Text Based Comedy - Nukem Enterprises
    Homepage: http://eriks.servehttp.com
    Description: This "RPG" is a text based game with 4 episodes (1 secret) where you your decisions will change what bizzare direction the game will go. It's an oldie, but a goodie. (Added: August 2, 2006 by Erik Eriksen)
    Rating: ( 3.00/10 | Votes: 119 )          Comments (1)          Download: wry.zip ( 0 KB )

Top Ten by Review Score
  1. 100%     Wetspot II      Angelo Mottola
    Perhaps the most loved QB game of all time, Wetspot II is Angelo Mottola's famed block-pushing puzzler starring a googly-eyed crab. (Reviewed by: WisdomDude)

  2. 100%     Hackman 3      James Robert Osborne
    The third incarnation of James Robert Osborne's exciting Pac-Man clone, which features myriad play modes and levels, along with bright, cheery graphics. (Reviewed by: Pete)

  3. 100%     Super Stack      Oren Bartal
    An addictive puzzle game with falling blocks. Its gameplay is similar to Dr. Mario. Super Stack has bright, vibrant graphics, amazing animation and highly addictive gameplay! (Reviewed by: WisdomDude)

  4. 96%     Hackman 2      James Robert Osborne
    A feature-rich Pac-Man clone featuring unique maps that give the old game a new twist! (Reviewed by: Pete)

  5. 96%     XBall 4      Soeren Dressler
    A Super Breakout clone with several new innovations and twists. This program is in German. (Reviewed by: WisdomDude)

  6. 96%     Xeno Engine v1      MA SNART
    A revolutionary 3D engine written in QuickBasic, where you control a frog on a rocky mountaintop. (Reviewed by: Pete)

  7. 96%     The Secret of Cooey II      DarkDread
    A short, but quite enjoyable QB RPG that was created in a weekend by the master of QB RPGs, DarkDread. This game sports a ton of enemies, a short but enjoyable plotline and fun gameplay, even if it can be beaten in one sitting. (Reviewed by: Gavin Cross)

  8. 95%     Arrakis      Stefan Hendriks
    A real-time strategy game in the vein of Warcraft and Starcraft, where you must establish and micromanage a small army that is being invaded by a constant stream of enemies. (Reviewed by: Pete)

  9. 95%     SB's Bricks      Eric Schneider
    A Tetris clone with nice graphics and a few twists (some funky original tetrad shapes, for instance). (Reviewed by: WisdomDude)

  10. 95%     Peanut Patrol 2      Nutzboy and _Narf
    A demo of a platform game starring a peanut who collects red dots while avoiding menacing enemies. Features big, colorful graphics. (Reviewed by: WisdomDude)

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