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  1.   Data Components GUI Reviews   
    Description: Todd Seuss's phenomenal QBasic/QuickBasic GUI reviews website. If you're looking for a QB GUI, this is the place to go. I had no idea that there so many QB GUIs in existence, but somehow Todd has managed to find 135 of them so far!
    Unique Features: This site has screenshots, reviews and detailed information for more than 135 GUIs as of June '05. It is also host to regular updates, and has a nice, simple layout that makes navigation easy. If you are interested in QB GUIs, this is the place to go.
  2.   Enhanced Creations: The (New) QB EC Programming Page   
    Description: Angelo Mottola and Petter Holmberg's Enhanced Creations is no longer part of the QB scene, and they've closed up shop at their last QB homepage. Angelo Mottola now has a new C dedicated page that still offers all of the old QB releases. But one day, I happened to stumble upon a very old version of the Enhanced Creations site (1998 era), that I'm sure you'll find interesting.
    Unique Features: Lots of information about Wetspot II including fan-made add-on levels which are no longer available anywhere else. In the Projects section you can read about Angelo's upcoming "set of routines," DirectQB: "Current status: [01/06/98] I'm still thinking how to organize the entire library, to make it easy to use. Nearly all the routines will be probably written in assembly, to ensure a fast execution; this project looks really hard, but I feel it can be done!" Also here is a great little section called the "Best of QB" with the best QB games from 1998 and before. Games in the top ten come with their own little reviews, complete with screenshots and an analysis of the code by Angelo. This site is a treasure trove of old QB goodness that is definitely worth a visit!
  3.   GameDev.net   
    Description: General-purpose site about game development for all languages. This has very little information specifically about QB and tailors almost specifically to "professional" languages--kind of a resource for amateur programmers who wish to one day make a living in the game industry.
    Unique Features: Still, this site has HUNDREDS of tutorials and articles that discuss game design concepts that apply to all languages, discussing everything from choice of colors in game graphics to writing a game's story to character design. This also has a very active message board that is frequented by many skilled programmers. This site will have you reading for hours, even if you won't find much QB content here.
  4.   Jaws V Soft   
    Description: Home of the Mini RPG series, Cookie Deliverer and several other cute, anime-style QB games. The Jaws V site is a pixel artist's dream come true, filled to the brim with stylish art that really makes this site unique. The Jaws V Soft games are really something to behold, and it's definitely because of the awesome character graphics and animation this group is so skilled at.
    Unique Features: Downloads of all the Jaws V Soft releases, as well as a huge collection of original artwork. Additionally, has information about anime releases and information about pixel art. Definitely worth a look!
  5.   Jay Cook's Place of Webspace   
    Description: Jay Cook's site, home to a few games that rocked the QB world back in '97: Ziel, the Zelda-style RPG; Killer, where you run around and kill convicts; FirePit, where you escape from an ever-growing fire; and many more. Jay is a quite accomplished coder who really pushed QB to the limits back in the days before ASM libraries were commonplace.
    Unique Features: Includes several really great original games (like Ziel, as well as some awesome older games by others for download. Quite a bit of content, and most of the games have their own separate full-page description, along with screenshots. A very well-done site!
  6.   Jocke the Beast   
    Description: The guy who started the Roguelike RPG craze himself, Jocke the Beast. Jocke is behind a really neat series of games called Dark Woods that are extremely fun to play. It even got quite a big fan following of people who made custom maps and one person who even made a graphical remake! Jocke has also made a series of Middle Earth Adventures based on Tolkien's famous book series.
    Unique Features: This site has a great layout and is full of content. Check out Jocke's series of articles on QB game programming, which will give you a lot of insight into Roguelike games. And of course, this site contains a ton of great information on all of Jocke's products and future projects.
  7.   Kentauri   
    Description: Site of a developer whose games have really nice graphics; they've got a very unique, very cool feel to them. Kentauri has released quite a few great QB games, including: Detective Academy, Ball Blazing Fantasy, Rocket Fuel Mayhem, Dark Quest, Another World Memory and Run 'Em Over. There are a couple of upcoming projects he is working on too.
    Unique Features: All games have their own sections with long text descriptions and screenshots. Kentauri has released neat games in all different genres with one common trait: quality.
  8.   Laz's Big Fat QBasic Page   
    Description: A humorous British QB site and home of Insanity Dreams software. Home of many creative and offbeat original programs and the famous QBasic Swimming Pool.
    Unique Features: The Insanity Dreams section has a ton of fun and unique games as well as a quite useful font utility; the Swimming Pool has programs to download; but best of all, there are constant jokes and offbeat humor in every section of this site -- it's bursting through the seams in weird funnieness!
  9.   Nebula Software   
    Description: Home of Nebula Software, one of the QB community's leaders in first person shooters and 3D graphics. The Nebula Engine II and the FPS Resistance are a true testament of what QB can really do when pushed to its limits. Also make sure you check out Nebula-Engine: Capture the Flag, a fun clone of Unreal Tournament's Capture The Flag mode.
    Unique Features: This site not only features information and screenshots of Nebula Software releases, but also reviews of other peoples' QB programs. There are some neat articles on first person shooters and raytracers here, too!
  10.   Q-Basic Turkey   
    Description: (No, not the bird!) This Turkish QB programming group has produced a large amount of original games, most of which emulate successful board games or PC games to create simple, addictive fun. There are a lot of classic puzzle and strategy games here, but also some cool original titles: check out Jump-X or Attack of the Soldiers.
    Unique Features: This site has quite a bit of interesting content--it will take you quite a while to look through the comprehensive list of game Products, let alone the entire site! There are also tutorials, source code and upcoming projects to check out.
  11.   QBasic Gamerz Society   
    Description: Made by Dessysoft, this is a surprisingly rich resource of games and tutorials. It also has a unique graphics style and some original games, such as bONG!
    Unique Features: Most impressive about this site is the HUGE selection of tutorials that are available for download; it's definitely one of the biggest collections in the QB community. Additionally, there is a wide selection of games for download, many of which are relatively obscure. Then there's the QB Masterz section, featuring the Top Ten QB games. A rather obscure QB site that is surprisingly good!
  12.   QBasic New Zealand   
    Description: "The home of QBasic down under" has become a really great QB resource, with one of the most clean and organized layouts of any QB site. Its large downloads archive is now automated by scripts and has quite a few great programs available.
    Unique Features: The popular Challenges are pretty neat, there are some full reviews of QB games, some projects, a lot of interactive content and way more!
  13.   QBasic on Angelfire   
    Description: An interesting site by Cybertron that is an entertaining visit (it kept me entertained, for a few minutes at least).
    Unique Features: The files section has a handful of short reviews (with screenshots), the QHumor section has QB and computer jokes, and Cyberton has projects including the mech game Cyborg Wars and Gates of Wrath. There are also some original tutorials available here.
  14.   QBasic.de   
    Description: Gigantic German QB site; most definitely the center of the German equivalent of our English QB community! It's a shame it's in German...
    Unique Features: This place has hundreds of program downloads, tons of QB tutorials, the QB MonsterFAQ, hundreds of links, interviews with a tons of different German QB programmers and much, much more. Way more content than I could possibly list. It's a sight to behold, even if you don't speak the language (like me).
  15.   QBasic.tk   
    Description: An active QB community site based heavily around providing QB news. There are quite a few visitors and contributors, and this site is definitely worth a visit!
    Unique Features: This site is based around an active community message board, with news on the front page. There are several programs to download (all uploaded by the users) throughout the message board. Also, QBasic.tk has a few game reviews. As far as community sites and information portals go, this is definitely worth a look!
  16.   RPGDX   
    Description: A great RPGs site by a former QB programmer, Mandrake. Although this includes RPGs written in all languages, it features a huge number of QB RPGs.
    Unique Features: This site is very organized, with several different sub-genres of RPGs available. RPGDX is also the host of the famous 48-hour RPG coding contests that resulted in several great RPGs from the QB RPG master himself, DarkDread. There are many very informative tutorials and articles on this site that are definitely worth your time to check out. As far as QB content goes, there's a lot, though this site caters to several different languages equally.
  17.   SEAV Softwares   
    Description: The Phillipines-based site of SEAV Softwares, offering a huge amount of interesting content on a very well-designed page. Check out SEAV's The Labyrinth, as well as the Humor section!
    Unique Features: A wide assortment of well-programmed graphical examples and utilities--SEAV truly is an artist. Includes a lot of interesting written content, including great tutorials, QHumor articles, commentary on the QB community and more!
  18.   Sepent Basic   
    Description: Home of the Codename Surena QB GUI competition, where QB programmers are challenged to create the best GUI they can. This site also has in-depth reviews of a large selection of QB GUIs and mock Operating Systems, which is really quite original and quite interesting!
    Unique Features: In addition to the incredible QB OS section, there is the Sepent QB Knowledge Base with a nice selection of advanced FAQs, and the Professor Answers section where users ask QB questions to the answer and are treated to a helpful and thorough response. Also has a nice selection of QB downloads and a message forum.
  19.   Shattered Realms Productions   
    Description: Shattered Realms is a gifted programmer whose projects include Twigz, a point and click adventure game, The Great Escape and a library called T*Lib. This site is rich with information about these three programs.
    Unique Features: Featuring a ton of news, screenshots and information about all Shattered Realms productions. This site also has a very nice design.
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