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  1.   Sam's QBasic Page   
    Description: Small site by Sam Saccone; has a small collection of QB programs to download, and that's about it.
    Unique Features: There are two main sections: Files and Links. Take your pick.
  2.   Sasha Vukelic's Site   
    Description: Personal site of Sasha Vukelic, including a few QuickBasic programs for download. Current projects: "Temper, a space strategy game that's very simple and should be very fun"; and "Fight, a space ship duel game except for the fact that there are three ships in a free for all combat."
    Unique Features: There are also some finished games here, including a Pong clone and a space shooter called Dynamic.
  3.   Science, Physics and Relativity FAQs   
    Description: A massive FAQ site with a lot of information about space physics and theories of the universe.
    Unique Features: Included are twenty QBasic programs to help illustrate concepts like: Light bending around the Sun using Newton's Law and Mass of a Galaxy calculation based on rotation curve.
  4.   Scorpion City   
    Description: Site of a pretty talented programmer, who uses many different languages. Included is a QB section with seven of his "older" games ('92-'94 era) that look kind of fun.
    Unique Features: There is a Minesweeper game, a puzzle game called Sokoban and a slider puzzle game called Doiley. Plus four more. Also: this site's got a nice clean layout.
  5.   Scotiasoft HQ   
    Description: Three games are available at this small site: 3D Bobble, Tana Tuva Stock Exchange and Rowliner.
    Unique Features: There's not much here, though there is a FAQ/hints page for 3D Bobble. Otherwise, just downloads of games (and this weird quote: "Scary dog, Evil dog, Mad dog").
  6.   SEAV Softwares   
    Description: The Phillipines-based site of SEAV Softwares, offering a huge amount of interesting content on a very well-designed page. Check out SEAV's The Labyrinth, as well as the Humor section!
    Unique Features: A wide assortment of well-programmed graphical examples and utilities--SEAV truly is an artist. Includes a lot of interesting written content, including great tutorials, QHumor articles, commentary on the QB community and more!
  7.   Secret Guide to Computers   
    Description: The Secret Guide to Computers is a gigantic book that seeks to explain EVERYTHING you'd ever need to know about computers. Part of this book is a large tutorial on QBASIC programming.
    Unique Features: The QB programming section is the largest of all the Secret Guide's programming tutorials, with four very long, very thorough parts. These are some of the most in-depth QB tutorials I've seen, taking the user from very basic PRINT statements to much more advanced programming techniques like memory cells. A great tutorial series!
  8.   Secret Weapon Software   
    Description: Secret Weapon Soft was once a very active QB group, with several projects in the works (Annihilation, Qnopoly, Moon Lander, Axewarrior, etc.), its own ezine called "The QFiles" and a whole lot more. Unfortunately, this group (headed by Timothy D. Mowrer) dissolved some time in 2000.
    Unique Features: The site includes the back issues of the QFiles zine, a collection of a several QB game reviews, information about SW Soft's projects at the time (check out Annihilation), and a nice collection of QB game downloads. Definitely worth a look.
  9.   Sepent Basic   
    Description: Home of the Codename Surena QB GUI competition, where QB programmers are challenged to create the best GUI they can. This site also has in-depth reviews of a large selection of QB GUIs and mock Operating Systems, which is really quite original and quite interesting!
    Unique Features: In addition to the incredible QB OS section, there is the Sepent QB Knowledge Base with a nice selection of advanced FAQs, and the Professor Answers section where users ask QB questions to the answer and are treated to a helpful and thorough response. Also has a nice selection of QB downloads and a message forum.
  10.   Shared QB Forum   
    Description: A forum shared between three QB sites: GB Games, Spaghetti Software and "MooFace." Unfortunately, two of those sites have ceased to be, and one of them is currently on its knees.
    Unique Features: Had many posts in 2002-2003, but since its host sites have disappeared, so have its visitors.
  11.   Shattered Realms Productions   
    Description: Shattered Realms is a gifted programmer whose projects include Twigz, a point and click adventure game, The Great Escape and a library called T*Lib. This site is rich with information about these three programs.
    Unique Features: Featuring a ton of news, screenshots and information about all Shattered Realms productions. This site also has a very nice design.
  12.   SimTel's QBasic and QuickBasic Programming   
    Description: QuickBasic section of a large multi-purpose programming site. This contains quite a few older QB utilities and snippets of source code from back when QB was actually used professionally.
    Unique Features: A collection of about 60 pretty boring utility programs and a few boring old QB newsletters...boring that is until you need to use one of these techniques in your own awesome new game.
  13.   Spaghetti Productions   
    Description: QBJosh's site, which advises programmers: "Gotos are faster than subs. Use them. It makes spaghetti code, but in case you havn't noticed the name of this site..." Has information about a game called Space Struggle.
    Unique Features: The Files section claims to have more than 200 downloads, but they have unfortunately been deleted from the server. All that remains of this site is the text, which is still entertaining for a few minutes. I like Josh's Tips section, which is filled with BAD programming tips. Heh.
  14.   Spiege's QBasic Site   
    Description: An old QB site with thirty-seven programs, a few of which were written by Spiege himself. Interestingly, this site had a few programming contests that people actually entered. (I would have figured that nobody would have taken the time.)
    Unique Features: This site has some of the most raucous and annoying background colors EVER. Oh, and 37 programs.
  15.   Stars Development Company   
    Description: Hard Rock's company, through which he has released games like the space shooter, The Terror, Pong Ultra and a cool Metal Gear style mini-game called Metal QB.
    Unique Features: The Stars site displays its original products pretty nicely, with screenshots and in-depth descriptions. There's also a big sub-site devoted to Pong Ultra that's worth a look. A nice all-around site!
  16.   Steven Sivek's QBasic Page   
    Description: Simple site with a bunch of downloads and a few links (ie: the same as just about any other QB site, heheh).
    Unique Features: The program downloads here, which number at several dozen, are mostly the ones you see at every other site. Maybe there's something special, but judging by my quick scan over the page, I didn't catch anything that couldn't also be found at QB45.com. But hey, at least the downloads actually work. :)
  17.   Steven's Web Page   
    Description: Claims to have over 900 QB programs, but astute visitors will notice that over 700 of them are parts of "Packets" of several hundred tiny coding examples.
    Unique Features: This would still be a great files archive if FortuneCity hadn't removed just about ALL of the downloads on the server. Now this is just the skeleton of Steve's Web Page, without the meat to make it worth the visit.
  18.   Straumland   
    Description: Multi-language programming page with five QBasic graphics demos available for download. They are: Starfield, Tunnel, Dots, Globe and BallVector.
    Unique Features: Unfortunately, the programs don't come with source code: "These programs has been compiled to executables due to portability. Not everyone keeps an updated version of Qbasic around." These are simple techniques, and not including source code makes them pretty useless to QB programmers who want to learn. These graphics examples have been replicated all over the QB community, so why choose these source-less versions when there are many other better versions out there? Sure beats me.
  19.   Sublime Productions   
    Description: A three-person QB and C/C programming team that last updated all the way back in 1998.
    Unique Features: There's a small but worthwhile file archive here, and also a news archive that I particularly liked because of its ODD obsession with Tsugumo and TheGame.
  20.   Supercomputer.at/QBasic 101   
    Description: A QB site with a ton of different sections but with nothing in any of them! The website claims to pay people to upload QB programs, but there are only a handful of programs up: "Earn yourself $1 per upload. We keep track of it and will pay you off at over $10." I don't think that the offer ever *really* existed, or this page would be full.
    Unique Features: The menu on this page has a lot of links, but each section is basically void of content. In all there are a half-dozen programs to download here and that's IT! And these aren't even good. They include Hangman and Address Book, with a few others.
  21.   Syn9's Page   
    Description: Syn9 is a great QB / FB coder, constantly turning out amazing 3D demos and polished RPGs, but his website really doesn't reflect how great his programs are. This barebones site has barely anything on it right now. Syn9 is a man of few words -- no section contains more than a sentence or two, and only his most current projects are even mentioned here.
    Unique Features: You'll find some download links for some of Syn9's more recent projects (like his action RPG Griffon Legend), a small News section, and a small forum. If he adds more of his work, this site would be much more interesting, since Syn9's projects (think Zero G, his 3D demos, etc.) never fail to amaze.
  22.   SZ Dev   
    Description: Santiago Zapata's QB programming page. His finished products include two space shooters based on characters from the Starcraft universe: Archer Fire and NeoArcher Fire. There are also some projects in the works, including the RPG Nemesis Stars and a roguelike game called Times Before Magic.
    Unique Features: There's basically just brief descriptions, screenshots and download links for Santiago's programs that were mentioned above. Some of the programs look quite interesting.
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