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Sound Tutorials
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These tutorials cover sound programming in QB, from the PLAY statement to external sound libraries like QMIDI and BWSB.

General Sound Tutorials
DMA Play 5 If you want to play .wav files in your program, take a gander at this. This program can play 8-bit and 16-bit .wav files in both mono and stereo! Mike Huff, Martin Rampersad & Toshi Horie
DMA Play 6 The newest version of the acclaimed QB WAV player. Toshi Horie
DMA WAV A well-commented WAV player for QB. Reading over this program can give you a good understanding of the .WAV file format and how to create SoundBlaster sound effects. Ken Rockot
Play.bas A good explanation of how to use the PLAY command, which is presented through a well-commented example program. This plays "All Apologies" by Nirvana. Mallard
Music, Sounds, ON PLAY and Using the Soundcard A good overview of creating sound / music with QB's built-in sound statements. Toward the end, it goes into some more advanced topics like using the soundcard and the microphone. Anastasios Yalanopoulos
Programming the SoundBlaster Card An introduction to programming the SoundBlaster and using the DSP (Digital Sound Processing chip). Gives the basics you'll need to play WAV, VOC or RAW files. (BASIX Fanzine #1) Peter Cooper
Manipulating Sound In QBasic An old tutorial posted on a BBS with a wealth of information on using interrupts to play sound on both a soundcard and the internal speaker. (QB Cult Magazine #3) Edward Schlunder
Soundcard Special How to program the Soundblaster Card, and an explanation of the MIDI file format. (QB Times #2) Nightwolf
Making a basic GDM player Using BWSB's GDM sound format can be a pain -- but this tutorial will make it easy. (QB Times #3) Nekrophidius
BWSB Revealed: Sound Effects Using the BWSB (Bells, Whistles and Soundboards) library to add complex sound effects into your QB program. (QB Times #4) Nekrophidius
MOD Player Tutorial Create your own MOD audio player in QB. (QB:TM #11) Bill McDonald

MIDI Composing
MIDI Composing Be Mozart, thanks to 19day. An introduction to MIDI composing and the MIDI file format. (QB:TM #7) 19day
MIDI Composing: Part II A continuation of this MIDI composing tutorial, with information on composing with WinJammer, and then a bit about putting them into your game. (QB:TM #8) 19day
Basics of Tracking: Part One "For those of you unfamiliar with the term "tracking", in this sense, it refers to digital music creation. This is not a tutorial on how to make a MIDI, if you want that, go elsewhere. This is merely an informational article on a different style of music format that has been gaining popularity in the QB gaming world in the last years." (QBOA Issue 7) Nekrophidius
Basics of Tracking: Part Two The second part of this series on Tracking. This explains how to make your own songs using the shareware program Modplug. (QBOA Issue 8) Nekrophidius

Creating an Audio-CD Player In BASIC Series
Creating an Audio-CD Player in BASIC (Part 1) How to detect CD drives and communicate with the hardware using QB4.5 or VBDOS. (BASIX Fanzine #5) Marco Koegler
Creating an Audio-CD Player in BASIC (Part 2) Using interrupts to perform basic CD drive functions, like resetting the drive or finding the drive number. (BASIX Fanzine #6) Marco Koegler
Creating an Audio-CD Player in BASIC (Part 3) Getting information about the audio CD, like the start address and number of sectors to play. (BASIX Fanzine #7) Marco Koegler

Submitted Sound Tutorials
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