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  1.   SEAV Softwares   
    Description: The Phillipines-based site of SEAV Softwares, offering a huge amount of interesting content on a very well-designed page. Check out SEAV's The Labyrinth, as well as the Humor section!
    Unique Features: A wide assortment of well-programmed graphical examples and utilities--SEAV truly is an artist. Includes a lot of interesting written content, including great tutorials, QHumor articles, commentary on the QB community and more!
  2.   Deviant Software   
    Description: Home of The Adventures of Wally Stick and Deviant Software, a group which hasn't updated since 1998.
    Unique Features: Most of the images and download links are unfortunately broken on this page, but it once offered a nice selection of games for download as well as a few original Deviant Software products.
  3.   Formalhaut Software   
    Description: A Russian QB site by a very gifted coding group. Formalhaut has released advanced 3D graphical routines, a few neat strategy/puzzle games and the breathtaking Protuberance 3D engine. This site is available in both Russian and English versions, and has an attractive layout. Unfortunately, Formalhaut Software is also hosted on one of the slowest servers known to man.
    Unique Features: The QB-Collection features well over 100 games, all with three screenshots and a short description. Over a dozen of Formalhaut's original programs are available too. The links section is also pretty impressive.
  4.   QBRPGs   
    Description: Fling Master's devoted QB RPGs site, with over 130 RPGs written in QBasic. They include games in the style of Final Fantasy, Diablo, Zelda, Strategy RPGs and Dungeon crawling RPGs.
    Unique Features: Over 130 RPGs, all with a brief description and a screenshot. Also includes tutorials and utilities to help the budding QB RPG designer get started.
  5.   Laz's Big Fat QBasic Page   
    Description: A humorous British QB site and home of Insanity Dreams software. Home of many creative and offbeat original programs and the famous QBasic Swimming Pool.
    Unique Features: The Insanity Dreams section has a ton of fun and unique games as well as a quite useful font utility; the Swimming Pool has programs to download; but best of all, there are constant jokes and offbeat humor in every section of this site -- it's bursting through the seams in weird funnieness!
  6.   Jeremy's QBasic Homepage   
    Description: Home of Jeremy Akers' doomed operating system, Akers OS, which never quite got off the ground. There's some other pretty standard QB site stuff here too.
    Unique Features: A banner exchange, a couple dozen program downloads and a "QB GUI cube" shockwave animation!
  7.   Ryan's Site   
    Description: A site "Dedicated to programming in QB and VB" created by Ryan.
    Unique Features: A fairly empty site with information about two projects (Glide Fighters and Dreamspace) and a small RPG (blackfurl.zip). There are some other sections (Articles, Poetry and Short Stories), and a tiny Files section, but that's just about all there is to this site.
  8.   QuickBasic Source   
    Description: A site that at first glance looks to be filled with content--over 230 downloads, all rated, the "RPG Zone," the top QB games rating list, QB Tips and more...
    Unique Features: ...but then you find that most of this content was stolen wholesale from other sites. The Files section is the old NeoZones QCity (and all the download links go to the currently-dead NeoZones servers), the Tips section is stolen from Acid Works, and the rest of the sections have little content. If not for broken links, this site would be very complete. Unfortunately, the sites that it depended on for download links are now gone--and with it, most of the QuickBasic Source's content.
  9.   Buff's QuickBasic and PowerBasic Homepage   
    Description: Fred Buffington's site, which is devoted to teaching advanced programming techniques and optimizing code.
    Unique Features: Buff's great "Tips" section is guaranteed to teach any programmer new tricks, and a wide selection of short programs to help programmers learn new techniques.
  10.   Robert W. Benjamin's QBasic Page   
    Description: Features two programs: a "Weather Forecaster" based on user input and a puzzle game called "Turcoo."
    Unique Features: The only problem is...both programs have broken links.
  11.   QBasic on Angelfire   
    Description: An interesting site by Cybertron that is an entertaining visit (it kept me entertained, for a few minutes at least).
    Unique Features: The files section has a handful of short reviews (with screenshots), the QHumor section has QB and computer jokes, and Cyberton has projects including the mech game Cyborg Wars and Gates of Wrath. There are also some original tutorials available here.
  12.   BREAKEMSoft   
    Description: A programming group named after a QB Super Breakout clone called BREAK'EM, BREAKEMSoft now programs in both C and QBasic.
    Unique Features: This site offers many programs to download, which appear to be mostly originals. Unfortunately, the download links are broken.
  13.   Toshi's Project Page   
    Description: Toshi's Project Page is one of the most disorganized sites I've ever seen, but it is also one of the most content-rich. It is basically a huge list of links to QB and programming resources, including nearly fifty programs and tutorials written by Toshi himself.
    Unique Features: About fifty original programs (mostly advanced math or graphical routines), a few tutorials on various QB programming techniques, and links to many advanced programming information sites. Certainly worth a visit!
  14.   Rick Elbers' _BASICS   
    Description: An advanced programming page with a simple layout. Its QB section focuses on using ASM libraries in QuickBasic, and also has a section explaining how to use DEBUG to create 286 Assembler code. This is a valuable resource to QB programmers looking to learn Assembly to create their own libraries. Last updated in 1996.
    Unique Features: Includes a bunch of older ASM libraries to download as well as some good 286 Assembler tutorials. All in all, though, that's all there is to the site.
  15.   Mark Donovan's QBasic Homepage   
    Description: QB Homepage of a chap named Mark Donovan. Features a few simple QB games (with source code and executed versions).
    Unique Features: Programs include versions of Tick Tack Toe, Pong, Tank Wars and an Analog Clock.
  16.   Basic Archives   
    Description: A plain-text Basic resource with information about the history of various Basic compilers as well as resources to help programmers.
    Unique Features: Frequently asked questions, a brief history of BASIC, listings of many different BASIC compilers and interpreters and other relatively boring (but potentially useful) information.
  17.   Alpha Omega Systems   
    Description: Seth Hopkinson's Alpha Omega Systems has been around since 1996, and is still updated occasionally. Includes several QB games from the past, as well as Sceptre of Shalimar, once a QB RPG, now a DOS C game, that has been in the works for over a decade.
    Unique Features: Interesting original games include Dungeon, Space Duel and Sceptre of Shalimar. This site has quite a bit of random content that, ranging from the H-Files (H stands for "Humor") to a "Computers of Yesteryear" section with information about arcade machines and old Amiga computers.
  18.   QBasic 101   
    Description: A beginners' QB site which, just like college intro courses, promises to give an introduction to QB. Unfortunately, this site has deprecated into little more than a collection of broken links.
    Unique Features: Advertises a game called "Super Goal Kicker 2k1," as well as a dozen other sections, but none of the links are working.
  19.   QBasic Central   
    Description: Home of SSP Productions and Leif Starbuck's original programs, including Duel I and II and Truckin' USA. Last updated in 1999.
    Unique Features: Half a dozen original game programs, and three upcoming projects (which are more than likely dead by now): Population: Zero, Unibrow 2: Umaar and the Aliens, and Holo^2.
  20.   DaMMSoft Online   
    Description: A QB programming group based in the Phillipines that hasn't been updated since 1998. Its members were students of the Don Bosco Makati Technical Institute.
    Unique Features: Includes a nice collection of program downloads and a handful of original DaMMSoft programs.
  21.   RiPSoft   
    Description: A small programming group run by "Skankin Bum." A while back, RiP and FlySoft were working together to make a game called Crystals of Elumni.
    Unique Features: Includes five original QB games for download (and a bothersome blue-white gradient background that makes the site hard to read).
  22.   My QBasic Page   
    Description: A site called "My QBasic Page" with absolutely no content whatsoever. Clearly generated with an automated web-based form, and completely lacking of anything useful in the slightest.
    Unique Features: Mentions something about a "Family Reunion", and "if you'd like help call 123.123.1234." Also features a link to QBasic.com that won't load because it lacks the http:// prefix. Bah.
  23.   Nova Software   
    Description: Home of Nova Software, a tiny QB site with a tiny selection of programs available for download.
    Unique Features: Has about twenty programs in three categories available for download; two of the games look to be originals of Nova Software, though they're unlabeled.
  24.   Outer Court   
    Description: A German programming and technology site that features a QBasic section (as well as sections for BlitzBasic and VB). Has an interesting pink layout.
    Unique Features: Philipp Lenssen offers about twenty original QBasic games for download, including the Pearl puzzle game series and Kamikaze Aliens. Certainly these games are worth a try. Additionally, this site offers an extensive Echo files archive of QBasic Newsgroup postings.
  25.   Upho Games ("The QBasic Site")   
    Description: A Swedish QB site, home of the programming group Upho Games. It features a handful of original programs, including Upho's UFO II. This site was last updated in 1998.
    Unique Features: Includes two original Upho creations as well as two programs by the site's webmaster, Daniel HedsÚn (Quant). Additionally, there are also a couple dozen other programs to download that were made by others.
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