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  1.   Tek-Tips   
    Description: An absolutely HUGE megasite of programming and computer technical help. It has forums for just about every language and topic you could ever dream of, including a very active and helpful QB forum. The people who frequent this site are not only excellent programmers, but also very willing to help!
    Unique Features: The QB section of this site is dedicated purely to QB programming discussion; you won't find any spam or flamewars here, just good honest programming help. The members here can help you with anything from code optimization to bug searching to programming theory. Very helpful!
  2.   QBasic World   
    Description: Small site by a newbie named Recon55. Has his original programs like Jedi Guessing Game PacDude Deer Hunter.
    Unique Features: Has a contest to make a song using PLAY statements, Prank programs (fake virii), a very poor original tutorial on subroutines, and also some fun Javascript games. The Javascript games have nothing to do with QB, but they were the best part of this site by far!
  3.   Glenn's Website   
    Description: Glenn has been around the QB community for years, usually answering programming questions on the various community message boards. This page has a collection of original QB utilities and tutorials that discuss more advanced programming techniques like accessing the COM ports, using XMS memory and various graphics techniques.
    Unique Features: More than thirty QB utilities, instructional programs and tutorials are here for download. Also includes links to many other useful programming sites. A small but very functional and worthwhile site.
  4.   Lost socK Software   
    Description: A programming group dating back to 1998, which has produced some phenomenal QB games, such as the RPG Wrath of Sona. You should also check out the amazing upcoming first person shooter Two Lords. Though they are not a QB-specific group, they are still active in the QB community; in fact, lead programmer Nekrophidius has recently signed on as editor of V Planet! and is a regular at many QB message boards.
    Unique Features: The layout of this site is very creative; you are given the inside peak of Lost socK's dresser, where they store all of their socks and sock accessories. You navigate the site by opening up the various dresser drawers, and all content shows up on the dresser's mirror. As far as the content goes, the "Hemming Room" has information about many upcoming projects from Lost socK, and the "Sock Drawer" has downloadable content. Keep in mind that most of the projects and products, however, are W32-based, and not written in QB. This is a charming site, even if its actual QuickBasic content is a bit lacking.
  5.   Jamie's QBasic Site   
    Description: Very small site, also called "QB Online". The one thing useful I found here was an "Advanced Graphics Tutorial" explaining how to use different screen modes and multiple pages.
    Unique Features: There are a handful of VERY simple programs to download and a beginners' tutorial series. The programs include an example program to show how to use the COLOR statement and a guess the number game. Many of the links here are broken too.
  6.   Dav's QBasic Site   
    Description: Dav's site, with a nice collection of original programs (mostly utilities to save/load images, or manipulate graphics or sound in QB). Also home to the QuickBasic Knowledge Base.
    Unique Features: Dav's QuickBasic Knowledge Base contains over 1600 public-domain technical documents about QB, and is fully searchable. This is a really helpful collection. This site also has a very nice, clean layout. Worth a visit!
  7.   Technicall   
    Description: A programming tutorial megasite, with tutorials spanning many different languages. There is a nice beginners QB tutorial series, as well as an interesting series on creating a simple GUI in QB.
    Unique Features: All of the tutorials on this site are written by a single guy named Nick. And they're all pretty good. Since if you're reading this link you probably already know QB, I reccomend this site if you want to learn a different language like PHP or VBscript or ActiveX. Helpful site, though!
  8.   QP7 Programming Page   
    Description: Last updated in 1997, the QP7 Programming Page has a set of beginners tutorials for QBasic, Pascal, C and Visual BASIC. The QB tutorial is the most thorough, and actually covers a huge amount of different commands and concepts for one tutorial.
    Unique Features: Also available here are five QB programs including BOXBOSS.BAS, a simple vector-line Qbasic shooter and DODGER.BAS, "a game I programmed in 5 minutes. It's fun for about 2."
  9.   QBasic Zone   
    Description: Mofu's QB site that has a large a menu of different sections, but most of them are empty. Includes a small selection with two game reviews, a handful of tutorials, and a decent downloads collection--it's small, but it only has quality programs.
    Unique Features: This site is nicely organized, but you won't find anything new here. This is a very standard QB site and its content is replicated on many other similar sites. Aside from the two reviews, nothing really is unique. If the team behind the site added more content it would have been a different story...
  10.   Doorknob Soft   
    Description: An odd site from some QB programmers with a sense of humor. Has some neat pixel art stuff and a TON of quirky homebrew game programs.
    Unique Features: There are about a million original games here, but pretty much none of them were finished...and most of them are very crappy and newbie-ish. Nevertheless, they're creative ideas. Here's a sampling of programs: the RTS Battle for Dinosaur Isle; How To Speak American, a "game about burning foreign flags"; Seek and Destroy / The Napster Game, "A shooter where you play as either Lars Ulrich or James Hetfield from metallica, and try to stop all the napster users."; Jack's Fun Fun Silly Willy Adventure; or The Nightpath, an unfinished RPG which actually looks pretty cool. Nice collection of original work here, all with screenshots and descriptions!
  11.   Timis Software   
    Description: Small site by a beginning QB programmer. Includes original textbased games like the guess the number game, Guessarama, Mathmaster to help kids learn math and Timis Software C.O.S., which is a collection of screensavers.
    Unique Features: A very small and basic site, with original but clearly newbie-made game programs. The main purpose is to distribute Timis Software creations, however, if you submit something, Timis will gladly post it on his site.
  12.   Jace Masula's QBasic Labs   
    Description: A site based out of a message board (a very interesting way to set up a site, I might add), that is home to some AMAZING looking games written in QuickBasic.
    Unique Features: Three very original, very cool-looking games are here: Starquest, (a survival game where you are in charge of a small mining ship lost in space--you must collect food and fuel to stay alive); Codelink, "a hacker simulation game, very similar to the popular game UPLINK. Locked away in a remote cyber prison, you struggle to learn the truth of your past in hopes of breaking free."; and Kingsland, a turn-based strategy game described as a combination of Warcraft, Chess and Stratego. Also here is a tile editor called QBSprite. The games come with screenshots, development documents and news updates, and you are free to comment on any one of them through the forum interface. Very nice site!
  13.   ForgedQB   
    Description: A brand spankin' news site that looks like it has great potential. Home of a small programming group made up of HQSneaker and Crono. Forged QB does reviews and offers original programs, such as Crono's Missing in Space.
    Unique Features: Currently, there's not much here. This site is just getting off the ground. If it continues to update regularly, it will become a great site!
  14.   TriBinary Software   
    Description: Barebones site of TriBinary Software, home of the Novix GUI, a fake OS written in QuickBasic by Z!re.
    Unique Features: The only thing here is information about Novix, which does look quite impressive. Novix has many advanced features, such as its own file system, memeory management and scripting language. Certainly the most advanced fake OS ever written in QB. Worth a visit if you're interested in fake OS programming.
  15.   Thinkquest '98 Microsoft QBasic Reference   
    Description: This is a site created by two guys named Louis and Travis for the Thinkquest 1998 web design competition. It includes an excellent of original beginners tutorials that address many important topics in QB program design. This includes several easy-to-use QB commands that most beginners tutorials overlook, like DRAW or MKDIR.
    Unique Features: The heart of this site are the QB Lessons, in three modules with 9 chapters. They are well-written and great for newbies. Also here, there is a nice list of the best QB programs available back in 1998. Unfortunately, all the download links are currently broken, so they won't be of much use. The tutorials make this worth a look!
  16.   Markrosoft   
    Description: There's nothing here. In the "Programming" section, you'll see a very nicely-designed mock up of the QBASIC GUI in your browser that says "The purpose of this site will be to provide help to anyone with questions, problems, or issues regarding the BASIC language and the many branches it encapsulates."
    Unique Features: Unfortunately, that's all there is to it. I searched for links or subsections...but there weren't any!
  17.   Necromason's Domain   
    Description: Necromason's site with information and downloads of his original games. They include: Cynet, a "sidescrolling action game", The Gates of Hell 2 and 3D, shooters (3D is a raycasted FPS), Darkness, an RPG and Z Warriors, a 2D fighter.
    Unique Features: This site once had a lot of interactivity, with a chat room, a Yahoo! group, a top sites list, a mailing list, and more. Now, though, the only content that is still accessible is the "Hall of Fame" with the Necromason's list of the 25 best QB games ever (and download links), and the large section with information about all of Necromason's projects. In 1999, these games were really quite good. These days, though, they're not quite so mindblowing.
  18.   JustBASIC   
    Description: Kevin Coots' JustBASIC ("And a little assembly language") site, with mostly technical information and utility programs for download. His programs do things like detect the ID of your CPU, manage a collection of libraries or create a pull-down menu in QB. There's even a custom patch of QB to fix a problem with the COMMAND$.
    Unique Features: This is a very standard QB site. A collection of files, links, tutorials, news and a (dead) forum. Aside from Kevin Coots' original programs, there's nothing unique here.
  19.   Andrew Morison's QBasic Homepage   
    Description: Site made in 1997 by an Australian chap. Has original games by such dubious names as Ernie the Canary and Rise of the Penguin. Even if they are simple newbie games, they get extra points for originality!
    Unique Features: This site has a collection of some of the oldest popular QB programs as well as some originals. 1997's greatest QB hits like Eric Carr's Spinball are here for the taking.
  20.   Wallace Software   
    Description: Home of several awesome looking first person shooters. Contact is a simple but finished pure QB FPS, and Inspiration is an impressive FPS in the works. Also here, you'll find information about Cardinal GUI, a GUI with a nice interface and many of the features of a basic operating system.
    Unique Features: This is a well-designed site with a lot of information about all of Wallace Software's projects and releases. Includes screenshots and quite a bit of documentation, as well as news on all the latest developments. Very interesting site if you're interested in QB raycasting engines!
  21.   Hampfi's QBasic Page   
    Description: Small site with some unique programs including Regatta 2, a ship racing game, Traders, where you play the role of a manager in a ship company, Tetris, Defender, Hangman and others. Hampfi's big project, though, is The Capture, "a great Star Trek game" where Captain Kirk and his crew ware captured by Klingons.
    Unique Features: There are a dozen original programs for download here. Most of them look quite simple, but have interesting concepts. Keep in mind that many of the programs are written in German.
  22.   Daniel Davies' BASIC Programming Page   
    Description: QB programming page with a large selection of very impressive graphical demos. All of the old mainstays of the graphics demo genre are here, and they're all original programs! Very nice effects!
    Unique Features: Water, Curves, Bump Mapping, Fractals, Fire, Raytracing, Lens Flare and Plasma. They're all here, complete with descriptions and screenshots. All of the programs come with source code and a compiled version too! A very impressive site if you're into graphical effects.
  23.   Aurskog City   
    Description: Site devoted to 3D programming in both QB and C . Focuses on advanced techniques like Texture Mapping, Shading and Light Maps.
    Unique Features: Aurskog City doesn't offer any programs for download except for versions of MASM. However, it does have a very helpful selection of tutorials on various 3D techniques.
  24.   Antoni Gual Quick Basic Page   
    Description: Site of a QB coder from Spain, available in both Spanish and English. Antoni writes original QB programs with an anti-ASM QB philosophy: "None of the files use a line of assembler. Pure Qbasic. Everything with its source."
    Unique Features: Antoni's site offers many neat programs to download, including a Screen 13 animated GIF displayer, many graphics demos, an Othello game, some 3D modelling programs and some interesting library utilities. There are also some tutorials here (including a nice original one on using the mouse in QB) and also some programming utilities, useful for converting QB code to other BASIC languages.
  25.   Jesse   
    Description: This site, simply called "Jesse", is home to a large selection of programs focused on 3D programming in QB. You might have problems accessing this site if you don't use Internet Explorer; it uses many CSS options that are not supported by other browsers such as Mozilla FireFox (my browser of choice).
    Unique Features: In the files section is a nice selection of 3D QB applications, including some originals by Jesse such as Jacks. Also available here is an Jesse's 3D space shooter game called SpaceWar 3D.
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