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Pete's QBasic Site has teamed up with a bunch of other QB sites to help bring you the best QBasic and QuickBasic content on the Internet. The sites you'll find below are the guaranteed Cream of the Crop of QB Sites on the Internet. If you would like your site to become an affiliate of Pete's QB Site, contact me!

V Planet!
V Planet! is the greatest QB game reviews site on the Internet, and has also done a great job covering QB Community news since 1999. This site has also hosted the QB Gaming Gold Awards and the QB Expo in years past. V Planet! has enough quality content to keep you busy for days, and Pete's QB Site is proud to promote it as an affiliate.
NeoBasic is the last remaining shred of the greatest QBasic site ever to grace the Internet, NeoZones Productions. It has become the host of one of the QB community's most active message board communities, which is made up of the former NeoZones crowd. NeoBasic boasts a custom-made, self-updating database of QBasic programs, projects and information, and once had one of the biggest collections of QB programs on the Internet. NeoBasic is also affiliated with Zext.net, a free QBasic site hosting service. Although NeoZones Productions is no longer around, NeoBasic has done a wonderful job of keeping the old NeoZones community together!
QBasic / QuickBasic News
Perhaps the center of the current QB community, QBasic / QuickBasic News is *THE* source for the newest QB news and information. This site features an active QB message forum that has (gasp!) generally on-topic discussions, a nice collection of QB Tutorials, and its main feature: a QB news blog that any member can instantly add news to. This is definitely the place to hang out at if you're a new QB programmer looking to learn the ropes!

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