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  1.   DssT Software (Danish Software & System Technology)   
    Description: A small Danish group that's made a few QB programs. There are five available for download.
    Unique Features: The site's "Featured Program" is Client Organizer 1.5, described as "A fast, organized way to keep track of clients". Not much else, though.
  2.   BASIC Archives   
    Description: Seemingly a HUGE QBasic downloads collection, with no frills and no fluff--just short descriptions.
    Unique Features: Too bad all of the programs are no longer on the server...removed by Fortune City, probably due to inactivity. At least this site still has a large collection of QB links.
  3.   CircuitSoft   
    Description: An odd programming group that has three different sub-websites, each created by different members. The only one with any content is Chris Davies', which distributes an OS shell written in QB called Windos 2000. (I was actually quite impressed with Windos 2000--not a complete OS by any stretch of the imagination, but it did have a lot of options and packed-in programs, as well as a nice Windows-style GUI. I figured that it would have been a joke written by some kid...but there was actually something to it.)
    Unique Features: In addition to the Paint and screensavers included with Windos 2000, there are special add-on programs including a Y2K Checker, NET-CHAT v1.00 which lets two computers can communicate using a serial cable, and many more.
  4.   Coderz Domain   
    Description: A site by Richard M. Colletta offering two programs for download and describing two projects: The Adventures of Spaceman Bob and The Omega Project.
    Unique Features: The Omega Project has some preliminary documentation, Spaceman Bob has a screenshot, and ZGUI and Slap'Em (a shooting game) are available to download.
  5.   AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
    Description: The "THE MOST UNOFFICIAL QBASIC PAGE IN THE WORLD" created by Jason Straw, who was ten years old at the time.
    Unique Features: This site offers a few programs via email: OOPSS!, SOLAR SYSTEM, A GUESSING GAME WHERE YOU BET MONEY (ADDICTIVE). Via email, meaning that you'll never actually get them.
  6.   Acid Works   
    Description: Steve Nunnally's popular site--home of Konrad The Warrior, the first ever finished QB RPG, as well as a barrage of Mr. Smiley games. Quite a few advanced pure-QB programs are available on this site, from Plazma examples to raytracers.
    Unique Features: Has one of the oldest QB program archive on the Internet (and it's also pretty sizeable), some great QB Tips, and a vast collection of original software. Most definitely worth a visit!
  7.   Aaron's Page of Cool Stuff   
    Description: This "Page of Cool Stuff" has a small QB section featuring a download of QB4.5 and three original programs.
    Unique Features: The most interesting program here is Linker, "a stick figure action program." Another one PLAYs a variety of traditional songs and Christmas carols.
  8.   Dimension Interactive   
    Description: Home of Dimension Interactive, which was last working on a futuristic RPG called Danub 12. This site includes about thirty original programs, including many interesting games. Check out Maze Master or Fly Catch!
    Unique Features: The Dabub 12 section has some neat features (it's a shame this game will never be finished), and the Files section has games by Dimension Interactive as well as "Tutorial Programs" which are meant to help programmers learn new techniques through programming examples.
  9.   QBasicly Easy   
    Description: Once a pretty decent site, QBasicly Easy went down for a massive revamp and a switch of webmasters...and stayed that way.
  10.   ProWriter   
    Description: ProWriter is a simple text editor coded in QB, designed to help teach beginning programmers good programming techniques.
    Unique Features: This program is well-documented, and has quite a few news updates on the development of this utility. Unfortunately, that's really all there is to this site, and the last update was in 2000.
  11.   Dunric's Homepage   
    Description: Home of Dunric, a long-time QB programmer who specializes in text adventures. Check out Westfront PC, his gargantuan magnum opus, quite possibly the largest text adventure ever conceived!
    Unique Features: Westfront PC: The Trials of Guilder, Dunric's signature program is available here. Additionally, there are over 25 more text adventures on this site to download, many of them written in QB.
  12.   Shared QB Forum   
    Description: A forum shared between three QB sites: GB Games, Spaghetti Software and "MooFace." Unfortunately, two of those sites have ceased to be, and one of them is currently on its knees.
    Unique Features: Had many posts in 2002-2003, but since its host sites have disappeared, so have its visitors.
  13.   Ramon's Cybersite   
    Description: Fairly empty site, though it is home to a very impressive 3D engine. There are some screenshots available with a few trees rendered. According to Ramon, "It have shading, use Directqb and is very fast"
    Unique Features: Unfortunately, there is nothing here to download. Just a small bit of text and two screenshots.
  14.   Typosoft   
    Description: Barebones distribution website for Typosoft programs including Ped Xing's Quest and Super Sumo Wrestling. Also houses Typosoft's RPG tutorials. Typosoft is one of the best game companies in the QB community at present, and Ped Xing's Quest is considered by many to be the best QBRPG ever created.
    Unique Features: This site has been stripped down to the bare necessities; its only purpose is to distribute Typosoft's games and tutorials. It is one text-only page that links to a few images and .zip files.
  15.   Hackwrench Industries   
    Description: An older site with a very plain and disorganized design. Heavily focused on creating QB RPGs, with many small utitlities to help in the process, such as pixel by pixel scrolling engines and tile editors.
    Unique Features: Includes a fair amount of original QB programs that have been bested in recent years by newer releases. Hackwrench RPGs include Dark Warrior and Cruel World.
  16.   CoreSoft Development   
    Description: CoreSoft is a one-man operation that has a neat dark style to its webpage and games. It took up reviewing QB games a long time ago because of the influence of Pete's QBasic Site.
    Unique Features: Includes reviews of several QB games with a unique "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" format. Also, information about the QB-RPG that (was) in the works, Omens of the Night.
  17.   PKWorld   
    Description: A German site, with lots of tutorials and programs available in several different programming languages. Home of the QB Monster-FAQ, with the 520 most frequently asked QB programming questions. It's available in both German in English. Also available are some original programs made by the PKWorld team.
    Unique Features: The Monster-FAQ is really something to behold. Everyone should download a copy! PKWorld is also useful for programmers in other languages.
  18.   TQBT Freeware Homepage   
    Description: Fifty-seven programs for download, all made by TQBT Freeware. Most of them amount to little more than screensavers...but quantity over quality, that's the motto, right!?
    Unique Features: Aside from the 57 programs, there's a few midis and a few random graphics to download. Not much else.
  19.   Zip's Programming Stuff   
    Description: Basically an empty site, with a few programs in a few different language. QuickBasic has the most, with four.
    Unique Features: A stark black layout, nearly void of content. At least it has an Othello game.
  20.   Spaghetti Productions   
    Description: QBJosh's site, which advises programmers: "Gotos are faster than subs. Use them. It makes spaghetti code, but in case you havn't noticed the name of this site..." Has information about a game called Space Struggle.
    Unique Features: The Files section claims to have more than 200 downloads, but they have unfortunately been deleted from the server. All that remains of this site is the text, which is still entertaining for a few minutes. I like Josh's Tips section, which is filled with BAD programming tips. Heh.
  21.   Neptune Entertainment   
    Description: A programming group with many members. Unfortunately, the site is basically a black hole, completely void of any content whatsoever.
    Unique Features: There were a total of about three sentences on this entire site. The rest was just dark, black and blank. Like the Twilight Zone or something.
  22.   Steven's Web Page   
    Description: Claims to have over 900 QB programs, but astute visitors will notice that over 700 of them are parts of "Packets" of several hundred tiny coding examples.
    Unique Features: This would still be a great files archive if FortuneCity hadn't removed just about ALL of the downloads on the server. Now this is just the skeleton of Steve's Web Page, without the meat to make it worth the visit.
  23.   BattleCraft99   
    Description: Home of BattleCraft99, the creator of Sir Chomps-A-Lot. I like this site; it reminds me of Pete's QBasic Site during its first couple months of existence!
    Unique Features: This site includes original programs, as well as a few full reviews of QB programs.
  24.   Magic Magicion's QBasic Page   
    Description: A site consisting almost completely of stolen content; the Tutorial section was actually copied directly from Pete's QBasic Site, and the entire Files section was also stolen. Magic Magicion also has an annoying tendency to spEll EvErythIng In lOwErcAsE ExcEpt fOr vOwEls, mAkIng thIs sIte quItE dIffIcUlt tO rEAd.
    Unique Features: Even though the content is stolen, it does have a rather large downloads collection. Worth a look.
  25.   PictoriSoft   
    Description: A site more concerned with spinning 3D logos than useful content. Offers a 1-2-3 Delete! a program that is supposed to "Delete Programs Forever!"
    Unique Features: Additionally, this site offers one original newbie tutorial. That's about it.
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