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  1.   Farmer Software   
    Description: Farmer Software is a one-man operation last updated in 1997. Uses cow wallpaper for the background!
    Unique Features: Farmer Software has a nice supply of programs from around the QB community and also a good tutorials selection. There are a few original programs here, such as the sprite editor SpriteIt.
  2.   Flyingsoft   
    Description: Site of a six-man QB programming group, headed by Agamemnus. It had many releases in 2003, but has been inactive since.
    Unique Features: Some neat-sounding programs are available here...though I'm not sure how good they are. There's Bike: "Human spies have found out that the aliens have rebuilt their forces and are planning to attack again. The Incredible Bikester must go to the alien world and stop them."; a puzzle game called JiG; a humorous game called Lost 2 by The_Specialist; and a few more.
  3.   Folker Fritz's QuickBasic Site   
    Description: A German QB programmer named Folker Fritz's site, where he distributes his original programs. Fritz has made a huge collection of QB puzzle / strategy games, many of which are clones (Tentris and Minefield come to mind), but others are cool original ideas, such as the strategy games Bix and Willyboy. Some programs are in German, some are in English. The site itself is in English.
    Unique Features: This site features a nice layout, with each major release getting its own page with several different versions available. Screenshots are also provided. Additionally, there is a collection of image viewers for a whole bunch of different formats, such as .PCX, .IMG and .RAW. Nice layout and a lot of cool programs!
  4.   ForgedQB   
    Description: A brand spankin' news site that looks like it has great potential. Home of a small programming group made up of HQSneaker and Crono. Forged QB does reviews and offers original programs, such as Crono's Missing in Space.
    Unique Features: Currently, there's not much here. This site is just getting off the ground. If it continues to update regularly, it will become a great site!
  5.   Formalhaut Software   
    Description: A Russian QB site by a very gifted coding group. Formalhaut has released advanced 3D graphical routines, a few neat strategy/puzzle games and the breathtaking Protuberance 3D engine. This site is available in both Russian and English versions, and has an attractive layout. Unfortunately, Formalhaut Software is also hosted on one of the slowest servers known to man.
    Unique Features: The QB-Collection features well over 100 games, all with three screenshots and a short description. Over a dozen of Formalhaut's original programs are available too. The links section is also pretty impressive.
  6.   Frost Productions   
    Description: Elvis]['s Frost Productions is the two-man group behind vFont, the RPG Aradina and a library with the code-name Viper.
    Unique Features: There's not much to this site, but it serves its purpose: to distribute productions by Frost. Aradina looked like a promising game (with its own custom library called AraLib), but unfortunately, this site hasn't been updated in years.
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