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  1.   MadMonkey Independent Game Network   
    Description: A site featuring homebrew games written in all different languages (even Mac OS X games are featured here). Included in the bunch are several QB games. Also available here are a nice collection of tutorials.
    Unique Features: This site is pretty disorganized, with very little information about the games included on the site. It does have a lot of content, though. If you want to find the QB resources, you're gonna have to do a bit of searching.
  2.   Mafioso Software   
    Description: A site tailoring to a half-dozen languages, including tutorials and compilers.
    Unique Features: As far as QB content goes, there's a single tutorial and a few BASIC compilers. Nothing to write home about, that's for sure.
  3.   Magic Magicion's QBasic Page   
    Description: A site consisting almost completely of stolen content; the Tutorial section was actually copied directly from Pete's QBasic Site, and the entire Files section was also stolen. Magic Magicion also has an annoying tendency to spEll EvErythIng In lOwErcAsE ExcEpt fOr vOwEls, mAkIng thIs sIte quItE dIffIcUlt tO rEAd.
    Unique Features: Even though the content is stolen, it does have a rather large downloads collection. Worth a look.
  4.   Magic Square Software   
    Description: Home of three-person programming group with two projects: Hell and Xenius. There's not much info about these games, and I'm sure they've both been canned by now.
    Unique Features: Magic Square really has nothing to it; it never released any copies of its own games, and doesn't offer anything new as far as content.
  5.   Mamoru's QB Page   
    Description: Adorned with Sailor Moon graphics, this odd little QB site has almost no text and no explanation.
    Unique Features: There's just a screenshot and the title of an upcoming foreign-language game called War 7 Expansion 3, and download links for something called Text-Based Trade Game. I'll let you interpret this as you may.
  6.   Mandelbrot Dazibao   
    Description: A very interesting site dedicated to *VERY* advanced graphical techniques, ranging from Fractals to Mandelbrot Fractions to Bresenham formulas. All of these techniques are accomplished in QuickBasic, and they are all extremely impressive.
    Unique Features: This site is rich in screenshots and custom-generated graphics, which are accompanied by a bounty source code. There are several custom tutorials here, all well-written, with lots of theory that is backed up by math and source code. Included is a plethora of information on high-resolution and high-color mode programming in QB. What the guys at the Dazibao have done with graphics in QB blows my mind, and is certainly worth a look! Download one of their many graphics demos, and be sure to read the tutorials if you want to be enlightened.
  7.   Marc's Homepage   
    Description: Marc's Homepage: a little bit of this and a little bit of that, with a friendly helping of QB on the side. I think he's Canadian.
    Unique Features: In the QB section, you can download a few of Marc's simple text-based games, such as Guns, a gun-trading simulation, Cops and Robbers or Race, a horseracing game.
  8.   Mark Donovan's QBasic Homepage   
    Description: QB Homepage of a chap named Mark Donovan. Features a few simple QB games (with source code and executed versions).
    Unique Features: Programs include versions of Tick Tack Toe, Pong, Tank Wars and an Analog Clock.
  9.   Markrosoft   
    Description: There's nothing here. In the "Programming" section, you'll see a very nicely-designed mock up of the QBASIC GUI in your browser that says "The purpose of this site will be to provide help to anyone with questions, problems, or issues regarding the BASIC language and the many branches it encapsulates."
    Unique Features: Unfortunately, that's all there is to it. I searched for links or subsections...but there weren't any!
  10.   Mark's QB4You Site   
    Description: A little site by a guy named Mark, with a sickly yellow background. This is also called the "QB4You" site and there's not really much to it. There are a bunch of forms you can fill out to email information to Mark, and a couple downloads. Also, Mark wrote three very small tutorials on how to make text adventures, though after reading them, I don't know how much they would help.
    Unique Features: All of Mark's programs are text-based, such as his text adventure The Island or his upcoming game Imagine Reality: Operation E.T. (Don't expect much from E.T., though--on the main page is a feedback form asking people if it should be an RPG or an Adventure game. I doubt he's made much progress on it.) Oh, and all of the downloads are already compiled as .EXEs. It would have been nice to at least give people a bit of source code...
  11.   MasterMinds Software   
    Description: The group behind a few games including Snow Brawl, Lights Out and Rocketeer. Another interesting product is the program Braille for DOS.
    Unique Features: Has information about the finished programs, many of which are platform games. Also, a decent-sized downloads section with programs by the MasterMinds team and others. Should you check it out? I dunno, it's your choice. There's some good stuff here.
  12.   Mattsson Residence: QBASIC Games   
    Description: A small Swedish QB games site (in English) offering a few games and utilities, with translations in both languages.
    Unique Features: Thunderbugs and Thunderbugs2, two aerial shooters, sound interesting. So do Gobbles and Poltergeist. Worth a look!
  13.   MediQB   
    Description: French QB site with many original game products, most of which are starring a yellow smiley face named (appropriately enough) "Smiley".
    Unique Features: This site has a nice collection of downloads. Several of the programs were made by the webmaster, but many more were contributed by other programmers. They do have one common theme, though: they're all French. We English-speakers haven't seen most of these programs before, so that's definitely a plus.
  14.   Meech Production Software   
    Description: Meech Production Software -- the official site. Unfortunately, Meech Production Software doesn't really have anything on it. All of the QB-related sections are pretty much empty.
    Unique Features: Two weeks' worth of the "QB Tip of the Week" was the only real content I could find here. The rest was either down, or maybe never existed in the first place.
  15.   MGD's FFB Games   
    Description: Mitth'Raw'Nuruodo's QB and FB games page. It's just one page with barely anything there -- download links and a giant smiley face JavaScript animation.
    Unique Features: The downloads include demos of the space shooter SpaceMerc, a Rubik's Cube Solver, a screen saver and "A Mind Trick". That's about all that's on this page.
  16.   Mike's Programming HomePage   
    Description: Site by Mike with revelations on the main page, including "I like Fire!" The QBasic section has a collection of three very simple programs.
    Unique Features: Programs include a fake BIOS, a calculator and DosHell v3.12. The VBasic section has a little bit more (but not much).
  17.   MikeWare Softworks' QBASIC Programming Page   
    Description: Home of a text adventure called King Arthur's Escape. This site consists of a single page.
    Unique Features: Has five other programs to download (by other people) and a few links. The only thing really to see here is the King Arthur text adventure...
  18.   M \ K Productions   
    Description: The famous Molnar \ Kucalaba Productions website, which has been involved in the QB scene since 1995. M \ K pioneered QB mouse routines, SoundBlaster music and many interesting graphics routines, and is currently working on "Binary Space Partitioning" (3D) engine in QB as well as a Windows-based NES emulator.
    Unique Features: M \ K features about two dozen original QB programs for downloads including many useful utilities; information about the group's latest projects; a news archive going back to 1997; and the M \ K DC Branch subsite which features Microsoft Virtual C creations. Conspicuously absent is the famous M \ K creation Bob Saget Killer 2000, which has been removed from the site in recent years. M \ K Productions is a long-standing and interesting QB resource, with a strong nostalgia factor for those who have been in the QB community since the mid-nineties.
  19.   Mohammed's QBasic Research Page   
    Description: abionnnn's page, created way back in 1997. A great window into the QB community back when it was just building steam.
    Unique Features: Includes a pretty big list of downloads, though about half of them have broken links. Also has a QB "Source Exam" and is a supporter a lot of Anti-Mac stuff.
  20.   MRS' QBasic Site   
    Description: Michael Rye Srensen's small QB site, which mainly distributes his own little programs. He has over thirty MRS productions available, but there's nothing significant--mostly graphics demos and short single-function hardware programs.
    Unique Features: Also features a collection of submitted programs and a useful "Tips" section.
  21.   My QBasic Page   
    Description: A site called "My QBasic Page" with absolutely no content whatsoever. Clearly generated with an automated web-based form, and completely lacking of anything useful in the slightest.
    Unique Features: Mentions something about a "Family Reunion", and "if you'd like help call 123.123.1234." Also features a link to QBasic.com that won't load because it lacks the http:// prefix. Bah.
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