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QB Comics

This section is here to POKE some fun at QBasic by use of comic strips. This page was originally created by Joshua Reagan for his site QBASIC Galaxy. His comics section was the best section of his site. Then, on October 6, 1999, Josh decided that he didn't have time to update his site anymore because school kept him pretty busy, and he wanted to focus on his QB projects rather than his site. He offered me the QB Comics section to put on my site, and I gratefully accepted. Use the links above or below to navigate the comics!

A big thanks to Josh Reagan for this section and for making most of the comics, as well as Guardian Bob, Zippy and Mark Hall who have submitted comics since then.


To submit a QB Comic, you have to follow these restricitions:

  1. It must be QB related,
  2. It must be in comic form. (Must resemble comics in some way, and must be an image.)
  3. It can not be animated.
If your comic meets all three of these requirements, submit it! Below is a template you may use to make QB comics. It's the one used for most of the comics in this section:

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