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  1.   DAG'soft Online Throne   
    Description: Daniel Aaron Gordon's site, featuring a game called Cosmos.
    Unique Features: This site is relatively empty, and as far as QB content goes, Cosmos is it.
  2.   DaMMSoft Online   
    Description: A QB programming group based in the Phillipines that hasn't been updated since 1998. Its members were students of the Don Bosco Makati Technical Institute.
    Unique Features: Includes a nice collection of program downloads and a handful of original DaMMSoft programs.
  3.   Daniel Davies' BASIC Programming Page   
    Description: QB programming page with a large selection of very impressive graphical demos. All of the old mainstays of the graphics demo genre are here, and they're all original programs! Very nice effects!
    Unique Features: Water, Curves, Bump Mapping, Fractals, Fire, Raytracing, Lens Flare and Plasma. They're all here, complete with descriptions and screenshots. All of the programs come with source code and a compiled version too! A very impressive site if you're into graphical effects.
  4.   DarkDreams Software   
    Description: DarkDread's DarkDreams Software has been at the forefront of the QB RPG movement since 1995, and was really at the top of its game in the early 2000's when the RPG company Darkness Ethereal reigned supreme (at least for QB RPGs). Since then, DE has folded and now all that remains of DarkDread's former empire is this tiny site, offering a handful of articles and DarkDreams games, such as ...in the Nocturne.
    Unique Features: This site still has DarkDread's signature gothic style, though the site is a little short on content. It's nothing compared to the old Darkness Ethereal site, unfortunately.
  5.   Dark Knight Software   
    Description: Home of Michael Hoopman's QB RPG series, Dark Ages. Dark Ages I: The Continents is widely-acclaimed in the QB community for being one of the first finished Qb RPGs. And Dark Ages II: Engel, which has been in production since 1998, looks like it will certainly be a worthy successor.

    Unique Features: Includes information about both Dark Ages titles, including screenshots, lots of news, and download links. Additionally, there are links to DA FANPAGES (I told you this game was "acclaimed"), some walkthroughs, etc. Definitely a game series every QBer should be familiar with.
  6.   Das QBasic Portal   
    Description: A German QB site that has a (fairly shoddy) English translation. This site doesn't seek to add any content of its own, but is instead a Portal to other QB sites.
    Unique Features: Most of the sites linked here are German, but this site does some interesting things with its links: there is a "Visitor Card" for each one that sums up all of the features of the site, and for most of the pages, there is an interview with the webmaster. Most of the interviews are pretty long and comprehensive, though they are in German. A nice site, but not of much use if you don't speak German.
  7.   Data Components   
    Description: Site by a kid named Todd Suess; he is very interested in creating operating systems and GUIs. Although his main project is a DOS-based GUI called Millenium OS, he also offers quite a few QB GUIs/OSes for download.
    Unique Features: As far as QBasic content, there's a collection of QBasic GUIs (fake operating systems and menuing systems), which you might find interesting. There are also several Data Components programs for download, though the language they are written in is not listed on the site.
  8.   Data Components GUI Reviews   
    Description: Todd Seuss's phenomenal QBasic/QuickBasic GUI reviews website. If you're looking for a QB GUI, this is the place to go. I had no idea that there so many QB GUIs in existence, but somehow Todd has managed to find 135 of them so far!
    Unique Features: This site has screenshots, reviews and detailed information for more than 135 GUIs as of June '05. It is also host to regular updates, and has a nice, simple layout that makes navigation easy. If you are interested in QB GUIs, this is the place to go.
  9.   Dav's QBasic Site   
    Description: Dav's site, with a nice collection of original programs (mostly utilities to save/load images, or manipulate graphics or sound in QB). Also home to the QuickBasic Knowledge Base.
    Unique Features: Dav's QuickBasic Knowledge Base contains over 1600 public-domain technical documents about QB, and is fully searchable. This is a really helpful collection. This site also has a very nice, clean layout. Worth a visit!
  10.   DEEDO Basic Homepage   
    Description: A little tiny QB programming page with an odd name. It hasn't been updated since 1997.
    Unique Features: Offers just a handful of QB programs to download, mostly by other people. Luckily, though, it has a chat room. You know, so all of this site's hundreds of visitors can discuss the latest DEEDO news. (What is it with every tiny site on the Internet having its own independent chat room? Jeesh.)
  11.   Delta Code   
    Description: Joe King's Delta Code, a site with a lot of great information on Raycasting engines in QB. There are three tutorials (with source code) and the JNK Raycasting Engine.
    Unique Features: A lot of this site is dedicated to Delta Code games. There are several, including the best: Larry the Dinosaur II, Torched Earth and Unofficial Tournament, complete with screenshots and a bit of information. Additionally, there are several full reviews of QB games by other programmers.
  12.   Deviant Software   
    Description: Home of The Adventures of Wally Stick and Deviant Software, a group which hasn't updated since 1998.
    Unique Features: Most of the images and download links are unfortunately broken on this page, but it once offered a nice selection of games for download as well as a few original Deviant Software products.
  13.   Digital Oasis   
    Description: ShiftLynx's nicely-designed site, featuring programs he has written in QB, FreeBasic, Java, C, Perl and more. Many of them are cool graphics demos or helpful utilities. Has a lot of interesting programming content, but it isn't necessary QB/FB related.
    Unique Features: You'll find lots of graphics demos (mostly FB and C), useful apps such as a BMP to BSAVE converter, and a whole lot of useful tutorials on topics ranging from Bubble Sorting to XOR Encryption. The majority of these are written for C programmers, but the concepts can be applied to QB too. Also, there are two extremely useful FreeBasic sound tutorials: "Using OpenAL for 3D Sound" and "In-Game Music with FMOD".
  14.   Dimension Interactive   
    Description: Home of Dimension Interactive, which was last working on a futuristic RPG called Danub 12. This site includes about thirty original programs, including many interesting games. Check out Maze Master or Fly Catch!
    Unique Features: The Dabub 12 section has some neat features (it's a shame this game will never be finished), and the Files section has games by Dimension Interactive as well as "Tutorial Programs" which are meant to help programmers learn new techniques through programming examples.
  15.   Diroga's QBasic Corner   
    Description: Small personal site of Diroga that has a little bit abot QBasic, a little bit about Spanish, a few downloadable pictures, and some other random stuff. QBasic seems to be the focus of this site, though.
    Unique Features: Aside from a small game called "Block Game", a beginners' tutorials and some code samples, there's not much here. It's a small site, just started in January 2005, though, so there's lots of room for improvement.
  16.   D-Man's QBasic Domain   
    Description: Very small site, with some broken links, that has a handful of original programs made by D-Man. The most interesting one was called Mousey: "You play as a mouse, try to get the cheese, and try not to let the cats get you."
    Unique Features: Just a small list of downloads and also a page listing every QB command and the syntax. Most of the downloads are screensaver programs.
  17.   Doorknob Soft   
    Description: An odd site from some QB programmers with a sense of humor. Has some neat pixel art stuff and a TON of quirky homebrew game programs.
    Unique Features: There are about a million original games here, but pretty much none of them were finished...and most of them are very crappy and newbie-ish. Nevertheless, they're creative ideas. Here's a sampling of programs: the RTS Battle for Dinosaur Isle; How To Speak American, a "game about burning foreign flags"; Seek and Destroy / The Napster Game, "A shooter where you play as either Lars Ulrich or James Hetfield from metallica, and try to stop all the napster users."; Jack's Fun Fun Silly Willy Adventure; or The Nightpath, an unfinished RPG which actually looks pretty cool. Nice collection of original work here, all with screenshots and descriptions!
  18.   DPH1701 Computer Software   
    Description: Website with a lot of biology and chemistry programs; one helps you find solubility of simple ionic compounds, another displays the Periodic Table. However, there are a few games, including a pong clone, roulette and Asteroid Attacker!
    Unique Features: Basically a collection of some science reference programs and a handful of games that have been cloned hundreds of times before. At least these are original versions!
  19.   DssT Software (Danish Software & System Technology)   
    Description: A small Danish group that's made a few QB programs. There are five available for download.
    Unique Features: The site's "Featured Program" is Client Organizer 1.5, described as "A fast, organized way to keep track of clients". Not much else, though.
  20.   Dunric's Homepage   
    Description: Home of Dunric, a long-time QB programmer who specializes in text adventures. Check out Westfront PC, his gargantuan magnum opus, quite possibly the largest text adventure ever conceived!
    Unique Features: Westfront PC: The Trials of Guilder, Dunric's signature program is available here. Additionally, there are over 25 more text adventures on this site to download, many of them written in QB.
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