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  1.   Laz's Big Fat QBasic Page   
    Description: A humorous British QB site and home of Insanity Dreams software. Home of many creative and offbeat original programs and the famous QBasic Swimming Pool.
    Unique Features: The Insanity Dreams section has a ton of fun and unique games as well as a quite useful font utility; the Swimming Pool has programs to download; but best of all, there are constant jokes and offbeat humor in every section of this site -- it's bursting through the seams in weird funnieness!
  2.   LockJaw Productions   
    Description: A site by a Ryan Brown and Ernie Gerber, a 13 year old and a 12 year old. Don't scoff at their ages; I was just barely thirteen when I started my QB site.. But do scoff at their site. It's not very good.
    Unique Features: There's nothing useful here. There's a one-sentence description of an upcoming game called Asteroth that was 2% complete when abandones, three RPGs to download. There's also a small top sites list here: "The LockJaw Productions Top 7 RPG Sites", but it was never successful. At least it has a nice layout for something made by such young programmers.
  3.   LoKing's FreeBasic Projects   
    Description: Small one-page site with LoKing's FB releases. Basically it amounts to a few screenshots, short descriptions and download links for FB programs.
    Unique Features: As of right now (June '05), there are two releases available: a fun minigame called "MazeRun" and a LightBright simulator.
  4.   Lost socK Software   
    Description: A programming group dating back to 1998, which has produced some phenomenal QB games, such as the RPG Wrath of Sona. You should also check out the amazing upcoming first person shooter Two Lords. Though they are not a QB-specific group, they are still active in the QB community; in fact, lead programmer Nekrophidius has recently signed on as editor of V Planet! and is a regular at many QB message boards.
    Unique Features: The layout of this site is very creative; you are given the inside peak of Lost socK's dresser, where they store all of their socks and sock accessories. You navigate the site by opening up the various dresser drawers, and all content shows up on the dresser's mirror. As far as the content goes, the "Hemming Room" has information about many upcoming projects from Lost socK, and the "Sock Drawer" has downloadable content. Keep in mind that most of the projects and products, however, are W32-based, and not written in QB. This is a charming site, even if its actual QuickBasic content is a bit lacking.
  5.   Luke's QBasic Page   
    Description: Luke Myers' small QB site. Pretty standard stuff, and there's not much of it. Includes an original File Encryption program and something called Old-School Basketball.
    Unique Features: A few original downloads, all of them quite simple, and information about many upcoming projects Luke has in the works.
  6.   Lukman's QB Game Programming   
    Description: A site showcasing Lukman's QB and VB games. In the QB section you can find a selection of simple but addictive Diamond Crash, Devil Mansion or Mission in the Solar System.
    Unique Features: Lukman's programs all come with nice descriptions and screenshots, and there's also a neat utility called PSET Arranger which creates DATA so that you can place fake sprites with PSET statements. Lukman has a nice collection of fun games, even if they're not very glamorous.
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