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  1.   Alan King's Homepage   
    Description: A small section of Alan King's website which distributes a few of his QB graphics demos.
    Unique Features: These graphics demos do effects including Plasma, Fractals, Mandelbrot fractals, orbits and and a flaming logo. There's not much here, but it's all original.
  2.   Apoky! Sotware   
    Description: Three brothers who work together under the name Apoky! to create games. They created the QB game Skate.
    Unique Features: The Apoky! site is kind of empty. There are links on the side to download their programs and thumbnail pictures of the programmers. And that's about it.
  3.   BASIC Archives   
    Description: Seemingly a HUGE QBasic downloads collection, with no frills and no fluff--just short descriptions.
    Unique Features: Too bad all of the programs are no longer on the server...removed by Fortune City, probably due to inactivity. At least this site still has a large collection of QB links.
  4.   BASIC File Index   
    Description: An older site with a nice collection of simple games that you might find interesting. It was created by Mark Reed who first featured the BFI on his Doddle Software site, way back in 1997. This site was meant to tailor to all versions of BASIC, but only QBasic and QuickBasic programs are available.
    Unique Features: An interesting collection of programs ("Snot Shooter", "Magazine -- "where you control the publishing of your own magazine", etc.)...but most of them are no longer available. Only the programs at the bottom of the list are still online.
  5.   Belly Laugh Software   
    Description: Jonadab's Belly Laugh Software is a one-man QB enterprise that basically makes screensavers and simple text file utilities. Included are Loopy Anarchy and QKalied, a kaliedoscope program.
    Unique Features: A small selection of simple programs are here. At least the company has a unique and funny name!
  6.   Blupoo's QBasic Page   
    Description: Last updated in 2001, Bluepoo's QBasic Page never really got off the ground. It's got one original game for download, and a bit of information on the now-defunct game "Bit World".
    Unique Features: In the My Programs page there's a game called HorsePlay available. The description is: "Puzzle game. Use a horse to get around a chess board. Quite hard." Also in the Projects section, there's a prerendered 3D screenshot from the adventure game Bluepoo was once working on called "Bit World". It looks promising, but there's a snowball's chance in hell that it will ever get finished. So don't hold your breath.
  7.   CLS: QBasic Ezine For New Programmers   
    Description: "In case you are wondering, CLS is one of the most basic commands in BASIC programming. It tells the computer to clear the screen. I don't have any metaphorical reasons for naming this e-zine CLS. It just sonded like a hell of an idea. Metaphorically speaking, it could be a call to clear all the old ideas you have about programming out and put the new ideas in, but I'm not that metaphorical."
    Unique Features: This "Ezine" amounts to a few small beginners' tutorials and two VERY simple programs for download. There's also a Call for Columnists, asking people to contribute to this ill-fated Ezine. Too bad nobody ever did.
  8.   Charn's QBasic Page   
    Description: A small QB site offering two original QB screen savers and an introductory tutorial on sprite handling.
    Unique Features: A pukalicious spiderweb background that makes this site nearly impossible to read. It also Has some info on Mandelbrot Sets.
  9.   Code002's QBasic Programming   
    Description: Code002's page looks like it's there just to distribute a handful of homebrew games including Checkers and some card games.
    Unique Features: Features two programs sections: Source Code (original games--QB source in .txt format) and Zips (QB games made by others, such as QBlocks).
  10.   Coderz Domain   
    Description: A site by Richard M. Colletta offering two programs for download and describing two projects: The Adventures of Spaceman Bob and The Omega Project.
    Unique Features: The Omega Project has some preliminary documentation, Spaceman Bob has a screenshot, and ZGUI and Slap'Em (a shooting game) are available to download.
  11.   DAG'soft Online Throne   
    Description: Daniel Aaron Gordon's site, featuring a game called Cosmos.
    Unique Features: This site is relatively empty, and as far as QB content goes, Cosmos is it.
  12.   DPH1701 Computer Software   
    Description: Website with a lot of biology and chemistry programs; one helps you find solubility of simple ionic compounds, another displays the Periodic Table. However, there are a few games, including a pong clone, roulette and Asteroid Attacker!
    Unique Features: Basically a collection of some science reference programs and a handful of games that have been cloned hundreds of times before. At least these are original versions!
  13.   Diroga's QBasic Corner   
    Description: Small personal site of Diroga that has a little bit abot QBasic, a little bit about Spanish, a few downloadable pictures, and some other random stuff. QBasic seems to be the focus of this site, though.
    Unique Features: Aside from a small game called "Block Game", a beginners' tutorials and some code samples, there's not much here. It's a small site, just started in January 2005, though, so there's lots of room for improvement.
  14.   DssT Software (Danish Software & System Technology)   
    Description: A small Danish group that's made a few QB programs. There are five available for download.
    Unique Features: The site's "Featured Program" is Client Organizer 1.5, described as "A fast, organized way to keep track of clients". Not much else, though.
  15.   Frost Productions   
    Description: Elvis]['s Frost Productions is the two-man group behind vFont, the RPG Aradina and a library with the code-name Viper.
    Unique Features: There's not much to this site, but it serves its purpose: to distribute productions by Frost. Aradina looked like a promising game (with its own custom library called AraLib), but unfortunately, this site hasn't been updated in years.
  16.   Gypsy Bill's Pad   
    Description: A humorous personal site with an odd QB section. Odd I say because the programs include An Alien which "walks around and pees on stuff", and games by such dubious names as Death by Salt and Ballz of Hell.
    Unique Features: There are a total of seven programs here.
  17.   Hackwrench Industries   
    Description: An older site with a very plain and disorganized design. Heavily focused on creating QB RPGs, with many small utitlities to help in the process, such as pixel by pixel scrolling engines and tile editors.
    Unique Features: Includes a fair amount of original QB programs that have been bested in recent years by newer releases. Hackwrench RPGs include Dark Warrior and Cruel World.
  18.   J-Software Productions   
    Description: Small programming group specializing in making media creation (sound & graphics) creation software in QB. Programs include the graphics editor PixDraw and "probably the only melody composer supporting PC-Speaker," called Sound.
    Unique Features: Pretty boring site, to tell the truth. These are original programs, yes, and I'm sure that they're very functional...but they've definitely been done before. Just not a very interesting site.
  19.   Jamie's QBasic Site   
    Description: Very small site, also called "QB Online". The one thing useful I found here was an "Advanced Graphics Tutorial" explaining how to use different screen modes and multiple pages.
    Unique Features: There are a handful of VERY simple programs to download and a beginners' tutorial series. The programs include an example program to show how to use the COLOR statement and a guess the number game. Many of the links here are broken too.
  20.   Jensen's QBasic Programming   
    Description: Jensen's QBasic Programming site has a handful of small graphics programs and a 16x15 sprite editor (who uses 16x15 sprites?).
    Unique Features: A nice interface with a few programs and versions of QB to download. None of the programs are particularly complex or useful.
  21.   Jim's RPG Programs   
    Description: A dozen or so RPG games made by a guy named Jim between 1992 and 1997.
    Unique Features: These are mostly text-based utilities for use in conjunction with Advanced Dungeons and Dragons games. If you're an ADD player, this might be worth a look!
  22.   Justin's Really Keen Page: Dopefish Division   
    Description: From the page: "The Dopefish is a burping fish from the computer game Commander Keen IV: Secret of the Oracle. He has become sort of an inside joke with id Software (makers of Keen) and Apogee (publishers of Keen) and has made cameo appearances in a whole slew of games. "
    Unique Features: Basically, Justin's page is a fansite for the Dopefish, and has quite a few downloads, including three QB Dopefish-centered programs: two text adventures where you save Dopefish from certain doom and a graphical screensaver with MIDI music.
  23.   KeithOnline   
    Description: KeithKosh's personal site. It has a very clean, professional design, and some interesting original content. As far as QB stuff goes, though, there's not that much. Just one game: Robot Robbery.
    Unique Features: You can find the final version of Robot Robbery here (version .99), the sole bit of QB content on the site. Other things of interest include some original MIDI files and a sequel to Robot Robbery written in Flash.
  24.   LoKing's FreeBasic Projects   
    Description: Small one-page site with LoKing's FB releases. Basically it amounts to a few screenshots, short descriptions and download links for FB programs.
    Unique Features: As of right now (June '05), there are two releases available: a fun minigame called "MazeRun" and a LightBright simulator.
  25.   Luke's QBasic Page   
    Description: Luke Myers' small QB site. Pretty standard stuff, and there's not much of it. Includes an original File Encryption program and something called Old-School Basketball.
    Unique Features: A few original downloads, all of them quite simple, and information about many upcoming projects Luke has in the works.
  26.   MGD's FFB Games   
    Description: Mitth'Raw'Nuruodo's QB and FB games page. It's just one page with barely anything there -- download links and a giant smiley face JavaScript animation.
    Unique Features: The downloads include demos of the space shooter SpaceMerc, a Rubik's Cube Solver, a screen saver and "A Mind Trick". That's about all that's on this page.
  27.   Mamoru's QB Page   
    Description: Adorned with Sailor Moon graphics, this odd little QB site has almost no text and no explanation.
    Unique Features: There's just a screenshot and the title of an upcoming foreign-language game called War 7 Expansion 3, and download links for something called Text-Based Trade Game. I'll let you interpret this as you may.
  28.   Marc's Homepage   
    Description: Marc's Homepage: a little bit of this and a little bit of that, with a friendly helping of QB on the side. I think he's Canadian.
    Unique Features: In the QB section, you can download a few of Marc's simple text-based games, such as Guns, a gun-trading simulation, Cops and Robbers or Race, a horseracing game.
  29.   Mark's QB4You Site   
    Description: A little site by a guy named Mark, with a sickly yellow background. This is also called the "QB4You" site and there's not really much to it. There are a bunch of forms you can fill out to email information to Mark, and a couple downloads. Also, Mark wrote three very small tutorials on how to make text adventures, though after reading them, I don't know how much they would help.
    Unique Features: All of Mark's programs are text-based, such as his text adventure The Island or his upcoming game Imagine Reality: Operation E.T. (Don't expect much from E.T., though--on the main page is a feedback form asking people if it should be an RPG or an Adventure game. I doubt he's made much progress on it.) Oh, and all of the downloads are already compiled as .EXEs. It would have been nice to at least give people a bit of source code...
  30.   Nick's Website   
    Description: "Everything that Nick decides is cool can be found here!" This site by Nick (aka NEWKid) has sections about Star Wars, QBasic and a few other topics. The QBasic section itself is very small.
    Unique Features: The QB section has two hardcoded "Millionaire Games" which ask you the same trivia questions in the same order each time you play, plus a beginners' tutorial by Nick. Bonus feature: Nick always refers to himself in the third person.
  31.   Oscar123.tk   
    Description: Personal site of someone named Jan Azzopardi, with a small QB section. Most of the programs here are little utilities.
    Unique Features: Programs include FakeDos, Moosic Maker and Cheque Checker.
  32.   PeatSoft Freeware   
    Description: GWBasic and QBasic programmer who has made a nifty program that converts GWBasic code to QB code (though as you know, it's mostly compatible already anyway). Also here are a few Peatsoft originals including a QBasic Kaleidoscope and QFonts, which are original font routines.
    Unique Features: This simple little page has a handful of downloads in both GWBasic and QB as well as some Windows programs. It's organized and text-based, with brief descriptions of all the programs. Doesn't really bring anything new to a seasoned QB programmer, though.
  33.   ProWriter   
    Description: ProWriter is a simple text editor coded in QB, designed to help teach beginning programmers good programming techniques.
    Unique Features: This program is well-documented, and has quite a few news updates on the development of this utility. Unfortunately, that's really all there is to this site, and the last update was in 2000.
  34.   Puckdropper's Place   
    Description: A hobbyist's homepage with two QB programs he felt were of "Sharing Quality": Going Home and M$ Clone.
    Unique Features: Other than the two QB programs, aas a bunch of random information on things like Model Trains and '80s computers.
  35.   QBCC   
    Description: Homepage of QBCC, an open source BASIC to C translator by Leroy and Jason. According to the site, "It is aimed at relatively painless migration from Microsoft QuickBASIC 4.5. A heavy focus of QBCC is keeping backwards compatibility whilst also allowing for easier usage with other programming languages."
    Unique Features: An Alpha Version release of QBCC is available for download, as well as quite a bit of documentation. However, this project and this site look like they are now defunct.
  36.   QBasic By Razorback   
    Description: This French QB site is adorned with kangaroos. Oh, and it also has original QB programs to download, such as a 3D modeller and a lot of "Sample Tests" of different SCREEN modes (I'm not sure what the sample tests do, though).
    Unique Features: A total of about 15 programs are here. This site also has PowerBasic and Assembler code.
  37.   QBasic Contest Central   
    Description: After NeoZones Productions shut down in 2001, and along with its popular QB programming contests, Lightning founded this QB Contests site as a replacement. In 2002, Future Software absorbed this page and made a new contests section, thus ending the reign of this site over the QB Contests world.
    Unique Features: Now, there's not much left here. Just the remains of two old contests and the winning programs.
  38.   QBasic Home   
    Description: Nathan's tiny QB site. It's got a few downloads of some of the most popular and easy-to-find QB resources (utitlities, libraries and tutorials), and a bunch of simple flash animations that mostly promote the site.
    Unique Features: The only thing really unique here are the flash animations, but they're not really QB-related.
  39.   QBasic On-Line Central   
    Description: Small QB site with great similarities to THE BOMB! (another terrible QB site). The designer was pretty flash-happy, and made all the menus and logos with Shockwave Flash. The only problem is that the navigation bar is on a continuous loop, so you have to uncheck the loop option on the ricght-click menu to actually navigate. Once you do, though, you'll regret it. There'e nothing here!
    Unique Features: Has a small assortment of programs that you can find on just about any other QB site. Anything more, you ask? Nope. That's it.
  40.   QBasic World   
    Description: Tiny site by Andrew DiMichele, with five original programs including a Pong game and a Nibbler clone. There's also a "funny" Poetry Generator program.
    Unique Features: This site is miniscule and abandoned. It has a beginners' tutorial, the aforementioned programs in the "Archive" section and a Challenge: "Your first challenge is to draw a face using nothing but the CIRCLE function and then make the face bounce around the screen and fade in-and-out of colors." Nobody ever entered.
  41.   QP7 Programming Page   
    Description: Last updated in 1997, the QP7 Programming Page has a set of beginners tutorials for QBasic, Pascal, C and Visual BASIC. The QB tutorial is the most thorough, and actually covers a huge amount of different commands and concepts for one tutorial.
    Unique Features: Also available here are five QB programs including BOXBOSS.BAS, a simple vector-line Qbasic shooter and DODGER.BAS, "a game I programmed in 5 minutes. It's fun for about 2."
  42.   Richard and Chris' QBasic Site   
    Description: Plauged by broken images, missing files and broken links, Richard and Chris' QBasic Site was a QB site with a modest file library that is no longer of much use.
    Unique Features: This site had a large selection of quality programs for download, but various server mishaps have unfortunately made that archive just about empty.
  43.   RothSoft   
    Description: A six-person programming group that unfortunately has never released any programs. Oh, for shame!
    Unique Features: Has a downloads section, where one original QB program is available for download: Indycar -- An nifty little sound program. It uses your PC speaker and it plays the sound of an indy car cruising down the straight. And you can hear it shift gears too! Kinda cool, if you have a use for it. That's the extend of the RothSoft site.
  44.   Scotiasoft HQ   
    Description: Three games are available at this small site: 3D Bobble, Tana Tuva Stock Exchange and Rowliner.
    Unique Features: There's not much here, though there is a FAQ/hints page for 3D Bobble. Otherwise, just downloads of games (and this weird quote: "Scary dog, Evil dog, Mad dog").
  45.   Shared QB Forum   
    Description: A forum shared between three QB sites: GB Games, Spaghetti Software and "MooFace." Unfortunately, two of those sites have ceased to be, and one of them is currently on its knees.
    Unique Features: Had many posts in 2002-2003, but since its host sites have disappeared, so have its visitors.
  46.   TGSite   
    Description: Hezoe's site, with information about his favorite video games and info about his programming projects. Hezoe programs in both QB and RapidQ, and is working on a new RPG called Doki.
    Unique Features: The Basic Programming section of this site is very small right now, with an "About Me", "News" and "Links" all combined into one page. Here you can find the latest news on Hezoe's programs, and links to download some of them.
  47.   THE BOMB!   
    Description: I think the name of this site is a suggestion as to its quality...THE BOMB! is quite a bomb. At least it has some programs and tutorials to download.
    Unique Features: About 20 game programs to download, as well as QB compilers. All of these are widely available at other sites. THE BOMB! also hosts Mallard's famous QB tutorials. Hmmmm, those aren't available anywhere else, are they?
  48.   Timis Software   
    Description: Small site by a beginning QB programmer. Includes original textbased games like the guess the number game, Guessarama, Mathmaster to help kids learn math and Timis Software C.O.S., which is a collection of screensavers.
    Unique Features: A very small and basic site, with original but clearly newbie-made game programs. The main purpose is to distribute Timis Software creations, however, if you submit something, Timis will gladly post it on his site.
  49.   Trevor's Game Page   
    Description: Small site featuring games by Trevor Goodwin. Includes two RPGs: The Lands of Hulash I and II and a 3D maze / raycasting program.
    Unique Features: A bright yellow, one-page site that doesn't have much content on it. I say go and download the games, then get out of there (maybe by clicking one of Trevor's QB links)...
  50.   UltraBasic Compiler   
    Description: Ultrabasic is a BASIC compiler originally written in QB71 by Gabriel Fernandez. Gabriel gave up in development, so Angelo Rosina tried to continue his work. The UltraBasic language is very similar to QB, and the compiler was written in PDS 7.1.
    Unique Features: There's not much to this site; you'll find a download of UltraBasic and some documentation on its features. This barebones site achieves its purpose, but it certainly won't entertain you for long.
  51.   uNESsential   
    Description: Johannes Holmberg's NES emulator, written entirely in QuickBasic with no ASM routines, and not even using PEEK and POKE for speed. According to Johannes: "I don't want to use it in uNESsential. uNESsential is not programmed to be fast (!), it is meant to be something that other people can study, and hopefully learn something from."
    Unique Features: This page was last updated in 1999 and doesn't have very much on it at all. This is home to the first NES emulator in QB that was actually able to play games (though not very well). The program and source code are still available for download.
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