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  1.   Kentauri   
    Description: Site of a developer whose games have really nice graphics; they've got a very unique, very cool feel to them. Kentauri has released quite a few great QB games, including: Detective Academy, Ball Blazing Fantasy, Rocket Fuel Mayhem, Dark Quest, Another World Memory and Run 'Em Over. There are a couple of upcoming projects he is working on too.
    Unique Features: All games have their own sections with long text descriptions and screenshots. Kentauri has released neat games in all different genres with one common trait: quality.
  2.   Antz Entertainment   
    Description: Nice site from a cool developer, lovingly adorned with graphics from Antz Entertainment games like their flagship title, Tank Wars. Other projects include Home Star and Tank Wars Gold Edition.
    Unique Features: A site devoted to promoting Antz Entertainment's quite stylistic games. There are also "War Comics" based on the characters from Tank Wars. Nice design.
  3.   Piptol Productions   
    Description: Quickly becoming one of the greatest QB game-makers the Community has ever seen, Piptol Productions has supplied us with many classics. Ghini Run, Kingdoms, Squealer TNT and more, Piptol Productions is definitely at the top in the world of QB game making.
    Unique Features: This site has a very nice, graphical, stylistic layout and has a lot of information about all the Piptol Productions. Additionally, it has downloads for "The Best QB Programming Tools", the Piptol Star awards and more. Great site from a great developer.
  4.   QBasic.de   
    Description: Gigantic German QB site; most definitely the center of the German equivalent of our English QB community! It's a shame it's in German...
    Unique Features: This place has hundreds of program downloads, tons of QB tutorials, the QB MonsterFAQ, hundreds of links, interviews with a tons of different German QB programmers and much, much more. Way more content than I could possibly list. It's a sight to behold, even if you don't speak the language (like me).
  5.   QB Cult Magazine   
    Description: The QB Cult Magazine, a leading QB Community web magazine since 2000. This magazine has QB news, programming tutorials, game reviews, editorials, rants and raves from throught the QB scene. Definitely something that every QB programmer should read!
    Unique Features: Though it's not updated as much anymore, it's certainly not dead! All of the Cult Magazine's past issues are still available on the site.

  6.   Oscar123.tk   
    Description: Personal site of someone named Jan Azzopardi, with a small QB section. Most of the programs here are little utilities.
    Unique Features: Programs include FakeDos, Moosic Maker and Cheque Checker.
  7.   QBASIC HQ   
    Description: "QBASIC HQ--THE HOME OF QBASIC ON COMPUSERVE!!!" A site by a newbie programmer obsessed with writing in ALL CAPS. Several original games are here, though they're all very simple.
    Unique Features: Includes programs by others, too. All the programs by the webmaster come in both .bas and .exe formats--your choice. There are actually quite a few programs here, though the quality isn't especially high...
  8.   Alipha's Homepage   
    Description: Alipha's site is dedicated to helping newbies learn to program. It features a simple, organized layout.
    Unique Features: At this site's center is a well-written series of beginners' tutorials written by Alipha, as well as a very thorough tutorial on using graphics in QB. Also available are several "Example Programs" that Alipha wrote to be easy-to-follow for even the most inexperienced programmers.
  9.   ComputerGhost's Website   
    Description: ComputerGhost's website looks pretty run-of-the-mill, but he has written several very good tutorials on how to program with QB. You've got to respect that.
    Unique Features: Also available are some original games, such as Fly, where you're a fly avoiding flyswatters and cars, and Smalltops "A Space Game Where you Stop the Supply Ships From Getting to the Aliens." I especially like that ComputerGhost wrote his series of tutorials--which definitely took a nice time investment.
  10.   Weazel's QB Page   
    Description: Weazel's working on a few projects in QB including Elite Forces and World War II. Basically Weazel's site exists just to promote and distribute his own game programs.
    Unique Features: Demo versions of all Weazel's game projects are available, along with a ton of written information on each one telling the story and about the progress.
  11.   QBasic New Zealand   
    Description: "The home of QBasic down under" has become a really great QB resource, with one of the most clean and organized layouts of any QB site. Its large downloads archive is now automated by scripts and has quite a few great programs available.
    Unique Features: The popular Challenges are pretty neat, there are some full reviews of QB games, some projects, a lot of interactive content and way more!
  12.   Nogo Interactive   
    Description: Small site with a collection of files and a nice links list. Home of The Journeys, a text-based QB RPG. This site also has a section about Visual Basic.
    Unique Features: These programs all appear to be made for a class by a variety of people. (That's why there is a section called "Final Exam Projects".) Too bad all of the programs only come as compiled .exe files rather than with the source code.
  13.   VirtuaSoft   
    Description: Danny Gump of VirtuaSoft was once one of the leaders in QB innovation, making one of the first and fastest QB libraries, Dash. He also worked on a bunch of other projects, including the cool RPG The Mystical Journey which unfortunately never got past demo stages.
    Unique Features: VirtuaSoft has information on several original products, with a lot of information for each. All of the programs on this site are made by Danny Gump...and there are quite a few here! Absolutely worth a visit!
  14.   SimTel's QBasic and QuickBasic Programming   
    Description: QuickBasic section of a large multi-purpose programming site. This contains quite a few older QB utilities and snippets of source code from back when QB was actually used professionally.
    Unique Features: A collection of about 60 pretty boring utility programs and a few boring old QB newsletters...boring that is until you need to use one of these techniques in your own awesome new game.
  15.   4D's QBasic Hut   
    Description: Pronounced "Ford's," 4D's QBasic Hut is the homepage of Adam Wenrick and Turbovex Software. This is a small site for distributing a few original programs.
    Unique Features: Games on this site include Lowfeul (spelled wrong intentionally), and an Ultima-style game called TV-2. There are a few more custom-made programs here too.
  16.   Treebeard's BASIC Vault   
    Description: A vault of simple QB programs made for a Middle School programming class. These are excellent programs to learn from, though they're so simple and plain that they aren't very entertaining.
    Unique Features: Treebeard's Vault contains dozens of programs, made from 1996 to present. They do such diverse tasks as draw eggs, simulate a spirograph, and solve a variety of tough "Stumper" problems, also available on the site. An interesting page.
  17.   Van Ossy-S0ftware   
    Description: Last updated in 1996, this little programming group made some odd programs like Mortal Pongbat and Spacewar. Also some information on "upcoming" games that obviously never going to get finished. This is one of the oldest QB sites that I have found, only surpassed in age by a handful like M \ K Productions.
    Unique Features: Try Mortal Pongbat for a thrill (I guess)... "You play pong while trying to kill your enemy, by throwing projectiles at him/her. Loads of finishing moves (PITS, EXPLOSIONS, SHATTERING, FLASHER, HUMILIATION) with every-thing from a finishing move where you pee on your enemy to taking the paddles clothes off !"
  18.   Science, Physics and Relativity FAQs   
    Description: A massive FAQ site with a lot of information about space physics and theories of the universe.
    Unique Features: Included are twenty QBasic programs to help illustrate concepts like: Light bending around the Sun using Newton's Law and Mass of a Galaxy calculation based on rotation curve.
  19.   Spiege's QBasic Site   
    Description: An old QB site with thirty-seven programs, a few of which were written by Spiege himself. Interestingly, this site had a few programming contests that people actually entered. (I would have figured that nobody would have taken the time.)
    Unique Features: This site has some of the most raucous and annoying background colors EVER. Oh, and 37 programs.
  20.   Sublime Productions   
    Description: A three-person QB and C/C programming team that last updated all the way back in 1998.
    Unique Features: There's a small but worthwhile file archive here, and also a news archive that I particularly liked because of its ODD obsession with Tsugumo and TheGame.
  21.   Rodrigo Personal Home Page   
    Description: A programming site with a rather large QB section. I believe this is in Portugese--it's not Spanish and it's definitely not English!
    Unique Features: Includes a fair share of Portugese QB programs that English speakers probably have never seen before. Also has several QB tutorials that you might find helpful if you speak Portugese.
  22.   RothSoft   
    Description: A six-person programming group that unfortunately has never released any programs. Oh, for shame!
    Unique Features: Has a downloads section, where one original QB program is available for download: Indycar -- An nifty little sound program. It uses your PC speaker and it plays the sound of an indy car cruising down the straight. And you can hear it shift gears too! Kinda cool, if you have a use for it. That's the extend of the RothSoft site.
  23.   Jim's RPG Programs   
    Description: A dozen or so RPG games made by a guy named Jim between 1992 and 1997.
    Unique Features: These are mostly text-based utilities for use in conjunction with Advanced Dungeons and Dragons games. If you're an ADD player, this might be worth a look!
  24.   Ryan Heller's Homepage   
    Description: A simple, one-page site; home to a cool-sounding QB game called SlugWars.
    Unique Features: When I went, the link to download SlugWars was broken. It's a shame, because this sounded really cool. Unfortunately, without that game available for download, this site has NO CONTENT whatsoever. I have to give it 0 stars.
  25.   Pietro Ferrari's QBasic Casino Games   
    Description: A QB programmer who specializes in making Casino games, such as Slots, Poker and Blackjack.
    Unique Features: This site offers several different QB Casino games for download--all original programs with a screenshot and a short description each. It's a nice little site for the sole purpose of distributing Pietro Ferrari's games of chance.
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