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  1.   Tarak's Tower   
    Description: Small site that was home to its own RPG programming tutorial series. Also has a tiny bit of information on an unfinished RPG called VADL and a tile editor called TTEdit.
    Unique Features: The three RPG programming tutorials are nice, and worth a read if you're a newbie trying to make your first RPG. Other than that, this site is pretty empty.
  2.   Technicall   
    Description: A programming tutorial megasite, with tutorials spanning many different languages. There is a nice beginners QB tutorial series, as well as an interesting series on creating a simple GUI in QB.
    Unique Features: All of the tutorials on this site are written by a single guy named Nick. And they're all pretty good. Since if you're reading this link you probably already know QB, I reccomend this site if you want to learn a different language like PHP or VBscript or ActiveX. Helpful site, though!
  3.   Tek-Tips   
    Description: An absolutely HUGE megasite of programming and computer technical help. It has forums for just about every language and topic you could ever dream of, including a very active and helpful QB forum. The people who frequent this site are not only excellent programmers, but also very willing to help!
    Unique Features: The QB section of this site is dedicated purely to QB programming discussion; you won't find any spam or flamewars here, just good honest programming help. The members here can help you with anything from code optimization to bug searching to programming theory. Very helpful!
  4.   TFM's PC Programming Page   
    Description: Simple little page with information about harnessing the power of SoundBlaster in DOS. Includes tutorials, and some QB downloads.
    Unique Features: Programs to download include: QB mouse routines, a QB .voc player and a QB .pcx loader (Not really very intersting stuff). The Soundblaster tutorials are good though.
  5.   TGSite   
    Description: Hezoe's site, with information about his favorite video games and info about his programming projects. Hezoe programs in both QB and RapidQ, and is working on a new RPG called Doki.
    Unique Features: The Basic Programming section of this site is very small right now, with an "About Me", "News" and "Links" all combined into one page. Here you can find the latest news on Hezoe's programs, and links to download some of them.
  6.   TheBigBasicQ's HomePage   
    Description: Home of TheBigBasicQ, who offers downloads of a lot of QB-OS related stuff. You'll also find information about his OS, DAM-OS DX. Another of the main features of this site is an absolutely GIGANTIC tutorial on the Future Library.
    Unique Features: This site's several downloads (many of which deal with creating QB operating syetems) and the Future Library tutorial are very nice, but there's little else. It does have a nice animated navigation system, though!
  7.   THE BOMB!   
    Description: I think the name of this site is a suggestion as to its quality...THE BOMB! is quite a bomb. At least it has some programs and tutorials to download.
    Unique Features: About 20 game programs to download, as well as QB compilers. All of these are widely available at other sites. THE BOMB! also hosts Mallard's famous QB tutorials. Hmmmm, those aren't available anywhere else, are they?
  8.   Thinkquest '98 Microsoft QBasic Reference   
    Description: This is a site created by two guys named Louis and Travis for the Thinkquest 1998 web design competition. It includes an excellent of original beginners tutorials that address many important topics in QB program design. This includes several easy-to-use QB commands that most beginners tutorials overlook, like DRAW or MKDIR.
    Unique Features: The heart of this site are the QB Lessons, in three modules with 9 chapters. They are well-written and great for newbies. Also here, there is a nice list of the best QB programs available back in 1998. Unfortunately, all the download links are currently broken, so they won't be of much use. The tutorials make this worth a look!
  9.   Timis Software   
    Description: Small site by a beginning QB programmer. Includes original textbased games like the guess the number game, Guessarama, Mathmaster to help kids learn math and Timis Software C.O.S., which is a collection of screensavers.
    Unique Features: A very small and basic site, with original but clearly newbie-made game programs. The main purpose is to distribute Timis Software creations, however, if you submit something, Timis will gladly post it on his site.
  10.   Tom's Programs   
    Description: Tommy McBurney's site, which is devoted to chess programs. One of them is Deep Basic, which was programmed in QuickBasic 4.5. This includes many AI concepts and a "10,500 move opening book database", though this program is still not nearly as smart as commercial Chess programs.
    Unique Features: As far as QB content, Deep Basic is it, though you'll find many other Chess programs here written in other languages as well as information about Tom's collection of electronic chessboards. Deep Basic is probably the best Chess program I've ever seen in QB, though there really haven't been very many attempts.
  11.   TopGun Software   
    Description: Developer of the platform games Space Commando. Space Commando 2 and the awesome-looking DOOM-style first person shooter starring the same Space Commando and green blob aliens as in the platformers. This FPS actually looks really great, and according to the author, has a blistering fast engine.
    Unique Features: There's not much here; just downloads of the first two Space Commando sidescroller games and information about the upcoming Space Commando first person shooter. Space Commando 2 was a pretty good game, definitely worth the download!
  12.   Toshi's Project Page   
    Description: Toshi's Project Page is one of the most disorganized sites I've ever seen, but it is also one of the most content-rich. It is basically a huge list of links to QB and programming resources, including nearly fifty programs and tutorials written by Toshi himself.
    Unique Features: About fifty original programs (mostly advanced math or graphical routines), a few tutorials on various QB programming techniques, and links to many advanced programming information sites. Certainly worth a visit!
  13.   TQBT Freeware Homepage   
    Description: Fifty-seven programs for download, all made by TQBT Freeware. Most of them amount to little more than screensavers...but quantity over quality, that's the motto, right!?
    Unique Features: Aside from the 57 programs, there's a few midis and a few random graphics to download. Not much else.
  14.   Treebeard's BASIC Vault   
    Description: A vault of simple QB programs made for a Middle School programming class. These are excellent programs to learn from, though they're so simple and plain that they aren't very entertaining.
    Unique Features: Treebeard's Vault contains dozens of programs, made from 1996 to present. They do such diverse tasks as draw eggs, simulate a spirograph, and solve a variety of tough "Stumper" problems, also available on the site. An interesting page.
  15.   Trevor's Game Page   
    Description: Small site featuring games by Trevor Goodwin. Includes two RPGs: The Lands of Hulash I and II and a 3D maze / raycasting program.
    Unique Features: A bright yellow, one-page site that doesn't have much content on it. I say go and download the games, then get out of there (maybe by clicking one of Trevor's QB links)...
  16.   TriBinary Software   
    Description: Barebones site of TriBinary Software, home of the Novix GUI, a fake OS written in QuickBasic by Z!re.
    Unique Features: The only thing here is information about Novix, which does look quite impressive. Novix has many advanced features, such as its own file system, memeory management and scripting language. Certainly the most advanced fake OS ever written in QB. Worth a visit if you're interested in fake OS programming.
  17.   Tsugumo's Site O' Junk   
    Description: Tsugumo is an amazing artist with a passion for anime and pixel art. He was once all the rage in the QB world for his amazing RPG demos The Game and Untitled. Though they were never finished, their amazing graphics and writing inspired many other QB programmers to take up RPG projects. Additionally, Tsugumo's famous "So You Wanna Be A Pixel Artist, Huh?" tutorial series is the Bible for QB artists of all skill levels. This guy's influence on the QB community is simply amazing.
    Unique Features: As far as QB content goes on this site, there's not much. Just the two above mentioned RPG demos are for download (in the old and more "stylish" version of the site). You can also see tons of Tsugumo's original art work here, but the heart of the site is the Pixel Art tutorial, which I have visited about a million times and I can't stop raving about. There is also a link to Pixelation, a message forum community of talented pixel artists that was founded by Tsugumo and Frozen Emu. Since this is not much of a QB site, I'm going to hold back on the rating (links are rated based on QB content after all), but this site is definitely a MUST SEE for anyone with eyes.
  18.   Typosoft   
    Description: Barebones distribution website for Typosoft programs including Ped Xing's Quest and Super Sumo Wrestling. Also houses Typosoft's RPG tutorials. Typosoft is one of the best game companies in the QB community at present, and Ped Xing's Quest is considered by many to be the best QBRPG ever created.
    Unique Features: This site has been stripped down to the bare necessities; its only purpose is to distribute Typosoft's games and tutorials. It is one text-only page that links to a few images and .zip files.
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