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  1.   ASCII-World   
    Description: "A website totally dedicated to the art of text and ASCII programming" by Stéphane Richard (Mystikshadows) and Kristian Virtanen (Lurah) in February 2005. This website's got a nice DOS/ASCII-inspired layout, and already it's starting to become a great resource for aspiring ASCII programmers.
    Unique Features: There are quite a few articles, code snippets, tutorials, libraries and more already, and this site is growing everyday. Once this site has a chance to grow a bit, I'll update the description and the rating. It's definitely worth a visit.
  2.   x.t.r. GRAPHICS QBasic Site   
    Description: Small QBasic homepage of Rattrapmax6 (Kevin), featuring original QB and FB applications such as "Robo Raider", "BA-SIC MU-SIC" and "Space Warp".
    Unique Features: Includes a few tutorials and programs by Rattrapmax6, and the "links town" -- a links section where every website is represented by a different building image.
  3.   Blowerstrike's Q(uick)Basic Page   
    Description: This huge archive of QBasic games and programs hasn't been updated since 1998, but it's still a valuable resource to the QB community because of the sheer number of programs here - and how old they are. This site is hosted on GeoCities, so it goes down every once in a while -- whenever anyone downloads a lot of files and exceeds the bandwidth. But when it's up, it's good.
    Unique Features: There are easily over 100 programs here, all from 1998 or earlier. This also has a healthy collection of tutorials, a large list of links to old QB sites (mostly broken, but this site was abandoned in 1998)... and... that's really about it.
  4.   Secret Weapon Software   
    Description: Secret Weapon Soft was once a very active QB group, with several projects in the works (Annihilation, Qnopoly, Moon Lander, Axewarrior, etc.), its own ezine called "The QFiles" and a whole lot more. Unfortunately, this group (headed by Timothy D. Mowrer) dissolved some time in 2000.
    Unique Features: The site includes the back issues of the QFiles zine, a collection of a several QB game reviews, information about SW Soft's projects at the time (check out Annihilation), and a nice collection of QB game downloads. Definitely worth a look.
  5.   JacobPalm.dk   
    Description: Relatively new QB site started in late 2004 that focuses on QB GUI development. There are many reviews of QB GUI programs here, along with screenshots. The site is based on a CMS, so there's a lot of scalability options for the webmaster, and interactivity / feedback options for visitors.
    Unique Features: Aside from the GUI reviews, there are also QB Tips & Tricks, some beginners' tutorials and original programs by the webmaster.
  6.   Diroga's QBasic Corner   
    Description: Small personal site of Diroga that has a little bit abot QBasic, a little bit about Spanish, a few downloadable pictures, and some other random stuff. QBasic seems to be the focus of this site, though.
    Unique Features: Aside from a small game called "Block Game", a beginners' tutorials and some code samples, there's not much here. It's a small site, just started in January 2005, though, so there's lots of room for improvement.
  7.   KeithOnline   
    Description: KeithKosh's personal site. It has a very clean, professional design, and some interesting original content. As far as QB stuff goes, though, there's not that much. Just one game: Robot Robbery.
    Unique Features: You can find the final version of Robot Robbery here (version .99), the sole bit of QB content on the site. Other things of interest include some original MIDI files and a sequel to Robot Robbery written in Flash.
  8.   Meech Production Software   
    Description: Meech Production Software -- the official site. Unfortunately, Meech Production Software doesn't really have anything on it. All of the QB-related sections are pretty much empty.
    Unique Features: Two weeks' worth of the "QB Tip of the Week" was the only real content I could find here. The rest was either down, or maybe never existed in the first place.
  9.   QBasic Home   
    Description: Nathan's tiny QB site. It's got a few downloads of some of the most popular and easy-to-find QB resources (utitlities, libraries and tutorials), and a bunch of simple flash animations that mostly promote the site.
    Unique Features: The only thing really unique here are the flash animations, but they're not really QB-related.
  10.   Luke's QBasic Page   
    Description: Luke Myers' small QB site. Pretty standard stuff, and there's not much of it. Includes an original File Encryption program and something called Old-School Basketball.
    Unique Features: A few original downloads, all of them quite simple, and information about many upcoming projects Luke has in the works.
  11.   Casmaster's Domain   
    Description: Site about many things like console gaming, art, etc. Also has original QBasic downloads and information / screenshots about the upcoming RPG Ogrex and a QB chess game called Crazychess.
    Unique Features: There's a total of about ten different QB downloads here, most of which are simple games.
  12.   GBGames   
    Description: Gianfranco Berardi's incredible QB reviews site is now back online, with all fifty-five original game reviews and the archives of QB community news that Pigeon reported over three years. Some of the most honest and accurate QB reviews ever written are available on this site, complete with screenshots and ratings between 0% and 100%.
    Unique Features: GBGames is a site jam-packed with interesting content; the news archives alone are worth a visit, not to mention the 55 reviews, and other downloadables. Unfortunately, Pigeon no longer plans on updating this site, and as of August 2004, it is just available for archival purposes.
  13.   WizGUI.tk   
    Description: A more recent site by VonGodric; this one is not completely devoted to WizGUI, but covers other topics too. Take VisualQB for instance. VisualQB is an upcoming QB library that "will have a GUI engine and a Virtual Machine that runs script files."
    Unique Features: In addition to information about VisualQB, you can find downloads of VonGodric's own programs as well as a nice collection of useful QB libraries.
  14.   WizGui   
    Description: Home of a QB OS/GUI called WizGui. WizGui has a similar look to Windows XP, and has a nice window-box layout. This program is being developed in PDS 7.1 using Future Library 3.5 by VonGodric.
    Unique Features: There are screenshots and downloads of several different versions of WizGui, as well as a bit of documentation. (This site has nothing except for WizGui information.)
  15.   TheBigBasicQ's HomePage   
    Description: Home of TheBigBasicQ, who offers downloads of a lot of QB-OS related stuff. You'll also find information about his OS, DAM-OS DX. Another of the main features of this site is an absolutely GIGANTIC tutorial on the Future Library.
    Unique Features: This site's several downloads (many of which deal with creating QB operating syetems) and the Future Library tutorial are very nice, but there's little else. It does have a nice animated navigation system, though!
  16.   Kain's Domain   
    Description: A stereotypical amateur QB site with the obligatory "Under Construction" images, "Vote for me in the QBT50!" banners, a laundry list of webrings, a guestbook and its own chatroom. This site is home to an unfinished RPG called "Fallen Legends", which has a demo available. This RPG was written in VB, but it pokes fun at famous QB games like Tsugumo's TheGame and Wandering Hamster -- by using ripped sprites and making referential dialogue.
    Unique Features: Kain's QB Site's only unique feature is the "Fallen Legends" demo. Also available is a pretty nice collection of some of the most famous and loved QB games from a few years ago -- about 100 of the best of the best.
  17.   Chris Davies' Homepage   
    Description: General programming site by Chris Davies. (Chris used to run "Richard and Chris' QBasic Site".) This site has Chris' programming samples in several languages, but mostly C and QB.
    Unique Features: This has a nice layout, and a dedicated QB section. There are few tutorials, and a handful of original QB programs (which you can find in the "Programs" section). It's just a personal programming site, so there's not much here.
  18.   UltraBasic Compiler   
    Description: Ultrabasic is a BASIC compiler originally written in QB71 by Gabriel Fernandez. Gabriel gave up in development, so Angelo Rosina tried to continue his work. The UltraBasic language is very similar to QB, and the compiler was written in PDS 7.1.
    Unique Features: There's not much to this site; you'll find a download of UltraBasic and some documentation on its features. This barebones site achieves its purpose, but it certainly won't entertain you for long.
  19.   Flyingsoft   
    Description: Site of a six-man QB programming group, headed by Agamemnus. It had many releases in 2003, but has been inactive since.
    Unique Features: Some neat-sounding programs are available here...though I'm not sure how good they are. There's Bike: "Human spies have found out that the aliens have rebuilt their forces and are planning to attack again. The Incredible Bikester must go to the alien world and stop them."; a puzzle game called JiG; a humorous game called Lost 2 by The_Specialist; and a few more.
  20.   Quebe Productions   
    Description: "A small programming group (*cough*) for QuickBasic, Assembly and other languages." This site is home to Days of Conquest (Task Force RTS), a cool real time strategy game written in QB.
    Unique Features: This site also has a cool collection of programs to download, including the complete collection of programs submitted to several QB programming competitions. For example, you'll find complete archives of the submissions to the QBasic News 1-Hour Compo and the One Key Challenge. Also available is a large collection of useful programming resources that will help you make your game; these include tutorials and libraries.
  21.   Alan King's Homepage   
    Description: A small section of Alan King's website which distributes a few of his QB graphics demos.
    Unique Features: These graphics demos do effects including Plasma, Fractals, Mandelbrot fractals, orbits and and a flaming logo. There's not much here, but it's all original.
  22.   Paul's Homepage   
    Description: A game programming site by Paul Panks, aka Dunric. Dunric is responsible for about a million QB text adventures. His magnum opus is a gigantic game called Westfront PC. This site tailors to all programming languages, though there is a lot of QBasic stuff here.
    Unique Features: The files section has dozens of QB games from all around the QB community -- and all of them are quality games. This site also has a lot of articles and rants...and you can download copies of Dunric's original games here. This site includes screenshots and good descriptions for all programs.
  23.   QBCC   
    Description: Homepage of QBCC, an open source BASIC to C translator by Leroy and Jason. According to the site, "It is aimed at relatively painless migration from Microsoft QuickBASIC 4.5. A heavy focus of QBCC is keeping backwards compatibility whilst also allowing for easier usage with other programming languages."
    Unique Features: An Alpha Version release of QBCC is available for download, as well as quite a bit of documentation. However, this project and this site look like they are now defunct.
  24.   Ethan Winer and Full Moon Software   
    Description: Homepage of Ethan Winer, a QB guru who wrote an entire book on advanced QB programming techniques that you may have seen serialized in QB Cult Magazine. This is an excellent read-- well-written and very informative, and it covers some of the most difficult aspects of QB programming that you can't learn anywhere else!
    Unique Features: Winer's book, entitled PC Magazine's BASIC Techniques and Utilities, is available for download in its entirety, in TXT and PDF format. Also available is QuickPack, some custom QB libraries, and a lot of example programs that come with the book.
  25.   Data Components   
    Description: Site by a kid named Todd Suess; he is very interested in creating operating systems and GUIs. Although his main project is a DOS-based GUI called Millenium OS, he also offers quite a few QB GUIs/OSes for download.
    Unique Features: As far as QBasic content, there's a collection of QBasic GUIs (fake operating systems and menuing systems), which you might find interesting. There are also several Data Components programs for download, though the language they are written in is not listed on the site.
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